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Don’t Blame Harvey Weinstein!

Instead blame the real Frankenstein Monster that grew in the early 20th century and actually is a product of the late 19th century to be exact. Not German but Swedish Dr. Frankenstein in the Windmilled countryside of Sweden was going to create life from death and he succeeds brilliantly. He creates what the locals begin calling the Frankenstein Monster that eventually kills the creator. Here, take a quick peek!

and so, there you have it the real crux of the plot the monster kills creator. So these days good ol’ Harvey is the Frankenstein Monster going around with all the other Hollywood ghouls creating and wreaking havoc on the poor lil old darlings in the film industry.

Wait a second let’s take a closer town look at its history. The real creator of all of the monsters is Hollywood and what is called a casting couch. The casting couch has been around since the start of Hollywood and is the real Frankenstein which is now killing its creator the entertainment industry. Sure, rape goes on, but here is the dirty little Frankenstein secret. In order to become famous and perhaps rich or let us say the 2% that achieve that, the brides of Frankenstein a great majority (almost all of them) when they go in exposing cleavage, pretty face, perhaps a bit of a boob job or Botox know exactly what monster’s couch they are going to be laying on. Women will scorn me a guy for stating the very truths here and it isn’t just women, there are gay monsters that like the skinny guys. Should this be happening? NO! Does there even need to be a casting couch aka. Frankenstein? NO! Does a creator need to create monsters, ghouls and victims? NO! Well maybe in the horror genres of fake art, but not real life.

Rapes occur and the environment for a young woman or man to become victim of the monster while knowing they are getting in deeper and selling their soul to this devil, these satanists and communists, the lowest TINSELTURD scumbags on the face of the Earth, well perhaps these young people are not the victims they set themselves up for, especially when they get cast aside. Perhaps they are a bigger part of the problem. After all, the Frankenstein Monster required victims, an innocence to pray on…not really. There is a price to pay for trying to be the bride of Frankenstein. Here, take a peek!

Here is the real Hollywood actress in public – prime example of someone who knew what they are doing on the casting couch, her own words about her at a rally.

same TINSELTURD that visited the casting couch so she can be nasty and now complains she is a victim. There is a price however for being a Nasty Woman in the creator’s world Hollywood and his monster Frankenstein aka. the casting couch.

Now I am not defending what occurred at Harvey’s hands, he has to face that devil himself. But isn’t it ironic you make him a monster when perhaps it needs to be studied deeper who the real monster is and that is the industry and its casting couches itself. I mean yes he is believe it or not a victim of the same Frankenstein and the real Frankenstein is the casting couch. It took a woman who is Nasty to hook up with a guy looking for a nasty woman, in fact a lot of them. Want to get famous, want lotsa of money, hop on the casting couch and spread your legs, otherwise get the hell outta here and if you aren’t as good as the last ones, get the hell outta here and don’t let me see your skinny little ass, big boobs, puffed botox lips and fake eyeliner again. Harsh words, not mine, but rather realities, the reality of taking a shot at stardom.

Do you know the way to Santa Fe, busing tables, pumping gas at stations…. the stars that never were.

Finally a few last notes on this sadness. There are no winners except the general public. In the entertainment industry meltdown they will all lose in the end, all victims of the real monster and the failure to have cleaned it up, to worship the Devil who always loses in the end to God. The shunning of real talents, myself included here, talents shunned because they don’t hail Satan or communism. Hollywood is long been about communism and now Satanism openly practiced. Instead of entertainment it seeks to indoctrinate. Mr. Alex Jones and many others have had it right for a very long time. This is why there is one and only one big winner here and that is the public. They are saving their money and their most valuable commodity…time, to enjoy real life as the TINSELTURDS of Hollywood and their scandal ridden industry are now in full collapse world wide.

Welcome back America and thank you President Donald J. Trump and GOD!



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Why Hollywood Entertainment Sucks!

Hollywood entertainment sucks because it has locked out a majority of new talents that could bring new materials and production. This is because Tinseltown cabals fear they will become irrelevant, this is the greatest fear of Hollywood people especially the acting talents. So the actors and actresses have gotten together into a sort of colony to lock out the rest of American talents and keep it to themselves. This is self evident as you watch the same hated Tinselturds, Popsluts, Hollysluts and Production-holes going at it in the awards shows. This is where Hollywood crap’s and shinolas for American viewers while they give American’s the middle finger while grimacing.

