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How To Use A Hollywood Rectal Rooter!

Yup, the “TINSELTURDS” are in full swing, organized mainly by our favorite FAT producer, none other then George Soros, and why wreck Hollywood which is almost wrecked and being rapidly bought up by COMMUNIST China? Because at some point when the new attorney general grows a set of real gonads, Soros and his ilk will see their ASSets frozen and stand trial for among other things, Mass-Murder. But until then, until that happens, this FAT movie producer and producer of Mayhem Plays live on your streets will continue to destroy one American institution after another not to do jail time or better yet…HANG!

So, he helps get groups to organize against the elected President of the United States of America, that would be PRESIDENT DONALD J. TRUMP, a guy elected to as he stated, “Clean Up A Big Mess” the very mess that Hollywood loves as these “Hollysluts” to coin a phrase by talk show host Dr. Michael Savage, and “Tinselturds” my own phrase that I encourage everyone to use to best describe these Hollywood assholes who have it just too damned good.

Consider as they protest what they have, the ones screaming the loudest against American liberties and freedoms. They have big mansions, they have about any car they want to own, you name it, they can get it. They have private jets or access to, They have boats, in fact they can own yachts and sail the 7 seas. They can afford the most expensive clothes, eat at the most expensive restaurants, attend any sports venue they want, throw endless parties just about anywhere, and if admired by the public at large as a few still are (while the communist majority are not), walk anywhere with praise.

So to help keep George Soros and his 47billion dollars out of jail as he tries to wage war on Americans and destroy the United States of America, he has organized Tinselturd Town to commit suicide upon itself, whatever was left. Let us take a look at that.

You have Hollywood behind the scenes, some of the worst scum on Earth acting as though they are royalty while behind the scenes they hire hookers, snort cocaine and worse, go drunk driving, act as lawless as they want and still expect you the American Citizen and others to bow down and kiss their shoes. Unfortunately, ain’t happening and why?

For a number of years, we got great movies, actors as role models, then communists returned after the McCarthy era and seeped into the entertainment business. The movies began making political statements and as time grew, the movies became communist political correct while making anti-American statements. It got to the point that very few movies were even pro country anymore, with the same faces spewing this garbage in stories so edited down, they became “valueless” to viewers. Meanwhile, the movie goer was expected to put up $25 movie theater tickets to help support the “TINSELTURDS” so they can buy the latest greatest expensive thing while Americans lost their homes, jobs and well being, not to mention one freedom after another under “ISLAMUNIST” barak HUSSEIN obama.

So American viewers stopped paying big bucks for garbage and what about the overkill of how many “Pat Themselves On The Back, Drop Dead Awards” shows they floated? Well, people just don’t watch anymore, at least a vast majority don’t. They are sick and tired of some piece of crap getting up on stage and bemoaning the very country that gave them wealth and fame to start with. That gave them an opportunity most will never even dream of. Instead they get up on stage and forego a simple big “THANK YOU” to movie and TV viewers, listeners of music who to their most valuable commodity which is time, and instead of saying “Thank You Americans” they say “F YOU AMERICANS” which says a lot about them. They are cutting their own throats, killing their own industries, committing those that make a living and the many supporting businesses to lose their jobs and all for a FAT producer of dark entertainment products named George Soros.

So to begin Hollywood’s Rectal Rooter treatments, start by jailing George Soros and his sons and others then add the TINSELTURDS, HOLLYSLUTS and others and finally, we may see decent REAL entertainment products again.

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The communist scum TINSELTURDS have finally gone full circle. You would think the industry was about entertainment products. Nope, not at all. It is now a mouthpiece for communists domestic and foreign screaming for a new attorney general to establish a commission to ferret out and arrest the communists for treason. People like for example Meryl Streep and her big mouth. I honestly never thought she was a looker to start with and with her spewed anti-American communism find her even further ugly, both inside and out. Talented, perhaps to a point, though I must admit there are many other talents far better than this one.

