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Get well soon Jillian Barberie.

While in my GDLA Blogs I was quite critical of Jillian Reynolds performance and erhhhm, Dorothy Luuuuuucey’s, that was basically addressing a product that were both defective and I did so as a customer. Much worse was posted online elsewhere by an unrelenting public. That said, please let me explain my criticisms.

Celebrities are a product. Yes personally they are people too, have feelings and many are hurt by the negativity, some may even contemplate suicide. This is just a sad fact. But celebrities are living on a much higher order than the average citizen of a country and thus are also held to a different standard in just about everything they do or lack thereof.

Celebrities are also a commercial marketing product and this is where my criticisms came in. Jillian Barberie for all intents and purposes in front of the camera is a product. Thus as a viewer, I am a customer. If I am being given a defective product, as a customer I have every right to complain or comment. I will cite an example.

Let’s say Jillian buys a new pair of shoes and the heel fell off, causing a nail to drive into the bottom of her foot, you know the nails, they sometimes use to pound a custom heel onto the bottom sole of the shoe. She as a customer would have every right to complain about the product.

Likewise if a celebrity performer is performing wrong, then as a customer a viewer has the right to complain. It’s nothing really personal especially since in my case I have never met Jillian, though I used to pass close by on Wells Drive in Tarzana on my errands for a friend living in Tarzana Hills. That said, I am sure she is the very quiet, sweet, nice mom taking care of her family she has been said to be. Completely wild on the media (many usually are), but also very opposite at the home life (as it has been rumored online) and I can jive with that, honestly. Raising a family and doing what she has, leaves very little for one to slow down and make the most out of life. And let me tell all of you, as you grow older, life moves much faster. You hear this all the time. Trust me, it’s real.

I cannot imagine the panic, fear and depression that she must have been experiencing, or experienced; as Breast Cancer is a horrible disease and like any life-threatening illness, nobody and I mean nobody should suffer it.

So now that I have had a chance to explain things better, here is what I want to say to Mrs. Jillian Barberie – personally. Besides my prayer for her to get well, I honestly think she will bounce back and be a bigger and better celebrity and especially mom and stronger person for it. God Bless her comeback and well being. May she find the right venue to go completely wild in the media once more.

American Author and Poet “Mark Paul” Sebar


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FOX KTTV Morning Tanking Including GDLA.

I have posted numerous posts on the FOX morning lineup and also GDLA and how to fix them. I pointed out what is broken and how to recognize it in my previous posts. I provided structured examples to fix what is flawed. Explained the viewer demographics, and yes FOX, KTTV and Newscorp execs do read these posts and what did KTTV Management do for the morning lineup. They replaced to sexualized hosts and threw blame on them, spent bucks on a new set when the old one worked fine, but what they haven’t done illustrates why I am correct and why they have thus far failed and will continue to fail. Now, as far as replacing the co-hosts for GDLA and the morning news, that would not fix the problem. It goes back to the very basics of “who is your viewers?” And “when are they viewing?” And “why are they viewing your station when they are?” Those are of course the 24K dollar questions and once those can be answered, the issues at hand, the really deep issues at the root of the dropping viewership problem can be solved.

Thus I pointed out why KTTV needs to recognize their audience and the times they are watching and what they should be watching. As for replacing the co-hosts. Jillian Reynolds-Barberie-Waring needed replacement, in fact bless her x-rated soul. I am sure she’ll eventually appear at Playboy before Heff croaks from a twenty year old wife. (What a way to go huh!) 😮

As for Dorothy Lucey, I continue to disagree as to why she claims she was fired, because of her raspy voice. She should not have been fired on that basis. But the sexualized content on public airwaves was of course real reason for termination. On the news department, did we really need Arachnid K doing throat clucking on the TV screen for Steve and the gang? Well at least it’s medically informative. Jean Martirez should have remained as co-anchor next to Tony. As for Maria Sansone, she is a definite breath of fresh air over the “Ho-ho-ho-ho-ho-ho-…” that used to occupy that seat though I would have preferred that Lauren Sivan or Gina Silva occupied the seat instead. Both were local and also well adored by many. Lauren with her flawless news delivery and beauty and Gina with her blustery personality and anchor experience were both perfect candidates. As for entertainment we got KaChang’ed by New York by their heavyweight news entertainment anchor Julie Chang. My preference would have been more full time Lisa Breck there but I guess Lisa is content with her current setup and if she is happy, that is all that matters.

