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You know what KTTV needs?

They need a show like this and oh, by the way, I used to love watching this guy. Was very informative on California, its history, places and people. If KTTV were to send a reporter roaming with camera and Mic to visit the California outback each week, KTTV would have a hit. Call the show “Golden California Escapes” and feature these things each week.

Ms. Gina Silva

Perhaps Gina Silva, her bubbly personality and friendly family chuckle each week would delight viewers up and down the golden state. Here, let us view what worked and no longer is here.

Right now other than the usual violent night shows mish-mash or the reruns mixed with news segments, KTTV has little going. Throw in a dying American Idol or dance show and that’s it folks. Perhaps if Gina delivered a 1 hour show from California like the video segment educating us and fascinating viewers mixed with a bubbly personality, savvy, and brilliance, we would all have a show to watch. Not sure about all of you, but the glitter and glamor of expensive contestant shows and stupid series has run its mill with me on all the channels. Something like the show above is priceless and if you are glued to watching this show above or the one below, then you will realize what I am talking about.

Library Tower Downtown L.A.

and my favorite of all time.


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Gina Silva Rocks As Anchor

I have said this before, I’ll say it again. Giggly Miss Gina Silva should be anchor at KTTV and is really being wasted as far as I’m concerned in other positions. She’s pretty, she’s smart, and she is most of all a bubbly personality to watch. She’s also pretty precise and unlike erhmm, another major anchor, she doesn’t gulp many breaths between mic takes nor blink a lot. Besides that, Gina is a long time veteran anchor from the early Sunday mornings delivering the news. I remember popping a morning eye open to fresh coffee and catching Gina and the news before the Sunday morning political shows, which have dwindled over the previous years.

Take a look at Gina as anchor, feel free to comment folks and no, she did not put me up to this. I like to speak my mind uninfluenced.

and here

I think the talent here by Gina easily validates my point. How about her as anchor Mr. Murdoch?

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Marla needs to head back home.

I am sure she is a nice person, and I don’t dislike her or anything like that, but Miss Gina Silva should have had anchor. Gina has experience as anchor and would have been best served there, just my humble opinion. This thing where schmuck exec at KTTV goes and pulls in other anchors from elsewhere doesn’t do it for me. In fact, as a (customer of the product) viewer, I feel insulted that “musical anchors” has begun again when you have established people who are well known to viewers.


Marla, Martha, Marta whatever, doesn’t work for me and I am not the only viewer. In addition watching Steve go off flailing his arms demanding the co-anchor blurt out “SPORTS” that doesn’t work either. Not only is it not funny, it becomes a serious channel changer for a number of people. It’s bad enough that the GDLA format is so screwed up right now, but pulling in new anchors has run its mill and become quite stale and annoying. People want to see and watch older faces (not necessarily on a geriatric basis) but what I mean is they want people that have been here a while. Steve, Lisa and yes Miss Gina Silva. You promoted Bob Decastro when Tony went to a later show, why not promote Miss Gina Silva right now for viewers. She is pretty, funny, giggly and most of all, sharp and smart. She is also known by many viewers. The show is screwed up and needs to be fixed. Please also read my last posting. Any other viewers that want to weigh in, go right ahead. It is sad that it is not getting fixed and please don’t blame the hosts here. The blame squarely goes onto the shoulders of KTTV execs and management and the execs at Newscorp that Mr. Murdoch entrusts to fix things and run his business. Right now, those execs ain’t cutting it. Just one viewer’s (customer of a product) opinion!

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GDLA, The Great, The worst and the Awful!

First the great! Steve Edwards is officially back 😀

Mr. Steve Edwards

Now the worst. Sandra Endo on a tight wire.

See how easy she makes it look at KTTV and she really does it for peanuts!

Now the Awful.

Broccoli Head and the Broccoli gang at KTTV have got a serious self inflicted ratings drop going. I don’t think Mr. Murdoch could ask for a better suicide of a morning show than what I watched this morning. I honestly don’t blame this on the before the camera folks, rest easy guys and gals. Instead I blame it on Newscorp and the people below Mr. Murdoch who are trashing the KTTV mornings. There is no better way to describe the self-inflicted wounds that KTTV continues with. Yeah I know, Maria Sansone got preggo. Yeah I know that Julie Chang went surfing and found a brain tumor. Yeah I remember that KTTV axed about half their crew. They gave FOX west a “Crew Cut” or what they also used to call a “Butch” hairdo.


Here is what they could do now and actually make permanent. Okay Lisa Breck likes it as is I suppose so I won’t include her here even though I think personally she should be the permanent anchor or at the very least one and only Entertainment Reporter.

Pull in Gina Silva next to Steve Edwards as anchor. Get Gina all dressed up, let her be giggly and chuckle like she always does. No more “BIG BAD GINAS” coming to a home. Instead make one of the best local co-host anchors you have and lets see how that works out. This nonsense of a new person again every morning just does not cut it guys. Got that—Broccoli? It doesn’t work. It’s an immediate channel-changer.

Next, GDLA needs a total reformat. That’s right. What I saw was finagled hazari this morning. It was like a bunch of shysters running around making a mensch of themselves. One wanted one to do this, another wanted another to do that, this one was off, that one didn’t know what was going on and the whole thing was a giant drek, not Spielschmucks movie, but honestly a great big mess. So the show is long over due for a reformat, because without it, I don’t believe it will remain long, and let me again for the umpteenth time make a statement. Changing hosts, redecorating a set won’t fix it. If you want ideas, read my old archived posts on how to fix GDLA.

