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Hollywood Tinselturd Collapse Continues. Yay!

The Anti-America, Hate America, Hate the Constitution, Hate traditional marriage between a man and a woman, Hate Christians and Hate Whites communized Hollywood is crumbling before our very eyes. Couldn’t happen to a bigger bunch of TINSELTURDS in my humble opinion and the sooner the better.

I mean, aren’t you tired of glitzy crap this industry is putting out, plus brainwashing material to foist you out of existence while the TINSELTURDS profit and get big bucks and what do these wealthier than the average American do when they get your money?

The celebs have enough money to evacuate the country, most American’s don’t. Let us continue to see why most Americans HATE Hollywood and its brainwashing communized products.

they don’t get it, they are killing their entire industry and themselves too, because they are the product and by not entertaining and instead pushing comunism and Sharia Law on Americans, the average American has learned to turn off the TV set and not spend money on movies and television show products. In essence, IT IS COLLAPSING folks and you can thank the celebrities, cheap films that cut corners, are not researched well, special political interests inserted into films and TV shows, stars shooting their BIG MOUTHS off, Expense of going to a movie theater and pricing on first run DVD’s or online streams. It is all taking its toll and the industry  of entertainment features as well as traditional TV shows and stations are COLLAPSING. The American viewer has awakened. They hate the communists and Sharia Law, all the crime they heard daily and crappy shows and films and they are voting not to continue wasting their time or money on such evil products.

and this one…

and let’s not forget this gem…

Now ‘That’s Entertainment’

And there you have it. A once great and entertaining industry got taken over by scum and is collapsing. They have lost the American viewer overall, and while a flick might come around, for the most part, people are not wasting their time and money anymore and…


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How Do You Fix Entertainment Piracy?

Good question. I have had time to look into this and it ain’t pretty to say the least. Now while I make that statement, all is not lost for music, movies, ebooks and photos. There may be an answer forthcoming. Some of you will love it, many will be in the middle and there will be those who talk lawsuits as the answer. But in clogged courts where bringing a suit is costly and most likely won’t solve the issues, less satisfaction against a few (hint: the music industry taught us that) there may actually be a solution that does work. So here is what I propose. While I hate taxes and fees imagine this.

You log in to what was a pirate website to download or watch a favorite movie and now it is perfectly legal. How is this you ask? Will the producers get paid? The answer is yes and yes and yes, and here is how it works.

Tax-tax-tax. Entertainment tax pool globally set at a percentage for each country’s ISP’s on blank disk media, on cell phones and on media players. The special tax is administered through each country’s entertainment taxation monitor. Those monitors set what media or content producers get paid each month from the tax. As a product ages, the take goes down. In addition, a panel of viewers gets to watch, listen to, read and look at photos to decide which category of pay is to be used. The lower the category, the less you collect each month.

If many countries participated within their respective lands, I believe this doable. It is the only fix to a real problem. Most people say sue em, but sue who? You take down one server and ten more go up, word gets around fast you sue the public and guess who buys your media products or doesn’t, because you pissed them off. There is no real magical fix here folks! With the proposal above, everything is online, free, because through your ISP cell provider and stores where you might buy media products you have already paid for the privilege to use that media and the content producers got paid.

Now if someone put out crap, then the panel would rate them at a lower number and they would get paid less money. If the work was top notch, it would go up and they would get paid more. Also a global public rating system could help as well. This is a win-win situation for all media content. Is it a free market situation though? Yes and no, it all depends on how you look at it. Some folks might want to opt out of it. The problem here is they have already been taxed which aims, in a similar fashion as Obamacare, as ironic as that is.

But it is a fix for the current issues at heart. Yes, I have heard that they are trying to shut down this monstrosity. The problem as I stated, you shut one down, more go up and the general public frowns on your product. What the entertainment media needs to do is realize they have a great way to deliver content and then TAX-tax-tax it and open it up for everyone to enjoy. True, the big studios won’t get perhaps a billion bucks up front for their materials. But over the years, they would get their monies back and gain viewers they can officially embrace in the process.

And that is my solution to fixing a major problem. Will technologies change that, perhaps, but it will always be a cat and mouse game, so why not catch the mouse and feed em to the cat or better yet, feed him cheese and give the cat his milk, both will enjoy it and you will sell them taxed milk and cheese!

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Talk More About KTTV

What’s there to really talk about? You have a POV with broccoli for brains and the rest of them not running things right, but rather into dust. I have tried in vain to explain from one POV what is broken, and why it is broken and how to fix it, instead of criticizing a state in a country. Maybe Mr. POV can comment on how badly he manages a television station. Now that is what I call a real POV. That said, I actually wish everyone well, hope they get high ratings…

KTTV Management and Viewers.

Look, it’s all about ratings and numbers. In order to demand more revenues for shows from advertisers the numbers have to be up. Every show of all kinds eventually dies. That is a given. FOX is in the media business and thus runs media. Their revenues come from commercializing their products and what are their products? Media properties such as shows, movies and yes, even entertainers that work on those shows. It is hard talking about people that work at FOX as properties but essentially they are a product. I’ll give you a few examples. When you watch GDLA you turn on the channel and there are Steve Edwards, Lisa Breckenridge and Maria Sansone, throw in Julie Chang and Maria Quiban or fill-ins. They are all products. The job of this product is to make you the customer aka. TV Viewer spend your time and dollars. Your time watching them and their show format and your dollars on the electricity to do so, plus buying the products of the show’s advertisers. So essentially while being entertained or bored by a show, you are essentially the “Customer” and the show and its acting talents and production tools are the “Product.”

