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Is it funny or what?

Yesterday’s superstars are tomorrows throw-aways. Take Jillian Barberie Reynolds trying to salvage a CaRear she helped kill, namingly hers. She used to have it made, GDLA a morning talk show host co-anchor, the NFL gig, a Dating show, and on and on and on. It wasn’t that she had her detractors, she did. But what is sad here is that it didn’t have to come down to her hocking diet products on the weekend, groveling for any ex-hasbeen celebrity to join the commercial, like some fat old bold person, yeah that helps people want to stop eating…right!

She had it all baby, in fact she had two of them. Now her sniper husband is off shooting Hadjis in the desert supposedly for Obama’s gang and she is stuck with the kids and a weekend gig. There has been word she is doing a show perhaps on KTLA or maybe part of the makeup of the KTLA morning news team. Is that ironic or what. KTLA 5 news in the morning ends up with the FOX wannabes, but I guess when you are desperate to stay on TV any way you can keep your CaRear alive, you go there, besides do you really want to do the news on Detroit’s or Chicago’s outskirts? I think not!

In Jillian’s case she got caught up not only dressing like a slut and even saying she liked that sort of image on the morning shows, but consistently talking about sex, her body anatomy and so forth with the other one who got canned first. The big question remains that Jillian always wanted to do a nude playboy shoot with her buddy Heffner and the gang. Will she or won’t she, really who cares, do you really need to see this? I don’t. She ain’t flattering without the trashy cheap Hollywood makeup.

Best advice to Misses Reynolds. You are a mom now, you have two kids and a husband. You are lucky to have a family and home. Take care of them, forget the glitzy Hollywood phonies and live real life while you can with your loved ones around you. Stop trying to be the nasty girl, instead be a loving caring wife and mother to “YOUR” kids and remember that things you do today will be seen and read and heard by them tomorrow. Be better than what you portrayed yourself as the trashy, raunchy slut on TV obnoxiously speaking over others. You’ll be a far better person for being real life. Best words you’ll ever read.


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