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The Communist Spin Factor

So they went after ol Bill O’Reilly from KTTV. A sign of things to come at FOX and don’t think this isn’t by design on the grander scheme of things by the American Communist Left, it is just the very start. The Murdoch kids lean hard hard left in fact they lean communist left IMHO and going after Roger Ailes was the first. Taking out Bill was next and soon they will go after Sean Hannity, watch wait and see if I am wrong.

There is an underlying current of communism taking control of KTTV and while this is happening the communist left is going after independent conservative talk shows and media. It is an all out effort to take out all conservative media and a true threat to freedom of speech. Everything from agitators on college campuses to planting George Soros commies in the Trump Administration. Top to bottom communist takeover and it ain’t stopping. Sessions doesn’t have new attorney generals, many of Trump’s cabinet remain unfilled and in fact Trump has retained most of the Obama communist plants in government. Drain the swamp, nope, drain the freedoms of American’s. So where does Bill O’Reilly fit in?

He doesn’t, they have eliminated him as a free speech resource on their war path to enslaving Americans, pushing for a world wide communist government. Others that are being threatened or silenced, Alex Jones, just ask him how Google is silencing him or how Google owned YouTube is threatening free speech sites they don’t like, Here is one about aliens and UFO’s the U.S. Government would like to see shut down. Listen to what they have to say.

And it doesn’t stop there. Tied in with Soros and others, the Islamunists and Corpunists are trying to take over, censorship is rampant by Google, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and others. American’s freedoms are being attacked daily.

Trump’s failure and that failure of the AG to immediately arrest Soros, Obama and The Clinton’s while employing Goldman Sachs leftists who are directly tied into the Soros clan says it all. Throw in that Ivanka Trump is friends with the Clinton daughter Chelsea and it becomes very clear. The globalists are attempting to take Trump down from within and FOX along with it. Remember as mentioned the Murdoch son’s are big time leftists intent on making FOX into CNN as quickly as possible and Bill O’Reilly be damned!!! Americans be Damned!!! and soon watch Sean Hannity attacked. Roger Ailes was the start but the attacks will continue until the lead person George Soros is stopped along with the others.

THANK YOU Mr. O’Reilly for all the wonderful No Spin years and your work. My family and I shall miss greatly, your Irish charm and smile. Our hearts are with you.


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Green Governor Criminalizes Green Transportation

Governor Brown of California, the greenest state within the greenest country in the world, you know the one. The country that Barak HUSSEIN Obama has spent trillions of your tax dollars instead of rebuilding your country’s infrastructure on. Brown signed into law AB1096. It is an EBike law and here is what it will do.

Up until now, California has allowed the purchase and usage of EBikes with a motor the size of 1,000 watts or 1kw. The bike had to not go faster than 20MPH and with suppression on an EBike’s controller, the motors speed was limited.

Now, the state without grandfathering in all of the motors bigger than what AB1096 specifies will be made contraband by the state. Now how fast can a 1,000 watt motor go on a 48 volt battery? Anywhere between about 27 to 34 MPH. How fast can a standard cyclist go on a Polycarbon Framed pedal bicycle with 33 speeds of gears? Try 50MPH.

The new law by the governor will limit legal maximum motor sizes to 750 watts and allow a maximum speed at 28MPH. Seems fair, right? Not so fast. This hideous law does more things. It outlaws a limiter on the controller or cycling computers such as ‘The Cycle Analyst’ which could actually dial down the motor size and top speed. Further it will create a legal sticker program, making it a FELONY to have a counterfeit sticker on your EBike. If the cops catch you, here goes a whole brand new layer of criminality for riding an EBike faster than 20MPH with the wrong sticker on it. That’s right, if you can ride 29MPH you can goto jail and your EBike is seized as contraband.

Who thought up such a law? Great question. “The California Bicycle Coalition” and a board member named Larry Pizzi. And who is Larry Pizzi? The CEO of Currie Technologies. And what does Currie Technologies make and sell, slow overpriced EBikes that most people skip buying. And who financed this EBike bill through Assemblyman David Chiu’s (God Bless Me) offices??? Currie Technologies. So lets get this straight. A CEO of a company that makes a product that isn’t selling well against competition, gets himself inserted onto a state group influencing lawmakers to fix the marketplace for their markets, and has his company fund it. In essence your entire State Legislature and the Governor, Mr. Green (I want to cut emissions on green gasses by 40%) just made zero polluting throttle EBikes as real transportation criminal. They sold the entire state marketplace, fair competition, innovation, what the EBike public demanded out to a small company whose niche market products sell like crap! Are you starting to see criminality here? Where is C.A.R.B. on this? I called their offices, not interested. Where is the Sierra Club on this? Not interested, in fact Green celebrities couldn’t give a rats crap about this bill. Some of them own the very slow limited products most will forgo.

