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How To Use A Hollywood Rectal Rooter!

Yup, the “TINSELTURDS” are in full swing, organized mainly by our favorite FAT producer, none other then George Soros, and why wreck Hollywood which is almost wrecked and being rapidly bought up by COMMUNIST China? Because at some point when the new attorney general grows a set of real gonads, Soros and his ilk will see their ASSets frozen and stand trial for among other things, Mass-Murder. But until then, until that happens, this FAT movie producer and producer of Mayhem Plays live on your streets will continue to destroy one American institution after another not to do jail time or better yet…HANG!

So, he helps get groups to organize against the elected President of the United States of America, that would be PRESIDENT DONALD J. TRUMP, a guy elected to as he stated, “Clean Up A Big Mess” the very mess that Hollywood loves as these “Hollysluts” to coin a phrase by talk show host Dr. Michael Savage, and “Tinselturds” my own phrase that I encourage everyone to use to best describe these Hollywood assholes who have it just too damned good.

Consider as they protest what they have, the ones screaming the loudest against American liberties and freedoms. They have big mansions, they have about any car they want to own, you name it, they can get it. They have private jets or access to, They have boats, in fact they can own yachts and sail the 7 seas. They can afford the most expensive clothes, eat at the most expensive restaurants, attend any sports venue they want, throw endless parties just about anywhere, and if admired by the public at large as a few still are (while the communist majority are not), walk anywhere with praise.

So to help keep George Soros and his 47billion dollars out of jail as he tries to wage war on Americans and destroy the United States of America, he has organized Tinselturd Town to commit suicide upon itself, whatever was left. Let us take a look at that.

You have Hollywood behind the scenes, some of the worst scum on Earth acting as though they are royalty while behind the scenes they hire hookers, snort cocaine and worse, go drunk driving, act as lawless as they want and still expect you the American Citizen and others to bow down and kiss their shoes. Unfortunately, ain’t happening and why?

For a number of years, we got great movies, actors as role models, then communists returned after the McCarthy era and seeped into the entertainment business. The movies began making political statements and as time grew, the movies became communist political correct while making anti-American statements. It got to the point that very few movies were even pro country anymore, with the same faces spewing this garbage in stories so edited down, they became “valueless” to viewers. Meanwhile, the movie goer was expected to put up $25 movie theater tickets to help support the “TINSELTURDS” so they can buy the latest greatest expensive thing while Americans lost their homes, jobs and well being, not to mention one freedom after another under “ISLAMUNIST” barak HUSSEIN obama.

So American viewers stopped paying big bucks for garbage and what about the overkill of how many “Pat Themselves On The Back, Drop Dead Awards” shows they floated? Well, people just don’t watch anymore, at least a vast majority don’t. They are sick and tired of some piece of crap getting up on stage and bemoaning the very country that gave them wealth and fame to start with. That gave them an opportunity most will never even dream of. Instead they get up on stage and forego a simple big “THANK YOU” to movie and TV viewers, listeners of music who to their most valuable commodity which is time, and instead of saying “Thank You Americans” they say “F YOU AMERICANS” which says a lot about them. They are cutting their own throats, killing their own industries, committing those that make a living and the many supporting businesses to lose their jobs and all for a FAT producer of dark entertainment products named George Soros.

So to begin Hollywood’s Rectal Rooter treatments, start by jailing George Soros and his sons and others then add the TINSELTURDS, HOLLYSLUTS and others and finally, we may see decent REAL entertainment products again.

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Why Does Ford Motor Company Support

Black Lives Matter?

Great question and it comes from the CEO of the company a Harvard Graduate MBA named Mark Fields and trickles down through the company from there. Mr. Fields has made political donations that mainly lean left, which is not surprising for someone who graduated from a ‘comunized’ Ivy League College.

This thus, then explains why The Ford Motor Company donated money to the same group setup by George Soros ‘Black Lives Matter’ which begs consumers who are American citizens regardless of what color, ethnicity, creed they are, why should they ever purchase another Ford Product again?

In fact Mark Fields hostile reply to Donald Trump and then doubling car capacity in Mexico explains more about what is wrong with American companies such as Ford but to name a few or say a certain company that claims they bring good things to life when quite the opposite is true.

Here is the problem. While Ford is donating money to political causes that range on the fringe to domestic terrorism groups pressuring the public towards George Soros communism, instead of using those funds to create new American jobs, it continues to fester. Again, one must go back to the communists running the American education and news media systems in the country only to see why someone like Donal Trump with ‘Make America Great Again’ has most of a country’s population behind him and why people like Mark Fields do not.

See, much to his credit, Mark Fields and Ford have done some remarkable things, let me show you a difference between positive and negative…

Look at that Ford product from the genius of Mark Fields and the board members at Ford, all I can say as a lover of Mustangs and Ford products is wow.

But that isn’t the only things Ford has put money into. Here is another product of theirs.

Black Lives Matter, funded in part through monetary donations channeled by the Ford Motor Company, its CEO and board members had to approve this. What about all lives matter, take a look at this Ford Product and what it has done for Americans like the Mustang video at top. How about this below Mark???

and how about this below Mark, something you should be creating.

Creating jobs instead of getting people hurt or killed through a George Soros funded group of pure hatred.

That is right, Make Americans Great Again like Donald Trump has preached during his bid for the WhiteHouse. And give Americans something to be proud of.

