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The Potential Araksya Dirty Challenge!

So Maria Sansone dumped ice water over her head and challenged Araksya Karapetyan to do the very same in the challenge. Now it is widely known that Araksya is supposedly a germ-o-phobe and honestly I don’t blame her considering how filthy many public places have become. So I had this dream about a week ago, I was somehow invited to a big bash Araksya was putting on and I decided to attend. There were many guests, Steve Edwards was there, Lisa and Hubby, didn’t see her kids, you know, just lotsa people and it was an outdoor bash of sorts. There were tables and drinks, you know, the usual stuff at a party. Anyhow, a guy asked what I did and I said the publishing business, and when asked what he did, said he was into practical jokes.


So we got to talking about the challenges on GDLA between Araksya and Maria Sansone and he came up with this absolutely sick scheme. He said, have Araksya dump a bucket of dog poop over her head and then eat one. EEEEEEEEEEWWWWWWWWW! Are you kidding I asked in the dream? Nope, he grinned and I have a secret of how she could get away with it.

Now all of you, don’t tell Maria Sansone okay. She doesn’t follow me on twitter or Facebook so 😉 Araksya has a bucket up on her in this most disgusting dreamed challenge this character in the dream came up with. He sort of reminds me of Colonel Sanders of Kentucky Fried Chicken now that I come to think of it.

Anyhow, the colonel continued to explain how this worked. He said that Araksya gets a few bags of “Oh Henry” chocolate bars and puts em in a bucket, lets a couple melt then goes through with the challenge. TV viewers will think she dumped dog poop over her head and then she will take and eat one. EEEEEEEEEWWWWWWWW!! Are you serious I continued to ask?

The good Colonel smiled and said wait till Maria Sansone gets a bucket of dog poop, dumps it over her head and then eats one, the audience will be grossed out, the FCC will wonder what to do. Is it a decency issue?

Well of course this is a dream right? And in real life Maria Sansone who doesn’t follow me on Twitter or Facebook won’t know about this right? Now if she did, here is what she would do to meet the challenge that Araksya in the dream was given. Maria would get a bucket and several bags of “Babe Ruth” candy bars, also chocolate, and drop em in the bucket, do the dump, eat one, the audience on TV will be grossed out and it will have been the sweetest secret the two co-anchors ever did. It will make national news headlines, probably world headlines. It would be the biggest stunt in a long time on TV. Of course the feds and Newscorp will freak until they see the extra footage of the candy bars 😉 then it will make even more big news and finally many laughs. All this from a dream!!!

DREAM ON!!!! GDLA people don’t have the guts for such a stunt and that’s a viewers dream challenge!


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Sansone perfect for that seat, KaChang!

I don’t know about all of you, but honestly I find Maria Sansone to have been well picked for the GDLA and News seats. It took KTTV a while, but this they got right. Now before I go on why I like Maria Sansone, let me state that the Jillian and Dorothy hosts could have been managed better. Example, the management could have told them how they were to conduct themselves online. That being the case, the fix was in by late 2012 and the hosts were to be replaced. One for “preaching” sex nearly every morning instead of preaching GOD and the other one for preaching themselves with consistent obnoxiousness.

Maria Sansone is a very different hostess and co-host for GDLA. She is cutesy, smart, has great looks and a well balanced personality. I don’t think Jillian ever stood a replacement chance once the decision for the axe came. In Jillian’s problem it wasn’t just obnoxiousness, it was no show’s, being late on the freeway. For God sakes you are getting a million bucks a year and you can’t be up earlier? Dressing whorish for many episodes, I guess when you got it flaunt it, oh and the talk about sex, sex, sex. In Dorothy’s case it was even worse. Dorothy billed herself as a church mom yet preached sex everything almost every morning. In Dorothy’s case the axe fell because she was out of control. Again, management could have gotten this nailed early on, but chose not to and it festered. In comes Julie Chang, a well protected heavyweight from New York and Newscorp. Dorothy never stood a chance, but could have. Steve was smart enough to lock down in a long term contract and even more important, remain the very gentleman he is. I met the man briefly, and I can attest to this.

