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L.A. City’s Incredible Shrinking Cans

Ya gotta love the Los Angeles Department of sanitation, you know the one’s, the clowns in those trucks that make your neighbor’s dogs go ballistic. The guys who love those trucks causing trash debris to flying over the top and land on traffic as it passes by. Horrible. So, every month the city has fees, fees and many more fees which in this case is trash pickup. Every month you are billed for those trash cans, you know the ones. Black, Green & Blue. When the program initially started out, everyone got a 90 gallon trash can, then Mayor Tony Villar, that crappy little creep, you know who, this ahole… the one who cheated on his wife with a news reporter.

Yeah that loser who now wants to be governor of the state of this once great land…

Anyhow Tony VILLAR!!! came into office as Mayor of Los Angeles and one of the first things he did was triple the trash can rates, that low life rotten, no good BASTURD!

So, lo and behold, not to be outdone, the current “I LOVE ILLEGAL ALIENS and I HATE YOU AMERICAN CITIZENS” Mayor Eric Garcetti has a new trash can gimmick. Here, let’s watch it in action.

Their latest gimmick is taking your 90 gallon cans and forcing you into a 60 gallon can unless you pay them more money and how do they do this? Well, the trash truck operator adds extra rough treatment like in the video above, they can actually apply more pressure then necessary and why, because this is their new ploy/policy. The city saves money hauling a smaller can, because they save trash dump space too. Want your old 90 gallon back. I got a hostile female black woman on the line, as nasty as can be, “either you pay up mo money or you is getting the smaller can!” Well, I’m not from South Central and I am pissed! That’s why this blog is up, to give you all a heads up on what Los Angeles is doing. Yeah they will give you the new smaller 60 gallon can and someone mentioned to me they want to halve that to a newer, smaller 30 gallon can, all at the same rate you pay today. Less is more, or more for less. Take your pick, it comes out the same way. So here is what your government gave you.

So you can get an idea of what you will eventually have after this awful city council and Mayor get their way, right to left 90 gallon, 60 gallon and finally your new 30 gallon and who knows where this trash can scam goes from there.


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While KTLA with my friend Miss Vera Jimenez is flying quite high these days, KTTV on a number of fronts is struggling to keep up.

Vera Jimenez KTLA

Vera Jimenez KTLA

It’s a tit-for-tat (no disrespect to anyone personally regarding body parts) back-and-forth go, one here, one there. Time to make KTTV not a copy cat of KTLA but it’s own agenda and schedule. Let KTTV be the one to copy.

Where KTTV screwed up in a number of ways and has paid a serious price are the following.

Mark Thompson – Dancing Weatherman was a hoot!!!

He gained national and in some respects international followings dancing while doing the weather reports. Even his cast mates such as veteran News Anchor Miss Christine Devine were laughing enjoying the moment. So why after almost a quarter century they let him part remains beyond me. Yes I like Pablo, actually met his wife and kids way out in the boonies when on a survey of property with a business owner a while back, all sweet people and Pablo seems the nice family guy as well. But Mark Thompson should be brought back to KTTV and perhaps both he and Pablo can split the schedule.

REAL GHOSTS that haunt FOX KTTV remains Miss Heid S. Cuda.

I actually got to meet with her and the family on several occasions and these are very very sweet people. While politically at this heated time in history I may not agreed with Heidi on an issue or two, I will seriously discount this and move on from there as I like Heidi a lot. Very pretty lady in public or person, very talented, a super bubbly, polished, professional and smooth personality, very very hard working, her current gent is also a very sweet guy and quite talented at set building for productions (something to note).

Where this major ghost still haunts KTTV is the issues with very weak and poor management, a vegetable brain leading the outfit of other vegetable brain management who just was better off????? playing a geeetar somewhere instead of managing a studio like this. Luckily on that point, the vegetable went back to the garden to grow into something else, but then again geeetars do produce lovely tunes and I am told they are quite good at strumming so keep on strumming bud. Maybe they’ll download your tunes on youtube for free if they are good enough!

Now back to Heidi. Multi-talented woman News Producer, Writer, Camera New Celebrity (she has done before the camera work – qualifies), has done many news stints for KTTV and FOX in the past. Time for KTTV management to snap her up, return her as the tremendous resource such as Mark Thompson and my next one following Heidi. Heidi is a ghost that still haunts KTTV and like Mark Thompson and my next people, should be returned to make KTTV much better than where it’s struggles are going right now.