These assholes of the screen believe they will live forever, that they are relevant, they are untouchable. They believe they are above the law, worth millions if not billions, get everything on them fixed in a Beverly Hills or Sherman Oaks plastic center. Botox lips so they can look more native with the third world, big breasts or have their breasts cut off. For guys, plastic abs installed so they can appear like the Hulk of yesteryear. Did anyone tell them that eventually their plastic faces begin to ur, well, uh, look unnaturally plastic. What about the sagging gidder of a neck they get propped up or sagging arm skin that looks like someone just lifted from a morgue unfrozen?

See, this is the problem, time and gravity catch up with us all, even worse for yesteryear’s celebs as they are going down faster than the Lusitania, is the fear they will be forgotten. Unfortunately for the good celebs they do fade with future generations. Most people cannot tell you today who John Wayne is or Robert Mitchum or Bette Davis. They don’t even remember Larry Hagman from Dallas or even Jr. Ewing these days or I Dream of Jeannie. Ask them about Elizabeth Montgomery from Bewitched and they might ask ‘Bewhat?’

But what today’s celebs are doing on stage with their rampant HATE AMERICA HATE YOU communism of vile anger and demonic expressions, their denials of America and its very freedoms that have given them so much, is they are rapidly KILLING THEIR OWN CAREERS as fast as they can and for the belief in totalitarian utopian communism. In the end, they will lose, because Americans are saving their money and their time. Enjoying more with their time re-found.

Just like the NFL Kneelers, Americans have come to shun everything Hollywood watching very little these days. The movie industry is dying and quicker now then ever before. So much so, that it will soon go bye bye with the last century when there was real entertainment instead of communist brainwashing hatred for our freedoms. The elite celebrities will soon fall and very hard and their greatest fear beyond their greatest fear will not only be that they are forgotten for entertaining us, but rather they will be remembered for hating us, hating America and they will be hated publicly by those who will remember the evil persona’s that have pervaded our society for such a great time.

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Someone asked me if I could be anywhere, where would it be?

That is really a good question, because my life spans two centuries and I have had a taste of both. Psychologically, I realize when we were kids, we wanted to be grown ups and yet as grown ups we want to be kids again. I realize there are pros and cons with both, but the other day, I was talking with close friends and family and so I decided to answer their question. The years I was at my best is both now and also as a kid. If I could live anywhere and their question also included time, it would have to be in 1966. Let me give you a flavor of that world away in another century when America was a real America, when jobs were so plentiful, employers fought to attract you and if you had a college degree…well then!

The real America that stood for freedom. Not this COMMUNIST piece of crap takeover with the morons in colleges being brainwashed and all of it paid by more liberal morons sending their kids not to college, but rather to communism 101.

and was music about raping women and killing cops? NO! It sounded much like this in 1966.

and what did the world look like as I remembered it growing up?

and what did kids look like in 1966 as I remember?

Yeah, the cars were it and the king of the road was Cadillac when the quality was made by American hands and the very envy of every car manufacturer on the globe bar none.

Yeah, 1966 was tops man, the very best back then. I sometimes look back and wonder if the USA was at the very peak of society back then? We didn’t have communist and greedy traitors in government selling us out. Politicians back then for the most part while screwing around sometimes cared about keeping it safe, at least many did.

Life was for the most part carefree and you felt secure, so much so, that in Los Angeles as general, you didn’t require a big fence around your home as you do today.

Americans around the globe walked with respect and dignity. There was no Islam here and black on white crime was minimal. Christmas, Easter, The 4th of July, Thanksgiving, Washington’s Birthday, Lincoln’s Birthday, Labor Day, Memorial Day, New Years and Valentine’s Day were our holidays. There was pride here and America was a Christian Nation founded on Jude o-Christian principals. Every government building had God’s word and law carried the Ten Commandments. In School, kids said the pledge of allegiance to God and country.

Colleges taught real educations, not how to give someone a sexual blow-job for a degree. It was real. You were trained in reading, writing, math and other business interests or sciences and arts. Not how to fling a hand full of feces at someone across the class. They taught real American history, not how bad America has been or communist hate-America garbage.

TV shows were about the American family and life. Leave It To Beaver, The Brady Bunch and the Partridge Family reflected real life, I know, because I lived through it folks.

And so if you ask me, I’ll take 1966 thank you, and you can have what is a dying, being-destroyed by greedy bastards, country.


and here…

and this one…


and what did we watch?

You should never do this, no matter what century.


