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Forget Movie Downloads, a new way Tinselturds are getting Flocked!

Introducing streaming video boxes aka. “Android TV Boxes” which are proliferating faster than tinselturd crap on a celeb’s ass. Look at it this way. I complained that Brian France whose initials are “BF” was BF’ing NASCAR fans for a long time by denying them being able to watch half the races for the benefit of a few greedy TV Networks and also holding the sport of Stockcar Racing back with these tactic. Well, not anymore! Seems the NASCAR fans found a way to use their Android TV Boxes to watch ALL THE NASCAR Races, hows that feel Brian? The fans giving you the big BF. Stick that up your tail pipe and smoke it, you dirty rat’s behind.


Then there are the most despised group on the face of the Earth…Tada…Commie Celebrities with big mouths.

and you wonder why many people hate American Jews one of which I am. This classless bigmouth above should be trialed for sedition then kicked out of the country. Here are more reasons why people are SCREWING HOLLYWOOD bigtime with hatred like the Tinselturds have never seen nor heard. The American public is fighting back baby and they are screwing Tinselturd bigmouths in their pocketbooks.

and the next “ANTI AMERICAN” TINSELTURD Celeb Bigmouth…

Pigs flying out of buttholes. Was she talking about all the worthless hasbeen¬† communized TINSELTURDS who like the big Bullshit artists they truly are, didn’t leave when Trump won to “Make America Great Again!”

Well, American’s are fighting back and in droves. Here is what Americans are doing besides downloading movies perhaps many times before they even hit movie theaters. The Android TV Box goes well beyond where simple movie downloading went, this streams everything and since a live feed must come from some country to show streaming media, oh well, seems the Tinselturds are not getting paid and here is why.

Enter the “KODI” TV Boxes that are erhmm, “FULLY LOADED” which means streaming content on everything and where can you buy them? Try Jeff Bezos Amazon. A search on Amazon turned up myriads of the Kodi FULLY LOADED TV Boxes and also a search on EBay yielded even better prices. So with no further hadoo, let’s find out why people are dropping ATT, Cable Companies and Satellite Dish company products in a rapid mass exit protest against the company high prices and TINSELTURD Bigmouths in Hollywood and assholes that won’t let people watch sports venues.


and what does the Kodi and boxes it do? You buy the box, plug it in, set it up off wifi and the rest follows. You can watch “EVERYTHING” no more monthly payments, this reminds me of the giant satellite dishes of the mid to late 80’s before scrambling came along. And this isn’t just in one country either, it is worldwide. Meaning the entertainment biz is about to change along with all other media types as the internet further gets its clutches into these once lucrative medias.

So what will happen soon? Great question. Immediately, corrupt lawmakers will ban these items, it is already happening. They will create a black market for them and probably bring retaliation on their governments from angry hacking talents and crimes globally for taking away their tv shows. This will save some of the bigmouthed communist TINSELTURDS as well as fat greedy bastards that run sports venues and screw their fans!

In the mid term I predict that the entertainment biz will see many big-mouth celebs cast off and TV hosts like the yenta above sent to a shyster where she belongs. Maybe she could earn some real gelt there. This means that idiots will lose their jobs and have to earn a real living, maybe flipping burgers…oh wait. That job is already taken, see below…

oh they need ex tv star big mouth Joy Behar to cook breakfast…

Wait, technology means we won’t have to listen to her yenta’ing big mouth. Would you really eat anything the yenta cooked anyhow?


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The KTTV Mistakes that compound.

For years I have blogged about the morning mistakes execs keep making at KTTV without fixing the real issues that are broken, after all if you don’t know it’s broke, you can’t fix it, right?

And if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Well the KTTV execs of FOX think the first statement is the second and that the second statement is the first. About as backwards as they can get.

So to fix the broken problem you get rid of great resources and leave the problem broken even more. Example, Lisa Breckenridge one of my all-time sentimental favs.

The lovely Miss Lisa Breckenridge

This talented sweet lady is married to one of the former top agents in Tinseltown and you would figure KTTV used that to their advantage by making her the official big shot entertainment reporter, right? Nope, not at KTTV, not at all. Instead they shuffled her out of the way and brought in another from across the country after all, why reward from within when we can bring people in the viewers don’t know like Julie Chang.

