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The Communist Spin Factor

So they went after ol Bill O’Reilly from KTTV. A sign of things to come at FOX and don’t think this isn’t by design on the grander scheme of things by the American Communist Left, it is just the very start. The Murdoch kids lean hard hard left in fact they lean communist left IMHO and going after Roger Ailes was the first. Taking out Bill was next and soon they will go after Sean Hannity, watch wait and see if I am wrong.

There is an underlying current of communism taking control of KTTV and while this is happening the communist left is going after independent conservative talk shows and media. It is an all out effort to take out all conservative media and a true threat to freedom of speech. Everything from agitators on college campuses to planting George Soros commies in the Trump Administration. Top to bottom communist takeover and it ain’t stopping. Sessions doesn’t have new attorney generals, many of Trump’s cabinet remain unfilled and in fact Trump has retained most of the Obama communist plants in government. Drain the swamp, nope, drain the freedoms of American’s. So where does Bill O’Reilly fit in?

He doesn’t, they have eliminated him as a free speech resource on their war path to enslaving Americans, pushing for a world wide communist government. Others that are being threatened or silenced, Alex Jones, just ask him how Google is silencing him or how Google owned YouTube is threatening free speech sites they don’t like, Here is one about aliens and UFO’s the U.S. Government would like to see shut down. Listen to what they have to say.

And it doesn’t stop there. Tied in with Soros and others, the Islamunists and Corpunists are trying to take over, censorship is rampant by Google, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and others. American’s freedoms are being attacked daily.

Trump’s failure and that failure of the AG to immediately arrest Soros, Obama and The Clinton’s while employing Goldman Sachs leftists who are directly tied into the Soros clan says it all. Throw in that Ivanka Trump is friends with the Clinton daughter Chelsea and it becomes very clear. The globalists are attempting to take Trump down from within and FOX along with it. Remember as mentioned the Murdoch son’s are big time leftists intent on making FOX into CNN as quickly as possible and Bill O’Reilly be damned!!! Americans be Damned!!! and soon watch Sean Hannity attacked. Roger Ailes was the start but the attacks will continue until the lead person George Soros is stopped along with the others.

THANK YOU Mr. O’Reilly for all the wonderful No Spin years and your work. My family and I shall miss greatly, your Irish charm and smile. Our hearts are with you.


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As I predicted some time ago in these blogs.

When the old man steps down and hands this to his sons, things will change for a great many folks and probably not for the better. First there is the youngest son Mike Murdoch. Major Obama supporter, in close with a Saudi Big Money guy who owns part of FOX. ‘Fair and Balanced’ may quickly become a thing of the past. Expect many major layoffs at FOX stations nationwide especially anybody conservative in their political beliefs. Shows like Hannity and O’Reilly will probably get dumped and FOX news will become the new CNN as far left and unbalanced as it can get.

Announced this week on a Drudge article the WSJ, long a conservative leaning beacon of business. Massive layoffs are coming, many staff will be getting their pink slips.

‘American Idol’ being dropped. 2015 is the last season folks. Sadly, this gave a special talent a chance at worldwide recognition. This show’s disappearance marks the end of a real American Icon in TV history. It has always been my humble belief this began when the lovely Miss Paula Abdul ‘America’s Girl’ was let go. Of all on that show, she was the most loved and also the most mistreated by production. After she departed, the show was never the same.

Twenty First Century FOX films. Expect many benign titles that are brainwashing of big government and political correctness. They won’t make many films that are pro American of the older real America or its history and speaking of history. It will be re-written to favor those who hate the real history of a greater and grander America.

So where does Rupert’s retirement leave American Viewers who want fair and balanced news? To what remains of talk radio and blogs until the FCC bans those, then real news will be gone. There are no other TV news outlets that will deliver you the truth.

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Thank you Mr. Murdoch.

First and foremost, I think Ms. Gina Silva cranks big time at KTTV as a news anchor. I have had a chance to watch her performance and I am loving it. I hope you will make it permanent for this long time and faithful employee at KTTV. And no, I don’t know her personally and nobody put me up to it. I always speak my mind and what interests me and this person is an asset for KTTV.

Now, with all of the communist scumbags outside your offices Mr. Murdoch, I figured you’d like to hear this from a longtime fan. “Happy and Healthy New Year” to you and yours. You have built an empire, created many jobs, entertained us, informed us, and by golly, I am sick and tired of these protestors picking on you for all of God’s great hard work you have done. So again, I just wanted Mr. Murdoch for you to smile and hear “Happy New Year” from the heart. And to the rest of the FOX family for all they have done as well including KTTV folks at home here.

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A Lesson for Broccolihead!

Dummy 101:

How to rebuild the mornings at KTTV to be tops.

First change the news viewing times. Here is the new schedule for dummy execs to start winning big!

2AM to 5AM run Nascar highlights. I Love Lucy. Cops, hey, how about UFO and Bigfoot news. Those types are always up from 2 to 5am in the morning.