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Just loving another American Hero Darrell Waltrip

I just love this guy, what a great, great, great American and he announces Nascar too, just the very tops in my book. So Darrell elevated himself  like no other by calling it as it is, while the Piece Of Chit in the Blackhouse was trashing Christianity and Americans again while speaking up for the modern day Nazi’s. Boy oh boy, what a contrast huh! Let’s listen to the Piece Of Chit first, trashing a major religion he claims to be of.

and now let us hear from a REAL American with a REAL American Birth Certificate who loves Americans and America.

Breath of fresh air huh. A fake AmeriKan versus a Real American on America.

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biggest SCHMUCK in the world!


Great, now that I got that out, let me explain why and in fact the SCHMUCK will read this too so let me tell him why I have made that comment. No, perhaps I better let the SCHMUCK tell you. By the way, for those who say I am anti-semeteic, uh sorry to burst your liberal bubbles, I’m a JEW! So here is the SCHMUCK after bragging how he brainwashed a RINO into collaborating on a film, why he likes Obama. Go ahead, tell us SCHMUCK!!!

and Harvey, do you know what they do to Jews in the Middle East and elsewhere. Let me show you how they treat Jews and other religions around the globe, here Harvey!

Hey SCHMUCK and what is your reply for Americans?

and then there is the SCHMUCK’S friend stating this.

Harvey, you are a clear TRAITOR to America, Americans, The Constitution and Freedom. You are the exact type of reason many people hate Jews and Hollywood. Now I know many fellow Jews who vote the right way, who love America and Israel and I can say as a Jew you are not one of them. Communism and Totalitarianism are what motivate you from what I have seen and heard. You hate America, you hate Israel, you hate Capitalism while you live one of the highest capitalistic lifestyles, you hate the Constitution while enjoying a high standard of living and you hate everyone else getting rich and being free as long as you and your immediate loved ones prosper. In essence SCHMUCK, your mantra is screw Americans. I think the videos and your own words say it as it is. You are clearly a hateful Traitor to this country and its great people and it is time a fellow “REAL” Jew speaks up and calls it as it is as a real American too, you SCHMUCK!!!!! And that my free speech against a public official and entity that hates my country and freedom. Now go get a coronary somewhere and save our country in the process SCHMUCK!!!!!!!!!!

and this is what you get because of the SCHMUCK!

or this reason, Harvey you SCHMUCK!!

and they hate JEWS, Harvey you SCHMUCK!!!

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Obama Administration is helping Russia rebuild the Soviet Union.

Since the current President in name only is an installed dictator by totalitarian commies, everything the Obama admin is doing is to destroy the USA, the European Union and rebuild Soviet Communism. The Obama admin commies are doing this on all levels as fast as they possibly can.

By the way, ‘Oh Henry’ you bleep bleep bleep, I just said something about Obama. Stick that gloved finger up your asshole. Nazis aren’t all white. Now you join the ranks with bleep and bleep OWNer and no, I have black friends and neighbors and love all of them. They are “AMERICANS” while Oh Henry Candy Bar, you and the fat woman are nothing but bleep bleep bleeps.

The first step is to cause the United States to break up and turn the people upon the government. The other steps are on foreign policy. Remember that like Viet Nam Hollywood commie loving TRAITOR Jane Fonda, people like John Kerry, Hillary Clinton and others are all part of the “hate-the-constitution-crowd” and so their job is to destroy your freedoms from within. To weaken the United States that it can no longer protect itself. Witness Obama’s utter destruction of the US Military, purging of loyal officers, generals from within. Arming of the civilian agencies with massive amounts of ammo in preparation for a war on the citizenry. Billions of hollow point and sniper rounds. Light tanks to cities around the country. It seems that Obama likes to “Walk softly” with America’s foreign enemas, while “Carrying a big stick” for American citizens. Thanks to your caller Mark Levin, heard that the other day.

The destruction of our NASA space agency. Instead of sending astronauts to space, it now sends peace to Islamic terrorists. It all adds up and like the president told Vlad over a shut down microphone that was still on. “Don’t worry till I win the next election, then we can go forward.” Massive election fraud in Ohio and South Carolina are the tip of the political iceberg by the millions. Then there is Lois Lerner, a demented creature from the dark side of Superman…NOT!She was going out of her way to get political groups thrown into gulags using the Justice Department. And it doesn’t stop with her, now it seems it’s extending to as Dr. Michael Savage once coined her “The Wicked Witch of San Francisco” no other than Nancy Pelosi, the woman who washes the feet of ILLEGAL ALIENS. Thanks Dr. Savage, you nailed her fat ass on a broomstick with no issues at all, sums her up.

