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While KTLA with my friend Miss Vera Jimenez is flying quite high these days, KTTV on a number of fronts is struggling to keep up.

Vera Jimenez KTLA

Vera Jimenez KTLA

It’s a tit-for-tat (no disrespect to anyone personally regarding body parts) back-and-forth go, one here, one there. Time to make KTTV not a copy cat of KTLA but it’s own agenda and schedule. Let KTTV be the one to copy.

Where KTTV screwed up in a number of ways and has paid a serious price are the following.

Mark Thompson – Dancing Weatherman was a hoot!!!

He gained national and in some respects international followings dancing while doing the weather reports. Even his cast mates such as veteran News Anchor Miss Christine Devine were laughing enjoying the moment. So why after almost a quarter century they let him part remains beyond me. Yes I like Pablo, actually met his wife and kids way out in the boonies when on a survey of property with a business owner a while back, all sweet people and Pablo seems the nice family guy as well. But Mark Thompson should be brought back to KTTV and perhaps both he and Pablo can split the schedule.

REAL GHOSTS that haunt FOX KTTV remains Miss Heid S. Cuda.

I actually got to meet with her and the family on several occasions and these are very very sweet people. While politically at this heated time in history I may not agreed with Heidi on an issue or two, I will seriously discount this and move on from there as I like Heidi a lot. Very pretty lady in public or person, very talented, a super bubbly, polished, professional and smooth personality, very very hard working, her current gent is also a very sweet guy and quite talented at set building for productions (something to note).

Where this major ghost still haunts KTTV is the issues with very weak and poor management, a vegetable brain leading the outfit of other vegetable brain management who just was better off????? playing a geeetar somewhere instead of managing a studio like this. Luckily on that point, the vegetable went back to the garden to grow into something else, but then again geeetars do produce lovely tunes and I am told they are quite good at strumming so keep on strumming bud. Maybe they’ll download your tunes on youtube for free if they are good enough!

Now back to Heidi. Multi-talented woman News Producer, Writer, Camera New Celebrity (she has done before the camera work – qualifies), has done many news stints for KTTV and FOX in the past. Time for KTTV management to snap her up, return her as the tremendous resource such as Mark Thompson and my next one following Heidi. Heidi is a ghost that still haunts KTTV and like Mark Thompson and my next people, should be returned to make KTTV much better than where it’s struggles are going right now.

Legal Anaylist Miss Robin Sax should never, ever, ever have been let go from KTTV.

WOW a very rare talented and pretty resource with a great mind was for many years associated with KTTV until the bad bad bad, very bad management at KTTV let her go too, after all if you are chucking all of your top resources as fast as you can to show Rupert how you save a few bucks, at the EXPENSE of his network affiliate and especially his CUSTOMERS THE VIEWERS, then get rid of this person. Maybe we can replace her with an erhmmm, politically correct version during the Obama times. (Yeah that statement will piss some people off, the hell with em!) I call it as it is and no I am not politically correct, never have been never will be. Hillary Clinton’s brainwashing doesn’t work here.

First off the lovely Miss Sax is a former prosecutor who served the public’s well being. Where does the KTTV management squander a resource this talented, from bad management and viewers don’t like whose there now. Time to bring back this resource and bring them back to rebuild KTTV and I am not done yet.

Kingsley Smith, a high-powered executive who KTTV parted with should have done everything they could to hang on to him, but did not.

Again it comes down to Broccolihead management types or vegetables for brains, who couldn’t care a crap less, are you reading this Mr. Murdoch??? Couldn’t care a less about your CUSTOMERS aka. TV VIEWERS and KTTV needs to get this production decision making talent back and they need him back with the others mentioned here right now.

My other KTTV start of the 2017 season critic.

Shows that seriously need to be rebuilt and I am not blaming the production talents nor the before the screen talents, I am blaming executive decisions at the higher levels which I have done for years, because until you fix that area, the crap will continue to roll down hill to your are you reading this Mr. Murdoch, your CUSTOMERS aka. TV VIEWERS!

Good Day LA

Good Day LA

Morning show, search my archives in the GDLA Bash I have well documented how to make this a block buster. Show format times remains totally broken nonsense.

Does anyone really care? This is entertainment and information?

Does anyone really care? This is entertainment and information?


Morning news cast broken, needs to realign viewing times in conjunction with morning show.

I love Wendy Williams show excellent (very very sweet lady and she is very with it too – always great to see).

