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Forget Movie Downloads, a new way Tinselturds are getting Flocked!

Introducing streaming video boxes aka. “Android TV Boxes” which are proliferating faster than tinselturd crap on a celeb’s ass. Look at it this way. I complained that Brian France whose initials are “BF” was BF’ing NASCAR fans for a long time by denying them being able to watch half the races for the benefit of a few greedy TV Networks and also holding the sport of Stockcar Racing back with these tactic. Well, not anymore! Seems the NASCAR fans found a way to use their Android TV Boxes to watch ALL THE NASCAR Races, hows that feel Brian? The fans giving you the big BF. Stick that up your tail pipe and smoke it, you dirty rat’s behind.


Then there are the most despised group on the face of the Earth…Tada…Commie Celebrities with big mouths.

and you wonder why many people hate American Jews one of which I am. This classless bigmouth above should be trialed for sedition then kicked out of the country. Here are more reasons why people are SCREWING HOLLYWOOD bigtime with hatred like the Tinselturds have never seen nor heard. The American public is fighting back baby and they are screwing Tinselturd bigmouths in their pocketbooks.

and the next “ANTI AMERICAN” TINSELTURD Celeb Bigmouth…

Pigs flying out of buttholes. Was she talking about all the worthless hasbeen  communized TINSELTURDS who like the big Bullshit artists they truly are, didn’t leave when Trump won to “Make America Great Again!”

Well, American’s are fighting back and in droves. Here is what Americans are doing besides downloading movies perhaps many times before they even hit movie theaters. The Android TV Box goes well beyond where simple movie downloading went, this streams everything and since a live feed must come from some country to show streaming media, oh well, seems the Tinselturds are not getting paid and here is why.

Enter the “KODI” TV Boxes that are erhmm, “FULLY LOADED” which means streaming content on everything and where can you buy them? Try Jeff Bezos Amazon. A search on Amazon turned up myriads of the Kodi FULLY LOADED TV Boxes and also a search on EBay yielded even better prices. So with no further hadoo, let’s find out why people are dropping ATT, Cable Companies and Satellite Dish company products in a rapid mass exit protest against the company high prices and TINSELTURD Bigmouths in Hollywood and assholes that won’t let people watch sports venues.


and what does the Kodi and boxes it do? You buy the box, plug it in, set it up off wifi and the rest follows. You can watch “EVERYTHING” no more monthly payments, this reminds me of the giant satellite dishes of the mid to late 80’s before scrambling came along. And this isn’t just in one country either, it is worldwide. Meaning the entertainment biz is about to change along with all other media types as the internet further gets its clutches into these once lucrative medias.

So what will happen soon? Great question. Immediately, corrupt lawmakers will ban these items, it is already happening. They will create a black market for them and probably bring retaliation on their governments from angry hacking talents and crimes globally for taking away their tv shows. This will save some of the bigmouthed communist TINSELTURDS as well as fat greedy bastards that run sports venues and screw their fans!

In the mid term I predict that the entertainment biz will see many big-mouth celebs cast off and TV hosts like the yenta above sent to a shyster where she belongs. Maybe she could earn some real gelt there. This means that idiots will lose their jobs and have to earn a real living, maybe flipping burgers…oh wait. That job is already taken, see below…

oh they need ex tv star big mouth Joy Behar to cook breakfast…

Wait, technology means we won’t have to listen to her yenta’ing big mouth. Would you really eat anything the yenta cooked anyhow?


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The BF Racing Factor.

Matt Kenseth said it best last week, “This isn’t racing” and guess what? I’ve been screaming this for several years now and the BF goes back on the CEO himself, Brian France.

Matt Kenseth

Weeks before, Joey Logano made a controversial but legal move and I might add for the sport, typical but (barely legal) move that wrecked Matt Kenseth and took him out of the cup chase. They reviewed it and Kenseth remained out as Joey Logano went on. Well, at Martinsville today, Kenseth wrecked Logano and what is Joey’s reply? “Matt Kenseth will have his” and so this goes on and who is really to blame here? Try FATASS Brian France who continues with ludicrous rules and the one-man suppression of a sport to make it worse and worse and worse for racing fans. So let us explore the definition of a Race and Racing, not ethnic race mind you, but rather going fast and first…the sport!