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Fox’s Own KTTV Renaissance Woman.

So after watching the Memorial Day news team of ladies the most perfect news team there is, I suddenly thought uhoh, I’ll never be able to live it down. I had of course at this article  https://sebassh.wordpress.com/2013/05/27/the-perfect-west-coast-news-team/ forgotten “The Fifth Element” and perhaps one of the most important at that. The as always very lovely Heidi S. Cuda, the Renaissance Woman of KTTV and FOX West. Considering her accomplishments and the variety of them, makes her invaluable to any news team. For example, this lovely…

lady is a Producer of shows. Besides being a mom, she is an author and the list goes on quite extensively. Much like the late Steve Allen, Heidi does many things instead of just one or two and for that very reason becomes indispensable as a resource and a very cute one at that!!! 😮

There, now I really stuck my foot in the mud going out on a dried patch. Wait till I try to pull it out. Mud with water acts like quicksand and creates a powerful suction. So in making good where I made bad, let me say that Heidi should be on an all women’s dream news team. Howsabout it Mr. Murdoch, can you make real dreams come true. Christine Devine and Laura Diaz as co-anchors. Liz Habib on sports and weather. Heidi Cuda with the music and entertainment segments and finally the serious and out there articles for the show via Lauren Sivan and Gina Silva. Imagine the powerful line up viewers would be treated to.


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GDLA Summer Run

Seems that with personnel changes at the co-anchor spot, GDLA is faring better, but not at its peak. That is because like the news, FOX execs some of whom now scathe my posts fail to recognize who their viewer demographics are and until they do this, GDLA will be so-so… This is not what I want personally, but just a major underlying fact that continues to fester, while Jillian what’s her face seems to tweet comments almost vengeful of KTTV and the show. I thought this woman had left amicably, oh well, a divorce here or there and sagging erhmmm, along with ratings can make anyone angry. Word of advice Jillian—might as well cash in and visit Hef for an issue spread before things go south 😉 of the belly for good. They usually start falling off later.

And so, I must say delightfully, Maria Sansone is a real breath of fresh air for the most part. Yes she has settled into the mess of GDLA (format wise) but this is probably as good as it gets. As for Julie Chang, she seems to be hit and miss. One day better, the next worse, always wacky and filled to the brim with the “Ghost of Luceyisms”

Dorothy Lucey (May 04, 2012)

As if some magic connotation is still occupying that worn seat. Seriously! I guess Julie should read up on some of my past advice of what would really beef up the “Entertainment Reporters” role for the show and especially the VIEWERS.

Has anyone noticed or is it just me, that there is much less input from other field reporters and anchors of the past. Like for example Lauren Sanchez. Of course Lisa Breck seems content with her part in all of this and if it feels good do it, right. Then there is “Chick Filet” Gigi Garciette.

Chick Filet

Chick Filet

She’s always reporting on the grisly stuff, someone frying, another dying, yuck, too much for me. There is the other Lauren Sivan, probably one of the most precise reporters to deliver news almost flawlessly, someone local FOX could have promoted to the seat or Gina Silva who is still around a lot and multi-talented enough to anchor. If anyone should have been in Jillian’s old seat, Gina Silva and Lauren Sivan were more than adequate without going around the country fielding apps. Lisa Breck for reporting would have been perfect as well. We must ask about whatever happened to…say Bob DeCastro? Seeing much less of him lately. It appears that KTTV has cut way down on the anchors in the field, much more so then they should be doing. But then again, what is GDLA? It wants to be an entertainment show and ends up being more or less 3 hours of news with a hodge-podge of mixed in entertainment to carry it. Sadly, it could be a full blown entertainment show and FOX execs could fix it all if only they had the heart to, which remains missing.

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Little Gina Silva

So the other day I was talking with a stranger at a market and we got to talking somehow about the newscasters and I mentioned some names of people I really admire, Gina Silva came up. So right away he comments she’s short and says “LITTLE” Gina Silva. I got a bit hot under the collar because as I explained she is actually not little at all. Now of course he probably meant her physical height, but honestly, Gina is a giant giant giant in my eyes because she has done many great things with her life. Not only that, she also has tried to help others through her work. She as of late has taken many very dangerous assignments including people threatening her life, all to bring to the public awareness, frauds and crimes. I don’t know too many folks who would do that. In addition besides being a very pretty lady, she is quite brilliant as well. Her talents include some modeling and also anchoring.

So honestly, Gina Silva as I continued explaining to this person is actually quite a giant in my eyes and the eyes of millions of others as well.

Now for my non Gina Silva part of this. STEVE……..GDLA remains BROKEN!

The execs need to fix other things I have posted but GDLA is tanking and will continue to tank because the hosts do not make the show. Timing, ratings and understanding the viewers who tie in with those two is what does. The FOX execs continue to ignore this on a formula plan that doesn’t work. In a sense I am miffed at why high paid executives are trying to do it on the cheap by switching the co-hosts but leaving the format of almost 5 hours of morning news. GDLA was meant to be an entertainment show not a news show and having it be mainly news really is at the heart of 50% of the problem. The other 50% is the show and preceding news time slots which I have gone over as well. It is fixable but eventually will end with the cancellation of the GDLA segment show and perhaps other venues.

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