So in a nutshell, they are selling a product and how they gauge whether the product still works is an old somewhat outdated, archaic system called the TV Viewer ratings. Yes the numbers don’t completely lie, but they aren’t perfect either. The point here simply is this. KTTV is in a competitive marketplace and an ultra-competitive one at that. Right now it is theirs to win or lose and I am sad to say in my humbled opinion they are trying to hang on to what hasn’t made them top dog. This comes back to management and executives who push the real buttons on decision making. No amount of new host talents or gimmicks will fix what is really broken and the format is broken in several ways and remains so.

A crippled show!

How about a crippled morning lineup, it couldn’t be worse. Look people. I can talk like I mentioned up top, till I’m blue in the face, but when the management is more interested in their ego based POV time on the air rather than fixing what is broken, that says it all. When executives reward failure or ineptitude by those who don’t want to fix the real issues nor face them, then talk is irrelevant. It is one thing to not know you have a problem and something that is broken and quite suicidal to know and not fix it.


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Does the Net threaten current TV Markets?

You bet it does. Here are the current players.

Antenna, Cable, Dish, Fiber-optic, those are the biggies. But the internet offers something better and cheaper depending on one’s connection to the net of course. That is streaming on demand video and there are growing mega numbers of potential viewers and oh, by the way. You are no longer bound by the local or even national news networks, Hollywood or rental dvd stores that as of late are the new Do-Do Birds, much like the last Titanic Remake sinking into oblivion of what was a business not so long ago.

I couldn’t help but catch a quick (and I might add) angering glimpse of commie lover and traitor to America, its constitution and citizenry when Jane Fonda walked on stage at the Oscars dressed like a banana. It reminded me that Hollywood embraces everything America is not, yet do we really need these communists and their brainwashing industry anymore? Do we really have time for them? Can we use our hard earned dollars for better things than to support egocentric communists and their phoniness as they snub you? Nope to all of those. Streaming internet channels such as Hulu “Free Edition” Youtube provide endless video and that brings me to HD TV’s for the new TV buyer, and for older sets…the Roku Box. Yes new sets can tie in to a wireless net router and the Roku box does this for sets not equipped with internet connection.


Many new channels plus regular antenna TV channels (last I looked in L.A.) about 125 plus and counting easily replace expensive cable, fiber-optic, and satellite dish bills; and with amazon instant download streaming movies and TV shows for next to nothing or on Hulu Free—you just select a series and episode any time of day, kick back and watch. Streaming news, becoming much more common.

I feel it is only a matter of time before most are replaced by streaming media and with a brand new ultra fast internet in the making, streaming speeds for media and data are bound to ensure the demise of many other formats, much like the DVD rental stores are beginning to tank these days.

Oh, and one last thing. Spend your money and time on other things. Send the message to the Hollywood communists you know the ones, like Sean Penn, Steven Spielberg, Jane Fonda, Barbara Streisand and so forth that you don’t need them or their products anymore. Time and technology will help them fade away and bring us endless entertainment for cheap or for free across the board.

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Hollyslut Number 1

Yes, everyone’s favorite Lindsey Lohan is back in the news to entertain the general public at large. Grand thefts, hit and runs, bouncing boobs that practically fall out on TV and endless nuances. Something that can make a former entertainment reporter proud and employed again  😮 Then you probably wonder who Hollyslut number 2 is. Think of a French city and a name might come to mind. How about number 3? I like to think of singers that resemble a lance for fishing. But these are nothing compared to the Hollywood Hasbeens. Take Ellen Barkin whose name resembles something a dog does. Her biggest claim to fame were numerous flicks and she has been (put those two words together again 😉 )a fair actress at best. Nothing to speak volumes about unless it’s bouncing on a black guy with no panties underneath for an Interracial scene, or shooting her big mouth off, wishing people dead such as Republicans or those supporting them. Hey Ellen, didn’t anyone ever tell you that what goes around comes around! Maybe you ought to wish the new people well for a change since your communist buddies have completely damaged this country on purpose.

Then there is Samuel L. Jackoff who also can’t stop hating the original America for providing him a lifestyle that the majority of folks will never get. That is unless you are a communist in Hollywood. Just ask Steven Spielschmuck who adores Castro or Sean Putz who thinks Hugo Chavez is great. How about Jeffrey Kuntzenberg, Spielschmuck’s partner in making failing flicks? ET was what, 32 years ago, and Close Encounters; we are almost 4 decades back already. Jurassic Park, think of Jurassic films, cause that remains what they are today. George Looney, another communist scumbag who has profited from the United States of America and a Capitalist system while bemoaning others, and it doesn’t stop there. These whackjob nutty commies are exactly what they are, communists who want the original America to fall and you to become a communist slave while they continue to enjoy a lifestyle way far above the average American citizen.

What needs to be done today is we need in fact the countries people are screaming for McCarthy II and a list of every communist scumbag out to destroy this country from within. We need a list of THEM! So that we can begin cleaning this country of communists once and for all. Send them to the little FAT BASTARD in North Korea, what’s his name. Kim Skunk Ill, I would be too if I had a daddy like his. Yeah send all the commies there and let them plow his rice patties for food. God only knows, they can use what little food they have. Meanwhile, America, love it or leave it baby!

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