5AM FOX News starts with a full team. Two anchors, weather, traffic and finally entertainment/sports.

6AM through 8AM which makes it 3 hours.

Dummy 102:

8AM to 11AM Good Day L.A.

from 8 to about 8:10am news, then bring on a comedienne and make viewers laugh in the morning or toss tomatoes at their set. Laughs will vary…commercial break then let’s get the real show going, no more news, no more car chases, no more Rick Dickert’s weather, let him go eat at Mama’s Donuts 😉 so he has no more excuses to diss that place which he has done for a long time 😮 Got it Rick? Here is what I would do.

GDLA should be informative, entertaining and most of all exciting fun! First, you have two entertainment reporters. Great! Make one an anchor one week and the other in the field. Shoot live on set segments, let us see what makes Hollywood work. I don’t care a crap about a Hollyslut that trips on Sunset Blvd. to coin a phrase by Dr. Michael Savage and know her skirt flipped over her head. I am not interested in the Tinselturd’s gossip, I don’t care a rats ass about any of these folks. What I want to do is visit the businesses, meet production people, see what they do, how they do it, what makes the bigger cogs turn is the smaller cogs. I’d like to meet wannabes in Hollywood waiting tables man doing stage on weekends. Is it sinking in yet.

Dummy 103:

Vacation spots around the Southland and elsewhere. Show us these places, show us the best travel fun spots to visit, little hole in the wall entertaining places to visit. Lets dine out!

I would like to visit places to eat, see what foods they make and how they taste at a distance.

Show us hiking venues. Gina Silva loves hiking…awesome! How about Mount Waterman and during the wintertime lets see Lisa on the slopes in the snow. Fashion shows, let us learn about modeling, see what goes into it.

Dummy 104:

The Dark Side of Hollywood. Besides all the ups, lets meet the residents that have not made it or as we call it, the downs, what they do or did. Let us know in the community so we can do a service to make things work where they are broken. Of all the segments, this I would consider the most important because it affects people’s well being and if we can help even one person in Hollywood that would be tops.

Dummy 105:

VISION. I have it, KTTV execs don’t! The proof is in seeing ahead the future. I look at the current GDLA and ask what future? Let us start with the ‘Begging Desk’… Why is the main host not seated between everybody, and a senior citizen at that? Why is he have to stand at the end, why? Why is it a small desk for only two people at best? Why does the show go to bickering, belittling in a playful way its own, do some challenges knick knacks and finally a small cooking outside periodically? Why do I have to see stars, why can’t I visit a movie set with Lisa Breck or Julie? What movies are in production? Can we see a few minutes of filming ahead of time? I want to see what an actress is like when she gets to the Director’s call for a “Cut” at number 19 cuts. Does that mean she sucks?

See, the problem here is this. Mr. Murdoch since you are probably reading this, the execs at KTTV ask what viewers want. I am a viewer. I don’t like your production referring to me as a commodity. I am not that. Your paid advertisers are a commodity and I am a customer of yours and here is why.

Ultimately I have the TV controller and the worst thing that happens to your paying customers is they lose potential customers of theirs when I change the channel. That is why when a viewer aka. customer like me says the morning lineup is broken. You need to listen up, because your job is to hold me watching as long as possible. Otherwise this happens!

And the reason this happens is not because of your production people or as in recent times ‘Lack thereof’ or your TV personalities aka. your before the camera folks. It is because of programming times and also the content of what is being offered. Do you understand what your customer is saying, wants and I can guarantee you that if I am taking my valuable time to author this blog posting, imagine other viewers who don’t care a crap and just change channels to KTLA.

Dummy 106:

Tit-For-Tat Programing. Why does KTTV aka. FOX have to match KTLA for programing style and times? Why can’t KTTV be unique and let the chips fall where they may. Offering a different product than your competitors is what diversity in the viewing market should be about. If you are going to be like KTLA why don’t I just go watch them then instead of a wannabe mentality and that cuts to the topic header of “A Lesson For Broccolihead!”

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GDLA, The Great, The worst and the Awful!

First the great! Steve Edwards is officially back 😀

Mr. Steve Edwards

Now the worst. Sandra Endo on a tight wire.

See how easy she makes it look at KTTV and she really does it for peanuts!

Now the Awful.

Broccoli Head and the Broccoli gang at KTTV have got a serious self inflicted ratings drop going. I don’t think Mr. Murdoch could ask for a better suicide of a morning show than what I watched this morning. I honestly don’t blame this on the before the camera folks, rest easy guys and gals. Instead I blame it on Newscorp and the people below Mr. Murdoch who are trashing the KTTV mornings. There is no better way to describe the self-inflicted wounds that KTTV continues with. Yeah I know, Maria Sansone got preggo. Yeah I know that Julie Chang went surfing and found a brain tumor. Yeah I remember that KTTV axed about half their crew. They gave FOX west a “Crew Cut” or what they also used to call a “Butch” hairdo.


Here is what they could do now and actually make permanent. Okay Lisa Breck likes it as is I suppose so I won’t include her here even though I think personally she should be the permanent anchor or at the very least one and only Entertainment Reporter.

