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My Favorite Celebrity Award of the Year 2017

Goes to an actress still here at 95 years of age GOD BLESS HER. A real icon ya never really heard much bad of and well loved for many decades entertaining us. Always a kind glowing smile and beacon of light. Someone that should be well emulated by today’s young (mostly classless celebrities) that they could learn better class from a great and REAL lady. The 2017 award goes to Misses Doris Day.

Doris Day As I remember her.

You can read up more on her work here at…



and her official website here.


Thank you for entertaining us those many years Misses Doris Day.


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Hollywood Tinselturd Collapse Continues. Yay!

The Anti-America, Hate America, Hate the Constitution, Hate traditional marriage between a man and a woman, Hate Christians and Hate Whites communized Hollywood is crumbling before our very eyes. Couldn’t happen to a bigger bunch of TINSELTURDS in my humble opinion and the sooner the better.

I mean, aren’t you tired of glitzy crap this industry is putting out, plus brainwashing material to foist you out of existence while the TINSELTURDS profit and get big bucks and what do these wealthier than the average American do when they get your money?

The celebs have enough money to evacuate the country, most American’s don’t. Let us continue to see why most Americans HATE Hollywood and its brainwashing communized products.

they don’t get it, they are killing their entire industry and themselves too, because they are the product and by not entertaining and instead pushing comunism and Sharia Law on Americans, the average American has learned to turn off the TV set and not spend money on movies and television show products. In essence, IT IS COLLAPSING folks and you can thank the celebrities, cheap films that cut corners, are not researched well, special political interests inserted into films and TV shows, stars shooting their BIG MOUTHS off, Expense of going to a movie theater and pricing on first run DVD’s or online streams. It is all taking its toll and the industry  of entertainment features as well as traditional TV shows and stations are COLLAPSING. The American viewer has awakened. They hate the communists and Sharia Law, all the crime they heard daily and crappy shows and films and they are voting not to continue wasting their time or money on such evil products.

and this one…

and let’s not forget this gem…

Now ‘That’s Entertainment’

And there you have it. A once great and entertaining industry got taken over by scum and is collapsing. They have lost the American viewer overall, and while a flick might come around, for the most part, people are not wasting their time and money anymore and…

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Instructions for the Biz Producers.

In recent times friends in movie and TV production have complained about just how tough things are. “Oh yes they are!”

That’s because the movie business while glamorous is one of the hardest businesses to make it in. Yeah there are the big movie hits like Star Wars, but most if lucky ever break even. It can be chalked up to any number of reasons but here are the biggest ones.

First you must know that Hollywood has more or less become political overall. Not in every case, but a helluva lot of them and it goes against fans as well, the very fans they require to maintain profits. This is because it pushes an anti-American agenda politically charged of special interests most Americans resist. To make matters worse, most actors act like communists in the public or thugs, happens all the time. Say one thing wrong politically and you have alienated half the national marketplace or more.

Then there are the endless remakes of remakes of remakes and people burn out. Movie seat tickets average around $9.00 in 2016 and that is for the less costly flicks. Throw in Imax, THX and other stuff or a big name movie flick and it can easily zoom up from there. That’s just the ticket to get in.

Popcorn, Raisinets, a chocolate bar etc, big drink and we can easily start talking $30.00 per person. Most people in today’s economy don’t have the funds with things in the real world becoming dire, so theater sales for most flicks less something like Star Wars are usually slim for theaters.

And because of the costs of theaters people rent or get streaming videos online such as Netflix, even HBO Films now is streaming content away from the cable companies who are losing viewers in droves, again a bad economy factors in. If that ain’t bad enough, there is always piracy and it comes in many forms and is so vast that anyone with an hour of searching can easily locate and watch films, sometimes before they are even in theaters.

Pirate sites, streaming servers located in who-knows-where endlessly make movies and even tv series entire series available. Shut one site down and ten more take their place with angry pirate viewers and get this… They even rate the movies they watch for free like bigtime critics…what chutzpah. So with a more bleak picture what’s a poor movie producer to do? That is of course the multi-million dollar question and the clues are there. Let us discuss them.

Shutting down pirate sites just won’t work. If anything, Napster and music showed us this, they will always find a way. Spending money on a single flick especially with an unpopular actor also is becoming a rare event these days, but there is an answer, and that answer is “FRANCHISE!”

What is a FRANCHISE in Hollywood or entertainment? Great question, it actually is a series, let me cite a few examples. Dirty Harry, James Bond, Harry Potter, Star Wars, Star Trek, X-Men, Iron Man, Billy Jack, Rambo, The Expendables, Sheriff Wyler Scott Series, CalHouse Series

CalHouse Trilogy(Shameless Plug)

…all these are a franchise. They are essentially a series and they have a built-in growing audience each time they are out. All one has to do is market a brand new movie within the series and boom off you go, and what is even better, a stand alone movie that leads to the next movie, smart, very smart. See, this is what it is that movie goers, theaters and fans want oh and smart acting talents that don’t shoot off their big muths killing the entertainment product with half a country. Leave politics out, get back to real entertainment, end flicks on a happy ending and give them a FRANCHISE and watch what happens. Just put out great quality great stories and memorable likeable characters and the overall marketplace will follow.

Remember, Cry and you cry alone.

Laugh and the whole world laughs with you!

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This months gateway flick to the summer.

1951 “Vengeance Valley” a look at an earlier, more moral and better America.

Enjoy!!! Yes it is in the public domain. Nothing being basshed except some popcorn fun for free.

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How Do You Fix Entertainment Piracy?