Wendy Williams

Wendy Williams

I like the midday News With Lisa Breckenridge though I still argue she was a natural for the official entertainment reporter instead of Miss Julie Chang.

Miss Lisa Breckenridge

Miss Lisa Breckenridge

Former ABC

Former ABC “EXEC” Brian Frons

What FOX should do is purchase from ABC the old serials “All My Children” and “One Life To Live” place them as half hour soaps right after the midday news and lock up the early afternoon slot.

Between revamped versions of these old soaps, FOX would gain about 20 to 35 million viewers and they can build on this. The killing of the shows by former ABC Exec schmuck Brian Frons was about the biggest asinign move a TV exec drunk on their own power binge could act out as a serial soap opera killer aka what Brian became a “Serial Killer” hey Brian, FU from a former AMC viewer 1970 to 2011, you did a great job killing off millions of ABC viewers for the network. I guess your fat food show on losing weight actually helped ABC lose the midday slot for good, great job!!!

If Mr. Rupert Murdoch were smart, see if you can nab the ownership of both soaps, shoot the production either NYC or LA and bring them back to tens of millions of viewers as half hour shows perhaps several times a week or better yet, daily. Get what worked! Contact Agnes Nixon the original founder of these former production people, since Misses Nixon passed away in 2016, another lovely talented lady. Perhaps get actress Susan Lucci in talks, but people would love to record and view these again, huge followings.

Ween away from all the devil and satanic themed series, the American public mostly still religious are turned off by all this BS! They aren’t interested in the Devil, Satan, Lucifer, and in fact you are propagating a lot of evil onto society in the USA, people are fed up with it.

Make FOX Fair and Balanced for real, no fake news reporting, FOX has nationally done a great job so far. Offer and pull in the following conservative people and far below a few libs as well lets hear it all baby.

Mr. Murdoch, make peace with Dr. Michael Savage and between him and O’Reilly. Your customers want to see peace and a working out of the differences for the good of our country. Savage, Levine, O’Reilly, Hannity are but the top.

How about a Rush Limbaugh show on FOX? I have someone for you. Mr. Rusty Humphries and Larry Elder the Sage from South Central, but very outspoken knowledgeable like the rest they are available for some great shows even if a half hour but start going for them.

Then there is Alex Jones and Infowars, maybe a FOX tie in for viewers would be just the trick. In essence bring on more shows besides the current batch such as political anchors Hanity and O’reilly. Viewers want to see these other personalities live, hear more issues, learn more, give them more. Savage would be great, Elder, Humpries, Jones, Laura Ingram another one, lets get the shows going, bring these people to us your CUSTOMERS aka. VIEWERS and from the left pair a few shows up, like perhaps a rountable show like the late McLaughin Group. Imagine a rountable with seated altogether, Al Gore, David Axelrod, Michael Savage, Mark Levin with Rush as the moderator or like the head guy, what political sparks would fly for the hour and rotate in guests on this rountable like Alex Jones, or Mulholland from California, a mix of libs and commies against conservatives, let the ideas and opinions fly. I think on a Friday night this would be a major coast-to-coast hit bring in Pat Buchanan.

Mr. Murdoch as you read this, you can fix all of these things, bring in bigger advertising revenues while offering your CUSTOMERS aka. VIEWERS what they would really enjoy. Isn’t it time to add this new vision, fix what is broken and give your VIEWERS what they really deserve. MAKE KTTV AND FOX GREAT AGAIN…Happy NEW YEAR 2017???



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Broccoli Goes Out With The Garbage

Retiring in the vegetable bag, quitting being an edible vegetable, got fired on the grill, rumors abound!!! Anyhow, like old vegetables, this one may soon be gone and the sooner the better. Will anyone remember this old vegetable, I mean really? Maybe some historian looking for something old to talk about. Honestly I couldn’t care a crap what happens to this vegetable. Served us well, naw, just left a bad taste in my mouth, definitely harmed the eyes when watching it. I cannot tell you how badly my eyes watered and the thought that vegetables could be anything but what they are, boggles the human mind.

Waking up in the morning seeing a vegetable trying to have a brain which it does not was very hard. Like asking people on the street about water. Can you believe that, a vegetable begging for comments on water? I guess it fits to some extent after all, produce requires water, even when it is half way gone. I should know, I grow vegetables and fruit on my spare time, just ask a former KTTV employee about 4 bags of jumbo figs and she can attest to this.