Cycling groups didn’t even want any EBikes on any paths or anywhere else for that matter. This bill kills free markets, it kills competition and fixes the marketplace for the niche company’s products. It criminalizes those who purchased other products, it even bans off-road EBikes. That’s right you can ride a gas powered dirt bike off road but no EBikes. It creates a Black Market as mentioned for manufacturer stickers, cause police departments to have to worry about people riding EBikes. It creates contraband of existing EBikes without grandfathering them in while they had been legal. It pushes Pedelecs (Pedal Assist Only EBikes) which contribute precious carbon to Jerry Brown’s reduction while punishing the very EBikes that gave zero pollution while being ridden. Essentially it kills the EBike market as it could have grown properly, so where to go from here?

Well, legislatures should fix AB1096, and there is a simple fix actually. Remove motor size, open all bike paths to all EBikes and regulate based on posted or known speed limits, much like a 150MPH Porsche 911 in a 35MPH zone.

Notice that Tesla owners are not discriminated like this. They can drive on streets alongside Toyota and Honda ecars yet Tesla’s have a motor double the size. Why are EBike owners and the market limited? Because the CEO of a company that financed this bill of total corruption has just bought the entire State of California’s goldmine markets using the very government to kill off his competition and that is the real sad truth here. This could have simply been done by having a single category called EBike and open the bike paths with a posted maximum speed limit, mandate all cycles on a bike path must have a calibrated working bicycle speedometer, problem solved! You didn’t need three categories that only benefit Mr. Pizzi’s company and that of overpriced Pedelecs.

RIP California EBikes, it was nice riding you when it was legal!



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California Deflates Green Transportation

AB1096 a new bill in the California Assembly is about to kill the electric bicycle industry long term for the short term profits of niche ebike pedal assist manufacturers. Now before I go any further, let me explain who and what they are, their products and so forth.

Electric bicycles are an industry still in its infancy and there are several flavors to them. When we think of electric bikes we think of the twist throttle and off you go and that is actually the bulk industry for now. But on the small niche side with weak sales are the slow bikes mainly that require pedal assist. The niche market in this case accounts for about 5% of all ebike sales, as most ebike purchasers spend their dollars on a fast twist throttle bike with range and speed. This is what the market dictates. Unhappy with their sloping sales of niche bikes, the sparse manufacturers of these slow pedal only bikes wants to corner the market and own it for mainly their own products. They are doing this to mainly kill the bulk ebike marketplace for their own short term financial gains. Here, let me show you what types of products I am talking about.

$3500.00 for the average Pedal Assist bicycle. Maximum speed about 20mph, range with pedaling about 12 to 15 miles.

What you notice is that in the video above this is mainly sports equipment more than it is viable transportation. It won’t necessarily replace a car on the road, but there are bikes that can, some are not super fast and some are. These are essentially throttle bikes. Many have a pedal assist option as well, something to note here. Let us see one in action. A slower throttle bike.

The next bike is still a slower throttle ebike with pedal assist.

Now let us see something far more serious that is legal where it is being used as serious transportation. These bikes can travel with cars.

Notice that in other countries this is legal, in California which proclaims itself the greenest state in green America, you are a criminal for riding this. Just a point to note but it is gonna get much worse now, I’ll explain.

So Currie Technologies a niche ebike manufacturer with slumping sales had decided that since Sacramento is so corrupted, let us get a bill to an assemblyman who will pass it on our behalf. What will our bill AB1096 do?

Well for starters it will ban off-road hi-speed electric bicycles thus killing our competition for fast built American ebikes like Hipower Cycles for example. Here, take a look at just one innovative product HiPower Cycles has made for mainly off road usage.

That’s right off-road ebikes killed by its competitor thru a corrupted California State Assemblyman ‘David Chiu’ (God Bless Me) and it gets worse. Boy oh boy, if I ever needed a Kleenex to wipe the political snot, it sure was now. So here is what the bill does. It clutters up the ebike code creaters tiers of ebike types, allows Curries products exclusive usage of all bicycle paths like pedal bikes, bans all other typs from bike paths and for faster electric bicycles states they must use a small motor and ride in traffic on the street pavement with cars at no more than 20MPH. 20 miles per hour in front of car drivers on the street since they will be banned even from bike lanes, are you frigging kidding me?