Good question. I have had time to look into this and it ain’t pretty to say the least. Now while I make that statement, all is not lost for music, movies, ebooks and photos. There may be an answer forthcoming. Some of you will love it, many will be in the middle and there will be those who talk lawsuits as the answer. But in clogged courts where bringing a suit is costly and most likely won’t solve the issues, less satisfaction against a few (hint: the music industry taught us that) there may actually be a solution that does work. So here is what I propose. While I hate taxes and fees imagine this.

You log in to what was a pirate website to download or watch a favorite movie and now it is perfectly legal. How is this you ask? Will the producers get paid? The answer is yes and yes and yes, and here is how it works.

Tax-tax-tax. Entertainment tax pool globally set at a percentage for each country’s ISP’s on blank disk media, on cell phones and on media players. The special tax is administered through each country’s entertainment taxation monitor. Those monitors set what media or content producers get paid each month from the tax. As a product ages, the take goes down. In addition, a panel of viewers gets to watch, listen to, read and look at photos to decide which category of pay is to be used. The lower the category, the less you collect each month.

If many countries participated within their respective lands, I believe this doable. It is the only fix to a real problem. Most people say sue em, but sue who? You take down one server and ten more go up, word gets around fast you sue the public and guess who buys your media products or doesn’t, because you pissed them off. There is no real magical fix here folks! With the proposal above, everything is online, free, because through your ISP cell provider and stores where you might buy media products you have already paid for the privilege to use that media and the content producers got paid.

Now if someone put out crap, then the panel would rate them at a lower number and they would get paid less money. If the work was top notch, it would go up and they would get paid more. Also a global public rating system could help as well. This is a win-win situation for all media content. Is it a free market situation though? Yes and no, it all depends on how you look at it. Some folks might want to opt out of it. The problem here is they have already been taxed which aims, in a similar fashion as Obamacare, as ironic as that is.

But it is a fix for the current issues at heart. Yes, I have heard that they are trying to shut down this monstrosity. The problem as I stated, you shut one down, more go up and the general public frowns on your product. What the entertainment media needs to do is realize they have a great way to deliver content and then TAX-tax-tax it and open it up for everyone to enjoy. True, the big studios won’t get perhaps a billion bucks up front for their materials. But over the years, they would get their monies back and gain viewers they can officially embrace in the process.

And that is my solution to fixing a major problem. Will technologies change that, perhaps, but it will always be a cat and mouse game, so why not catch the mouse and feed em to the cat or better yet, feed him cheese and give the cat his milk, both will enjoy it and you will sell them taxed milk and cheese!

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What is Hollywood These Days?

Well, if you ask me, it’s a very big mess and getting worse. Many are beginning to lose their jobs in the industry. I know of a number of folks in production formerly that are heading towards the soup lines unfortunately. Now while an ultra competitive field, it doesn’t have to be totally like that.

When you say the name Hollywood, many think of 21st Century Fox Studios, Universal Studios, the WB etc. MGM comes to mind and a host of other names like for example Tri Star etc. What Hollywood actually is, is thousands of businesses in an ultra-competitive environment. Oh C’mon, you got to be kidding, no I’m not. You’d be surprised at how vast the industry is in Southern California. There are many smaller offices at work in addition to the big studio productions and many smaller studios throughout the region here and elsewhere. There is of course the normal productions such as lighting, craftsmen, sound, plants, food catering too. Oh yes, there must be logistics support for productions, before (pre production) during the main production and finally after (post production) and it goes well past that. Businesses for promotional materials, other legal permits, the list goes on and on and on. So it is more than several large studios. Yes you do see these all the time, but the real magic is amongst tens of thousands of talents and support people you do not necessarily see except perhaps in credits.

Also, there is little mention though it is mentioned from time to time. Many outside industries rely on Hollywood as well. This starts to run into the billions of dollars when you tally everything up. Cars and trucks, aircraft must be maintained. Nearby restaurants and hardware places. Then there is the internet sales and equipment sites. With all of this going on, a number of problems actually are plaguing the industry as a whole. I hear piracy fairly often but it is much more than that.

Let’s try politics and image.

Did it ever dawn on actors and producers that when they open their big yappers to preach government propaganda or worse yet, manipulative communism that they are alienating like 70% of the country? I mean Obamacare is going to be written into TV shows and movies to get the public to enslave itself into a government product they mostly do not want. See, there’s a major problem, because Hollywood as an industry when they do this kills their own products, turns people away from spending money. In fact it angers viewers and fans alike. Remakes!

Yeah remakes are supposed to be a sure bet, right? WRONG! Some remakes do so-so while the greater majority tank. How many Titanic’s can people take? How many A-Teams? People don’t want remakes. Not only that, but the newer remakes also kill product sales on DVD of the older version as well. Since most new remakes flop, it becomes a double whammy for the new production and old production that relies on sales of their older product.

Same old actors. I know for a fact the one thing acting talent fears more than anything is “FADING” away! Actors are paranoid about this and for good reason. When I started this topic, I described it as Ultra-Competitive. There is always newer, younger, cheaper, faster and just generally better.

An example. The Film business of providing various film stocks for shooting films. Used to be a must for all productions. Nope, not anymore. These days it is all digital. Plug in the camera and or in some instances send it wifi to the editing system and it is good to go. Edit and burn direct to DVD or upload for a movie stream. It changed and actually changed for the cheaper and better, but it also put people out of work.

So now after exploring what Hollywood is, here is what I can say in a quite resolute and resounding fashion. “It ain’t what it used to be!”

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Halloween Scare Flick Quick Pick 2013.

My pick for a Halloween flick is “Carnival of Souls” 1962, a creepy story. They colorized it and its okay, but much scarier in black and white and oh, it’s in the public domain too. In other words it is free. Enjoy! đŸ˜€

and Happy Halloween!

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