Built By Ford

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FORD Motor Company funding Communists and Hate Group.

The roots of Black Lives Matter unveiled

Editor’s Note: This is a special report from the AIM Center for Investigative Journalism. By James Simpson The Black Lives Matter movement (BLM) casts itself as a spontaneous uprising born of inner city frustration, but is, in fact, the latest and most dangerous face of a web of well-funded communist/socialist organizations that have been agitating against… Continue reading

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George Soros Best Hits.

Ready for the list of people Georgie boy is somehow connected with distant and closely. Lets start with the World War II NAZI Party under Adolf Hitler. Way to go for a true JINO “Jew In Name Only (which gives good Jews like me a bad name. Bravo George, well done, turning in your fellow Jews in Hungary to Nazis, then profiting from them. Sort of what you have done to many millions in various countries while fattening your financial waste band. And you even discovered morons in America to help make you bloated. Then there is Barak Hussein Obama, note the middle name 😉

Since Obama is Soros puppet, who is connected down the line? Ready?

Here is a list of who Obama has associated himself with
1. Bill Ayers (Terrorist)
2. Tom Ayers (Radical Terrorist)
3. Van Jones (Communist)
4. Anita Dunn (Communist)
5. Tony Rezco (Convicted Felon)
6. Rev. Jeremiah Wright (Black Racist)
7. Prof. Frank Marshal Davis (Communist)
8. Gov. Rod Blagojevich (Convicted Felon)
9. Andy Stern, Union SEIU Head, (Communist)
10. Saul Alinsky (Commie)
11. Prof. Frances Fox Piven (Communist)
12. Kevin Jennings – “safe school czar” (radical homosexual who supports NAMBLA)
13. Derrick Bell (communist professor)
14. Louis Farrakhan (Hates the USA & Israel)
15. Valerie Jarrett (Born & raised Marxist)
16. Al Sharpton (professional race baiter & fake Reverend)
17. Grandparents (Career Communists)
18. Onyango “Uncle Omar” Obama – (Obama’s Uncle – convicted felon & illegal immigrant)
19. Muslim Brotherhood (Terrorist Organization)
20. Ray Nagin (Prison Inmate,  former Mayor of New Orleans)
21. Eric Holder (Racist)

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A Freebe For KTTV If They Act Fast!

Okay let’s say the magic word for liberal talents…SEINFELD!

Everyone watches Seinfeld and I’m not just talking about old Jews. This series goes on and on and on and should have never been cancelled. Cancelling it was a major mistake. There is an old saying, strike while the iron is hot and this remained hot, hot, hot even to its end. Yeah we know Elaine went on to do a few shows, sexy lady too, even if she acts like a big commie-lib brainwashed by the other side.

And who could forget another lefty leaning actor but ultra talented none-the-less, George Costanza and his parents. I don’t think I have ever laughed so much.

and since they are a family, I wonder often about them…

Ben Stiller ah, the dysfunctional family and then there was a neighbor named Newman. I don’t know why, but whenever I see that name in Nascar I think of the mailman below.

and the postal worker description, wow, so dead on.

If FOX were wise, they would pull together George Kramer and Newman, George’s folks from time to time and make a brand new “HIT” comedy that dominates its time slot. And that is the FOX freebie for this week. Courtesy from an American author, poet and damned common sense person. A viewer who cares.

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Tax em on BARF!

I mean they are proposing a wedding tax amongst others. Since everyone is so sick of what Washington is doing these days and feels like throwing up, why not tax em on barfing. A few examples if I may.

You either pay triple your med insurance rate or a fine to the IRS agents with their new shotguns at your door. So you chuck, accidentally barfing on the nice blue tie of the lead IRS agent and his shiny new shotgun. TAX! Seems fitting huh, barfing on the taxman and paying a new tax.

You find out the ambassador killed in Benghazi was the result of Hillary wanting a stand down and to make it worse, you see her face on TV and whelp, you barf. Another TAX!

Diane Feinstein (this creature’s a real thug), you catch a quick news clip, don’t need to know she is proposing killing the first and second amendments while her husband pockets illegal profits she arranged. You don’t need to know anything. This political hag is so ugly on the outside as she is on the inside, you BARF! Another TAX.

John McCain signed a bill (2012 – NDAA) that allows the government agents to kick down your front door, seize you and take you away. While in their brand new security Cadillac Escalade SUV, you feel very woozy and you Barf, realizing you are a slave of tyranny, another tax.

Nancy Pelosi meets with George Soros whose devilish fat face instantly makes you Barf. You Barf so many times, you are hit with a multi-taxation

Michelle Obama walks by, hints you should eat carrots which you do. Unfortunately an ILLEGAL ALIEN working on a farm peed on them, you get an illness and realize someone who broke into your country and makes your taxes pay them, this makes you Barf along with a freshly bagged dosage of salmonella. Another tax.

John Roberts of the Supreme Court, a very conservative guy, right? Nope, he allowed Obamacare on a swing vote and enslaved the citizens, hundreds of millions of them into communism while he still enjoys with the government and president, private healthcare, enough to make you barf for another tax.

Get the point? What once was a country you loved and were proud of is rapidly being destroyed and your freedoms with it and that is enough to make anyone barf, so when are these tyrannical politicians going to tax you for chucking? It’s coming folks.

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