Now they go to a little old rancher and start devastating his livestock and re-brand him a domestic terrorist. I’ll tell you whose a domestic terrorist. Start with the “INSTALLED” Dicktator in Washington DC and the many Nazis who support him. Nazis like Axelrod-Holder, those kinds of Nazis. The ones that hold you to the law while they all break it and plunder the country. Hairy Reed (a radioactive piece of desert excrement and a full blown TRAITOR) calls American citizens who are loyal to the constitution and patriots “terrorists.” He must be mistaken, I’ll bet this weed was staring himself in the mirror. Maybe he meant tourists instead of terrorists.

And the media whores and communist handlers now controlling major news outlets, Hollywood and major newspapers but to speak of a few and all of the domestic terrorists start coming home to roost. These are brainwashed sick traitors to the constitution and nothing less. They should all be stripped of their citizenship, their belonging seized by the feds so they can experience real communism where you own nothing, then shipped to live in North Korea, Venezuela, Cuba or elsewhere. Let them inherit the communism they so love.

Teachers, admins, commies teaching future generations should be put on trial for crimes against society and then if found guilty, put em to work building new gallows and finally, break out the pop corn, cotton candies and sodas and let em shake rattle and swing on thick twine. The destruction these hate-America totalitarian psycho commies are doing for decades top come should be reflected in what the get. Make it public and that will cut down on the commies.

Remember the Democratic Party was supposed to come in and fix President George W. Bush’s second term failures? Well, the same folks under Bush were retained under Obama, most of the bureaucrats, and then he pulled in commies, a whole bunch of them and every thug you can imagine to massive trash the country and destroy it from within. Make it crumble before the world instead of fixing it. This guy bowed down to foreign leaders elsewhere, tyrants while brutalizing the American public. So much for Hope and Change!

Then there are other institutions now either blackmailed, paid off or outright in lockstep with this communism. They are the 3 Johns as I call them, nothing but the lowest, sidewalk shoe scum to ever grace concrete. John Boehner, killing his own party, agrees with Obama on almost everything, often crying because he knows he is killing the freedom and the constitution. Looks to me like the speaker is compromised. John Roberts, an absolute supreme sellout. Sold Americans into tyranny and slavery in one fell swoop, and then took a vacation gleefully. They must have paid him big bucks or was it “pay dirt?” John McCain aka. John McChipSchmunk a stupid gerbil, whose small minded greed and lust for ego “my friends” has left this mentally brainwashed communist scumbag with power.

So I ask, could it be that Putin is rebuilding the Soviet Union because he sees a weak installed DICKtater or could it be it is part of the plan? What will happen next?

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America Under The Democrats, you decide!

So going back to years when more conservative values existed I had to drag things from memory to compare then and now, after all you have between the Clinton’s and Obama’s 16 years collectively of essential communism and totalitarian rule. Now even the last Bush administration, Bush admitted he began practicing socialism the last two years. So with no further hadoo let us look at the real America and today’s AmeriKa under the installed communists.

and this America. A safer America with freedom.

and how about this real America 😉

and what about America here.

and today, you get Al and Hal, how’s that for a tongue kissing date?

This is what your Democrats want for your country, aren’t they a cute couple?

And of course everyone has a job so they can go shopping, like this next video where they go to get food.

and don’t forget people who have voted for the new AmeriKa, an improved country like these folks.

and they want change. Remember the first videos here in this post of America, well these people want AmeriKa for themselves and you!

and the truth for today’s AmeriKa.

and finally, the past where an original constitutional America existed, and the freedoms Americans felt, traveling and enjoying, prospering and living a cleaner better life in a very strong and mostly safe country I remember. I hope no matters what you just watched, that America is worth fighting for. Here is America as I remember it. These lifestyles were very common back then.

Who doesn’t remember those winters back East? What fun kids had after school and at the holiday time in the real America.

You also could buy a car without smog checks from your government.

Cadillac at one time was the best, the very best. You drove one of these, you were King or Queen of the road.

You had the freedom to visit any doctor you wanted and medical insurance was cheap, in fact in America medical insurance wasn’t even an after thought.

and thanks to that communist scumbag Ezekiel Emanuel and his dirty thug friends you get Amerika and communism, suffering.

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