Same deal on the GDLA seat on the other side. Barberie and her “C” cups were sent packing along with the Church Lady and her Sex-sex-sex in the morning with the raspy voice and you would think that KTTV execs would reward the veteran anchor with a pretty face and a happy chuckle, Miss Gina Silva to anchor that morning show. Nope, not that one either. Instead we get Maria Sansone a (blonde for a blonde) to replace Jillian when you had two longtime viewer favs to sit each side Steve Edwards. Lisa Breck entertainment and Gina Silva opposite both on GDLA, are you folks seeing my point here. Sansone could have stayed in NYC and Chang could have stayed in Chicago, there was no need to bring in outside interests, but they did it.

Meanwhile, the morning format at KTTV to this day still remains BROKEN! GDLA still has no STRUCTURE. FOX KTTV execs still are clueless about what “Viewer Demographics” are because they don’t know, and the viewership continues to say hasta la vista baby.

Lisa Breckenridge was a key pillar employees loved by tens of millions, her work at KTTV another victim to a station whose newer hammering execs just don’t get it, don’t give a crap about fixing the real problems and continue to give FOX’s customers (that is the viewer, not advertiser) the flipping bird! Expecting customers to remain. Guess what! The customer with the TV clicker has the ultimate control and it is a double whammy, cause I am telling you, click, and away goes the KTTV execs as well as customers buying their advertiser’s products.

Who loses in the end? NEWSCORP and their advertisers (their commodity) when the Customers (the viewers) use the remote to change channels. That’s who!

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KTLA, KTTV Bread and Circuses.

Talk about a meaningless week. First there is Henry DiCarlo, not one of my fav weather forecasters, I know Vera’s gonna be peeved when she reads this, but instead of giving a weather report, he blew it complaining about his kid complaining about the internet being down. Who gives a rat’s ass, really. Instead of critical weather we are spending our time listening to you about your kid’s internet. Then there is KTTV FOX, can it get any worse?

We get a less than skeleton crew this week. Araksya had a baby (CONGRATULATIONS) !!! And GDLA goes further to hell then it already has gone.

First things first. I was never a big fan of Maria Sansone and I really was never a big fan of Julie Chang either. My feelings have always been “PROMOTE FROM WITHIN” did you execs at KTTV understand the very underlying importance of rewarding your talents? Nope. I have stated this from day one. Miss Gina Silva should have been on Sansone’s seat, period! As for the entertainment reporter Misses Lisa Breckenridge was a perfect natural to report on Hollywood. Her husband is one of the biggest talent agents in the biz, yet Newscorp shifts Julie Chang there…shades of a Dorothy Lucey only a little smarter, but just as animated less the sex-sex-sex comments.

Then there is Christine Devine, the fruit lover. Did you know it is rumored she is 19 feet and 2 inches tall. Talk about getting my ass stomped out for saying the wrong thing.  dunno

Yes, KTTV has to shift their veteran night anchor in to assist Mr. Steve Edwards because there is nobody else or is there? Oh yeah, Miss Gina Silva who has past anchor experience. Then Christine wonders how people got on top of a Malibu Mountain Peak? Ever hear of hiking Christine??? Then they run news of a useless safety ad about trains. REALLY! Here is what you don’t do and it is common sense. Unless a moron has a death wish, you do not, I repeat, you DO NOT go in front of a moving train otherwise this is what can happen to you.

Here’s one for the Hollywood Tinselturds…

and in case it didn’t register here are more deathwish morons trying to thrill themselves with a train which takes about a mile or more to stop.

Then did you notice the new Broccolihead doing the POV that was abandoned by Hale. The new guy looks like he is almost ready to shoot diarrhea on TV.

Imodium, Kaopectate and Depends!

I swear, I was searching for the Imodium tablets to offer this guy, he looked that bad. I hope he didn’t make in his pants. Perhaps he had a men’s “depends” on.