Then there are the guy meltdowns, people like for example George Clooney. Likable in person, yes, likable as an American citizen, no, and let’s not forget bigmouths like Sheen. Hey Cholie, hows that HIV doing? Been spreading it around you scumbag you. Apple don’t fall far from the tree which brings me to communist moron father Martin Sheen. I look at this communist twerp and it’s quite obvious where Cholie got his “stupid” genes from. In fact the great majority of Hollywood are communized idiots, you know, the ones that Lenin mentioned.

In fact, I don’t know that I could author an anti-American, anti-Freedom movie script as well as Hollywood’s echelon have done it in real life and continue to do it and that brings me to point number 2.

Executives in a flurry across Tinseltown being fired and these are not small names either, these are top CEO’s and others. This is happening because their sales are down…way down! Then again what were you expecting when James Bond and Star Wars have to have a “TRANSSEXUAL” in the products? Not entertainment but again, another Hollywood product pushing a political agenda and the public knows this, they are rejecting it.

The days of having Raisinettes, a cola, hot buttered popcorn and a theater of screaming (ear deafening brats) are over for most people. First of all, there are home theater systems out there and many homes now have them, so who needs the movie theaters anymore especially when some ahole might be packing and decided to pop off inside. Wouldn’t be the first time this has happened in history. Then there are streaming media content and DVD’s which sales are quite down these days on the DVD front. Between the home theater system, Streaming Media and DVD’s the theater experience is doomed, but on the bigger picture, let us look at point number 3.

So let us look at what really matters here. Point number 3 is you, the American viewer, taken for granted far too long, your loyalty spat upon, your time unappreciated (they say time is the most precious commodity because once given it can never be retrieved) and now the “Pat Themselves On The Back, Drop Dead To You Awards” is coming again as I post this and instead of saying a simple and humbling “Thank You” to you and others for giving them Yachts, Private Jets, Mansions, Big Bank Accounts of money, Any Car they can drive, Endless vacations, Private Security, Any Clothing they want…it’s not enough.

They want you enslaved for their pleasures, masquerading on the road of good intentions of course. After all, Hollywood’s elites are not only the biggest hypocrites on God’s Great Earth, they are also the lowest scum form of life empowered by communism, and they want you to grovel at their feet as they get up, trash President Donald J. Trump, and glare down at you in contempt as an American citizen with constitutional rights given by the creator almighty God.

So when you hear of or even waste your time watching these communists at the Academy Awards which used to represent entertainment values and thanks to people for spending their money and time buying a product, but now stands for how bad you are for living free of communism, just realize these celebrities “so-called” and their ilk are killing their entire industry as rapidly as possible, have sold you out, abandoned God and American, embraced the devil and every evil on Earth and they are DYING!


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Senator Hertzberg’s office to EBikers in California.

Today after talking to the Democratic councilman aide Marco, said they are not interested in Green Transportation or electric bicycles.

Jerry Brown to EBikers in California…

Governor Jerry Brown has spent billions of the state’s funds on green energy/transportation, a bullet train to nowhere. He practically screams for the news media he wants to cut greenhouse gases at least by 40%. Well, guess what, electric bicycles on throttle (not pedal assist) cut greenhouse emissions though I must also admit, refilling the electrical charge to their batteries requires a power plant. But when actually riding one on throttle it is zero-polluting, let me be clear on that fact.

Democrats to EBikers Green Transportation…


Governor Jerry Brown and all of the Democrats in California and all of the Republicans in California signed AB1096 outlawing zero polluting throttle ebikes for the most part, fixing a free marketplace for a company whose CEO wrote the bill and his company financed the bill, and essentially took away consumer market free choice for very over-priced, under performing mainly (pedal assist) only products.




and here is what future EBikers may think of these corrupted totalitarian communists ruining California…

Elections coming for you thugs.

Hetzie as L.A. Councilwoman Nury Martinez, another useless phony liberal scumbag likes to call him “Oh Hertzie loves EBikes!” Nope, he doesn’t, not important. Instead he is busy stripping citizens rights away from them as fast as possible. Seems that Hertzie is just another corrupt liberal commie politician. As for his stance on EBikes. Go “F” yourselves.

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Why Tinseltown is crumbling.

Yeah I know, another Hollywood bashing posting, why not.