Legal Anaylist Miss Robin Sax should never, ever, ever have been let go from KTTV.

WOW a very rare talented and pretty resource with a great mind was for many years associated with KTTV until the bad bad bad, very bad management at KTTV let her go too, after all if you are chucking all of your top resources as fast as you can to show Rupert how you save a few bucks, at the EXPENSE of his network affiliate and especially his CUSTOMERS THE VIEWERS, then get rid of this person. Maybe we can replace her with an erhmmm, politically correct version during the Obama times. (Yeah that statement will piss some people off, the hell with em!) I call it as it is and no I am not politically correct, never have been never will be. Hillary Clinton’s brainwashing doesn’t work here.

First off the lovely Miss Sax is a former prosecutor who served the public’s well being. Where does the KTTV management squander a resource this talented, from bad management and viewers don’t like whose there now. Time to bring back this resource and bring them back to rebuild KTTV and I am not done yet.

Kingsley Smith, a high-powered executive who KTTV parted with should have done everything they could to hang on to him, but did not.

Again it comes down to Broccolihead management types or vegetables for brains, who couldn’t care a crap less, are you reading this Mr. Murdoch??? Couldn’t care a less about your CUSTOMERS aka. TV VIEWERS and KTTV needs to get this production decision making talent back and they need him back with the others mentioned here right now.

My other KTTV start of the 2017 season critic.

Shows that seriously need to be rebuilt and I am not blaming the production talents nor the before the screen talents, I am blaming executive decisions at the higher levels which I have done for years, because until you fix that area, the crap will continue to roll down hill to your are you reading this Mr. Murdoch, your CUSTOMERS aka. TV VIEWERS!

Good Day LA

Good Day LA

Morning show, search my archives in the GDLA Bash I have well documented how to make this a block buster. Show format times remains totally broken nonsense.

Does anyone really care? This is entertainment and information?

Does anyone really care? This is entertainment and information?


Morning news cast broken, needs to realign viewing times in conjunction with morning show.

I love Wendy Williams show excellent (very very sweet lady and she is very with it too – always great to see).

Wendy Williams

Wendy Williams

I like the midday News With Lisa Breckenridge though I still argue she was a natural for the official entertainment reporter instead of Miss Julie Chang.

Miss Lisa Breckenridge

Miss Lisa Breckenridge

Former ABC

Former ABC “EXEC” Brian Frons

What FOX should do is purchase from ABC the old serials “All My Children” and “One Life To Live” place them as half hour soaps right after the midday news and lock up the early afternoon slot.

Between revamped versions of these old soaps, FOX would gain about 20 to 35 million viewers and they can build on this. The killing of the shows by former ABC Exec schmuck Brian Frons was about the biggest asinign move a TV exec drunk on their own power binge could act out as a serial soap opera killer aka what Brian became a “Serial Killer” hey Brian, FU from a former AMC viewer 1970 to 2011, you did a great job killing off millions of ABC viewers for the network. I guess your fat food show on losing weight actually helped ABC lose the midday slot for good, great job!!!

If Mr. Rupert Murdoch were smart, see if you can nab the ownership of both soaps, shoot the production either NYC or LA and bring them back to tens of millions of viewers as half hour shows perhaps several times a week or better yet, daily. Get what worked! Contact Agnes Nixon the original founder of these former production people, since Misses Nixon passed away in 2016, another lovely talented lady. Perhaps get actress Susan Lucci in talks, but people would love to record and view these again, huge followings.

Ween away from all the devil and satanic themed series, the American public mostly still religious are turned off by all this BS! They aren’t interested in the Devil, Satan, Lucifer, and in fact you are propagating a lot of evil onto society in the USA, people are fed up with it.

Make FOX Fair and Balanced for real, no fake news reporting, FOX has nationally done a great job so far. Offer and pull in the following conservative people and far below a few libs as well lets hear it all baby.

Mr. Murdoch, make peace with Dr. Michael Savage and between him and O’Reilly. Your customers want to see peace and a working out of the differences for the good of our country. Savage, Levine, O’Reilly, Hannity are but the top.

How about a Rush Limbaugh show on FOX? I have someone for you. Mr. Rusty Humphries and Larry Elder the Sage from South Central, but very outspoken knowledgeable like the rest they are available for some great shows even if a half hour but start going for them.

