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Cycling EBike strategies

Okay, now for some safety. How much does the average car weigh? Around 3,400 Pounds give or take. Smaller cars less, bigger vehicles more and what happens when a car hits a cyclist?

I have in recent times found myself nearly hit, not my fault while ebiking, but rather the drivers so lets review a few things first.

1.) Make sure you have side mirrors on your bicycle.

2.) Make sure to glance those mirrors every few seconds while watching for what is ahead of you.

3.) Leave 3 to 4 feet from parked cars, otherwise you will meet “FLIPPER” and I ain’t talking about dolphins either.

4.) Never challenge a Motorist in a vehicle, remember the weight of a vehicle?

There are assholes, but car drivers will lead to the below. (Be aware next video contains profanity)

One strategy you might consider is when at a stop light and cars are coming up behind you and stopping waiting to go.

5.) Make sure to use your bike mirror and watch the traffic about to start behind you at the light. When the traffic starts, take a few seconds pause and let the vehicles go first. Then start across the intersection, this way what is behind you should be clear.

6.) If a double lane is available, in California bikes and cars share the outside lane. But if traffic is light, stay in the middle of the road. What this typically does is force the driver of the vehicle to change lanes, almost 100% of the time. Cause if you stay to the far right or outside of the lane, the driver is encouraged to slip by you closer so force them into the other lane by just taking up the outside lane. Be aware though, if the driver does not seem to change lanes to scoot to the side as quickly as possible. This type of car driver that is unyielding I find on average about 1 in 100. In California, the law is a car or vehicle must give a cyclist of any type, at least 3 feet space.

I cannot stress enough to be aware at all times and again, use your mirror to constantly monitor what is behind you as well as of course ahead of you. Riding can be simple, fun, decent exercise and mind cleansing, but it can also be very dangerous, so vigilance is key and one very last piece of advice.

7.) Make sure to wear bright color tops and that your riding lights are all charged up. Visibility to drivers will mean they see you and avoid a mishap or worse.


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They call him flipper, faster than lightening…

Here, watch this first video.

I am an EBiker aka. motorized/non motorized cyclist thanks to morons like Governor Jerry Brown of California aka. known as Governor Medfly.

So in California, Flipper is alive and well and here are a few shining examples of what happens when Flipper is free, especially for cyclists…

Think that was funny, huh? Let’s look at this to real people instead of a crash test dummy or governor, another type of dummy.

and lets take a look at a few more for drivers of automobiles to consider before they decide to imitate a dolphin or moron governor with no brains who keeps unsafe Bicycle Lanes…

and while I am at it going to bat for fellow cyclists, how about all of those assholes who have decided to use bicycle lanes to park in? A few examples of these shining motorists…I even encountered some today in Chatsworth on my ebike.

You really have to watch out guys when cycling. A car weighs over 3,000 pounds on average. You and you bicycle under 300, that is a major reason to consider distance from cars and many, many, many stupid morons driving them. They don’t give a rats ass about you and some even delight in crashing you for their own enjoyment.

Flipper…faster than lightening!

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China’s Financial Collapse, what it might mean for you.

I hate to see anyone lose their life savings, home, their personal belongings, their family. I have ridden up high not at the top but up there way back in the 1980’s, jet setting around, working with big department store buyers, fashion models, attending gala parties, I know what the glamor is like, it ain’t bad at all. Of course when you are riding high you can never imagine what happens next in life.

I have been down lower than most can imagine, struggling and having a taste of the bottom. No, I didn’t do drugs ever, never smoked a cigarette, didn’t get into gambling debts, nor became an alcoholic. Instead it was financial and I know what it means to go hungry, not fun, quite depressing, a feeling that the train has left you behind and that you are alone. If there is one positive in falling low, it is that it humbles you more, makes you greatly appreciate whatever comes your way, causes you to want to fight for something better. You discover that many feel bad for you, but that few will really help you other than quick words of encouragement and worse yet, their pity.

So how does all this relate to China? Well, it relates to China relating to Wall Street in 1929. They are saying that China’s Stock Market is going to crash. That means that most folks there will lose what little they might have saved. The big people will lose as well, in fact they will lose quite big. The government there will lose. I read somewhere they said the communists will step in, I don’t think so this time, in fact this could quite well cause them to go one of two ways. Abandon Capitalism and free markets, kill off figuratively their Middle Class while the ultra wealthy flee, perhaps to the USA while it is still somewhat free or perhaps Canada. It’s hard to say what will be.

Then what does it mean to the US Gov? Trillions in debt holding liabilities as if the feds didn’t have enough going wrong already. Will those holding bonds being called in, hurt the USA? Probably, but there might just be one massive golden lining for the American citizen in all of this.

$$$$$$$$$$$ Corporate $$$$$$$$$$$

It seems that with that economy shot over there and most of the world going up in flames with other poor economies going bellyup, Islam on the march, there remains one last real bastion of labor long ignored, the American worker. A flood of industry and jobs just could be heading back here. Time will tell, but I have a notion a trend might occur here with China going down the tubes economically.

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Crashskies For the new year 2015

If the USA has got one thing right, it is safer highways then most other countries. Here is what the Russians are doing for the new year…

and a day before… feel free to comment folks!

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And now it is time for Crashskies Week Three…WEE!!!

Now, before we begin watching week three vids of those Crashkies Russians let me educate you on them.

They have a more stringent driving system and yes they must have insurance and why do they have Dash Cams? Because the insurance companies there deny almost all coverage when accidents happen, so the Russian drivers got smart and got dash cams. When they go to courts which are clogged there right now with driving accidents, the vids are produced. The videos force the Russian insurance companies to pay up and also compensate victims of criminal drivers. So having dash cams in cars is what Russians invented to recoup their losses. Now, as far as the accidentskies, they do happen and because Russians, over 1 million and counting have added cams, those vids in court become public which is why you are seeing them. I’m out of breath so let’s watch a few more crashskies.

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Worst Driving Road on the Globe!

Forget America, Asia and Europe. The worst most dangerous system appears by youtube consensus to be Mother Russia and the road stoplights are almost nonexistent. To make matters worse, where are the traffic cops and you must ask yourselves are Russian Insurance companies kicking themselves bigtime?

For several years we get together and watch youtubes of car accidents. It is fascinating and it is a virtual roadmap of what not to do when behind the wheel. So I ask, why are so many auto accidents from Russia With Love? Is it Vodka and Beer and Driving? Is it the lack of traffic lights? Is there no DMV in Russia. Take a gander and watch this and at 3:29 in the video, I guarantee you your FREE “Big Spin”!!!

To view the remaining videos visit this link and watch. It’s unbelievable!

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