This bill will create road rage with motorists and get ebikers killed. It doesn’t stop there folks, oh no.

The bill also criminalizes all current legal ebikes that have a 1kw motor and can be forced to a 20mph speed limit, yes you heard me right. Through a brand new manufacturers only sticker program if an ebike does not have that sticker it is ILLEGAL!!! So if you bought a kit and built your own or upgraded an older ebike to a 1kw setup it is effectively OUTLAWED and you are a CRIMINAL for riding a ZERO polluting electric bicycle. This is what Democratic Assemblyman David Chiu (God Bless Me) and to a lesser extent another assemblyman Republican Matthew Harper are behind and pushing and why? Because the zero polluting ebike industry which is struggling already and still in its infancy must have a company like Currie come in and buy legislation to protect their business interests short term against the environment, transportation and a free open competitive market place and this is what AB1096 does.

So okay, Currie is committing suicide on itself long term with this shopped around bill to soon become law. Actually Currie is also killing the entire ebike industry at least in the case of the greenest state of them all, ‘California.’ How? Great question.

Let us look at the bigger picture here. Why does anyone need to buy an electric bicycle versus other types of transportation? Electric bikes are expensive. On average expect to spend thousands for one pedal assist or throttle. They require average charge times of about 3 to 6 hours. They have on average a 10 to 20 mile range, they can go no faster than 20mph on the street with me so far? Now let us look at Gasoline powered bikes.

A gasoline powered bicycle can have up to a 48cc motor, is rewarded with up to 30MPH road speeds, takes less than 3 minutes to tank up half a gallon of gasoline at any service station, has a range of 125miles per half tank of gasoline. Cost, a Beach Cruiser $100.00 and a full engine kit about $260.00 for a grand total of $360.00 And it gets even worse for EBike owners or potential owners.

Carbon pedal bikes. Lightweight, they can get a cyclist pedaling with a Carbon full frame and about 30gear speeds up to nearly 50MPH and have an endless range as well, as long as you can pedal them. Cost between $350.00 for cheaper ones to $11,00.00 dollars and up.

Electric Motorcycles. Range 125 miles per charge, charging time about 2 hours, cost about $8,000 on up.

Traditional Motorcycle about $5000.00 for a basic cruiser model, Harley’s are more 😉

Small car, prices vary. You can find a small old clunker for as little as $500.00

So the basic question is why would many folks want to spend a grand or more for an electric bicycle and thus lies the bigger scheme of things. Instead of killing an industry on near life support for the benefit of a few niche market companies, what is seriously needed here is what I proposed to the State and also the City of Los Angeles. Open all bike paths and bike lanes regardless of ebike motor size or top speed. Regulate the riding places with a speed limit sign for all cyclists. Much like a Corvette is allowed to ride in a 35mph zone same deal for bikes. Allow ebikes for off road and trail usage, better than polluting gas powered bikes.

Unfortunately AB1096 if it has not, will pass and you can blame corruption for killing more of the environment creating more road congestion, causing more costs per road repair and especially blame Currie and David Chiu (God Bless Me) for any street deaths of electric bike cyclists who were forced onto the street to fall victim of car driver’s with road rage when they obeyed this corrupted and very dangerous and destructive self serving law paid for by a small niche manufacturer of ebike pedal assist bicycles.

There is no grandfather law in this to protect those who legally invested in and complied with the state laws before this bill passed which it has as of April 29th where it goes to the senate. The state of California will also issue special stickers to specified manufacturers of slow ebikes in California. Any ebike not having a sticker will be come criminalized contraband subject to confiscation. The great conflict of interest in killing a statewide free market, future technologies and limiting customers to choices is because of the CEO of Currie Technologies buying the state of California to do what his company and that of other struggling pedal-assist only and slow ebikes are finding in the free market so they got this assemblyman to regulate the marketplace in my estimation for their corporate profits including against green actual real transportation. This is raw naked government corruption at its finest where everyone suffers for the benefit of a very few.

In my estimation, any electric bike cyclist who is injured should immediately sue Currie Technologies, their CEO, his cycling committee and demand that corrupted State Assemblymen like Matthew Harper and David Chiu (God Bless Me) are swept from power on corruption charges and face jail time for murder charges of those cyclists…It’s best for the green environment!

David Chiu (God Bless Me)


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Is Bubba Jealous of Weiner?

Uh, lets see…

and finally, cause you know he did…

The next Democratic Presidential Candidate


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