Then there is Alex Jones and Infowars, maybe a FOX tie in for viewers would be just the trick. In essence bring on more shows besides the current batch such as political anchors Hanity and O’reilly. Viewers want to see these other personalities live, hear more issues, learn more, give them more. Savage would be great, Elder, Humpries, Jones, Laura Ingram another one, lets get the shows going, bring these people to us your CUSTOMERS aka. VIEWERS and from the left pair a few shows up, like perhaps a rountable show like the late McLaughin Group. Imagine a rountable with seated altogether, Al Gore, David Axelrod, Michael Savage, Mark Levin with Rush as the moderator or like the head guy, what political sparks would fly for the hour and rotate in guests on this rountable like Alex Jones, or Mulholland from California, a mix of libs and commies against conservatives, let the ideas and opinions fly. I think on a Friday night this would be a major coast-to-coast hit bring in Pat Buchanan.

Mr. Murdoch as you read this, you can fix all of these things, bring in bigger advertising revenues while offering your CUSTOMERS aka. VIEWERS what they would really enjoy. Isn’t it time to add this new vision, fix what is broken and give your VIEWERS what they really deserve. MAKE KTTV AND FOX GREAT AGAIN…Happy NEW YEAR 2017???


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The old Los Angeles I grew up in and miss!

You know, I am a native of this city and Southern California, my long time home. I have seen over half a century of change, decades that have gone by. In an odd sense, while everything over time has changed, I must say, I miss an older yet younger Los Angeles. The cars, cultures, music, tv shows, many long gone family members and many friends too, all wonderful people in their own ways.

At one time, Southern California was one of the best places to be and at the center of much of the world’s universe too. Hollywood was almost all here, no runaway productions. Weather was always what it was, a sort of Mediterranean mix and medley of great sunshine on tap. There was something so very special about Southern California so I found this, thought I might show you much of what I grew up in, the feel and flavor of a Los Angeles era long gone, yet it feels so like home.


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Beyond Broccoli, try rotting vegetables!

So Brocclihead gone or so at lkeast two sources have mentioned, great, one down, more to go. After all, if you wanna fix a KTTV you gotta break a few execs. Then the viewers like myself aka. “CUSTOMERS” win!!!

fam03So what’s a nationally owned TV station to do? Great question and I have all the answers as a “CUSTOMER” because it seems that KTTV’s biggest problems are its own. So now that erhmm a certain vegetable is absent and the other vegetables are ermm doing this to their viewers… eck13Perhaps it is time to talk about fixing things.

For starters, I don’t know about the rest of the CUSTOMERS aka the Viewing Public, but with all the miscues, no sound with pictures, no pictures with sound, reporters not being told the camera is on when they are picking their nose, talking to themselves and waiting to be notified they are cleaning their erhmm, nostrils in front of millions, as though the viewing masses must learn the proper angle to pick their noses, cameras at wrong angles when hosts and cohosts are facing the wrong camera, all production issues that should never happen, here is a clue for starters KTTV management. Are you ready to listen to a CUSTOMER with the controller in hand and we shall get to that in a moment or two.

Fixable problem number one. HIRE MORE PRODUCTION STAFF TALENTS!

Okay, let us now discuss problem number two. Who are your CUSTOMERS and who are your commodities? It has been informed to me that viewers are a commodity and that the real customers are the advertisers. Evidently this comes from buying too much crack cocaine and smoking it in the executive suites at FOX. Fair, naw, unbalanced, yes. Let me give the morons a prime example because you are hearing from a CUSTOMER and why I am a CUSTOMER and you execs have got it all wrong.

You have KTTV your affiliate station, they depend on advertisers to support their programming and they make the programming for the viewer. Now who can change channels and turn off who? Great question illustrating my exact point in educating the crack smoking execs. Can an advertiser turn off KTTV and stop watching? No, they depend on the station to advertise their products. Who, for the TV hosts, the production crew, the execs? Nope, they want me. They want me to watch and why is that? After all, I can do something they do not want me to do. They want me to watch their shows because when I see their shows, I see their advertisers products which I might buy. So it would seem that I am who they require to exist. yes advertiser revenues, but without my watching their shows and commercials, both KTTV and its advertisers both lose. Now doesn’t that seem to indicate that I am the customers and here is further proof. “CLICK” I have a controller for the TV set and I just turned the TV off. Now who is watching a show or commercial to buy a product? Certainly not me. Who really is the customer here for KTTV and FOX? It is the viewer. Who is the commodity? The advertiser because the viewer has the ultimate control and the TV studio requires like the advertiser, the viewer to watch both of their products. I am the CUSTOMER. You make products for me, keep that in mind folks.