Isn’t it interesting that when FOX and KCOP talents vacate those stations they all go over to the enemy camp of KTLA as if KTLA needs them all with waiting arms open. Jillian who stated she parted amicably went to KTLA 5 and then proceeded to badmouth FOX…talk about an anchored slut aye. Good! KTLA needs her for their ratings. Dorothy visited them too. Then you have Elizabeth Espinoza, you know the petite one with the punky guys voice. I actually did say hello to her at the writers strike in Burbank a few years ago just before she left KTTV. She was actually quite rude and sudden to vacate the area. Must have been my big black Stetson and cowboy boots. Remember Rick Garcia with Lauren Sanchez, the multi-talented woman who doesn’t take her TV CaRear too seriously and could have been larger than life if she only did. What a real shame and waste there.

Then KTLA got KTTV’s recent entertainment blond from New York Courtney Friel although I like to think of her more as a Fritos in Nacho Cheese dip. Damned, why did I just make myself hungry? Well, time to grab a bag of Fristos and Nacho Cheese in the jar, kick back and forget about KTTV’s morning news and show much like the rest of Los Angeles public, after all, who needs 6 plus hours of constant news in the morning. 4:30am to 11:am

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Dumping Whores, GDLA Made The Right Choice.

I rest my case.

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Where’s Jilly?

Well…tada, she’s gone from Good Day L.A. Following hot on the heels of Dorothy Looooooossssssseeeee, Jillian finally got a sort of we are weening you down “Heave Ho-ho-ho-ho-ho” and is no longer on that set. In a sense I love the fact Lisa Breckenridge is on entertainment. Lisa being there just seems a perfect move and Lisa is intertwined so much in the entertainment business that with her cute smile and angelic innocent personality, it just made perfect sense. So that leaves Jilly’s seat wide opened for a new co-anchor for Steve and here is who I continue to endorse. Tada… Lauren Sivan. Why you ask? Because she is besides pretty, a very smart and sharp woman. She delivers perfectly, in fact so perfect that I barely detect any flub ups. She is also a feisty young lady like yet seems to be able to hold her own when pushed…in other words she don’t take it from anyone.

If I were Steve Edwards, I would go for it, get Lisa Breck to stay ( uh Steve we know you got a thing for her, if only she can be  😉  coaxed next to you ) and having the young pretty and sometimes feisty Lauren Sivan is about as perfect as it gets. As for Maria from Pennsy, sorry but she just doesn’t do it for me as a viewer. I am not sure, but her appearance while she means well, seems to be perfectly honest in my blog…cardboard at best. If not Lauren Sivan, let me recommend Gina Silva, a great fav, smart, sexy and very GIGGLY. Not sure what it is, but when Gina giggles I have to admit it gets me giggling too. Then there is one of the most multi-talented resources in the other Lauren Sanchez. So FOX LA has three women who can easily fill the bill.

Now for Jillian, might I recommend you do the Playboy shoot you’ve been craving. Then a late night Extreme Dating type of show, or maybe a movie flick such as “Honey I blew the soldier [away],” would work 😉 yeah that might do it. There is of course Howard Stern’s show where you can trash-talk your former co-workers to your heart’s content, while be propositioned for sex since that is what you spent years talking about.

I suspect though that if you really get down to it, maybe, just maybe you will straighten up and fly right as a devoted wife, mother and someone who has matured. Then again, stranger things have happened. Good luck!


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Okay so a Dorothy Wrap up.

I honestly have said it before and I’ll say it again. I think Dorothy got her self fired partially, but it was also in the works too because of the perfect storm for her. Yes she was prostituting herself on public TV sort of. Yes it pissed off viewers.  Yes FOX has been cutting jobs to save bucks. Yes FOX and CBS were hauled before a court for the corrupted FCC on decency on the public airwaves. Yes the ratings for Good Day LA were dropping faster than a turd in a toilet bowl…swish! And finally yes, all these were factors and one particular factor that was beyond Dorothy’s control but not the KTTV FOX execs. That is a dying old format.

GDLA’s format is still broken and not being fixed. I actually take Dorothy’s side against the residential (and she’s proud to be one, so she’s hinted in the past) whore, Misses Jillian Reynolds. Yes Jillian is trying to clean up her image to a point. Can she fully? Time will tell. Yes since Dorothy for a sexual discussion catalyst on GDLA, is gone. GDLA has toned the sexualizing of the show down quite a bit. I said the sex comments were a major issue with her and since she has been gone it has also been almost all gone, except for a periodic lust from Steve. Okay Steve I know you read these and it’s okay to dream a bit, just don’t let the misses know 😉 (I’ll never live this down with Mister Edwards now :O ) well actually I will. Steve has a great personality.

Anyhow I do take Dorothy’s side on the bad things Jillian said about her. Now you ask about my bad things, right. That is different. To Jillian Dorothy is a co-worker and like a family member sort of. To me and I to her am a viewer, a customer of a product which was her work on public TV. Thus my opinions are that of a customer complaining where as Jillian’s were a co-worker. If Dorothy understands this, then great if not, oh well. I stand by my right to comment as a viewer or customer of a product that was broken.

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