With Sansone, it clicks. Steve is sort of like a father, and Maria Sansone like a pretty daughter. In Julie Chang’s case, can she really do no wrong? Honestly, both ladies have settled in for the long haul, though ratings still remain down from competitors for the time being. That is because the underlying issue of recognizing the viewers and their habits, increasing news competition and show formats are working against KTTV and probably varying extents of other FOX outlets elsewhere. You have to bear in mind that media is an ultra competitive business and there is no accurate predictions here. My comments are instead based on careful observation mixed with common sense. Low morale and consistent turnover amongst work peers also comes into play. Bad management can contribute to all of these issues. Don’t get me wrong. I really don’t want to see anyone lose their job, and I don’t want KTTV to tank. I want them to get back to the top of their game. My criticism though sometimes harsh is honest, comes from the viewer’s heart 😉

You see, you cannot fix a problem if you don’t understand what created the breakage to start with. Once you know what is broken, the resolution to fixing it becomes an easy snap. You know what to tweak, replace or do and then it all works again. As mentioned, there are no sure-fire predictions that are spot on in the entertainment and news businesses. But there is common sense and the viewer (as a customer) should be heeded, especially if they take their gracious time to comment on how to make something better. Mine is only one voice, but it is probably the most direct and honest voice KTTV will ever get. As for Maria Sansone, it will be interesting to watch her grow at GDLA for as long as the show lasts, hopefully a very long time. In Julie Chang’s case I suspect she is a climber of careers and will no doubt eventually move towards a different and higher goal should that opportunity present itself.

In the case of Mr. Steve Edwards and Misses Lisa Breckenridge, we just love you folks. You bring order to chaos…always and that’s what helps make it all still work. Now, if GDLA could stop being a news extension and become the entertainment show it was meant to be and build on that, I think it will soar in the ratings and nothing would make this (viewer) customer happier with the product than that!

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GDLA Summer Run

Seems that with personnel changes at the co-anchor spot, GDLA is faring better, but not at its peak. That is because like the news, FOX execs some of whom now scathe my posts fail to recognize who their viewer demographics are and until they do this, GDLA will be so-so… This is not what I want personally, but just a major underlying fact that continues to fester, while Jillian what’s her face seems to tweet comments almost vengeful of KTTV and the show. I thought this woman had left amicably, oh well, a divorce here or there and sagging erhmmm, along with ratings can make anyone angry. Word of advice Jillian—might as well cash in and visit Hef for an issue spread before things go south 😉 of the belly for good. They usually start falling off later.

And so, I must say delightfully, Maria Sansone is a real breath of fresh air for the most part. Yes she has settled into the mess of GDLA (format wise) but this is probably as good as it gets. As for Julie Chang, she seems to be hit and miss. One day better, the next worse, always wacky and filled to the brim with the “Ghost of Luceyisms”

Dorothy Lucey (May 04, 2012)

As if some magic connotation is still occupying that worn seat. Seriously! I guess Julie should read up on some of my past advice of what would really beef up the “Entertainment Reporters” role for the show and especially the VIEWERS.

Has anyone noticed or is it just me, that there is much less input from other field reporters and anchors of the past. Like for example Lauren Sanchez. Of course Lisa Breck seems content with her part in all of this and if it feels good do it, right. Then there is “Chick Filet” Gigi Garciette.

Chick Filet

Chick Filet

She’s always reporting on the grisly stuff, someone frying, another dying, yuck, too much for me. There is the other Lauren Sivan, probably one of the most precise reporters to deliver news almost flawlessly, someone local FOX could have promoted to the seat or Gina Silva who is still around a lot and multi-talented enough to anchor. If anyone should have been in Jillian’s old seat, Gina Silva and Lauren Sivan were more than adequate without going around the country fielding apps. Lisa Breck for reporting would have been perfect as well. We must ask about whatever happened to…say Bob DeCastro? Seeing much less of him lately. It appears that KTTV has cut way down on the anchors in the field, much more so then they should be doing. But then again, what is GDLA? It wants to be an entertainment show and ends up being more or less 3 hours of news with a hodge-podge of mixed in entertainment to carry it. Sadly, it could be a full blown entertainment show and FOX execs could fix it all if only they had the heart to, which remains missing.

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Opposing Blasts From The Past

No, I’m not talking about farts here. Instead I decided to take a quick gander at what GDLA’s former co-hostesses are doing and wow, what a difference. Now Dorothy Lucey has moved on with a more dignified life it seems from her social media posts. Church work, being a mom, taking care of her family, doing charity work to help others. I am glad to see her going in that direction. I hope it brings her back to God from where she had strayed those many recent mornings on FOX’s KTTV “Good Day L.A.” show. Seriously, I am pulling for Dorothy, no joking here.

On the other hand, Misses Jillian Reynolds. She got divorced from her husband, the guy with the real gun breaking into their home and doing a mock rape which she loved. What does that say for being family oriented and worse, for the well being of her children without two parents to love and guide them together? Well in this case it remains to be seen. I suppose going on Howard Stern’s show and talking about one’s anatomy and how they do oral on other acting talents didn’t help. Nor getting on TV, dressing like a whore many mornings and relishing the slut image. More recently to show how very bitter this person is, they tweet that they want viewers to watch KTLA, don’t watch GDLA. That doesn’t sound like someone who quit to pursue their CaRear. Instead it sounds like someone who got their CaRear canned faster than Charlotte Tuna in a canning factory. Talk about stinking fish outta water—huh.