So what exactly is wrong besides a skeleton production crew at KTTV? Problem number 3.

Viewer Demographics. I have discussed this before in these blogs, search for it and you will find it. Essentially who are your viewers, when do they watch, why do they watch, for how long do they watch? Answer these basic questions and you can fix problem number four, particularly in the morning lineup where the KTTV problems pervade.

The morning lineup. First, stop trying to be KTLA, instead be KTTV. Right now, GDLA is more or less a mess mixed into a news extension. It should be an entertainment venue, chopped to 2 hours. News should be extended an hour. First 5 minutes of GDLA news & weather, rest of the show entertainment and just that. I am sick and tired of a guy flailing his arms and everyone yells “SPORTS” I don’t care a rats ass about sports, honestly. I have blogged about the GDLA reformat and also news realignment in these blogs, but I’ll make everything easy for all of you to find, okay. These are all fixable problems and require serious attention. Changing hosts, cohosts, eliminating production resources doesn’t make KTTV more streamlined for the better. It is a quick path to get rid of your customers. No business has ever survived by getting rid of their customers. Want a prime example.

ABC for decades had a locked in dominating of midday audience of tens of millions. They threw that away because of another Broccolihead at their station. They killed off their soap operas and what do they dominate midday now every wee for saving money? They dominate crap ratings at best, and at worst alienated tens of millions of viewers, struggle to get their commodity aka. (advertisers) so KTTV can learn an invaluable lesson from this.

Take care of me, give me “THE CUSTOMER” the very best, fix the show formats, viewing times, rehire more production so I don’t have to watch a reporter picking their nose in front of millions. Do this and I’ll watch, I’ll consider buying your advertisers products. Ignore this and I have the ultimate power, the Customer and I’ll go CLICK with my controller and KTTV goes bye-bye!

One last note of importance. I have heard word of mean execs. Please mean execs, listen to your CUSTOMER, fix what is broken. Read this blog, check out my links and then re-read them again, and then think. You have a chance to become  heroes instead of by labeled as tyrants. Fix what is broken for me, your CUSTOMER and not by firing talents both in production or before the camera, rather the viewing times and show formats. It is time to stop crapping on your CUSTOMERS, because we ultimately can crap back and ours is much bigger. The public always wins and no business ever won an argument with its customer, a good note to keep in mind execs.

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Someone asked me if I could be anywhere, where would it be?

That is really a good question, because my life spans two centuries and I have had a taste of both. Psychologically, I realize when we were kids, we wanted to be grown ups and yet as grown ups we want to be kids again. I realize there are pros and cons with both, but the other day, I was talking with close friends and family and so I decided to answer their question. The years I was at my best is both now and also as a kid. If I could live anywhere and their question also included time, it would have to be in 1966. Let me give you a flavor of that world away in another century when America was a real America, when jobs were so plentiful, employers fought to attract you and if you had a college degree…well then!

The real America that stood for freedom. Not this COMMUNIST piece of crap takeover with the morons in colleges being brainwashed and all of it paid by more liberal morons sending their kids not to college, but rather to communism 101.

and was music about raping women and killing cops? NO! It sounded much like this in 1966.

and what did the world look like as I remembered it growing up?

and what did kids look like in 1966 as I remember?

Yeah, the cars were it and the king of the road was Cadillac when the quality was made by American hands and the very envy of every car manufacturer on the globe bar none.

Yeah, 1966 was tops man, the very best back then. I sometimes look back and wonder if the USA was at the very peak of society back then? We didn’t have communist and greedy traitors in government selling us out. Politicians back then for the most part while screwing around sometimes cared about keeping it safe, at least many did.

Life was for the most part carefree and you felt secure, so much so, that in Los Angeles as general, you didn’t require a big fence around your home as you do today.

Americans around the globe walked with respect and dignity. There was no Islam here and black on white crime was minimal. Christmas, Easter, The 4th of July, Thanksgiving, Washington’s Birthday, Lincoln’s Birthday, Labor Day, Memorial Day, New Years and Valentine’s Day were our holidays. There was pride here and America was a Christian Nation founded on Jude o-Christian principals. Every government building had God’s word and law carried the Ten Commandments. In School, kids said the pledge of allegiance to God and country.

Colleges taught real educations, not how to give someone a sexual blow-job for a degree. It was real. You were trained in reading, writing, math and other business interests or sciences and arts. Not how to fling a hand full of feces at someone across the class. They taught real American history, not how bad America has been or communist hate-America garbage.

