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Cycling EBike strategies

Okay, now for some safety. How much does the average car weigh? Around 3,400 Pounds give or take. Smaller cars less, bigger vehicles more and what happens when a car hits a cyclist?

I have in recent times found myself nearly hit, not my fault while ebiking, but rather the drivers so lets review a few things first.

1.) Make sure you have side mirrors on your bicycle.

2.) Make sure to glance those mirrors every few seconds while watching for what is ahead of you.

3.) Leave 3 to 4 feet from parked cars, otherwise you will meet “FLIPPER” and I ain’t talking about dolphins either.

4.) Never challenge a Motorist in a vehicle, remember the weight of a vehicle?

There are assholes, but car drivers will lead to the below. (Be aware next video contains profanity)

One strategy you might consider is when at a stop light and cars are coming up behind you and stopping waiting to go.

5.) Make sure to use your bike mirror and watch the traffic about to start behind you at the light. When the traffic starts, take a few seconds pause and let the vehicles go first. Then start across the intersection, this way what is behind you should be clear.

6.) If a double lane is available, in California bikes and cars share the outside lane. But if traffic is light, stay in the middle of the road. What this typically does is force the driver of the vehicle to change lanes, almost 100% of the time. Cause if you stay to the far right or outside of the lane, the driver is encouraged to slip by you closer so force them into the other lane by just taking up the outside lane. Be aware though, if the driver does not seem to change lanes to scoot to the side as quickly as possible. This type of car driver that is unyielding I find on average about 1 in 100. In California, the law is a car or vehicle must give a cyclist of any type, at least 3 feet space.

I cannot stress enough to be aware at all times and again, use your mirror to constantly monitor what is behind you as well as of course ahead of you. Riding can be simple, fun, decent exercise and mind cleansing, but it can also be very dangerous, so vigilance is key and one very last piece of advice.

7.) Make sure to wear bright color tops and that your riding lights are all charged up. Visibility to drivers will mean they see you and avoid a mishap or worse.


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Senator Hertzberg’s office to EBikers in California.

Today after talking to the Democratic councilman aide Marco, said they are not interested in Green Transportation or electric bicycles.

Jerry Brown to EBikers in California…

Governor Jerry Brown has spent billions of the state’s funds on green energy/transportation, a bullet train to nowhere. He practically screams for the news media he wants to cut greenhouse gases at least by 40%. Well, guess what, electric bicycles on throttle (not pedal assist) cut greenhouse emissions though I must also admit, refilling the electrical charge to their batteries requires a power plant. But when actually riding one on throttle it is zero-polluting, let me be clear on that fact.

Democrats to EBikers Green Transportation…


Governor Jerry Brown and all of the Democrats in California and all of the Republicans in California signed AB1096 outlawing zero polluting throttle ebikes for the most part, fixing a free marketplace for a company whose CEO wrote the bill and his company financed the bill, and essentially took away consumer market free choice for very over-priced, under performing mainly (pedal assist) only products.




and here is what future EBikers may think of these corrupted totalitarian communists ruining California…

Elections coming for you thugs.

Hetzie as L.A. Councilwoman Nury Martinez, another useless phony liberal scumbag likes to call him “Oh Hertzie loves EBikes!” Nope, he doesn’t, not important. Instead he is busy stripping citizens rights away from them as fast as possible. Seems that Hertzie is just another corrupt liberal commie politician. As for his stance on EBikes. Go “F” yourselves.

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The First Step for CalBike Org Should Be

“The Bike Path/Lane Safety Act” that’s right, let us make bike paths/lanes safer for all. I’ll site you examples of why we should make Bike Paths/Lanes safer.

Let us start with the fat woman who made a run for the border about 7 years ago. Her name is Elena Garcia and what did Elena do? She banged the first cabalerro she could find and got a first son, now he is 5 years old. She banged another guy and had another son and he is two years old. Then she banged this macho man and had triplets ding-ding-ding she hit the lottery and she gets welfare benefits for all her AmeriKan kids. So what does this have to do with bicycle paths and lanes? Great question.

A Bike path or lane is only two lanes wide, one coming and one going, that’s it. Elena Garcia has her family out for the weekend jaunt at a park where bicycle paths exist. Oh, the guys split from her long ago, but not to worry. She got additional aid from the moron politicians, now has a big home, a Lincoln Navigator, a Pitbull and a Rottweiler and oh, she is on the bike path.