See, here is the big problem reflecting on this sad case of a vegetable in this consumer’s eyes. The station morning schedule could have been fixed, GDLA reformatted, the news teams for afternoon and early evening fixed, the weather reporting on the morning news in particular beefed up properly. More production people rehired so we don’t see all the small miscues every morning. It could have been so much better instead of getting on the TV tube in front of millions of viewers and asking a member of the public about the water drought…IT’S DRY!

Or the Bullet Train to nowhere? IT’S STOPPED!

on and on the vegetable went, bashing Governor Brown while not fixing their own station problems and like a bad vegetable contaminated with Salmonella, hoping someone will eat it, that didn’t happen. Problems and morale at KTTV sank further and further, people suffered and while I am not blaming Broccoli for everything, as a consumer of its product I was treated to CRAP and that is why this blog exists today, not because I have ever met or known the guy personally (at the time of this posting) but because as someone trusted to enhance my viewing experience, he did not. I am a consumer of broccoli complaining about the rotten vegetable’s quality of taste which I am entitled to do when it went on TV and became a public entity that did little or nothing to improve the viewing product it wanted me to digest as a loyal customer.


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The Host Wayback Machine On Tilt At KTTV!

So now, let us go way back to 2012 and take a really great look at the anchors and cohosts of the KTTV Morning News and GDLA. Now this will peeve a few people, but let me make my point here.

KTTV has Gina Silva, Dorothy Lucey, Lisa Breckenridge, Jillian Warry-Barberie-Reynolds etc etc etc, Trisha Takasughi, Suzanne Marquez well she was a bit earlier I guess. And I won’t mention “Nischell” who has long since disappeared from everywhere last I looked.

So Dorothy gets the “Raspy Voice” pink slip out the front door and don’t pass go.

It should have been the “you pushed too much sexual content on a family morning show when children are watching” pink garter slip, but raspy voice worked.

Next up at bat, Jillian Warry-Barberie-Reynolds etc etc etc, 5 million dollar contract, well it was time for her to go. The sniper husband and sex each morning plus the skimpy tops wore out not to mention obnoxiousness to the max and she was luving it! Sorry gal, that wore out with the public and also FOX execs.

So this created a vacuum and who should have filled it? Excellent question. The perfect entertainment reporter connected to the top people in Hollywood, Lisa Breckenridge. A real sweet lady, well loved by a great many viewers. This was a no-brainer for co-anchor as entertainment anchor for GDLA.

On the Jillian former side of the old (non-begging desk) another KTTV blunder, should have been Miss Gina Silva. KTTV management had two best and well respected pretty and sharp talents with personality, spunk and laughter and KTTV management like they always seem to do, blew this golden and simple easy opportunity. Here is what they did instead of promoting their current talents. They shopped and shopped for MONTHS and pulled in Maria Sansone. They didn’t need to, not that Maria isn’t great for the anchor, but it was a slap to Miss Gina Silva and why? Great, glad someone asked. Because Miss Silva already had plenty of anchor experience. Besides being pretty, she has a great personality on screen and most likely off screen too. She had in essence everything that KTTV didn’t need to waste time, money and resources looking for Maria Sansone or anyone else.

Then KTTV bypassed Misses Lisa Breckenridge whom they had the perfect entertainment anchor especially since she and the main host worked very well together. Again, a warmhearted, pretty and bubbly personality with longtime anchor experience and what did KTTV reel in? Julie Chang. I have nothing against Julie, okay, let me be clear, but again, the right move would have been to fill those GDLA seats with the local talents that already existed. I am going to discount Araksya here because she was the news side not GDLA at the time so she doesn’t originally count here. Just that in 2012 Araksya was at news.

Then to make matters worse. KTTV management decided the best way to cut the chatter for GDLA was create that God-damned Begging Desk! Two people seated and everyone else standing on sore feet at either end. Why didn’t KTTV save the monetary resources and just keep what worked before, and please don’t hit me with production camera angles as that is an insult to anyone with an IQ above 5.

Having sat down, fixed the GDLA show format and hired Lisa and Gina as the new co-anchors would have fixed GDLA. Then you bring in the others where needed in the show format. I want to stress to the Broccoliheads at KTTV that as your viewing customer, it becomes a major channel changer.

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Today’s POV Goes Legal!

and here…

and here….