TV shows were about the American family and life. Leave It To Beaver, The Brady Bunch and the Partridge Family reflected real life, I know, because I lived through it folks.

And so if you ask me, I’ll take 1966 thank you, and you can have what is a dying, being-destroyed by greedy bastards, country.


and here…

and this one…


and what did we watch?

You should never do this, no matter what century.


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The Old L.A.

Someone of today’s younger set asked me what Los Angeles was really like half a century ago. Well, from what I remember, the early 1960’s Los Angeles as a kid growing up were great actually. Now I realize that history counts on mainly the negatives of the past, but they were actually all outweighed by the more positives I lived and I’ll share some with you. My family was typical lower middle class back then and we resided in the Baldwin Hills area. Every morning, a milk truck would deliver fresh cold glass milk bottles to many apartment doors. Weekends were cool. I was lucky enough to have a father who took me to the NuPike almost every Saturday during the spring season and summer and fall. My favorite ride was the bumper cars called ‘Skooters.’ I got into so much trouble on those for riding against traffic, I got myself banned three weekends in a row until a new ride attendant came online.

Los Angeles had a big population of men wearing turbans and they were Hindu and from India. The city also had a very large British population too, especially towards the end of the 1960’s.

The beaches were clean and the life guards drove these Dodge A100 Pickup Trucks on them. Reminded me of a giant bug of sorts.

There were no earwigs in the sand and the bay was clean as well. There was the Santa Monica Pier which had only the Merry-Go-Round and went out further over the water. South was the long parking lot and Pacific Ocean Park, (the Disneyland by the Sea) a mystical fun place I got to visit three times only.

Cars of the early sixties were almost all built and rock solid. Mechanics ordered parts, tuned them and they all worked. Gasoline below a buck…WOW, hard to believe and no major gasoline taxes by the commies. The gas station had paid attendants that came out and serviced your car while you bought fuel. They kept your car road safe and running. Today, forget about it!

Remember One Adam 12 the TV series? The LAPD were fast, efficient, friendly and crime happened…but was nowhere as horrendous as today. Homes didn’t need a fence around most of the L.A. Basin because crime was that low and the police department responded in just a few minutes.

No fence needed. The city was for the most part pretty damned safe.

On the weekends we had all sorts of TV cartoons for kids like Bugs Bunny. The Road Runner would start around 1966/1967 seasons. For TV shows we had The Munsters, Gilligan’s Island, Mission Impossible, Bewitched, Father Knows Best and who could forget Mr. Ed and Wilbur 😉

Schools were great, they taught us stuff and school bullies were handled after class by real school administrators. Yes, kids had it sometimes rough but they weren’t facing guns and knives in classes. Instead coming out of school a communist brainwashed idiot, you came out of the public school system for most, knowing how to read and write. There was a pride and a serious value in those older diplomas. Kids that cheated got it big time from the teacher and kids that misbehaved in class got to be known as the class clown and a free visit to the vice principals office.

There were tons of jobs for adults. I mean, so many jobs that the companies and businesses fought over you to work for them and if you had any kind of college degree, you were solid gold. You had an in at any company big or small and you were offered just about anything. That was the old America at work, the one where you were highly valued.

And the city was a cool place too, especially in the L.A. area. There was life on the streets back then. Here is a small glimpse of what I remember Los Angeles to be like.

and how about here.

and here…

and lets not forget the beaches too.

Surfing was very big in the 1960’s and only grew from there. We had the Beach Boys!!!

and people at the beach loved it.

and then there was LAX, yes the airport. Today, getting there is tricky and you are treated to gestapo agents who give a flying pass to Arabs but pat down infants and granny, go figure huh. But in the 1960’s in Los Angeles things like this didn’t exist. You could drive and park at the terminal entrance, greet loved ones right in the main lobby as they were departing. Today, that is impossible. Back then airlines like the Boeing 707 were rock stable and a tremendously great experience. You felt special and safe on them, well treated by smiling and sweet airline hostesses.

When there was freedom for Americans at their airport, not a bunch of Nazi gestapo thugs!!!

and the jets were safe, new, well kept.

Hollywood, I always ended up at the Graumen Chinese Theater for some reason.

and for music on the brand new transistor radio I got in 1966 with the funny new square battery, listening was really all about The Real Don Steel and 93-KHJ. If you wanted to hear the newest greatest tunes, this was it. Here, before I get to the end, take a listen to The Real Don Steel on 93 KHJ.