According to the Merriam Webster Dictionary which I consider to be pretty complete, here is what a race is. ‘A Contest of speed’

And what is ‘Racing?’ ‘The sport or profession of racing a vehicle’ and what is the final outcome of racing? Simple, be the first to cross a finish line at the end of the race. And how do you be the first? Be the fastest!

So why is fatso…

Making it so cars are so restricted they can no longer be fast! That is the problem here folks, remove restrictor plate racing, allow below the line cuts, allow slam as well as bump drafting. In other words, let these drivers go ‘Balls-out’ as fast as they can, bring back the wing, and finally, change the points system back to what it was. The current points system is a big pile of oil gump!


Origin of RACE

Middle English ras, from Old Norse rās; akin to Old English ̄s rush

First Known Use: 14th century.


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The Nascar BF Curse.

Okay, so Nascar has a superman and his name is Jimmie Johnson. Ol’ #48 the Kobalt Lowes car usually in silver and blue among other colors has a megastar behind the wheel. So as of late, the great driver Jimmie Johnson has been plagued by the BF Curse and what is that you ask?

It’s when a fat dickhead…

…gets in charge of an entire sport coast-to-coast in the United States of America, doesn’t know what the crap he is doing and there becomes a curse upon one of the greatest athletes in the sport. So what happens you ask? Great question.

Tire changer guy who goes to college to learn how to change tires on a modified stock car in Nascar instead of bolting on 5 lug nuts to the wheel bolts on 4. BF Curse. Especially when the driver is in first place.

Rain causes the race to be delayed and what did the BF curse by fatso do? They froze the race on national TV, did the general public that has no cable or dish network get to see it? Nope, instead the loyal national fans got BF’d again, bent over and told it was to restart on FS1 that is FOX cable franchise a pay franchise. The BF curse struck again.

Greg Biffle causes a 14 car wreck, blamed it on someone else but he caused the wreck and on purpose. Nothing happened to buckteeth.

Jeff Gordon’s one guy was on a pit wall and what happened to Jeff Gordon? The BF curse strikes again, Jeff put at the end of the pack.

You see folks, it is stupid rules and horrible treatment of a nation sports fan base that shows why in many races half the stands or more are typically empty, because people are tired of the big bent over BF they keep getting from BF himself. You can only get sports reamed so many times when you throw your arms up and lose interest in the race. I mean when the races first start, they usually have near Superbowl hype. Performers, fly-bys of military craft, a reverend or two, all kinds of “Hollywood Hotel” hype, pre shows. Suddenly when we get to the sport and some rain occurs? You lose the entire race and that is no B.S.

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How Brian and the gang continue to BF Racing Fans.

That’s right Brian France (initials: BF) keeping bending fans over and giving it to us. I think most stock car racing fans have your number and it’s a losing one. You know something folks. Is this guy and the gang under his thumb really that stupid or what? First they try and kill off winners and winning teams. These people went to a rear spoiler on cars just to take the winning wing away from one driver namingly Jimmie Johnson. Then they maintain restrictor plate racing to cut the speed and power of the cars. What part about the word ‘racing’ does these assholes not understand?

1.) Racing is being as fast as you can be.

2.) Racing is being the first to cross the finish line with a checkered flag. Nothing else counts.

As sure as I am posting this folks, NASCAR and what Brian France does not get. “Outta sight, outta mind” or “how to kill a national sport faster than a pigeon turd on a pedestrian at rush hour.” Here, I am not the only one speaking out, view what other longtime fans have to show and say.

And while we are at it with “BF” f’ing up Nascar there is “BS” whom I must say is just as accountable. That would be Bruton Smith and here is why. He has a Nascar MONOPOLY. Here are the known race tracks he owns. Ready?

