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Badge of Honor!

Who says that celebrities don’t get really pissed at ya? Here, witness this act 😀 I wear it as a badge of honor. I had heard a few people got blocked so I decided to check it out and lo and behold, thanks Jillian. If ever I needed a good laugh this morning, this did it for me. See, here’s my point folks. People say things all the time. Do things all the time. But this and from someone so erhmm, prominent. I’ll take it as a badge of honor. The truth is I called it as it happened at GDLA and to be quite frank with all of you, many folks out there were far more brutal than I when it came to opinions. As a Good Day L.A. viewer I was a customer and Jillian’s actions many mornings were a tainted and bad product. Yes Jillian, you ask people to spend their time watching you on TV, their most valuable commodity. No watch how I can spin this okay. You out there reading this blog. “Jillian in these actions didn’t act as a professional, she acted like a child acts, and because of my blogs and opinions when she was on TV. What Jillian forgot was she is a celebrity. When she stepped before the camera onto the “PUBLIC” airwaves or any airwaves for that matter, she gave up her privacy and opened herself to opinions and comments, especially if she makes herself into a product. As a viewer aka “a customer” I am entitled to complain or praise a product, especially if it is a public product. Now if I make a statement that is not true that is one thing. I don’t and will probably never know her personally nor do I really want to, to be quite frank. But the action below is what a small child does, not someone professional and this just reinforces that KTTV management made the right call after all. In parting, honestly, no hard feelings Jillian Barberie. Good luck in your CaRear, I hope you find God and happiness and I’ll leave it at that with a good laugh at the photo below.



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