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How To MESSUP A Morning Show!

You know, for years, KTTV Execs have done everything they can to completely place CRAP on the main screen. I mean they have worked hard at it, kind of like the robots in Gumby, remember those, they just dug holes to China. Here, let us take a quick peek at the KTTV Execs aka. (the robots) hard at work. Of course, in the end the viewers aka. Gumby’s Parents finally turn them off, much like viewers are doing at KTTV these days.

So like I said, the problems plaguing KTTV have been mainly self inflicted and by a revolving door of execs, talents, production cuts, you name it. I don’t think I have ever seen anything like this, the mismanagement and horrors behind KTTV’s closed doors are enormous. In fact GDLA is no longer recognizable, hasn’t been for a while save the Steve Edwards presence even as people were shuffled in and off the seat at the GDLA desk.

Personally I met Steve and his lovely wife in 1996. My impression, super clean cut, very professional, soft spoken common sense folks and very sweet folks at that. I usually nail people by that first impression and am usually pretty spot on as well. Yes, over time people change. But for the most part, Steve impressed me as a guy of class, I can’t say that enough. Anyhow, that day I helped him and we both went our own ways. He remembered I had wrote several novels as I showed him my first novel “Contact of the Forestry Kin” from 1978. Many have enjoyed that and the other 28 novels I have authored as of this posting, but this is not about me.

Instead, this is about a man who has fallen victim to the current national “Sexual Harassment claims” like the 3 women for Judge Moore on Gloria Allred or Gloria’s chicks who accused Donald Trump. And let’s not forget Steve is pretty conservative leaning as well. FOX has been going left-left-left politically as of late and if the sell of Mickey Rat’s takeover of FOX properties by Murdoch to Disney is any indication, this makes even more sense.

There are just so many variables here it boggles the viewer’s mind. So here is what KTTV and it’s accuser needs to do. Since a great guy like Steve Edwards after 20 years with FOX and KTTV alone has been terminated so abruptly, KTTV owes the public a full accounting. Did they terminate Steve because the almost at this posting 70 year old gentleman had an ironclad contract? Was it to make Mickey Rat execs feel better, they saved monies? A lot needs to come out. Till then, Steve, I’m with you, so are million’s of others. And KTTV execs who don’t produce anything less than CRAP can go stick the remote where the station don’t shine.


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The KTTV Mistakes that compound.

For years I have blogged about the morning mistakes execs keep making at KTTV without fixing the real issues that are broken, after all if you don’t know it’s broke, you can’t fix it, right?

And if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Well the KTTV execs of FOX think the first statement is the second and that the second statement is the first. About as backwards as they can get.

So to fix the broken problem you get rid of great resources and leave the problem broken even more. Example, Lisa Breckenridge one of my all-time sentimental favs.

The lovely Miss Lisa Breckenridge

This talented sweet lady is married to one of the former top agents in Tinseltown and you would figure KTTV used that to their advantage by making her the official big shot entertainment reporter, right? Nope, not at KTTV, not at all. Instead they shuffled her out of the way and brought in another from across the country after all, why reward from within when we can bring people in the viewers don’t know like Julie Chang.

Same deal on the GDLA seat on the other side. Barberie and her “C” cups were sent packing along with the Church Lady and her Sex-sex-sex in the morning with the raspy voice and you would think that KTTV execs would reward the veteran anchor with a pretty face and a happy chuckle, Miss Gina Silva to anchor that morning show. Nope, not that one either. Instead we get Maria Sansone a (blonde for a blonde) to replace Jillian when you had two longtime viewer favs to sit each side Steve Edwards. Lisa Breck entertainment and Gina Silva opposite both on GDLA, are you folks seeing my point here. Sansone could have stayed in NYC and Chang could have stayed in Chicago, there was no need to bring in outside interests, but they did it.

Meanwhile, the morning format at KTTV to this day still remains BROKEN! GDLA still has no STRUCTURE. FOX KTTV execs still are clueless about what “Viewer Demographics” are because they don’t know, and the viewership continues to say hasta la vista baby.

Lisa Breckenridge was a key pillar employees loved by tens of millions, her work at KTTV another victim to a station whose newer hammering execs just don’t get it, don’t give a crap about fixing the real problems and continue to give FOX’s customers (that is the viewer, not advertiser) the flipping bird! Expecting customers to remain. Guess what! The customer with the TV clicker has the ultimate control and it is a double whammy, cause I am telling you, click, and away goes the KTTV execs as well as customers buying their advertiser’s products.

Who loses in the end? NEWSCORP and their advertisers (their commodity) when the Customers (the viewers) use the remote to change channels. That’s who!

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The Ghosts and Horrors of KTTV

So first let us discuss the ghosts of KTTV. I’ll start with this very pretty and talented lady right here.