“BS” owns Texas Motor Speedway, Bristol, Las Vegas, New Hampshire, Charlotte, Atlanta, and Sonoma tracks. What would be said if a NFL owner owned these many teams? I think this speaks volumes of what is broken with the sport and why. Ultimately this falls back to “BF’s” shoulders. Weigh in if you need to comment. Between BF and BS the fans are getting stiffed bigtime and it ain’t pleasurable either.

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Brian France Sells out a national sport?

You can kiss Nascar good bye or maybe you don’t need to entirely dismiss it from the track yet, and here is why. Brian France inked a deal with FOX to show the first 9  Sprint Cup races on Network TV thru 2024. The next nine races in that series goes to a cable pay channel FOX Sports. The final 7 races goes to NBC, supposedly on network broadcasts, but this might be to a pay network as well. So essentially the Sprint Cup series is when you analyze it fragmented still. A national sport without a complete season of viewing to network TV viewers coast-to-coast. It gets even worse for other cup viewers.

The Nationwide Cup races. Ready for this one. FOX gets the first 14 races and then NBC gets the final 19. So while FOX Sports 1 a pay cable channel stiffs the entire Sprint Cup fans out of watching all of the races, at least Nationwide viewers will get to watch the Nationwide races after the 14th race and on, NBC. So with the Sprint Cup races FOX screws you in the middle via Brian France. Then on the Nationwide races FOX screws you out of the start and providing NBC shows them coast-to-coast on regular TV non-pay, you can at least finish up that season. As for the Truck races aka. Camping world, well consider yourself on antenna TV screwed big time, and thank you Brian France, a job well done and I won’t say what kind of job it is.

Is it better what is on now? Yes, will it save the national sport of Nascar? Hard to say. One thing Nascar needs is a “Monday Night Football ” or “Friday Night Racing”… a time when people are tired of reality shows and the other major sports and turn the dial and get cars at 195mph knocking each other into the walls at differing camera angles. When people finish dinner, sit back and watch the action they will be hooked. They will purchase advertiser’s products and they will want to go to a local track and then they will be hooked. At least what Brian France has done is start driving Nascar in a right direction. Unfortunately it is at 100 mph instead of 195mph and nobody wins national races and fans at that speed.

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So here we are 2013 and where is Nascar?

Not on any major networks, nope. Instead, thanks to Brian France and his ilk who control an entire national sport handed down from Brian’s family to him, you have to wait till 2014 to glimpse half a season of Nascar again unless you have cable or a dish. Forget using a Roku box to get streaming Nascar from the net. Roku will charge you if it’s even available. Thanks Brian France for another year of missing half the last season of Nascar, that’s a real positive way to show fans (who are those) that you care about them or the teams and team owners and drivers (who are those) or the advertisers that sell their products to a national audience (who are those) and the list goes on and on. And why does Brian France do this to the sporting fans of stockcar racing nationally? Because he just plain out doesn’t care a crap, that’s why.

Now, what this Nascar CEO (who has as much business sense as a counterclockwise swimming used toilette square on its way to the sewer) doesn’t understand is to kill a sales product (and Nascar marketing and products rely on sales as does the entire sport) is make sure people can no longer know the sport even exists. Or that they know it exists where the great majority of folks cannot access it, okay. That is how you kill as fast as possible a national sport and keep it from growing. What you then get is a national dying sport or if not outright dying, collapsing from even being a national sport. See, I’ll reiterate this again and again until I am number 48 blue in the face, not that being a Jimmie Johnson fan is bad mind you, quite the opposite, but the other blue in my face isn’t good as a fan.