Elena is pushing a triple baby stroller right down the middle of the bike path. Her two year old has a pitbull on a leash, the kid is on one side the pitbull on the other side of the bike path taking up the whole width and the five year old is chasing the family Rottweiler off leash while Elena is all smiles. Oh and what about the cyclists? The hell with those two-wheeled bastards!

That was example number one. Let us talk about example number two: Mr. and Misses Johnson, they are a very old couple, love to hold hands when they walk side by side, they are always with a pleasant smile and oh, they walk on the bicycle path each one taking an entire lane hand-in-hand. Unfortunately they are too old to get out of the way, so you have to go around them on the dirt or if you are lucky, grass. If the dirt had a recent rain you might go sliding in the mud. Can’t happen, guess again, I seen it with my own eyes and here’s the kicker. The Johnson’s gave the cyclist a dirty look and kept going.

Now let us talk about Roger. Another bikehole on the bike path and he uses a polycarbon while riding in tights, yeah it is faster than a person walking but this little bikehole likes to play a game international marathon and what does he do? He rides at high pedal speeds in excess of twenty-five mph and he likes to come within inches of other cyclists and especially pedestrians and he just shakes his head with a smile. Imagine if he accidentally hit Mr and Misses Johnson, wouldn’t that be a real shame..

But worst of all is Luscious Linda. Cute tall blonde and with a headset and mp3 player on. She’s jogging to that music. She has it cranked up so loud, she can’t hear a damned thing at all, and where is she jogging? Right smack dab down the middle of the bike path. Go to her left or right you might startle her. She cannot hear your bike horn or bell dinging away, she might step to the side just as you are about to pass and then it gets messy. I can guarantee you it will be worse than a Victoria’s Secret model falling off-stage during a show.

Okay CalBike do you understand now? Okay so how do we fix things.

The Bicycle Path/Lane Safety Act‘ and here is what’s in it.

A. NO PEDESTRIANS ON ANY Bike Paths/Lanes except to safely cross them.

B. Require all cyclists with a wheel size of 16 inches or larger to have a working calibrated bicycle speedometer. Costs start at $15.00 on up.

C. Post a Maximum Speed Limit on the bike path or lane.

D. Open the bike path to all forms of bicycling. Pedal, Gas or Electric. Forget about top speed, forget about motor size or weight. If someone goes past the speed limit, ticket them. Use the revenues to hire bike police and make it a ticket they’ll never forget.

That is it, done, finished and over. No need to require special manufacturers stickers, no need for what motor size, what weight of a bike what top speeds. Ride safely at a posted speed limit with a speedometer and it’s all fine. Move pedestrians back onto a sidewalk. No more multi path usage. It is either a bike path or it is not.

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How The Pedelecs are Pedaling Into Oblivion.

Okay, so a bunch of small companies that mainly make pedal assist ebikes bought the entire state of California and are now buying other states and why? So you as a schmuck can spend $3,500.00 grand buying an electric bicycle that you still have to pedal. I mean, anyone stupid enough to buy the better mousetrap deserves the mouse too, right?

So here is the best advice you will get. Don’t buy their crap, let the electric bicycle industry as it is now dominated by ‘Pedelec’ companies (pedelec = pedal assist) all go to hell and choke on their building inventories and lack of sales.

Here is how you do it. Go to the greater marketplace. If you want to pedal a bicycle, get yourself a nice aluminum framed bicycle from Walmart or Target. Cost fort one, I mean a nice one, under $300.00 which sure beats $3,500.00 to say you went green. After all, if Governor Jerry Brown, a communist traitor of the lowest order ( I might add ) can make green be actual $$$ for his own retirement pensions screwing you, instead make it screw them (Pedelec Green Companies) That’s right, there is no need to reinvent the bicycle, save your money, the hell with those greedy corpunists, let em all go to hell.

Now if method number one wasn’t enough, you know, you might need a little air in your face, why spend $3,500.00 on an over priced liberal communist piece of crap Pedelec when you can get a used Motorcycle. In fact I found one as low as $125.00 and guess what. With a Motorcycle license and insurance, this baby gets you endless range on a tank of gas, keeps up with cars and it gets you air in your face, and erhmmm, perhaps a few bugs in your teeth as well.

Now let’s say you want the air but not the bugs. Quite understandable. Get a used convertible car. Air all around you, endless range, you can find them for a bit more than Pedelec products and they even have music. Who can beat that? Just say no to ebikes, save money and enjoy life while these tyrannical companies that are buying corrupted state legislatures go belly up. Now that’s what I call a smart decision.

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WHY AB1096 is so bad!