Heidi S. Cuda

Never should have been let go and many agree with that comment. This very pretty and multi-talented angel should have been heading up many projects at KTTV. From authoring literary material to actual production and everything in between, Heidi was a mega production resource that still smarts KTTV and SoCal FOX.

KTTV Ghost #2 a major smart and pretty “LEGAL ANALYST”

Ms. Robin Sax

Smart, pretty and a LEGAL ANALYST, can I please ask the big question here. A total pillar resource person like this, how did KTTV’s idiots manage to lose this resource. I mean, a blindfolded kid could do a better job holding onto major talent resources, right?

Then there is a Dancing Weatherman. With KTTV for almost a quarter century, danced doing the weather and you know what. His co-workers had a blast and you know who else did? VIEWERS, yes the customers that watch the weather. A hunk of a guy, a longtime icon who actually drew national applause for his little weather dance and KTTV vegetable brain execs canned his ass faster than Charlie Tuna. Guess what. It pissed even more KTTV viewers off. Here, watch Mark Thompson in action.

At KTTV 22plus years of his life and KTTV gave him the big FU exit package. A lovely way to treat a very popular well loved guy for the customers aka. VIEWERS! We will get to that in a moment.

Then let us talk about a real production talent named Kingsley Smith. Many of you might not know this powerhouse executive formerly with FOX and KTTV, but the guy actually got a lot done, an unsung hero whose work made much of the good times roll. Poof! KTTV managed to shed this super talent of production.

Then there is the morning lineup. I am not going to blame the before the camera talent as much as the executives for not fixing what I have screamed about in these blogs for years and that is the morning lineup is flocked up and flocked up bigtime. GDLA is an aimless mess and chaotic with gimmicks that most people don’t waste their time watching. Again, not the hosts of the show but the format…IT’S BROKEN!

Then there is the news. How many people watch news at 4:30am in the morning fully awake? Just what I thought, not too many. Here is the kicker. KTTV is news from 4:30am to 10am and that is how many hours of the same news? Exactly, hey KTTV execs, starting to see what is wrong. If you want to read how to fix the very broken morning lineup, just start searching through the FOX and GDLA posts of the past and you will come to understand why the KTTV ratings are deep in the ‘SHITTER’ and flushed viewers away long ago. I keep hearing that KTTV is unwatchable past a few minutes of the news, and then forget it, viewers are gone.

The irony to all of this is it is fairly easily fixable but an inert KTTV production executive culture doesn’t give a real RATS ASS what the viewers want, they don’t really even know who their viewers are, which is key to understanding who watches what, when and for how long and what times. This is called “Viewer Demographics” and again search my past blogs and learn from a CUSTOMER’S wisdom and one final note. Customers are not the advertisers, they are the viewers. It is simple to figure out, because advertisers like KTTV require viewers and the customer or viewer really does have the last word. Here is how you know KTTV executives, who is the real customer and if it doesn’t sink in or register the first time, try watching it again.

A parting shot. Please make Ms. Gina Silva back to a TV anchor perhaps replace Maria Sansone on GDLA. Gina has been there forever and has anchored through the years.

Ms. Gina Silva

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Despicable Quiban Return


I watched with horror the other morning as a sweet young woman who lost her significant other did a special on it. Again my point why the BROCCOLIHEADS at KTTV can Go “F” themselves where viewers are concerned and this seriously struck a note with me as a “CUSTOMER!”

A woman lost her husband. He died holding her hand. He suffered from brain tumors, something I am sure Misses Julie Chang aka. “KACHANG” can attest to.

This was a tragedy pure and simple and it was a “PRIVATE” tragedy at that, yet what did KTTV Execs and FOX execs do? They glamorized a guy’s death with his significant other explaining in detail the personal loss. And I am not throwing this on Maria Quiban either for her tremendous loss at that. I love her dearly as a person, instead I am taking apart the assholes who had enough nerve to foist this on her, the viewers who are KTTV ASSISTANT as you are completely off of it and wrong per our personal conversation. (VIEWERS ARE CUSTOMERS) got that!

This poor lady’s personal loss was a show segment…SCREW THAT! This should have been left personal, and of all things PRIVATE and this speaks volumes as to how very low KTTV’S idiots at management have sunk. Where is a Rupert Murdoch when you need him, to fix this and fix it fast.

I love Maria Quiban, not her fault and not the fault of Steve Edwards, Araksya, this is the fault of station management and I am FUMING that this personal loss of a Human Being’s very life becomes a show segment for entertainment purposes.

The entire morning lineup needs an overhaul, I have said this for over half a decade, are you listening NEWSCORP execs. KTTV’s management doesn’t know what it is doing, GDLA entertainment venue, nope! Just a long new extension at best and not even that, again, don’t blames the hosts nor the tech crew, blame execs for being clueless in L.A. and that is my segment for tonight as a “CUSTOMER!”


