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Hollywood Is Dying! How To Fix It…

I have come to this conclusion after watching many films drying up. Witness the latest Star Wars. Lots of CGI, then they inserted political correctness which kills everything these days. We had to kill off the white actors, have lesbians, transsexuals, the lead guy is African American which is not a problem with me personally, but I point out he replaces white folks a trend that has accelerated since George Soros took over and will continue to get much worse until George Soros, his son’s, and their evil army of minions are stopped, along with the other globalists. Seriously, even James Bond had to have a transsexual though it isn’t the first time. In the Bon film of the early 1980’s “Octopussy” there was a blond haired woman at the pool who was said later to be a transsexual, not a problem for me personally, just wanted to point this out. But it seems there is an all out effort for the evil in Hollywood to begin showing itself as desperate as they are, especially with Donald J. Trump as president, they are having total meltdowns these days and the American viewers are seeing this.

Then there are not only the lousy movies with hidden brainwashing messages in them either pushing the Devil, Communism or some other Insanity, but rather the stars themselves. Just watch the communist hate America performers on stage and all they spew is hate towards you the movie viewer, your country. Honestly what is needed I’ll add at the bottom of this blog posting. But seriously, one after another, mixed with bad films or propaganda and sky high prices for the entertainment products and Americans have had enough. Just like the Kneelers in the NFL, Hollywood’s elites are KILLING THEIR OWN INDUSTRY as they are in full collapse. Here, let me post a view tubes so you can see why Americans have come to not only hate, but loathe Hollywood.

and if you wonder why Americans hate Celebs just watch this little gem.

That’s right, a restaurant in California that serves celebrities human flesh taken from the young! Seriously, and this is where people’s money goes to this, really, seriously? SICK Bastards all of them.


1.) Start by arresting George Soros, his son’s and the minions tied to news, academia and Hollywood. Get trials going and for treason get the gallows ready.

2.) Arrest all the leftwing liberal communists for treason and sedition, lifetime jail sentences, get em outta there and production people who supported the anti-American efforts as well, every last God Damned one of these traitorous bums like for example Jane Fonda, Meryl Streep, Tom Hanks, Spielberg etc.

3.) Reform the Hollywood Unions such as the DGA, WGA and Sag/Aftra. Set up an online system especially for literary script materials that is in a database that productions can easily locate.

4.) No foreign ownership of American News, or Studios, no separate corporate ownership either. Studio is the business not owned by other conglomerates. This will make studios answer to making great products.

5.) Film rights and Copyright. I have said for a long time that once a product is sold to another interest by the original creator author, make it public domain the day after 5 years of the sale. This creates a need for fresh material.

6.) Legally limit Remakes. This is how you do it. If a work has gone public domain after 5 years it can be remade but can no longer be for sale. This insures the original makes of the original go to history and again forces the entertainment business to new stories and ideas. It spurs growth.

7.) Entertainment versus Brainwashing. A film should get a content rating for brainwashing or public manipulation in the material such as having to mandate a film has only one specific group of people from the fringe of our society or excludes a group of people that represent mainstream real America. Example, having to have a transsexual in every film. I see Black only TV shows and movies, used to be white only TV shows and movies, why can’t we enjoy both? Either you want diversity or you do not, but you cannot have it both ways as it is today. For example brainwashing, we needed to know that Princess Leia had a female lover, why did we need Lesbianism added to Star Wars rated “PG” I might add and watched by kids? George Lucas must be a volcano seeing what Mickey Rat at Disney has done to his once great product. The point is the public knows they are seeing propaganda versus a true entertainment value.

8.) No pro American content, no family embracing content, against Christianity or Judaism, the outright banning of someone with a political belief other than outright communism and satanism. Laws will have to strictly be enacted on the entertainment industry if Hollywood is to ever come back.

If what I described here is seriously enacted, we could enjoy real entertainment products, employ acting and production talents that love America and love the almighty buck it sends their way that lets them buy things. Otherwise Hollywood is dying, dying rather quickly and will disintegrate in a few years as George Soros and his globalist satanic worshiping minions destroy another part of America in their bid to destroy your country and YOU!

Here is your entertainer talking about your American President…

and this guy who killed Jews for profit as a teenager runs a lot behind the scenes which is why you are losing your historical landmarks, the NFL and Hollywood plus the Internet freedoms and finally your country and eventually your freedom then your life because this man right below and his family need more money and power!


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Forget Movie Downloads, a new way Tinselturds are getting Flocked!

Introducing streaming video boxes aka. “Android TV Boxes” which are proliferating faster than tinselturd crap on a celeb’s ass. Look at it this way. I complained that Brian France whose initials are “BF” was BF’ing NASCAR fans for a long time by denying them being able to watch half the races for the benefit of a few greedy TV Networks and also holding the sport of Stockcar Racing back with these tactic. Well, not anymore! Seems the NASCAR fans found a way to use their Android TV Boxes to watch ALL THE NASCAR Races, hows that feel Brian? The fans giving you the big BF. Stick that up your tail pipe and smoke it, you dirty rat’s behind.


Then there are the most despised group on the face of the Earth…Tada…Commie Celebrities with big mouths.

and you wonder why many people hate American Jews one of which I am. This classless bigmouth above should be trialed for sedition then kicked out of the country. Here are more reasons why people are SCREWING HOLLYWOOD bigtime with hatred like the Tinselturds have never seen nor heard. The American public is fighting back baby and they are screwing Tinselturd bigmouths in their pocketbooks.

and the next “ANTI AMERICAN” TINSELTURD Celeb Bigmouth…

Pigs flying out of buttholes. Was she talking about all the worthless hasbeen  communized TINSELTURDS who like the big Bullshit artists they truly are, didn’t leave when Trump won to “Make America Great Again!”