See, here’s the gig. While FOX and KTTV management refuse to realign their show times on the morning dockets of viewership types, GDLA is more or less working with the two new co-hosts. Maria Sansone, what can I say. A really serious breath of fresh air, and Julie Chang when not acting too wacky with Lucyisms, is also working out for the better. So poo pooing GDLA Jillian…doesn’t make the difference. Yeah your viewers left, great! But your postings bespeak volumes of what you are really feeling below the mental hood, and I would have to say deep anger at this time. It’s not so easy to get a show to drop one plus a divorce all at the same time with a fading CaRear and if you think the “C” cups will carry, think again. Like old CaRears, they eventually sag as well. Sadly, you and Dorothy were a part of a bigger problem and while both of you left GDLA, my point is that KTTV has a bigger issue with its morning showtime and line up. I would also argue so does KTLA, the rival channel in L.A.  As I have posted, the viewers split into two distinct categories based on the morning time and without addressing that, ratings will always suffer no matters who gets replaced.

However, getting mean and nasty as your FOX contracts dried up and bemoaning KTTV makes you seem much smaller than you already got through those horrendous morning actions and will continue to shrink your CaRear. When you laugh, the whole worlds laughs with you and when you cry, you cry alone. An old saying but so very true. While you have moved on hocking weight loss products (as if there aren’t enough diet products on the market already) and while you have some bit acting roles, truth unbeknownst that bemoaning the former employer speaks volumes of what really happened, no matters how you candy coated your exit. You may have fooled your brain-dead followers, but the rest of us see you for what you are through your actions.

And finally. Just glad that Lisa Breckenridge is okay and doing well, always a sentimental favorite  for just being an angel online all these years 😀 and there’s nothing wrong with that.

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KaChang Versus a Shrimp…NOT!

Not  sure what it is with Maria Sansone, but ya know something dagnabbit, she’s alright in my book. Julie Chang on the other hand is sinking faster into Luceyisms than a turd swirling counterclockwise in a non-clogged Kohler toilet.


Now don’t get me wrong. Julie is smart, funky, pretty and talented, she is also a heavyweight at Newscorp and I suspect ( yes I suspect ) a darling of Mister Rupert Murdoch or at least the Newscorp execs. That means more or less hands off if you work for FOX or its affiliate KTTV. Sincerely though, 😉 I don’t, thus I still retain a bit of free speech as a loose canon uncontrollable by the execs. See, if you get in Julie’s way she just gives you her “KaChang!” think of it like a “KaPow!” from the old Batman series.

That’s right you get in her way and “KaChang!” and it doesn’t stop there. Flailing arms, eyes rolling, popped cleavage and a smoking hot attitude that says Rupert may be behind me and KaChang has a license to pop on KTTV at any time. Even belittling a co host as a shrimp.

Here is what I have to say. Maria, don’t let KaChang bully you. Have fun and enjoy that grand seat, cause many other ladies would almost kill to be seated there. Steve is probably the best company to sit next to, just a great guy. Maria Quiban, well I won’t tell Mister E that tall Hawaiians scare me, though Quiban does do a good Hula, she put that blog in its place :p

As for Julie, you are safe for now with big daddy’s protection, but be wary, the public viewers are worn out from the last lady anchoring that seat and you say where she went. She found God and Twitter hopefully. “KACHANG!”


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Sansone Slithers Into Comfort.

Well it appears that new co-hostess Maria Sansone has become acclamated with her new spot as co-host on Good Day L.A. I actually like her. I know there are those detractors out there who don’t, but honestly, she is everything that the former “WHORE” who occupied that seat could and will never be, no matters how many kids she has or guys she marries. The reason for this is because Maria displays a good amount of class and simplicity. While debative, she doesn’t often try to cut off Steve as the main host on the show, something the other one was incapable of ever doing.

As for Julie Chang…Well I better dare not say anything negative. I know she is a newscorp heavyweight in the case of employment and she is in L.A. probably because of Mr. Rupert Murdoch’s suggestion, at least I suspect that. What I will say to her is please back it down on sex talk. Dorothy Lucey did it so much, the L.A. public viewers are completely burned out on the topic. Julie, take that as a good hint!

For the GDLA Ent. spot, my preference was Lisa Breck number one, in fact I was greatly disappointed she isn’t there. Lauren Sivan would have been the best Jillian replacement in my humble opinion or Gina Silva. I have always advocated promoting from within.

And finally, I don’t know why, but Araksya on the morning news reminds me of this.


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