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Medi-Cal and the seize your kid’s trusts issues.

Well out with the old and in with the new. Parents die and in their later years they die and require special needs and care. It happens to all of us, big or small, guy or gal or someone in-between (erhmm) but it happens and as I always say, “We just have to live with it”…

We are born, we live and then we die. I was lucky enough or unfortunate enough to come to near grips with death in almost mid 1976 and I have documented that in the Sebassh general blog topic here. It is archived of my near death experience and I can tell you I have had in my life time 5 near fatal collisions with the other side though this one in 1976 gave me a real physical preview of what the sort of middle or transitional plane is like. But again to find out, go to the archives here, sorry I am super tired and too tired to link it. If you locate it, post the link in a followup post in this blog so others can too.

So up until January 1st 2017 when a person of low financial means used Medi-Cal such as assisted living, they sued the dead person and snatched everything away from the kids to pay for the cheap Medi-Cal assisted living nursing home. Let’s just say the attitude in Sacramento was the kids of the cant’s have their cake and eat it too, and for about a quarter century activist worked to get this changed and January 1st 2017 thanks to Pat McGinnis hope I got that right and also Assemblyman Hernandez in California they got those changes so family members who just lost a family member to death weren’t thrown out of their home and made homeless especially since they were already at the poverty line.

So for those of you who are struggling my heart goes out to you. The decline and loss of a parent is horrendous especially if you “LOVE THEM” and help take care of their needs and when times are tough, boy-oh-boy, it can seriously hit home. Billionaires and Millionaires can afford in-home nursing, but there are very few policies across the country that meet these needs for the very elderly and sick. It ends in catastrophe for many. So thanks to Pat and the Assemblyman I want to inform you that you may now have options. The state can no longer seize your home as easy as they did in 2016, the new year changed all of that. I hope with my heart this seriously helps all of you and let others know of my blog topic here so it does help others. Losing a family member as I said is horrendous, losing your home after that and everything you own to pay for them is only making life a living hell and ain’t life too short for that when we should be living it, finding prosperity and happiness whil the DIRTY RAT BASTURDS” a big state that claims compassion for years did this to low income struggling people.


and to answer your questions about seizing your trust and home from you the child who has lost a parent, here is a pdf booklet to answer many questions. Rest your minds, cast off your stress, take a deep breath and then click here…



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Thursday’s Bug Segment #3

So today we have this poor orphaned bug…

The reason he’s lost so many homes is quite evident. Notice where he sticks his ass. He is too gassy for most homes so this special bug requires a special home. If you or someone you know can take him in, you would be helping to save the life of a young bug instead of this, the fast way to the wild blue yonder.

Maybe this woman could help this poor orphaned bug.

Helping mis-fortunate bugs, one at a time! Of course if she eats him, she absorbs stinky proteins.

And that’s this weeks segment of Thursday’s Bug!

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How To Fertilize A Fruit Tree?

Well yes, there are ways to get your tree to grow fruit and they vary, not greatly, but have a commonality you need to understand.

The first thing is watering. Does your fruit tree/bush require a lot or little? Can you set up an irrigation system rather then by sprinkler?

When does your tree require feeding? For example, a Chinese Loquat blooms in December through the early year while an Avocado tree may bloom during the summer thru fall. Important you know what to feed and when.

Watch the numbers!

Not all fertilizer is the same. For example while a typical fig tree goes well with a 10-10-10 feed, a more tropical nitrogen fixing tree might require additional Potassium in the ground and a fertilizer of 0-10-10 such as an Inga Edulis aka. (Vanilla Ice Cream Bean Tree)

But there is a commonality agree upon most feedings of fruit plants and trees. Never at the base. Instead about 6 inches around the base and in some cases a foot out does the trick. Can you turn the soil (tilling) and get the feed in the ground faster? Yes, this works good too. Remember to feed by the directions. During a growing season, a typical fruit tree might require feed twice a month. This can vary greatly so always read the manufacturers instructions. As trees mature and their roots grow deeper, watering will become less necessary to a point.

Also, during the winter months, learn which plants or trees are cold hardy as frost kills. So does excessive heat. Always plant wisely and if you do everything right, by most Spring and Autumns, you will be rewarded by juice sweet fruit.

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