At first glance, California Assembly Bill AB1096 appears a great and grand thing. It legally opens the bicycle paths to ebikes. Where it goes wrong is in many ways. Now before I start, let me state for the record that there was zero opposition to this bill from government. Every Republican and Democrat alike in California voted YES on this to my knowledge in the end and the governor of the state of California signed this bill with eager glee. That stated, let us really look at what happened.

First of all, the governor of California who appears fanatical about everything to do with the environment and green energy and global warming is nothing more than an old fart who is full of crap! The guy even looks like a criminal who fell out of jail, and oh, please don’t get me started on this crook. Like I say, if it looks like a thug, robs you like a thug, babbles like a thug – it’s a crooked politician and Jerry Brown is one of the biggest there is. Now why would someone say that about such a nice guy, try prick instead! That sums this dirtbag up in a better context.

As for AB1096, let us dissect this. It creates essentially 3 categories of electric bikes that are legal and it was written mostly with the help of a CEO of an ebike company whose company FINANCED this state bill. I think that says a lot but let us delve into this further.

Class 1 EBike pedal assist only, can only go max speed of 20 MPH

Class 2 EBike throttle bike can only go max speed of 20 MPH.

Now here is the big klinker on these pedals of mine and I take issue with it. Almost all throttle ebikes have a pedal assist option of some sort so why 2 categories? I mean why not just ebike, then there is class 3. Ready for this take?

Class 3 Pedal Assist but can go 29 MPH. Why? I mean why not just have one category so far called EBike and let them ride at a speed limit? You don’t punish Tesla Owners and you don’t classify electric car types this way, so why punish those on the least polluting ebike types which are throttle based? Why can a performance pedal assist ebike be the only one to legally 28MPH but your throttle ebike can go no more than 20 MPH? I’ll tell you why, because this bill, financed by a company, whose CEO was involved tailored an assembly bill to its product line and what it envisions. Forget the free market.

What AB1096 did was for several companies whose product type was dying off or ill selling in the free market as compared to kit bikes which were cheaper, faster, better performing with longer range and less maintenance, these greedy companies bought an entire state legislature and what did the corrupt legislature do for the greedy companies?

Killed a Free Market.

Killed Consumer Choice.

Forced an entire market to be defined by companies who sell a specific ill selling product line.

Stiffled innovation for without a free and competitive marketplace where the buyers can buy from many differing products this has been killed.

Killed of the competition of these manufacturers who mainly sell Pedal Assist EBike products that for the most part don’t sell well.

In essence the manufacturers bought an entire state free market to close it to what they want the public to buy. No free choice, no innovation, no competition, just the expensive low performance crap they deem appropriate and does this remind you of the Obamacare health insurance market no longer free choice for many consumers? Well, guess what. AB1096 with a corporate twist was based along Obama’s national EBike guidelines and this is another way you have just lost your free choice. The entire senate and assembly voted YES to all of these points I have above in this article. Remember that when it comes voting time and oh, speaking of voting.

Now a final note of my own: They should have just based bike path riding on a posted simple maximum speed limit. A normal speed limit and a slower one when pedestrians were present and that is it. Nothing else was required here. Making classes out of a company’s ebike product line which benefits the company at the expense of everything else was just plain wrong. As for the 750WATT motor size, even if you pair a 24volt batter with a 750 watt motor it will exceed 20MPH on throttle. It would top out at around 26MPH, add a 36 volt batter and the 750 WATT motor goes 29MPH add a 48 volt battery and it passes 30MPH so what about a 500 watt motor? Great question. Lets see here.

A 500Watt motor with a 24 volt batter gets to about 17MPH, with a 36 volt battery gets to 21MPH, with a 48 volt battery gets to 29MPH, with a 60 volt battery gets to 38MPH, with a 72volt battery gets to 46MPH and that is a legal motor size here. Will easily get a Class 2 sticker. I just wanted to show all of you that motor size is not the main factor here, there are many other variables, battery voltage, and the controller amp output determine just how fast an ebike can go. In theory a 350 watt geared motor and 36 volt battery can with the proper control easily hit over 20MPH so why is motor size a factor? Because the company and its CEO who were behind AB1096 say so, Sig Heil!

That’s Jerry Brown On Stage talking about AB1096 criminalizing zero polluting EBike owners in California.

Jerry Brown just gave millions of ILLEGAL ALIENS the right to vote now through the Department of Mexican Voters the DMV. AB1096 and its corrupt fixed tyranny is just the start, expect worst bills from these people to further strip you of your freedoms and rights, because California’s communist totalitarian, freedom of choice and free market hatting thugs in power

no longer represent free choice and free markets as witnessed by their current bill.

