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Get well soon Jillian Barberie.

While in my GDLA Blogs I was quite critical of Jillian Reynolds performance and erhhhm, Dorothy Luuuuuucey’s, that was basically addressing a product that were both defective and I did so as a customer. Much worse was posted online elsewhere by an unrelenting public. That said, please let me explain my criticisms.

Celebrities are a product. Yes personally they are people too, have feelings and many are hurt by the negativity, some may even contemplate suicide. This is just a sad fact. But celebrities are living on a much higher order than the average citizen of a country and thus are also held to a different standard in just about everything they do or lack thereof.

Celebrities are also a commercial marketing product and this is where my criticisms came in. Jillian Barberie for all intents and purposes in front of the camera is a product. Thus as a viewer, I am a customer. If I am being given a defective product, as a customer I have every right to complain or comment. I will cite an example.

Let’s say Jillian buys a new pair of shoes and the heel fell off, causing a nail to drive into the bottom of her foot, you know the nails, they sometimes use to pound a custom heel onto the bottom sole of the shoe. She as a customer would have every right to complain about the product.

Likewise if a celebrity performer is performing wrong, then as a customer a viewer has the right to complain. It’s nothing really personal especially since in my case I have never met Jillian, though I used to pass close by on Wells Drive in Tarzana on my errands for a friend living in Tarzana Hills. That said, I am sure she is the very quiet, sweet, nice mom taking care of her family she has been said to be. Completely wild on the media (many usually are), but also very opposite at the home life (as it has been rumored online) and I can jive with that, honestly. Raising a family and doing what she has, leaves very little for one to slow down and make the most out of life. And let me tell all of you, as you grow older, life moves much faster. You hear this all the time. Trust me, it’s real.

I cannot imagine the panic, fear and depression that she must have been experiencing, or experienced; as Breast Cancer is a horrible disease and like any life-threatening illness, nobody and I mean nobody should suffer it.

So now that I have had a chance to explain things better, here is what I want to say to Mrs. Jillian Barberie – personally. Besides my prayer for her to get well, I honestly think she will bounce back and be a bigger and better celebrity and especially mom and stronger person for it. God Bless her comeback and well being. May she find the right venue to go completely wild in the media once more.

American Author and Poet “Mark Paul” Sebar


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Badge of Honor!

Who says that celebrities don’t get really pissed at ya? Here, witness this act 😀 I wear it as a badge of honor. I had heard a few people got blocked so I decided to check it out and lo and behold, thanks Jillian. If ever I needed a good laugh this morning, this did it for me. See, here’s my point folks. People say things all the time. Do things all the time. But this and from someone so erhmm, prominent. I’ll take it as a badge of honor. The truth is I called it as it happened at GDLA and to be quite frank with all of you, many folks out there were far more brutal than I when it came to opinions. As a Good Day L.A. viewer I was a customer and Jillian’s actions many mornings were a tainted and bad product. Yes Jillian, you ask people to spend their time watching you on TV, their most valuable commodity. No watch how I can spin this okay. You out there reading this blog. “Jillian in these actions didn’t act as a professional, she acted like a child acts, and because of my blogs and opinions when she was on TV. What Jillian forgot was she is a celebrity. When she stepped before the camera onto the “PUBLIC” airwaves or any airwaves for that matter, she gave up her privacy and opened herself to opinions and comments, especially if she makes herself into a product. As a viewer aka “a customer” I am entitled to complain or praise a product, especially if it is a public product. Now if I make a statement that is not true that is one thing. I don’t and will probably never know her personally nor do I really want to, to be quite frank. But the action below is what a small child does, not someone professional and this just reinforces that KTTV management made the right call after all. In parting, honestly, no hard feelings Jillian Barberie. Good luck in your CaRear, I hope you find God and happiness and I’ll leave it at that with a good laugh at the photo below.


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FOX KTTV Morning Tanking Including GDLA.

I have posted numerous posts on the FOX morning lineup and also GDLA and how to fix them. I pointed out what is broken and how to recognize it in my previous posts. I provided structured examples to fix what is flawed. Explained the viewer demographics, and yes FOX, KTTV and Newscorp execs do read these posts and what did KTTV Management do for the morning lineup. They replaced to sexualized hosts and threw blame on them, spent bucks on a new set when the old one worked fine, but what they haven’t done illustrates why I am correct and why they have thus far failed and will continue to fail. Now, as far as replacing the co-hosts for GDLA and the morning news, that would not fix the problem. It goes back to the very basics of “who is your viewers?” And “when are they viewing?” And “why are they viewing your station when they are?” Those are of course the 24K dollar questions and once those can be answered, the issues at hand, the really deep issues at the root of the dropping viewership problem can be solved.