Pull in Gina Silva next to Steve Edwards as anchor. Get Gina all dressed up, let her be giggly and chuckle like she always does. No more “BIG BAD GINAS” coming to a home. Instead make one of the best local co-host anchors you have and lets see how that works out. This nonsense of a new person again every morning just does not cut it guys. Got that—Broccoli? It doesn’t work. It’s an immediate channel-changer.

Next, GDLA needs a total reformat. That’s right. What I saw was finagled hazari this morning. It was like a bunch of shysters running around making a mensch of themselves. One wanted one to do this, another wanted another to do that, this one was off, that one didn’t know what was going on and the whole thing was a giant drek, not Spielschmucks movie, but honestly a great big mess. So the show is long over due for a reformat, because without it, I don’t believe it will remain long, and let me again for the umpteenth time make a statement. Changing hosts, redecorating a set won’t fix it. If you want ideas, read my old archived posts on how to fix GDLA.

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So they are pissed off!

Fair enough. When Carlos Amezcua first came aboard KTTV FOX from KTLA, he entered the blogs and called all bloggers a nothing but a bunch of clowns. Of course, Carlos uses Twitter and I think Facebook too. Twitter is a micro blog, oh and Carlos, the owner of KTTV Mr. Rupert Murdoch must also be nothing but a clown, right? I mean after all he blogs on twitter and elsewhere too. See, that is one reason Carlos got on my crap list, the other was that evening he fielded questions, practically begged people to write in and I did. He snubbed my question and I never forgot that. Now while I can set that aside, I cannot set aside being labeled by someone who does the same thing themselves that they label others with in a demeaning tone. Not right. If Carlos wants off my puny little crap list then apologize to the blogger and poof it’s done.

As for Christine Devine, someone told me to google the photos and sure enough there she is at a fund raising event. Now I highly respect Miss Devine for her public work helping others and also she has seemed to be a lady of the airwaves though I wonder. See, here is my point from the last blog I posted. It perplexed me that on one hand she has the lady image doing the news, on the other hand, she dresses sexy at events. But you know what, so what guys and gals, that’s her thing I suppose and I’ll leave it at that. Just that there was mention she was a victim of the horrible crime of rape and well, does someone who was raped really dress like that in a revealing outfit? Your call. That’s like Dorothy Lucey with the church mom image while squeaking about sex every morning on Good Day L.A. It got so bad that host Steve Edwards turned to her one morning and said something to the effect of “uh, aren’t you a church mom?” While being a church mom and a rape victim are two vastly different things, the glue that binds image and reality are of course one and the same.

This actually is an excellent opportunity to also express that the media candy coats many things. In other words the news business is still an entertainment venue of sorts and smoke and mirrors. When the makeup comes off and the cameras go dark, reality of normalcy sets in and you know what. I’ll take that any day over the media facade.

As for “Dummyhead Instead” any time he wants to apologize it will be welcome by bloggers who realize we are all entitled in a “FREE” society to vent our opinions, especially where public entertainers and officials are concerned. If DIEane NotSoFeinstein gets her way from Commiefornia, freedom to blog and speak out may well become a thing of the past.

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So here we are again.

For years I have blogged about GDLA and the morning FOX news lineup and the ratings continue to sink. I have pointed out what can be done to fix them and no more posts on the work. If you want to find out what’s broken and what needs to be fixed, goto the GDLA Bash and look up my past archived posts. You can replace this person and that person, but until you fix the underlying problems, no amount of fresh talent nor money will bring viewers, it’s that plain and simple. What worked in the past no longer works now. You can run over 5 hours of morning news then another two hours through midday and hold viewers. Sorry, it doesn’t work. If this is what KTTV execs want, then why not make everything from 4AM in the morning through 1PM in the afternoon constant news? In essence KTTV is a consistent “news-only” channel and nothing more and it DOES NOT WORK…..GOT IT?

Yeah Steve screamed for Gina Silva back. She should have been the anchor in Sanson’e seat and Lisa Breckenridge should have been the entertainment anchor, you have the local talent. Promote them locally…NOT!

So viewers to GDLA continue to tune in if at all for a few minutes, catch the weather or news and then disappear altogether. They are being trained that GDLA is news and weather and after a few minutes are gone. That fault falls directly on the KTTV execs and Newscorp execs that allow and encourage it. KTLA in Los Angeles consistently beats FOX hands down and every time or most times that FOX loses talent, guess where they end up? You got it guys. FOX is today’s yesteryear KTLA and KTLA is today’s yesteryear KTTV and this is a very serious issue with long-term ramifications if not fixed early on.

Can it all be fixed for FOX in the mornings? Yes! Are FOX execs aware of what they have to fix? No! Are they reading these blogs to see what is going on and where to fix things? Unsure. Some people are, at least the smart ones with common sense. Otherwise everyone else with management decisions is like an ostrich with their heads in the ground. Careful, the Dingos are coming.

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