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L.A. City’s Incredible Shrinking Cans

Ya gotta love the Los Angeles Department of sanitation, you know the one’s, the clowns in those trucks that make your neighbor’s dogs go ballistic. The guys who love those trucks causing trash debris to flying over the top and land on traffic as it passes by. Horrible. So, every month the city has fees, fees and many more fees which in this case is trash pickup. Every month you are billed for those trash cans, you know the ones. Black, Green & Blue. When the program initially started out, everyone got a 90 gallon trash can, then Mayor Tony Villar, that crappy little creep, you know who, this ahole… the one who cheated on his wife with a news reporter.

Yeah that loser who now wants to be governor of the state of this once great land…

Anyhow Tony VILLAR!!! came into office as Mayor of Los Angeles and one of the first things he did was triple the trash can rates, that low life rotten, no good BASTURD!

So, lo and behold, not to be outdone, the current “I LOVE ILLEGAL ALIENS and I HATE YOU AMERICAN CITIZENS” Mayor Eric Garcetti has a new trash can gimmick. Here, let’s watch it in action.

Their latest gimmick is taking your 90 gallon cans and forcing you into a 60 gallon can unless you pay them more money and how do they do this? Well, the trash truck operator adds extra rough treatment like in the video above, they can actually apply more pressure then necessary and why, because this is their new ploy/policy. The city saves money hauling a smaller can, because they save trash dump space too. Want your old 90 gallon back. I got a hostile female black woman on the line, as nasty as can be, “either you pay up mo money or you is getting the smaller can!” Well, I’m not from South Central and I am pissed! That’s why this blog is up, to give you all a heads up on what Los Angeles is doing. Yeah they will give you the new smaller 60 gallon can and someone mentioned to me they want to halve that to a newer, smaller 30 gallon can, all at the same rate you pay today. Less is more, or more for less. Take your pick, it comes out the same way. So here is what your government gave you.

So you can get an idea of what you will eventually have after this awful city council and Mayor get their way, right to left 90 gallon, 60 gallon and finally your new 30 gallon and who knows where this trash can scam goes from there.


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The Begging Desk Part II

And now for the Begging Desk Part II. So FOX KTTV built new desks for the news team and the following show “Good Day L.A.” and what did they do? Well for Tony and his sidekick news anchor in the mornings, this works. For GDLA it doesn’t.

I complained a long while back that it makes the main host a Mr. Steve Edwards and others who stand at the end of the desk appear to be “BEGGING” to talk. The desk feature the two side kick anchors seated, the main host standing, Why? I mean, what dumb asshole designed this for TV Viewers, do they really think that viewers are that stupid? It definitely shows very little respect for the viewers and even less for the main host of GDLA.

So they finally started giving Steve Edwards the main host a seat on the end. How about this, you KTTV executive SCHMUCKS, how about sticking the main host dead center for viewers and treat him and us the way we should be treated with GREAT, GREAT dignity, after all it only takes a viewer to click to another channel and you ratings go down the toilet faster than used broccoli on a bad Sunday!

Seriously, since the current management appears to need serious viewer aka. “CUSTOMER” input or help here is how it should be.

Chuck the BEGGING Desk, get a semi-circular big table, seat the main host in the very middle, seat the co-hosts on either side, seat the weather person on the left and the entertainment person on the right. That is 5 people, let them all participate. Now how’s that grab all the executive putzes at KTTV?

Make it look like this.

and this

and this

and this

That’s right. Everyone else gets it, KTTV and FOX don’t.

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The old Los Angeles I grew up in and miss!

You know, I am a native of this city and Southern California, my long time home. I have seen over half a century of change, decades that have gone by. In an odd sense, while everything over time has changed, I must say, I miss an older yet younger Los Angeles. The cars, cultures, music, tv shows, many long gone family members and many friends too, all wonderful people in their own ways.

At one time, Southern California was one of the best places to be and at the center of much of the world’s universe too. Hollywood was almost all here, no runaway productions. Weather was always what it was, a sort of Mediterranean mix and medley of great sunshine on tap. There was something so very special about Southern California so I found this, thought I might show you much of what I grew up in, the feel and flavor of a Los Angeles era long gone, yet it feels so like home.


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Bag The L.A. City Council

Except Bernard Parks much to his credit. The former Chief of Police in L.A. turned councilman was the only no vote against removing your freedom and endangering you at the same time. In a 11-1 vote, Parks was the only “NO” vote. In his wisdom, he realized that people need those plastic bags and paper bags for their groceries. And who else was behind the environ-communist push to remove your freedoms? “Heal The Bay” was. They over exaggerated the problems using plastic bags. This is because if you ever look in the Los Angeles river, you will see decaying bags stuck in the trees and bushes down there out of how many billions of bags? Then there was the swing vote push by the idiot City Councilman from Chatsworth. He claimed he saw many plastic shopping bags in his trees, not the L.A. River trees, in the above ground trees.

Now let me ask you all. Have you ever, even during high winds seen one plastic bag in a tree? That’s what I thought. On top of that, these bags do disintegrate. What other uses were these bags used for besides making it easy to safely get your groceries home? DOG POOP! That’s right, many owners carried bags to pick up dog poop because they worked well. Ever try and carry a pooper scooper set while handling more than one dog on a leash? It’s bad enough with one dog, with two or more, forget it. And where and how long are you going to carry the pooper scoop in the open with flies buzzing around you and the crap?

Also behind the push was Kroeger Corporation particularly Ralph’s. There was no need for this ban to suit a small group of environmentalists wants while putting the general public in danger, yes danger.

It seems that studies have found the reusable bags pickup and hold deadly contaminants that can be life threatening. So in essence, the environmentalists and big box super markets pushed for this as well as Los Angeles City Council. So what’s a poor shopper to do?