I mean they even had on a Hollyslut this morning. That’s right, they could have put on how many millions of fine women citizen examples and they have on a young woman who has an x rated nude sex tape of herself floating around the world internet. Just type her name and you’ll find it. That’s even worse than a Certain former GDLA anchor going on a shock jock’s show and telling everyone her boobs and vaginal size and shapes. That is of course, just one reason why she is long gone too. But then again, this is Good Day L.A. where anything can happen and usually does and not for the station, nor the show’s betterment.

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The Ghosts and Horrors of KTTV

So first let us discuss the ghosts of KTTV. I’ll start with this very pretty and talented lady right here.

Heidi S. Cuda

Never should have been let go and many agree with that comment. This very pretty and multi-talented angel should have been heading up many projects at KTTV. From authoring literary material to actual production and everything in between, Heidi was a mega production resource that still smarts KTTV and SoCal FOX.

KTTV Ghost #2 a major smart and pretty “LEGAL ANALYST”

Ms. Robin Sax

Smart, pretty and a LEGAL ANALYST, can I please ask the big question here. A total pillar resource person like this, how did KTTV’s idiots manage to lose this resource. I mean, a blindfolded kid could do a better job holding onto major talent resources, right?

Then there is a Dancing Weatherman. With KTTV for almost a quarter century, danced doing the weather and you know what. His co-workers had a blast and you know who else did? VIEWERS, yes the customers that watch the weather. A hunk of a guy, a longtime icon who actually drew national applause for his little weather dance and KTTV vegetable brain execs canned his ass faster than Charlie Tuna. Guess what. It pissed even more KTTV viewers off. Here, watch Mark Thompson in action.

At KTTV 22plus years of his life and KTTV gave him the big FU exit package. A lovely way to treat a very popular well loved guy for the customers aka. VIEWERS! We will get to that in a moment.

Then let us talk about a real production talent named Kingsley Smith. Many of you might not know this powerhouse executive formerly with FOX and KTTV, but the guy actually got a lot done, an unsung hero whose work made much of the good times roll. Poof! KTTV managed to shed this super talent of production.

Then there is the morning lineup. I am not going to blame the before the camera talent as much as the executives for not fixing what I have screamed about in these blogs for years and that is the morning lineup is flocked up and flocked up bigtime. GDLA is an aimless mess and chaotic with gimmicks that most people don’t waste their time watching. Again, not the hosts of the show but the format…IT’S BROKEN!

Then there is the news. How many people watch news at 4:30am in the morning fully awake? Just what I thought, not too many. Here is the kicker. KTTV is news from 4:30am to 10am and that is how many hours of the same news? Exactly, hey KTTV execs, starting to see what is wrong. If you want to read how to fix the very broken morning lineup, just start searching through the FOX and GDLA posts of the past and you will come to understand why the KTTV ratings are deep in the ‘SHITTER’ and flushed viewers away long ago. I keep hearing that KTTV is unwatchable past a few minutes of the news, and then forget it, viewers are gone.

The irony to all of this is it is fairly easily fixable but an inert KTTV production executive culture doesn’t give a real RATS ASS what the viewers want, they don’t really even know who their viewers are, which is key to understanding who watches what, when and for how long and what times. This is called “Viewer Demographics” and again search my past blogs and learn from a CUSTOMER’S wisdom and one final note. Customers are not the advertisers, they are the viewers. It is simple to figure out, because advertisers like KTTV require viewers and the customer or viewer really does have the last word. Here is how you know KTTV executives, who is the real customer and if it doesn’t sink in or register the first time, try watching it again.

A parting shot. Please make Ms. Gina Silva back to a TV anchor perhaps replace Maria Sansone on GDLA. Gina has been there forever and has anchored through the years.

Ms. Gina Silva

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Despicable Quiban Return


I watched with horror the other morning as a sweet young woman who lost her significant other did a special on it. Again my point why the BROCCOLIHEADS at KTTV can Go “F” themselves where viewers are concerned and this seriously struck a note with me as a “CUSTOMER!”

A woman lost her husband. He died holding her hand. He suffered from brain tumors, something I am sure Misses Julie Chang aka. “KACHANG” can attest to.