Have you noticed the politically correct communism being spewed lately from Hollywood? Never mind the colleges on down communist indoctrination in our public system. Never mind the communist controlled news outlets many but not all yet, the FCC is working on them though. Never mind the communism controlling the Whitehouse, Supreme Court, Congress and the Senate. Never mind the communist controlled policies from almost all cities at least the major ones and the throwing of elections.

Hollywood used to be about America, Americans, our history (real history), our culture of a real America. Our food places were a burger joint with fries and a shake, not Jalapenos in everything. English was spoken just about everywhere. Raising a family was noble and the jobs were plentiful, oh boy were they ever and I remember that. I grew up in the 1960’s where our cars were for the most point high quality. The proof is that so many 50’s and 60’s cars that were made in America are still around, half a century or more.

Buying a bungalow home was a true American dream reality for many. But back to jobs for a moment. Almost everything was made by American hands and most of it was quality too. It lasted and could be serviced right in the good ol’ USA. People were employed. Medical insurance was cheap too. Doctor’s visits were not that bad even if you had to pay for them. The jobs were so plentiful that you can go anywhere and they needed you to work for them, that because there were more jobs than people to fill them. Had a highschool diploma, they wanted you. College degree with a “REAL AMERICAN” education (rather than communist indoctrination) and you could name your ticket with most companies. They fought for you, they needed you, could you start work Monday morning they always asked? The 70’s were busy too and so were the 80’s. But then it all began changing especially with George H.W. Bush and everyone after that. It was the “New World Order” and then it really started getting bad.

So why is Hollywood with all of its communist actors and actresses who love living big and flaunting it, and want you to live like crap, why are they failing? Why did Star Wars and James Bond need transvestites in the movie franchise and advertise it at that with in your face attitude. Black entertainers who make millions of dollars that millions of white people will never see, demand they be awarded for black films just because they are black while hosting the “Black Entertainment Awards”…Movies about home, mom that are BORING. Clint Eastwood directing great, but where is Dirty Harry? Did you know that hero Arnold Schwarzenegger got pregnant in a movie. He gave birth. Women cops can karate kick guys, all judges are black or a woman and all white guys are stupid and criminal and you think this reversed racism is by accident or reflective of societies. Nope, it is all communism playing one group of people against another, tearing down our history of a once great country that could achieve most anything, a proud people who had jobs, homes, families to live life with. Secured borders too. Mexico was a far off country that you might visit to buy souvenirs at from Tijuana where you could see how people lived in shanties. The Mexican government couldn’t give a crap less about them with its corruption. Islam was half a world away. America was mainly a Christian nation and on Sundays Americans attended church.

Do you know that in many parts of Los Angeles in the 1960’s you didn’t need a fenced yard. The LAPD were the best police department in the world, responded to calls in less than 5 minutes. The beaches were clean. You could watch John Wayne westerns, Born Free, Fantastic Voyage. On TV there was Batman, the Green Hornet, Let’s Make A Deal, Green Acres, The Smothers Brothers, Ed Sullivan and people were talking about this. The Beach Boys and the Beatles had a new song it seemed like every week for a while. Hollywood supplied us with some grand entertainment. It wasn’t until the communists started infiltrating Hollywood like Norman Lear for example with Archie Bunker. Back then Archie was a bigot to be laughed at while our returning troops from Nam were spat upon by the communists. Yet today, we see that we could have won and ended Viet Nam and that Archie Bunker was in hindsight actually very very very right especially when dealing with Meathead.

The Hollywood of today is a crumbling business with cheap special fx that come a dime-a-dozen, actors that read scripts like nice little robots with constipation and stories rewritten so many times by the Director’s aunt, uncle and everyone else and you wonder why the movies are anything but crap. Then throw in the Washington DC communist propaganda and political correctness (communist brainwashing) by big fat handlers and it all starts to speak for itself why viewers and their families must contend with brainwashing materials which they know most of them what it really is, on top of the other problems facing this country.

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California Dreamin’ now a nightmare

By Edward B. Driscoll, Jr. Everything about California – from its nickname (the Golden State) to its illustrious locales (Hollywood and Silicon Valley) and its lush vineyards (Napa Valley) – screams success. The state has been a bastion of American progress and a fertile field of dreams for much of its history. Unfortunately for California, its… Continue reading

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Wealthy Tyrant Law Required.