Hasta La Vista Freedom to choose, buy and ride EBikes…baby!

Note in California, green zero polluting ebikes for transportation are now ILLEGAL!!!

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How To Kill California’s Ebike Industry!

From a disenfranchised former EBike supporter criminalized by a communist legislator and thug governor of this once great state.

Since the bald headed governor thug Jerry Brown (poop) decided to sign AB1096 so the CEO of a company whose company financed the bill can fix the entire state marketplace for their products only, it is time to fight back and there are ways to do this.

First off, the entire EBike industry was more or less on life support anyhow. Very high costs to buy and maintain an electric bicycle, competition from outside fields, limited usage already were working on it. So what happened? PEDELEC and what is that?

Pedal Electric. Idiots decided to try and reinvent the bicycle. On this illusion they can make the common pedal bicycle somehow better they made it much more expensive and still very limited. They decided to have an electric motor assist you when pedaling. Hence Pedelec an acronym for Pedal Electric. They call it an electric bicycle and in some form it actually is, but it is not a true EBike or electric bicycle, because it requires you to still pedal and that comes to where the crux of the problem is. The market decided they liked overall EBikes on the throttle. You twist or push a thumb throttle and the bicycle takes off. Pedelecs could not compete against many foreign kit based and even domestic throttle based ebikes so they turned and formed a coalition to protect their interests and kill off the bulk of throttle ebikes. The free capital marketplace did not want Pedelecs, consumers mainly purchased throttle ebikes instead. So in steps the CEO of a company gets himself on a state bicycle board and then has his mainly Pedelec building company finance a state bill. Since California’s legislature is both overall uninformed and corrupted, they pass this bill.

AB1096 is so bad, it even criminalizes a new class of felons and outlaws existing legal ebikes on the throttle. It sets up a brand new statewide black-market place. So are you getting all of this now. Are you understanding what is going on? Instead of offering what consumers wanted, the Pedelec companies decided to kill a free market along the lines of what Obamacare did to freedom of choice in the healthcare industry. In fact Obama’s national ebike policies influenced heavily on AB1096. This means that instead of serious ebikes as transportation, they will now be a slow, high maintenance hobby for sport and nothing more.

So it is time to point the consumers in the right direction and there are two here that kill the Pedelec company’s profits while still rendering freedom of choice for consumers. By not supporting companies like Pedego or Currie Tech among a whole host of others, you will be sending a strong message that you want a free market. They have for all intents and purposes killed zero polluting throttle ebikes for practicality so here is what to decide and do.

Their big main selling points are pedaling up a hill easily and into the wind. Ready?

If you must pedal, save your money, honestly. If you want a decent workout, goto Walmart or Target or Amazon.com online and buy a Schwinn or Huffy 21 speed hybrid or road racer. I priced the Schwinn at $327.00 on sale at Walmart. You get an endless range, low maintenance and you can pedal as fast as you want. No 20MPH or even 28MPH restrictions here. Get a higher speed pedal bicycle and you can get to 35MPH or even 40MPH and guess what. You can go 50MPH legally on the bicycle paths on your pedal bike…never needs new batteries. How’s that for pedaling? Now lets look at the steep hills, high winds and the air in your face experience that throttle ebikes would have provided you.

Moped, Scooter or better yet, used Motorcycle. I recently priced out a used Harley Sportster at $2800.00 low miles too. Endless range, makes enough noise to let drivers know when you are nearby. Gets you through any high winds or up any road hills with ease. Doesn’t require hours of recharge time, just 5 minutes or less to tank up at a nearest filling station and you get hundreds of miles of riding. Yes does require a license M1 on your Driver’s license is best. About $150.00 a year for insurance. After that, you will never worry about electric bicycles again.

Pedelecs cannot keep up with these other competitive outlets and since the state of California has criminalized zero-polluting green energy bikes, why not go the other outlets potential cyclists. Pedal instead of pedelecs, save money, frustration and time, endless range too as fast as you can pedal. For the air in your face, twist throttle a bit more initially but once done, you won’t regret it. Let Pedelec companies have the bike paths at 20mph and yes there will be the green commie schmucks who think they are wonderful pedaling at 20mph on a bike path. Of course the cyclists doing 30mph will laugh at them for the Pedelec Putzes they really are and laugh at them for being stupid enough to buy a product by companies that just committed suicide on themselves because they had to use a state legislature to fix a marketplace that doesn’t want their products overall. That is how you kill the current EBike industry, don’t buy their products, save you monies and buy the other competing products regular bicycle, a gasoline powered bicycle kit or a motorcycle class ride. You won’t regret and by putting Pedelec companies out of business, you will as a customer restored your freedom of choice that these evil companies tried to steal from you.