Well, American’s are fighting back and in droves. Here is what Americans are doing besides downloading movies perhaps many times before they even hit movie theaters. The Android TV Box goes well beyond where simple movie downloading went, this streams everything and since a live feed must come from some country to show streaming media, oh well, seems the Tinselturds are not getting paid and here is why.

Enter the “KODI” TV Boxes that are erhmm, “FULLY LOADED” which means streaming content on everything and where can you buy them? Try Jeff Bezos Amazon. A search on Amazon turned up myriads of the Kodi FULLY LOADED TV Boxes and also a search on EBay yielded even better prices. So with no further hadoo, let’s find out why people are dropping ATT, Cable Companies and Satellite Dish company products in a rapid mass exit protest against the company high prices and TINSELTURD Bigmouths in Hollywood and assholes that won’t let people watch sports venues.


and what does the Kodi and boxes it do? You buy the box, plug it in, set it up off wifi and the rest follows. You can watch “EVERYTHING” no more monthly payments, this reminds me of the giant satellite dishes of the mid to late 80’s before scrambling came along. And this isn’t just in one country either, it is worldwide. Meaning the entertainment biz is about to change along with all other media types as the internet further gets its clutches into these once lucrative medias.

So what will happen soon? Great question. Immediately, corrupt lawmakers will ban these items, it is already happening. They will create a black market for them and probably bring retaliation on their governments from angry hacking talents and crimes globally for taking away their tv shows. This will save some of the bigmouthed communist TINSELTURDS as well as fat greedy bastards that run sports venues and screw their fans!

In the mid term I predict that the entertainment biz will see many big-mouth celebs cast off and TV hosts like the yenta above sent to a shyster where she belongs. Maybe she could earn some real gelt there. This means that idiots will lose their jobs and have to earn a real living, maybe flipping burgers…oh wait. That job is already taken, see below…

oh they need ex tv star big mouth Joy Behar to cook breakfast…

Wait, technology means we won’t have to listen to her yenta’ing big mouth. Would you really eat anything the yenta cooked anyhow?

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So What’s It Like Being Famous?


Did I stun all of you? Great. Having known very famous people I am not completely there yet, and honestly I don’t want to be to be quite frank with the person reading this who asked me that question, okay. And why is that? Great question.

As a published author and poet, by the way quite blacklisted in Hollywood, the American traditional publishing industry (dirty rat bastards!) and Wikipedia, I do honors. Damned all of you, I am still selling books all over the place and you all screwed yourselves. That said, fame is what it is. In essence there are many levels of it, not just a one size fits all, but rather many varying degrees of it. In my case I have semi-fame. That is a sort of No-Persons land between not being known and known.

A quick note, any publicity either positive or negative in the long run can always be used by the person for “Fame Gain,” want an example…okay. The late Rodney King comes to mind. He was a thug trying his best to go straight but always seemed to, or a lot of the time, let me rephrase that—get into trouble. Now please, all of you king fans; don’t get on my ass, okay. This blog posting isn’t about that.

So on one hand I have this thing called fame, but not enough to be that well known. Do I care? You bet I do. I relish my privacy, because once it is gone, you never get it back. And if you are famous and up a creek, that is even worse. On one hand, former celebrities have found out the real curse of everybody knowing them and not being able to bask in the limelight anymore and have those big legendary checks that come with the limelight; and while I’m at it, let me tell you, celebs fear fading away. Every one of them I have met, big or small fear fading into nothing, just ask Joanie from ‘Happy Days’ when they evicted her out of her real life home in the high SoCal Desert. She’s not the only one either. As for those legendary big checks, that is what most of them are, legendary for Hollywood’s 90% of acting talents and news talents as well. They just don’t exist. Many TV and supporting movie actors and newspeople are lucky to stave off starvation as long as it lasts. That is a fact. Yeah they get a lump sum for a while, but it is not as much as you think and when it is gone, it’s gone with little to follow. Meanwhile they are famous and don’t get it back. Everywhere there is a camera, they have to hide. They are lucky if they can afford privacy, many cannot.

So to answer your question yes fame has a nice side, and it can also become a living hell, just ask the kid Justin Bieber, he’ll tell you. In my case I like the privacy I have, relish it. On the one hand I have my published titles, a growing following over the years of readers whom I greatly thank for taking time from their valuable lives to engross their eyes upon my work, characters and plots. On the other hand I have enough fame to be known and market my products, so right now it’s nice. Later, well who knows and that is the scoop for you on fame, my friend.

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Celeb Of 2012 Award

Each year I will post a female celeb who earned my respect. This year’s award goes to no other than Misses Dolly Parton and I’ll tell you why.

Misses Parton came from an impoverished family that struggled along. She pulled herself up from the dirt to build her career and life. But what impresses me the most is not her sexy appearance, rather that she has stayed married to her original husband when she could have had most any guy she could. That says a tremendous amount about her, those actions, plus you almost never hear anything bad about this lady. She has accomplished so much, is an American success story and icon bringing jobs to many plus happiness so for all these positives Dolly Parton is the first female celeb to win my award.

Thank you for everything Misses Parton!

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