I’ll tell ya. If I was an attorney I would be salivating over the class action mass lawsuit that exists here. Yes, if you are an attorney this could be your goldmine. Consider your clients are getting sick, some lose their lives. Blame the reusable bags and blame the people who supported this ban. Like for instance sue “Heal The Bay” and heal them out of existence. Sue the Coty of Los Angeles for endangering the general public. Sue the supermarkets for not providing the safe way to carry their groceries home. That’s right, sue, sue and sue until they learn that when they put the population in danger to practice the removal of a proven safe way to transport food products, they will think twice before foisting their communistic crap on others.

Now…is there a lawyer ready to profit from the goldmine of a bag ban and reusable dangerous bags?

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Tallywhacker stiffs city, wants library.


Mayor Tallywhacker soon to be just a Tallywhacker!

Mayor Tallywhacker, the guy who thinks with the small head instead of the smiling one he uses for camera appearances wants a library much like a United States President gets. Talk about the chulupa egos huh, or dare I say chihuahua, no disrespect to the food or dog breeds. Cause this guy who couldn’t manage a marriage, it comes out, now thinks he is so great that he deserves a library. This reminds me of W. Bushes Money guy Paulson in charge of the treasury, gave himself a medal. That’s right, he had a medal minted in his honor. Well, Paulson wasn’t the only one with an ego. Mayor Tallywhacker who didn’t meet a voter he couldn’t stiff plans a library in his dishonor…why??? Okay so he has an ego mixed with lotsa Chutzpah and in July his CaRear goes Hasta La Vista Baby, and hopefully we see this stupid moron in manĂ£na, perhaps not at all, which would be best!

See, here is how you gauge it. Yes the mayor is more or less a figurehead, and the real power belies the city council, another group of clueless morons who couldn’t distinguish between a three dollar bill and toilet paper if their heads could do the math and that is speaking nice of these low-life creeps. However, a mayor is supposed to lead, persuade, suggest, be involved and especially point out to the group of morons what is broken. This guy’s legacy is mainly cenetered around himself, himself and himself and the only thing this stupid mayor can do right is smile for the cameras. Under his dishonor we have seen our streets crumble to below third world conditions, sidewalks broken, tree limbs in excess during summer months of a thousand pounds dropping, because the trees are not trimmed. The city driving business away faster than flies on chit, and that is just getting started if you really want to start tallywhackering it all up. This mayor has been caught taking Dodger tickets and theater seat tickets for bribes, supporting the foreign invasion of the city and elsewhere by ILLEGAL ALIENS against the country’s sovereignty. He still wears gang-banger tatoos as if that is something to endorse. Gangs kill people and other crimes. They are armed thugs the government tolerates while the citizens are being slaughtered and high crimes committed. So when I hear this mayor wants a library, just comes to mind, what about all the libaries that were shut down under his watch while corrupt thugs at the unions delivered less services and sucked L.A.’s monies dry to the point that tax payers are paying for pensions and getting nothing in return. Stick that on shelf one of your library mayor scoundrel. You and the city council are nothing less than that!

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Schmuck at the RNC.

The dumbest asshole in political history.

Dumbest Mayor in world history!

Someone so dumb that a piece of turd swirling counter-clockwise in a toilet bowl is smarter than this guy. The dumbest person to hold office in the history of the entire world. A guy who smiles while he cheated on his wife and kids. Yes, you guessed it. It is Los Angeles Mayor at this writing, “Mayor Tallywhacker” because he thinks with the wrong head. This schmuck of the lowest Petzle order went to the floor of the RNC convention in Tampa across the country on your tax dollar dime while the list of what is broken in Los Angeles continues to grow. Under this political petsy, this puta of a politician, this entire city has gone downhill. The newsmedia covers for this scumbag but honestly, go walk on a sidewalk at a 60 degree angle. Streets with ditches, forget the average small potholes. He wants a million trees. He hasn’t mentioned that only four guys trim millions of trees with a 20 plus year backlog in the SFV. Got a crime issue. Call 911, cops may get there in about an hour or two if you are lucky to even get one. He tripled the taxes of your trashcans when he got into office. The DWP gets a pay raise almost quarterly. He cancelled the decades traditional Van Nuys airshow. He made L.A. a sanctuary city for ILLEGAL ALIENS (foreign invader racists) who will take your resources, and he chases young newswomen when he was married. He is a lying cheating scumbag of the lowest common denominator and he doesn’t stop there. He says stupid things too. He even has a favorite word “Umm”…here to download and listen.

Wants higher taxes. This is a total asshole as far as I am concerned and anyone who votes for this stupid idiot deserves what they get. Watch more on him. He is very, very STUPID!

In this one, he talks to a younger audience. He also needs to tell them how he made Los Angeles a better city while he has been Mayor…NOT!

Here is the Mayor’s guy running the animal shelters of L.A.

Okay the video above is great. The best way to turn anything around is by not electing dumb people like this guy. Here he is preaching family values. Want family values from him, watch the links below. He cheated on a wife ill with cancer and kids.

This lovely lady didn’t deserve to be treated the way she was.
Let’s put a face on this…okay. The lovely misses Raigosa.

Now here is the scumbag.

Uh yes Mayor your life details do count when you are responsible for a city of millions. If you cannot run a marriage how can you run a city? That from a native of Los Angeles.

He is above the law. While you were told to let your lawns and fauna die around your home, this asshole wasn’t.

This guy has no end to his seedy scandals. Here, watch a few of these.

With this dumbass it goes on and on. Google or youtube it and he has a trail of crap that doesn’t end. Just vote no on Mayor Tallywhacker.

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