So what do you do when you have billions and you own mansions, your own landing fields, a G6 or two or three, any car you want in history, mansions galore, the biggest yachts in the world and have billions or millions to burn? Why you start to act like a wealthy tyrant to enslave others, that’s what. You do it with good intent of course (the road to hell is paved with good intent) to make the world a better place while you deny others a chance to be able to enjoy some of what you earned or built. Let me cite a few fine top examples if I may. I call these wealthy Billionaires and Millionaires who have decided to wreck other peoples lives with their extreme personal wealth and power “Communaires” because while they enjoy their super elevated standard of living they intend to trash yours. Examples.

Michael Bloomberg:

Communaire #1 Is an ASSHOLE!

A perfect poster boy as a Communaire. His leanings support the Obama Administration and this TYRANT not only wants people to be defenseless, so much so, he has set up anti-constitutional groups to kill the 2nd amendment to the constitution to grow more tyranny, but this vicious thug, this low life moron wouldn’t even let people buy large sodas, that is how much of a TYRANT this piece of excrement is and you wonder why people hate Jews and if this one ain’t bad enough I’ll give you an even worse one.




The next Communaire on the list is none other than Fatboy himself the biggest one of all who has destroyed more lives around the globe than anyone else has achieved as a Communaire. (By the way I am Jewish πŸ˜‰ ) and you wonder why the super wealthy Jews are hated by everyone.

George Soros:

Sig Heil for Asshole #2

This JINO (Jew In Name Only) turned in Hungarian Jewish families to the Nazis as a child. I guess when you are evil, you must start young and he did. When interviewed, this gem of a human excrement said the Nazi occupation in Hungary exterminating Jews and Gypsies were the best years of his life and guess what. The corrupted American Liberals and RINOS all welcomed him to destroy not only America, but also the entire Western world, in fact he even tried wrecking modern Russia too. This guy is so bad and has funded so many evil groups that in California for example, you cannot even get plastic grocery shopping bags and it’s all his fault! And that is where it gets started. For more reading on what this Communaire TYRANT has done, go here… http://commieblaster.com/george-soros-fund/

This is one of the worst Communaire tyrants that exist and he has blood on his hands as well.


Wealthy TYRANT #3

Jeffrey Immelt

Creates Jobs … Elsewhere!

Here’s another moron, hired to create jobs in America. Actually his company the one that “Doesn’t Bring Good Things To Life” instead they are a major MONOPOLY in almost everything. He was supposed to create jobs. Guess what. He is losing more American jobs to foreign enslavement. When was the last time you bought a GE Toaster that lasted for decades? They used to make great products and stand for something, now they stand for a lot of cheap crap, and this guy is another wealthy tyrant wrecking American lives. http://www.wsj.com/articles/general-electric-says-to-move-500-u-s-jobs-overseas-due-to-ex-im-bank-closure-1442322192

Tyrant # 4

Bill Gates

This is how much your life is worth to this Tyrant.

Made his billions in America, wants you to become a socialist slave, need I say more? Okay I will. Stiffed IBM (International Bowel Movement) and then has Windows 10 and what does the Windows OS do for you? It has been revealed it spies on you, that’s right. His product tells the government everything about you on your computer and that is where this punk who got a big break in the American Capitalist system is just getting started. He thinks socialism is okay for you, just not himself. Hey Bill, you and the wealthy others are TYRANTS and we need you stopped and here is what is required to stop all of these wealthy bastards.



“The Communaire Tyrant Act” yes a law just for the big guys and gals.

The law first would qualify what a wealthy tyrant is and stop them cold after implemented.

A wealthy tyrant is one who uses their money, prestige and power to destroy other’s lives. Either through funding violence like George Soros has done. Stripping away your base freedoms like Michael Bloomberg has done. Spying on you through their products and supporting socialism and communism much like Bill Gates has done. Selling out your jobs so you cannot survive like Jeffrey Immelt has done and these are just a few prime examples. Or be against the Constitution and your freedoms and liberties as all these fine examples have done. So these people qualify as Wealthy Tyrants and of course definitely as “COMMUNAIRES” …!