So now my big question for Broccolihead and the vegetable brained gang is where is this lovely legal authority at FOX to bring a brilliant legal mind on a pretty face to viewers? Can anyone tell me where she is and why I have not seen her for a long time. Can anyone tell me. Okay, let me tell you. GONE from KTTV and FOX and why, because today’s POV is another example of a bright and talented legal authority whose work taught us things and of course while Broccolihead goes on TV telling you how the idiot bald headed jerk can’t manage California, vegetable brain can’t manage FOX. Oh wait, he’s the V.P. so I guess it goes higher, right? And that is today’s POV, KTTV has no legal authority to inform us. Thank you KTTV management, another job well done or as some old stooges used to say.

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POV for KTTV Change!

How about it Mr. Rupert Murdoch? KTTV is screwed especially in the morning. I was watching the other day and Broccolihead came on with how bad it was that jobs are leaving California for Texas. Ya know, it struck me that this asshole has the same problem, pot calling the kettle black. Why doesn’t Broccolihead start fixing KTTV for you Mr. Murdoch, after all, he bills himself as the face of management. He WORKS FOR YOU! He is also supposed to work for your customers too. And who are your customers? ME, the viewer. See, here’s the deal. I don’t work for you, but I am your customer and I am telling you that instead of selling me a kettle of gold, I am watching a big Croc-Of-Crap instead. The morning is a mess and let me be perfectly clear here. It is not the camera or production people nor the before the camera people too. It is the Execs and the management.

I mean, Mr. Murdoch, you run a business and you are a great, grand and very bright businessman. In business you are about as pure a businessman as it gets and I remain an avid fan of yours as well. So that said, why do you keep someone who screws your customers? Didn’t you know that “no business ever won an argument with their customers.” That is a tried and trued fact in business 101. I am a complaining customer, a viewer of your products. Yes, KTTV is bringing back the 24 series episodes and Kiefer Sutherland, Bravo! The morning news with Tony and Araksya okay. Steve Edwards and Lisa Breckenridge and others are grand, considering it is the management that is screwing them and us, your customers, the viewers.

Broccolihead, a guy who instead of engaging me as a customer, in his infantile manner blocks me on media and hides from me, the CUSTOMER of your products, puts out self aggrandizing POV segments criticizing local governments when he and other management is doing the same thing with jobs at KTTV. I mean c’mon now Mr. Murdoch. It’s one thing to speak about others when your own house is in order, quite another thing when your management guys run your own business just as bad or worse. Instead of engaging me and my comments, Broccolihead hides, what does that say about the very person who bills themselves as your leader at KTTV? He complains about California losing jobs, but what is he doing at KTTV? The very same thing. In essence that makes Broccolihead, a news-hypocrite of sorts, right? After all if he is complaining about the California State government losing jobs thru tyranny and he is losing jobs at your business, what’s the difference Mr. Murdoch?

It’s time for a regime change of management at KTTV. I was informed that people are holding up signs on your very TV station broadcasts calling for help for the employees. A good businessman takes care of his number one customers first and who are they? His employees! The employees reflect the morale of the business. Kill the morale and it begins to affect your number two customers, your viewers and they affect your number three customers, your advertisers and it all goes down hill from there. What I am preaching here is common sense and nothing more. Please Mr. Murdoch, get KTTV management fixed once and for all, so the right decisions can be made to streamline and make it work better and no I am not your management. I am simply one customer, but I can assure you that my voice is not alone.

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They’re begging me for another KTTV Post.

Really, you really want me to continue blogging on KTTV? Serious, really, it is something great I am doing? Honestly, does throwing a fish back in the sea really cause the sea to suddenly grow more fish? Okay I’ll give you your blog on KTTV. Are you ready, here is my blog.

“They couldn’t be sinking on multiple fronts faster than a boulder over the Marianas Trench. How’s that for a blog, and I’ll give you another one, my own “POV” episode, how’s this.

BroccoliHead Instead banned me on Twitter. Yup, this vegetable of the airwaves couldn’t but block me after he de-twittered me, one slap in the face after another because I blog to try and help out KTTV and Mr. Murdoch.


