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Trending the News Prudishness

Now when it comes to guys, they are boring and bland as far as fashion goes. I mean let’s face it, the ladies have the edge on TV and that ain’t bull, it is just the plain truth. So over the last few years I noticed a trend going on with many of the news women. Now there are exceptions to the rule and those exceptions seem to appear with Latino News women versus most American English speaking news women.

In other countries around the world this varies. News ladies like to dress up and not so much fancy as they do sexy.

(The poor guys there too. Always confined to a suit and tie)

And in some countries there is the “NUDE” news, yes, women newscasters taking it off, one piece of clothing at a time to hold viewers interests, and while you might think it is just guys…NOPE. Other women like watching too!

But this is still America and no nude news is going on here, on the public airwaves, at least not yet!

So I have noticed that most news ladies in the USA are dressing rather conservative in fact downright “PRUDISH” which personally is fine by me. But it may be costing viewers elsewhere, though not much research has been done to verify this. My suspicion for this was the cursing hooded guy grabbing female reporter’s mikes and yelling FHRITP, which by the way is physical assault and battery in most countries around the globe and this spread.

The other thing might be that many family viewers complained of too much cleavage, legs etc though there are probably many other factors as well. Could be a shift on many management parts to tone things down on the tube, yet for example, many TV shows almost push the envelop of sex these days.

The question goes back to sluttish behaviors versus dressing sexy and there is a clear and distinct line here. One need not sacrifice beauty believing in false values. Likewise one needn’t push near pornographic connotations to boost TV ratings. As I posted in these blogs a fine line does exist between being a TV SLUT and a sexy TV Reporter/Anchor or other. The previous topic post on this was about “Business Sexy” in dress up. If someone is wearing a typical dress that is a bit sexy fine. Does the young woman in the video cross that line and even more so, who are we to judge someone who is sexy and proud of the way GOD built them (less plastic surgery of course)

The dress up should be what is comfortable for the individual, but again, the trend and it’s greatly appreciated here has been to dress up conservatively for the news biz and I think that works well too. Feel free to weigh in on my observations, I am by no means perfect and people will have differing views but to illustrate my point here are vids below…

Now compare to a few of the Latin News ladies on TV

I think I made my point!


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and anyone googling or youtubing this will know exactly what I am blogging about. It is an indecent assault on reporters and in most cases since grabbing a microphone, a physical assault at that.

The public has resorted to harassing reporters and it has gone global, even in non-english speaking countries. What someone does is simply get right up to a reporter in front of a live broadcast and yells out “Fuck Her Right In The Pussy” mainly to female reporters though it now has spread to all gender of reporters. I find this distasteful, criminal, against any sense of decency and a lack of respect for women in general. And I am not the only one. I will get to my quick fix solution in a bit, but first let me illustrate what these degenerates are doing. It shows a worldwide decline in moral values at best, something far more hideous below the surface.

Now of all these clips which are disgusting, if there was a bright spot, it is the dude with the black cowboy hat the last ten seconds. He grabs a guy reporters microphone says that and the guy decks him one. But worse yet, did you see the little kids doing this now? They are emulating the public adults doing this so it has spread and again, note the different countries this is happening in.

Recently, one of my favorite reporter anchors at FOX KTTV 11 in Los Angeles a Miss Gina Silva fell victim to this. I guess it really hits home when it is one of your own homebound people working hard to deliver the news, so how do we suppress this? Well, there are probably a number of ways.

Like for example, since the people are stupid enough to do this on camera, they could erhmm, lose their tongue so they can say things like this anymore.

Actually the guy above should have had his tongue but if you removed the tongues of the FHRITP people shouting this, imagine how they won’t shout that anymore. Well, okay a bit too extreme, so what about the FCC they regulate this kind of thing, right?

Obama and the gang are currently ignoring this reporter problem and using the FCC to shutdown bloggers, conservative websites and papers, and conservative talk radio. No, seriously folks, this is what the FCC is doing, attacking your freedoms, the hell with protecting you from robocalls at your unlisted number, “Can I service your home” you know the types, or shutting down the FHRITP crowd. Don’t believe me, read here on what your FCC is doing to you.


So we need to protect news reporters and (and by the way any speakers with a microphone it has spread on stage as well) here is what to really do and no, there is no need to cut someone’s tongue out, at least we aren’t there just yet.

If physical touching occurs in any capacity from an FHRITP’er on a reporter, file assault and battery charges. File a civil lawsuit against them, have your TV station do the same, hit em for ten million dollars even if they don’t own squat. That’s right, sue them personally, pick their bank account clean and attach their wages. Do this to a few examples and it begins to inform the public they cannot do this. A kid does this, send em to Juvy oh and sue their mom and or dad too. Simple and neat, well almost. News people, have the city also arrest these bastards so they now have an arrest warrant that stays with them for life. Verbal or physical assault, indecency, whatever it is, instead of being angry frustrated or shocked news people. Consider it your lucky day especially if they have money. You only need a few stupid rich ones and you are set for life and then you will have “Fucked Them In Thier Pocketbook” or as I like to call it for reporters “FTITPB”

Note to wordpress, this blog topic though profane had to be posted to help stop the evil the public is perpetrating on the very important news reporters and it is time to bring it to light for discussion.

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