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Green Governor Criminalizes Green Transportation

Governor Brown of California, the greenest state within the greenest country in the world, you know the one. The country that Barak HUSSEIN Obama has spent trillions of your tax dollars instead of rebuilding your country’s infrastructure on. Brown signed into law AB1096. It is an EBike law and here is what it will do.

Up until now, California has allowed the purchase and usage of EBikes with a motor the size of 1,000 watts or 1kw. The bike had to not go faster than 20MPH and with suppression on an EBike’s controller, the motors speed was limited.

Now, the state without grandfathering in all of the motors bigger than what AB1096 specifies will be made contraband by the state. Now how fast can a 1,000 watt motor go on a 48 volt battery? Anywhere between about 27 to 34 MPH. How fast can a standard cyclist go on a Polycarbon Framed pedal bicycle with 33 speeds of gears? Try 50MPH.

The new law by the governor will limit legal maximum motor sizes to 750 watts and allow a maximum speed at 28MPH. Seems fair, right? Not so fast. This hideous law does more things. It outlaws a limiter on the controller or cycling computers such as ‘The Cycle Analyst’ which could actually dial down the motor size and top speed. Further it will create a legal sticker program, making it a FELONY to have a counterfeit sticker on your EBike. If the cops catch you, here goes a whole brand new layer of criminality for riding an EBike faster than 20MPH with the wrong sticker on it. That’s right, if you can ride 29MPH you can goto jail and your EBike is seized as contraband.

Who thought up such a law? Great question. “The California Bicycle Coalition” and a board member named Larry Pizzi. And who is Larry Pizzi? The CEO of Currie Technologies. And what does Currie Technologies make and sell, slow overpriced EBikes that most people skip buying. And who financed this EBike bill through Assemblyman David Chiu’s (God Bless Me) offices??? Currie Technologies. So lets get this straight. A CEO of a company that makes a product that isn’t selling well against competition, gets himself inserted onto a state group influencing lawmakers to fix the marketplace for their markets, and has his company fund it. In essence your entire State Legislature and the Governor, Mr. Green (I want to cut emissions on green gasses by 40%) just made zero polluting throttle EBikes as real transportation criminal. They sold the entire state marketplace, fair competition, innovation, what the EBike public demanded out to a small company whose niche market products sell like crap! Are you starting to see criminality here? Where is C.A.R.B. on this? I called their offices, not interested. Where is the Sierra Club on this? Not interested, in fact Green celebrities couldn’t give a rats crap about this bill. Some of them own the very slow limited products most will forgo.

Cycling groups didn’t even want any EBikes on any paths or anywhere else for that matter. This bill kills free markets, it kills competition and fixes the marketplace for the niche company’s products. It criminalizes those who purchased other products, it even bans off-road EBikes. That’s right you can ride a gas powered dirt bike off road but no EBikes. It creates a Black Market as mentioned for manufacturer stickers, cause police departments to have to worry about people riding EBikes. It creates contraband of existing EBikes without grandfathering them in while they had been legal. It pushes Pedelecs (Pedal Assist Only EBikes) which contribute precious carbon to Jerry Brown’s reduction while punishing the very EBikes that gave zero pollution while being ridden. Essentially it kills the EBike market as it could have grown properly, so where to go from here?

Well, legislatures should fix AB1096, and there is a simple fix actually. Remove motor size, open all bike paths to all EBikes and regulate based on posted or known speed limits, much like a 150MPH Porsche 911 in a 35MPH zone.

Notice that Tesla owners are not discriminated like this. They can drive on streets alongside Toyota and Honda ecars yet Tesla’s have a motor double the size. Why are EBike owners and the market limited? Because the CEO of a company that financed this bill of total corruption has just bought the entire State of California’s goldmine markets using the very government to kill off his competition and that is the real sad truth here. This could have simply been done by having a single category called EBike and open the bike paths with a posted maximum speed limit, mandate all cycles on a bike path must have a calibrated working bicycle speedometer, problem solved! You didn’t need three categories that only benefit Mr. Pizzi’s company and that of overpriced Pedelecs.

RIP California EBikes, it was nice riding you when it was legal!



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