How’s that for a “POV” response from one of your viewers? Don’t like what I blog about, tough, yer fair game as a celebrity. The reason for a broccoli brain is while it has high value in nutrients, I find the self-grandising POV’s you do for your own personal exposure to a minor celebrity status…nauseating. Instead of putting on real reporters jerkwad, you prop yourself up as a bigshot which in my humble opinion you are not. Put on real reporters fine, do a real in depth story fine. When you unfollowed me on Twitter it was a big mistake because I don’t like people who act like assholes when they could embrace their TV viewers. Then you have the unmitigated gaul to block me as well, why, because you are not management material. That is of course this viewer’s opinion and considering you have gone willingly before the cameras repeatedly, you are now a minor celebrity too. In addition, you used the public broadcasting airwaves, I am a viewer, consumer of FOX KTTV and its products and can criticize you as a low-quality product, does that burst your ego a bit more? Bring you back down to Earth and TV Viewer Customer reality? In addition, unlike people you may crap on, I can assure you, I am not under your payroll thumb, you can’t crap on me so easy. That’s the beauty of my position.

Hey Mr. Murdoch, I am the best ally you have, you know why? Because you don’t pay me. I give you an honest viewpoint on things because I care. If the management has no clothes, I am your kid in the crowd, I call it as it is. This guy, your manager looked at this viewer, your customer and took a giant crap on him. You know Mr. Murdoch what is really sad here. You work so hard to bring quality to viewers, yet your management doesn’t care a crap about them. Look at how BroccoliHead Instead treated me and it speaks volumes about your business. There is an old saying Mr. Murdoch, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it,” and I’ll throw in another old saying for you, “If you don’t know it’s broke, you can’t fix it,” and still I’ll give you another one from Business 101. “No business ever won an argument with their customers.” This last one has a long history. What BroccoliHead did was take an ally and screw em. That’s right, he took a friend and made him an enemy. Is that really how people who tell you it’s broken should be treated? By telling you you have a broken product and taking the time to care? Think about it, and while the BroccoliHead is steaming which is a great thing for Broccoli, maybe you know how to cook it differently so it tastes better. Yeah, he might add cheese and thinks he’s the big cheese, but at the end of the day, the only thing I do with Broccoli is crap it out in the toilet and this happens.

and that’s my KTTV POV for the day! Bonapetite! Maybe Mr. Murdoch will flush all of the Broccoli’s down the toilet for crapping on viewers.

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GDLA Summer Run

Seems that with personnel changes at the co-anchor spot, GDLA is faring better, but not at its peak. That is because like the news, FOX execs some of whom now scathe my posts fail to recognize who their viewer demographics are and until they do this, GDLA will be so-so… This is not what I want personally, but just a major underlying fact that continues to fester, while Jillian what’s her face seems to tweet comments almost vengeful of KTTV and the show. I thought this woman had left amicably, oh well, a divorce here or there and sagging erhmmm, along with ratings can make anyone angry. Word of advice Jillian—might as well cash in and visit Hef for an issue spread before things go south 😉 of the belly for good. They usually start falling off later.

And so, I must say delightfully, Maria Sansone is a real breath of fresh air for the most part. Yes she has settled into the mess of GDLA (format wise) but this is probably as good as it gets. As for Julie Chang, she seems to be hit and miss. One day better, the next worse, always wacky and filled to the brim with the “Ghost of Luceyisms”

Dorothy Lucey (May 04, 2012)

As if some magic connotation is still occupying that worn seat. Seriously! I guess Julie should read up on some of my past advice of what would really beef up the “Entertainment Reporters” role for the show and especially the VIEWERS.

Has anyone noticed or is it just me, that there is much less input from other field reporters and anchors of the past. Like for example Lauren Sanchez. Of course Lisa Breck seems content with her part in all of this and if it feels good do it, right. Then there is “Chick Filet” Gigi Garciette.

Chick Filet

Chick Filet

She’s always reporting on the grisly stuff, someone frying, another dying, yuck, too much for me. There is the other Lauren Sivan, probably one of the most precise reporters to deliver news almost flawlessly, someone local FOX could have promoted to the seat or Gina Silva who is still around a lot and multi-talented enough to anchor. If anyone should have been in Jillian’s old seat, Gina Silva and Lauren Sivan were more than adequate without going around the country fielding apps. Lisa Breck for reporting would have been perfect as well. We must ask about whatever happened to…say Bob DeCastro? Seeing much less of him lately. It appears that KTTV has cut way down on the anchors in the field, much more so then they should be doing. But then again, what is GDLA? It wants to be an entertainment show and ends up being more or less 3 hours of news with a hodge-podge of mixed in entertainment to carry it. Sadly, it could be a full blown entertainment show and FOX execs could fix it all if only they had the heart to, which remains missing.

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