Thus I pointed out why KTTV needs to recognize their audience and the times they are watching and what they should be watching. As for replacing the co-hosts. Jillian Reynolds-Barberie-Waring needed replacement, in fact bless her x-rated soul. I am sure she’ll eventually appear at Playboy before Heff croaks from a twenty year old wife. (What a way to go huh!) 😮

As for Dorothy Lucey, I continue to disagree as to why she claims she was fired, because of her raspy voice. She should not have been fired on that basis. But the sexualized content on public airwaves was of course real reason for termination. On the news department, did we really need Arachnid K doing throat clucking on the TV screen for Steve and the gang? Well at least it’s medically informative. Jean Martirez should have remained as co-anchor next to Tony. As for Maria Sansone, she is a definite breath of fresh air over the “Ho-ho-ho-ho-ho-ho-…” that used to occupy that seat though I would have preferred that Lauren Sivan or Gina Silva occupied the seat instead. Both were local and also well adored by many. Lauren with her flawless news delivery and beauty and Gina with her blustery personality and anchor experience were both perfect candidates. As for entertainment we got KaChang’ed by New York by their heavyweight news entertainment anchor Julie Chang. My preference would have been more full time Lisa Breck there but I guess Lisa is content with her current setup and if she is happy, that is all that matters.

Isn’t it interesting that when FOX and KCOP talents vacate those stations they all go over to the enemy camp of KTLA as if KTLA needs them all with waiting arms open. Jillian who stated she parted amicably went to KTLA 5 and then proceeded to badmouth FOX…talk about an anchored slut aye. Good! KTLA needs her for their ratings. Dorothy visited them too. Then you have Elizabeth Espinoza, you know the petite one with the punky guys voice. I actually did say hello to her at the writers strike in Burbank a few years ago just before she left KTTV. She was actually quite rude and sudden to vacate the area. Must have been my big black Stetson and cowboy boots. Remember Rick Garcia with Lauren Sanchez, the multi-talented woman who doesn’t take her TV CaRear too seriously and could have been larger than life if she only did. What a real shame and waste there.

Then KTLA got KTTV’s recent entertainment blond from New York Courtney Friel although I like to think of her more as a Fritos in Nacho Cheese dip. Damned, why did I just make myself hungry? Well, time to grab a bag of Fristos and Nacho Cheese in the jar, kick back and forget about KTTV’s morning news and show much like the rest of Los Angeles public, after all, who needs 6 plus hours of constant news in the morning. 4:30am to 11:am

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Dumping Whores, GDLA Made The Right Choice.

I rest my case.

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GDLA Summer Run

Seems that with personnel changes at the co-anchor spot, GDLA is faring better, but not at its peak. That is because like the news, FOX execs some of whom now scathe my posts fail to recognize who their viewer demographics are and until they do this, GDLA will be so-so… This is not what I want personally, but just a major underlying fact that continues to fester, while Jillian what’s her face seems to tweet comments almost vengeful of KTTV and the show. I thought this woman had left amicably, oh well, a divorce here or there and sagging erhmmm, along with ratings can make anyone angry. Word of advice Jillian—might as well cash in and visit Hef for an issue spread before things go south 😉 of the belly for good. They usually start falling off later.

And so, I must say delightfully, Maria Sansone is a real breath of fresh air for the most part. Yes she has settled into the mess of GDLA (format wise) but this is probably as good as it gets. As for Julie Chang, she seems to be hit and miss. One day better, the next worse, always wacky and filled to the brim with the “Ghost of Luceyisms”

Dorothy Lucey (May 04, 2012)

As if some magic connotation is still occupying that worn seat. Seriously! I guess Julie should read up on some of my past advice of what would really beef up the “Entertainment Reporters” role for the show and especially the VIEWERS.

Has anyone noticed or is it just me, that there is much less input from other field reporters and anchors of the past. Like for example Lauren Sanchez. Of course Lisa Breck seems content with her part in all of this and if it feels good do it, right. Then there is “Chick Filet” Gigi Garciette.

Chick Filet

Chick Filet

She’s always reporting on the grisly stuff, someone frying, another dying, yuck, too much for me. There is the other Lauren Sivan, probably one of the most precise reporters to deliver news almost flawlessly, someone local FOX could have promoted to the seat or Gina Silva who is still around a lot and multi-talented enough to anchor. If anyone should have been in Jillian’s old seat, Gina Silva and Lauren Sivan were more than adequate without going around the country fielding apps. Lisa Breck for reporting would have been perfect as well. We must ask about whatever happened to…say Bob DeCastro? Seeing much less of him lately. It appears that KTTV has cut way down on the anchors in the field, much more so then they should be doing. But then again, what is GDLA? It wants to be an entertainment show and ends up being more or less 3 hours of news with a hodge-podge of mixed in entertainment to carry it. Sadly, it could be a full blown entertainment show and FOX execs could fix it all if only they had the heart to, which remains missing.

