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L.A. City’s Incredible Shrinking Cans

Ya gotta love the Los Angeles Department of sanitation, you know the one’s, the clowns in those trucks that make your neighbor’s dogs go ballistic. The guys who love those trucks causing trash debris to flying over the top and land on traffic as it passes by. Horrible. So, every month the city has fees, fees and many more fees which in this case is trash pickup. Every month you are billed for those trash cans, you know the ones. Black, Green & Blue. When the program initially started out, everyone got a 90 gallon trash can, then Mayor Tony Villar, that crappy little creep, you know who, this ahole… the one who cheated on his wife with a news reporter.

Yeah that loser who now wants to be governor of the state of this once great land…

Anyhow Tony VILLAR!!! came into office as Mayor of Los Angeles and one of the first things he did was triple the trash can rates, that low life rotten, no good BASTURD!

So, lo and behold, not to be outdone, the current “I LOVE ILLEGAL ALIENS and I HATE YOU AMERICAN CITIZENS” Mayor Eric Garcetti has a new trash can gimmick. Here, let’s watch it in action.

Their latest gimmick is taking your 90 gallon cans and forcing you into a 60 gallon can unless you pay them more money and how do they do this? Well, the trash truck operator adds extra rough treatment like in the video above, they can actually apply more pressure then necessary and why, because this is their new ploy/policy. The city saves money hauling a smaller can, because they save trash dump space too. Want your old 90 gallon back. I got a hostile female black woman on the line, as nasty as can be, “either you pay up mo money or you is getting the smaller can!” Well, I’m not from South Central and I am pissed! That’s why this blog is up, to give you all a heads up on what Los Angeles is doing. Yeah they will give you the new smaller 60 gallon can and someone mentioned to me they want to halve that to a newer, smaller 30 gallon can, all at the same rate you pay today. Less is more, or more for less. Take your pick, it comes out the same way. So here is what your government gave you.

So you can get an idea of what you will eventually have after this awful city council and Mayor get their way, right to left 90 gallon, 60 gallon and finally your new 30 gallon and who knows where this trash can scam goes from there.


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The Public Fights Hollywood communists.

It seems the public is beginning to fight back against the communist media in the United States. Meanwhile the federal government is making rapid plans to take away the second amendment and also to silence youtube posts such as these posted below that challenge the very hypocrites in Hollywood and the ever worsening news media outlets around the United States. After the recent school massacre, the communists in Hollywood banded together to start pushing for you to be punished and stripped of your second amendment rights. Here is the facts presented by the American Public that was given those inalienable rights.

And how does some of the public feel about these Hollywood entertainers?

CFCJesterFool 17 seconds ago

While I agree with the sentiments of this video (good job btw), I have a better plan…execute these traitors to the Constitution of the United States…the penalty for treason is death. The Second Amendment is quite clear, “the right of the people to keep and bear arms SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED”.

MunchmaQucci420 1 minute ago

Rich f–king assholes. The only thing that kills a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun.

ouzorat 1 minute ago

Funny…. And they wonder why we pirate their movies!!!

TheZenoEffect 1 minute ago

Sometimes hypocrisy is better expressed w/ a visual aid,

Great Job!

F–K HOLLYWOOD & all the Hypocrite ‘Liberals’ who slither there…

SuicidePandemic 2 minutes ago

what a bunch of f–ktards…… if only they realized that people should have all the right to defend themselves however we so choose, not take our main source of protection away from our families…… celebs, tell your security guard to put his gun away, its dangerous you know?

SlightInsanity 2 minutes ago

Glorifying gun violence instead of proper treatment of a gun is okay, its pretend. Lets give up all control to the government, because that always worked in the past.

And there you have it folks. American citizens in bulk hate rather loathe the media especially the main news networks ABC, CBS and NBC as well as Hollywood as a whole.

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Tallywhacker Going Limp

So the schmuck Mayor Tallywhacker of Los Angeles begins to go limp when called to the political carpet. Remember this is a guy who thinks Latinos must vote for the Democraps and that Women are for Democraps like him. One must remember that Tallywhacker stiffed his wife Veronica Raigosa when she had cancer, but then again, what does one think of a stupid dickhead who can’t run a big city much less a common marriage he took vows to honor personally. In fact, did you all know that Tallywhacker has Banger tattoos from being a former Gang Banger who couldn’t even graduate High School? This dickhead had to get a GED after the fact because he busy banging which is what Tallywhacker is good at. Just ask a Latina reporter or two or three or four or more. If you have Dodger tickets this Mayor will bend over for you, because this is what he is good at as far as I am concerned. Yes Mayor, this is my free speech whether you like it or not and I know you are reading my posts. I am a Los Angeles native and have been all my life. I didn’t go cheating on a wife with cancer like you did, shut down the Van Nuys airshow which ran for more thanĀ  half a century since 1928 till you came along. Triple people’s Trash Can Fees (taxes) impose new city taxes, establish trash and water cops to harass people while you act above the law and water your lawns. You sir are a disgusting despicable human being and luckily Los Angeles gets rid of you in July 2013 when you are termed out. Hopefully you can get work scrubbing shit bowls as a janitor like you proclaimed when scathing John and Ken.

Here, watch this asshole in action. He’s so stupid that a piece of turd swirling around counterclockwise makes more sense then Mayor Tallywhacker does.

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