This was a tragedy pure and simple and it was a “PRIVATE” tragedy at that, yet what did KTTV Execs and FOX execs do? They glamorized a guy’s death with his significant other explaining in detail the personal loss. And I am not throwing this on Maria Quiban either for her tremendous loss at that. I love her dearly as a person, instead I am taking apart the assholes who had enough nerve to foist this on her, the viewers who are KTTV ASSISTANT as you are completely off of it and wrong per our personal conversation. (VIEWERS ARE CUSTOMERS) got that!

This poor lady’s personal loss was a show segment…SCREW THAT! This should have been left personal, and of all things PRIVATE and this speaks volumes as to how very low KTTV’S idiots at management have sunk. Where is a Rupert Murdoch when you need him, to fix this and fix it fast.

I love Maria Quiban, not her fault and not the fault of Steve Edwards, Araksya, this is the fault of station management and I am FUMING that this personal loss of a Human Being’s very life becomes a show segment for entertainment purposes.

The entire morning lineup needs an overhaul, I have said this for over half a decade, are you listening NEWSCORP execs. KTTV’s management doesn’t know what it is doing, GDLA entertainment venue, nope! Just a long new extension at best and not even that, again, don’t blames the hosts nor the tech crew, blame execs for being clueless in L.A. and that is my segment for tonight as a “CUSTOMER!”


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The Begging Desk Part II

And now for the Begging Desk Part II. So FOX KTTV built new desks for the news team and the following show “Good Day L.A.” and what did they do? Well for Tony and his sidekick news anchor in the mornings, this works. For GDLA it doesn’t.

I complained a long while back that it makes the main host a Mr. Steve Edwards and others who stand at the end of the desk appear to be “BEGGING” to talk. The desk feature the two side kick anchors seated, the main host standing, Why? I mean, what dumb asshole designed this for TV Viewers, do they really think that viewers are that stupid? It definitely shows very little respect for the viewers and even less for the main host of GDLA.

So they finally started giving Steve Edwards the main host a seat on the end. How about this, you KTTV executive SCHMUCKS, how about sticking the main host dead center for viewers and treat him and us the way we should be treated with GREAT, GREAT dignity, after all it only takes a viewer to click to another channel and you ratings go down the toilet faster than used broccoli on a bad Sunday!

Seriously, since the current management appears to need serious viewer aka. “CUSTOMER” input or help here is how it should be.

Chuck the BEGGING Desk, get a semi-circular big table, seat the main host in the very middle, seat the co-hosts on either side, seat the weather person on the left and the entertainment person on the right. That is 5 people, let them all participate. Now how’s that grab all the executive putzes at KTTV?

Make it look like this.

and this

and this

and this

That’s right. Everyone else gets it, KTTV and FOX don’t.

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Araksya here is the problem.

It was nice seeing Steve’s office. I met and helped him and his wife, they are super sweet folks. Personally, I would love to see GDLA flying high and let me state for the record, that I honestly don’t want anyone losing their job or jobs in these very stringent times. But here is the real crux of the problem.

GDLA has turned to you to plan and help the show along with others. This is all fine and good and you are a dear sweet lady, as are the other folks behind and in front of the cameras. But viewership will continue to slide because the real problem was never fixed. It is a two-pronged problem as well that goes a bit beyond just GDLA.

First is the morning alignment and this is due if you check my previous archive posts to “Viewer Demographics” and I am not talking race here, but rather to qualify who your viewers aka. “THE REAL CUSTOMERS” really are, not advertisers who are your commodities.

Your viewers are your customers, so why do you not give them what they want? And once you can really sit back and analyze these questions, you begin thinking and here is what is broken.

The viewing times for news and the definition and STRUCTURE of GDLA as not a news, but rather, an entertainment venue. Unless you can fix these issues, it will always be a struggle and gimmick approach at best as opposed to a GIANT and a true DYNAMO and it may take someone like myself with this VISION to point this out, but it is indeed honest, not what you may want to hear, but I am telling you the truth and your dwindling viewers are too, every time they change the channel. Go back, read my archives on the GDLA structure as an entertainment venue, no a Gobbledygook mixture of chaos.

Fix the shows structure and format, re-align the news and show times for viewers and it is smooth sailing for a very long time with small tweaks here and there. Ignore this and you will have to visit Steve’s office many more times.

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