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Opposing Blasts From The Past

No, I’m not talking about farts here. Instead I decided to take a quick gander at what GDLA’s former co-hostesses are doing and wow, what a difference. Now Dorothy Lucey has moved on with a more dignified life it seems from her social media posts. Church work, being a mom, taking care of her family, doing charity work to help others. I am glad to see her going in that direction. I hope it brings her back to God from where she had strayed those many recent mornings on FOX’s KTTV “Good Day L.A.” show. Seriously, I am pulling for Dorothy, no joking here.

On the other hand, Misses Jillian Reynolds. She got divorced from her husband, the guy with the real gun breaking into their home and doing a mock rape which she loved. What does that say for being family oriented and worse, for the well being of her children without two parents to love and guide them together? Well in this case it remains to be seen. I suppose going on Howard Stern’s show and talking about one’s anatomy and how they do oral on other acting talents didn’t help. Nor getting on TV, dressing like a whore many mornings and relishing the slut image. More recently to show how very bitter this person is, they tweet that they want viewers to watch KTLA, don’t watch GDLA. That doesn’t sound like someone who quit to pursue their CaRear. Instead it sounds like someone who got their CaRear canned faster than Charlotte Tuna in a canning factory. Talk about stinking fish outta water—huh.

See, here’s the gig. While FOX and KTTV management refuse to realign their show times on the morning dockets of viewership types, GDLA is more or less working with the two new co-hosts. Maria Sansone, what can I say. A really serious breath of fresh air, and Julie Chang when not acting too wacky with Lucyisms, is also working out for the better. So poo pooing GDLA Jillian…doesn’t make the difference. Yeah your viewers left, great! But your postings bespeak volumes of what you are really feeling below the mental hood, and I would have to say deep anger at this time. It’s not so easy to get a show to drop one plus a divorce all at the same time with a fading CaRear and if you think the “C” cups will carry, think again. Like old CaRears, they eventually sag as well. Sadly, you and Dorothy were a part of a bigger problem and while both of you left GDLA, my point is that KTTV has a bigger issue with its morning showtime and line up. I would also argue so does KTLA, the rival channel in L.A.  As I have posted, the viewers split into two distinct categories based on the morning time and without addressing that, ratings will always suffer no matters who gets replaced.

However, getting mean and nasty as your FOX contracts dried up and bemoaning KTTV makes you seem much smaller than you already got through those horrendous morning actions and will continue to shrink your CaRear. When you laugh, the whole worlds laughs with you and when you cry, you cry alone. An old saying but so very true. While you have moved on hocking weight loss products (as if there aren’t enough diet products on the market already) and while you have some bit acting roles, truth unbeknownst that bemoaning the former employer speaks volumes of what really happened, no matters how you candy coated your exit. You may have fooled your brain-dead followers, but the rest of us see you for what you are through your actions.

And finally. Just glad that Lisa Breckenridge is okay and doing well, always a sentimental favorite  for just being an angel online all these years 😀 and there’s nothing wrong with that.

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Is it funny or what?

Yesterday’s superstars are tomorrows throw-aways. Take Jillian Barberie Reynolds trying to salvage a CaRear she helped kill, namingly hers. She used to have it made, GDLA a morning talk show host co-anchor, the NFL gig, a Dating show, and on and on and on. It wasn’t that she had her detractors, she did. But what is sad here is that it didn’t have to come down to her hocking diet products on the weekend, groveling for any ex-hasbeen celebrity to join the commercial, like some fat old bold person, yeah that helps people want to stop eating…right!

She had it all baby, in fact she had two of them. Now her sniper husband is off shooting Hadjis in the desert supposedly for Obama’s gang and she is stuck with the kids and a weekend gig. There has been word she is doing a show perhaps on KTLA or maybe part of the makeup of the KTLA morning news team. Is that ironic or what. KTLA 5 news in the morning ends up with the FOX wannabes, but I guess when you are desperate to stay on TV any way you can keep your CaRear alive, you go there, besides do you really want to do the news on Detroit’s or Chicago’s outskirts? I think not!

In Jillian’s case she got caught up not only dressing like a slut and even saying she liked that sort of image on the morning shows, but consistently talking about sex, her body anatomy and so forth with the other one who got canned first. The big question remains that Jillian always wanted to do a nude playboy shoot with her buddy Heffner and the gang. Will she or won’t she, really who cares, do you really need to see this? I don’t. She ain’t flattering without the trashy cheap Hollywood makeup.

Best advice to Misses Reynolds. You are a mom now, you have two kids and a husband. You are lucky to have a family and home. Take care of them, forget the glitzy Hollywood phonies and live real life while you can with your loved ones around you. Stop trying to be the nasty girl, instead be a loving caring wife and mother to “YOUR” kids and remember that things you do today will be seen and read and heard by them tomorrow. Be better than what you portrayed yourself as the trashy, raunchy slut on TV obnoxiously speaking over others. You’ll be a far better person for being real life. Best words you’ll ever read.

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