To grow the sport you negotiate a full cup race season on a major network, or two or three. For example, Brian lets FOX Sports use the entire sport for the first half of Fox’s sports season, then dumps viewers for the NFL half way through the cup season and that is for the Sprint cup. Brian and the Nascar execs also do this for the National cup races on ABC. Then the remaining half season is divided up amongst a handful of cable channels leaving race fans up in the air…not good! With fans becoming used to watching the first half of a season, guess what is now happening to the sport of Nascar and stockcar racing. You got it, fans don’t spend their hard earned cash anymore going to the races whereas they used to pack the stadiums at the race car track events. Don’t believe me, just watch any race as of late and I am talking Sprint Cup, the big ones and you will see empty stands that grow more sparse each following year. Then there is the Nascar merchandising, the products they sell, also dwindling, but the worst hit comes when the public starts becoming accustomed to just ignoring the sport altogether. That is happening too. “Outta sight, outta mind” so what FOX and ABC and Brian France and the brass at Nascar are doing is hyping for only half a season a sport, then stiffing the public. BAD BUSINESS and in the end Nascar loses what could have been the number one sport in the United States. Now how to fix Nascar? Great question so let us now turn from Brian France’s negatives to my positives, that’s right, one race fans opinions.

First, sit down and work the Nascar schedule around the NFL and MLB and NBA games with the networks execs. Carry both major cup races every week on a national network. For Sprint Cup, bring us Monday Night racing just like the NFL used to give us every Monday night on ABC. Give ABC a major reason for Monday night racing, people are strung out on reality shows and many would love to watch and discover Stock Car racing, it is that exciting

Give us Friday and Saturday night at the races, that’s right, on Friday and Saturday evenings give us racing. Give us the other cup so we can watch both. Take the time to schedule the racing events around other events and secure a national network for one cup and a national network for another cup. Here are the national networks.





PBS that’s right, Public Broadcasting if for a race or two is necessary. Don’t short the public. Do that simple thing to really grow Nascar by putting it on a major public coast-to-coast network and it will grow. Monday, Friday and Saturday night at the races nationwide and Nascar will soar. Keep going the way Nascar has been as of late by denying the mass public the last half viewing season and it will surely tank bigtime. In the end it will become a backwoods, least talked of sport that could have been, but was shrunk to nothing by dumb business decisions and like old STP, that’s the name of that tune.

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Nascar 2013 and you got BFD’d

2013 started out with much ado, hype and promotion, after all guys and gals, NASCAR’s here on FOX TV. Excitement builds and the cup races are heating up and oh, Brian France cut another deal cancelling viewership on FOX when summer arrives, or “How he kills the second half of Nascar for public airwave viewing.” By the way, they think this helps promote their national sport. Ha!!!

The problem is the management of the sport by one man, and why is a national sport controlled by one man? Can anyone tell me why I should patronize a sport that gives me and the viewer’s a big middle finger halfway through a season unless we pay a grand a year to get cable? That is NASCAR’s biggest issue. Brian France and his ilk are so desperate to promote it that they snap up whatever business deal comes their way. In this case, they get FOX national network till FOX’s football NFL season kicks in, then they go to cable and a few shows on rival national network ABC and viewers become disenfranchised at that point. Or let us say they become disenFRANCEchised, cause this guy as far as I am concerned, has no real business sense and I’m not the only one who sees this. There are websites roasting this guy across the net. Fans of stockcar racing see what’s happening and they are showing their votes by no longer attending the Nascar events. Think I’m joking? Watch NASCAR on TV and take note at the big races where the stands at most of them remain empty. Each year, there is less and less attendance by the sport’s fans and the reason is that Nascar as a sport continues to overall…die!

Outta sight, outta mind! Hey Brian, did ya ever think maybe of coordinating cup races with networks so viewers over their antennae TV’s could watch them all? Why not have Friday night at the races, no football games running on Friday nights. Maybe Sunday night races to coordinate with a network to show full races on Sundays. Remember the long running ABC “Monday Night Football?” What about “Monday Night NASCAR” huh, what about that? Where is the real effort to grow the sport instead of taking fast bucks for half a season on a national network, then more fast bucks from cable networks at the expense of the fans and the very sport itself. This is very bad for everyone except you, right Brian France. You and the NASCAR heads make out like bandits and all of your fans or a great many get shifted into low gear till the tranny goes bust!

Brian France Screwing Fans!


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