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Hollywood Tinselturd Collapse Continues. Yay!

The Anti-America, Hate America, Hate the Constitution, Hate traditional marriage between a man and a woman, Hate Christians and Hate Whites communized Hollywood is crumbling before our very eyes. Couldn’t happen to a bigger bunch of TINSELTURDS in my humble opinion and the sooner the better.

I mean, aren’t you tired of glitzy crap this industry is putting out, plus brainwashing material to foist you out of existence while the TINSELTURDS profit and get big bucks and what do these wealthier than the average American do when they get your money?

The celebs have enough money to evacuate the country, most American’s don’t. Let us continue to see why most Americans HATE Hollywood and its brainwashing communized products.

they don’t get it, they are killing their entire industry and themselves too, because they are the product and by not entertaining and instead pushing comunism and Sharia Law on Americans, the average American has learned to turn off the TV set and not spend money on movies and television show products. In essence, IT IS COLLAPSING folks and you can thank the celebrities, cheap films that cut corners, are not researched well, special political interests inserted into films and TV shows, stars shooting their BIG MOUTHS off, Expense of going to a movie theater and pricing on first run DVD’s or online streams. It is all taking its toll and the industry¬† of entertainment features as well as traditional TV shows and stations are COLLAPSING. The American viewer has awakened. They hate the communists and Sharia Law, all the crime they heard daily and crappy shows and films and they are voting not to continue wasting their time or money on such evil products.

and this one…

and let’s not forget this gem…

Now ‘That’s Entertainment’

And there you have it. A once great and entertaining industry got taken over by scum and is collapsing. They have lost the American viewer overall, and while a flick might come around, for the most part, people are not wasting their time and money anymore and…


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KTLA’s Nightly News Death Knell for KTTV

Well, as if KTTV had enough problems with very bad management by vegetable brained idiots running Mr. Murdoch’s station into the ground especially with a terrible morning slot, KTLA is about to become a nightly game changer that could see longtime veteran anchor Christine Devine’s slot on a chopping block.

KTTV has for a long time played a game of tit-for-tat with rival KTLA. KCal was never a serious threat and remains in a distant third in this respect. But, the brains at KTLA are going to air news at 11PM besides 10PM. At 11PM, FOX has stupid shows on and then some reruns and few watch those. So this left KTLA a grand opportunity to rival KTTV for two hours of news. When KTTV aka. FOX first bought KCOP 13, they inherited a spritzy news team with the always multi-talented and longtime veteran snazzy anchor Lauren Sanchez. They also had the cutesy Hawaiian Maria Quiban and finally Rick Garcia. These people made a great news team until FOX bought them out and then squashed and killed that 11PM news segment.

Of course in Los Angeles, ABC, CBS and NBC all run news at 11PM, but most people never watch those anymore as they have become mouth pieces for government and nothing more. KTLA on the other hand has a grand opportunity with the full return of Miss Vera Jimenez to smoke KTTV’s tail on the nightly news and I am afraid I see it happening. And KTTV management have nobody to blame but themselves if their newscasts at 10PM yield to their competitor. I mean, what KTLA’s smart management is doing is letting KTTV’s vegetable brained management self destruct, after all it’s only Mr. Rupert Murdoch’s station so who give a crap in the KTTV management?

So now, not only is KTTV’s morning zeeked because it falls on deaf ears, they are about to watch a loss at night as well. Maybe it might not happen this way and maybe time proves me wrong. In a sense I hope it does, but I suspect differently, after all when you have a vegetable brained group of schmucks who are trashing their own business, why should your rival help?

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