Once found guilty under the Tyrant Act, their assets including properties become frozen and are seized, and that goes for the many other ones I didn’t add in here as well and there are a lot of them.

They can no longer vote in American Elections nor contribute any money either directly or indirectly through a proxy group or organization to political causes.

They can no longer have any amount over $5,000.00 in a bank account, cannot own any real estate that totals more than $5,000.00 must live in public housing their remaining days. All of their property is then sold off, proceeds going to people they have hurt. This means they must live at the bottom since that is what they want for you, and with very limited rights.

That’s right, oh and if anyone died because of their actions, they should be sent to death row after being tried for murder in a real court of law.

In essence let them be POOR. Let them NOT have the opportunities they are trying to deny you. And if someone dies because of them, let them be TRIED for murder like anyone else. Show all of these wealthy communist loving bastards they are nothing more than you and I and they can suffer the same consequences.

Am I onto something here? A very resounding YES!!! Is it time for a Wealthy TYRANTS Act to stop these giant monsters from destroying our lives? YES, question is who has the guts in government to stop the evil these wealthy BASTARDS do to others? Time will tell.

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How Star Trek Brainwashed the world to communism.

So there is this very grand notion that world politicians must destroy their countries, particularly capitalistic western civilizations and usher in a brand new world government where no “WESTERNIZED country is allowed to have borders, and wait. If you think it is just the west, nope. They plan this for every country including you guessed it, Russia and China amongst others. I keep hearing the term Illuminati but it goes way beyond that, it cuts back to the hippy era past where people jumped off of rooves to fly like a bird on LSD (something that has begun making a big comeback.) So how does everyone’s favorite Federation series with Kirk and Spock usher in the global communistic madness?

Well, the communist party had to do something and in the 1960’s began quietly getting into Hollywood. Joe McCarthy was absolutely right about Hollywood and the many communists that congregate there and believe it or not, your truly here has crossed paths with these TINSELTURD scumbags and they are (I guarantee ya) the very lowest of the low on the face of God’s great Earth. In fact, I would have to state that sidewalk chewing gum scum is better than many of these delusional TINSELTURDS are.

So now, onto Star Trek. In Star Trek we keep always hearing about “The FEDERATION” and what is the FEDERATION? It is a one world government and where is it based out of on the whole wide world where a one world government could be based or headquartered out of anywhere? Why it is based in San Francisco, one of the worst hotbeds of American communism ever. And is this one world government for you making a decent living? Nope, it is a utopia where you get free food and drinks. When queried about money in an episode of Star Trek by someone from the 21st century, the then captain of Enterprise “D” Jean Luc Picard states “We no longer try to attain wealth, we work to better ourselves.

If all of this doesn’t add up to communism then I don’t know what does, but it gets even darker than this.

Here is a link to Forbes magazine, they noticed this too.


Like good little communists obeying their state superiors, the commanders can order there civilian citizens to put themselves in a position that extinguishes their very existence. That’s right, being ordered to die at 20 or 30 something. This has happened in many episodes of Star Trek and oh, people dream of attending the communist Star Fleet Academy so they can fly around the galaxy in a star ship waiting at a moments notice to be ordered to die. This has also been put out there as well. Starting to add up yet? And where is all of this communistic propaganda out of? You guessed it, Hollywood California, a hotbed of anti-American, anti-Western hard totalitarian communist scumbags who enjoy living under extreme wealth, but they want you to be a communist slave so they can feel better than you.


Today’s uneducated politicians believe they can really make a utopia work, but in practice all communism does is create slavery, misery and deaths. It establishes a very few powerful people to rule over everyone else, even worse than the days of Kings and their monarchies. Maybe the perfect utopian communism looks great on paper, but try buying food on a bread line that stretches a mile, or…. you can go to work, earn a few bucks, walk into a supermarket and buy a fresh loaf of bread and that folks is why Star Trek, Hollywood and the TINSELTURDS are just what they are, communist losers.

More articles on this read these… Just remember not to support Hollywood’s communist propaganda. In essence boycott vendors and don’t buy the merchandise. That is the quickest way to bring the communists back to capitalism!






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