Finally, there was something very special about Los Angeles as the day set to night. As with most kids, it would soon be time to get to sleep for a new day as each new day was fun, exciting and a new experience growing up with friends and family, cause there is nothing better than that!

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A Lesson for Broccolihead!

Dummy 101:

How to rebuild the mornings at KTTV to be tops.

First change the news viewing times. Here is the new schedule for dummy execs to start winning big!

2AM to 5AM run Nascar highlights. I Love Lucy. Cops, hey, how about UFO and Bigfoot news. Those types are always up from 2 to 5am in the morning.

5AM FOX News starts with a full team. Two anchors, weather, traffic and finally entertainment/sports.

6AM through 8AM which makes it 3 hours.

Dummy 102:

8AM to 11AM Good Day L.A.

from 8 to about 8:10am news, then bring on a comedienne and make viewers laugh in the morning or toss tomatoes at their set. Laughs will vary…commercial break then let’s get the real show going, no more news, no more car chases, no more Rick Dickert’s weather, let him go eat at Mama’s Donuts 😉 so he has no more excuses to diss that place which he has done for a long time 😮 Got it Rick? Here is what I would do.

GDLA should be informative, entertaining and most of all exciting fun! First, you have two entertainment reporters. Great! Make one an anchor one week and the other in the field. Shoot live on set segments, let us see what makes Hollywood work. I don’t care a crap about a Hollyslut that trips on Sunset Blvd. to coin a phrase by Dr. Michael Savage and know her skirt flipped over her head. I am not interested in the Tinselturd’s gossip, I don’t care a rats ass about any of these folks. What I want to do is visit the businesses, meet production people, see what they do, how they do it, what makes the bigger cogs turn is the smaller cogs. I’d like to meet wannabes in Hollywood waiting tables man doing stage on weekends. Is it sinking in yet.

Dummy 103:

Vacation spots around the Southland and elsewhere. Show us these places, show us the best travel fun spots to visit, little hole in the wall entertaining places to visit. Lets dine out!

I would like to visit places to eat, see what foods they make and how they taste at a distance.

Show us hiking venues. Gina Silva loves hiking…awesome! How about Mount Waterman and during the wintertime lets see Lisa on the slopes in the snow. Fashion shows, let us learn about modeling, see what goes into it.

Dummy 104:

The Dark Side of Hollywood. Besides all the ups, lets meet the residents that have not made it or as we call it, the downs, what they do or did. Let us know in the community so we can do a service to make things work where they are broken. Of all the segments, this I would consider the most important because it affects people’s well being and if we can help even one person in Hollywood that would be tops.

Dummy 105:

VISION. I have it, KTTV execs don’t! The proof is in seeing ahead the future. I look at the current GDLA and ask what future? Let us start with the ‘Begging Desk’… Why is the main host not seated between everybody, and a senior citizen at that? Why is he have to stand at the end, why? Why is it a small desk for only two people at best? Why does the show go to bickering, belittling in a playful way its own, do some challenges knick knacks and finally a small cooking outside periodically? Why do I have to see stars, why can’t I visit a movie set with Lisa Breck or Julie? What movies are in production? Can we see a few minutes of filming ahead of time? I want to see what an actress is like when she gets to the Director’s call for a “Cut” at number 19 cuts. Does that mean she sucks?

See, the problem here is this. Mr. Murdoch since you are probably reading this, the execs at KTTV ask what viewers want. I am a viewer. I don’t like your production referring to me as a commodity. I am not that. Your paid advertisers are a commodity and I am a customer of yours and here is why.

Ultimately I have the TV controller and the worst thing that happens to your paying customers is they lose potential customers of theirs when I change the channel. That is why when a viewer aka. customer like me says the morning lineup is broken. You need to listen up, because your job is to hold me watching as long as possible. Otherwise this happens!

And the reason this happens is not because of your production people or as in recent times ‘Lack thereof’ or your TV personalities aka. your before the camera folks. It is because of programming times and also the content of what is being offered. Do you understand what your customer is saying, wants and I can guarantee you that if I am taking my valuable time to author this blog posting, imagine other viewers who don’t care a crap and just change channels to KTLA.

Dummy 106:

Tit-For-Tat Programing. Why does KTTV aka. FOX have to match KTLA for programing style and times? Why can’t KTTV be unique and let the chips fall where they may. Offering a different product than your competitors is what diversity in the viewing market should be about. If you are going to be like KTLA why don’t I just go watch them then instead of a wannabe mentality and that cuts to the topic header of “A Lesson For Broccolihead!”

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