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Maria Quiban

A moment of prayer for Maria, and her husband’s spirit…

So to show you I am a bit late on things, the lovely Maria Quiban the weather gal at KTTV has lost her husband. It happened perhaps during the worst time of year for any such loss especially losing a significant other. I don’t think words can describe what this poor lady has been put through, so on that note, my heart goes out to her that she finds peace and understands it can be partially healed over time. That said, I have to commend Mr. Rick Dickert on standing in. He actually has shown himself to be very professional as weather anchor and in fact I have to say, I thought he was fantastic, even if he remains a…erhmmm, donutphobe of sorts.

Donut Phobe

Donut Phobe

Okay, enough of my antics. One day Rick will come to his sensus and have a ‘Sticky Fingers’ cronut.

My previous blog complaint on the KTTV weather took no offense with Maria Quiban nor Rick Dickert. Instead it illustrated there is a serious small, but important flaw on the weather format which isn’t the fault of the performer, but rather a weather map. KTTV has chosen not to fix this. But in doing so, it provides an inferior product to every other weathercast on local news. You will find my former blog on this post here… https://sebassh.wordpress.com/2015/06/29/and-now-for-the-weather-2/

This is small but I illustrated what the main problem was. So it has nothing to do with the presenter and everything to do with the weather producer at KTTV. Burbank to Thousand Oaks California is a 35 mile gap with almost 3 million people being disenfranchised by that gap on the big temperature map. What it should show is the Van Nuys Civic Center temps, which it does not. Think I am wrong, check out my old topic and again, please hold a prayer for Misses Quiban and her lost loved one. It is with hopes she makes a speedy recovering from this great loss in her life and that of course, comes from the heart!

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Araksya here is the problem.

It was nice seeing Steve’s office. I met and helped him and his wife, they are super sweet folks. Personally, I would love to see GDLA flying high and let me state for the record, that I honestly don’t want anyone losing their job or jobs in these very stringent times. But here is the real crux of the problem.

GDLA has turned to you to plan and help the show along with others. This is all fine and good and you are a dear sweet lady, as are the other folks behind and in front of the cameras. But viewership will continue to slide because the real problem was never fixed. It is a two-pronged problem as well that goes a bit beyond just GDLA.

First is the morning alignment and this is due if you check my previous archive posts to “Viewer Demographics” and I am not talking race here, but rather to qualify who your viewers aka. “THE REAL CUSTOMERS” really are, not advertisers who are your commodities.

Your viewers are your customers, so why do you not give them what they want? And once you can really sit back and analyze these questions, you begin thinking and here is what is broken.

The viewing times for news and the definition and STRUCTURE of GDLA as not a news, but rather, an entertainment venue. Unless you can fix these issues, it will always be a struggle and gimmick approach at best as opposed to a GIANT and a true DYNAMO and it may take someone like myself with this VISION to point this out, but it is indeed honest, not what you may want to hear, but I am telling you the truth and your dwindling viewers are too, every time they change the channel. Go back, read my archives on the GDLA structure as an entertainment venue, no a Gobbledygook mixture of chaos.

Fix the shows structure and format, re-align the news and show times for viewers and it is smooth sailing for a very long time with small tweaks here and there. Ignore this and you will have to visit Steve’s office many more times.

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Beyond Broccoli, try rotting vegetables!

So Brocclihead gone or so at lkeast two sources have mentioned, great, one down, more to go. After all, if you wanna fix a KTTV you gotta break a few execs. Then the viewers like myself aka. “CUSTOMERS” win!!!

fam03So what’s a nationally owned TV station to do? Great question and I have all the answers as a “CUSTOMER” because it seems that KTTV’s biggest problems are its own. So now that erhmm a certain vegetable is absent and the other vegetables are ermm doing this to their viewers… eck13Perhaps it is time to talk about fixing things.

For starters, I don’t know about the rest of the CUSTOMERS aka the Viewing Public, but with all the miscues, no sound with pictures, no pictures with sound, reporters not being told the camera is on when they are picking their nose, talking to themselves and waiting to be notified they are cleaning their erhmm, nostrils in front of millions, as though the viewing masses must learn the proper angle to pick their noses, cameras at wrong angles when hosts and cohosts are facing the wrong camera, all production issues that should never happen, here is a clue for starters KTTV management. Are you ready to listen to a CUSTOMER with the controller in hand and we shall get to that in a moment or two.

Fixable problem number one. HIRE MORE PRODUCTION STAFF TALENTS!

Okay, let us now discuss problem number two. Who are your CUSTOMERS and who are your commodities? It has been informed to me that viewers are a commodity and that the real customers are the advertisers. Evidently this comes from buying too much crack cocaine and smoking it in the executive suites at FOX. Fair, naw, unbalanced, yes. Let me give the morons a prime example because you are hearing from a CUSTOMER and why I am a CUSTOMER and you execs have got it all wrong.

You have KTTV your affiliate station, they depend on advertisers to support their programming and they make the programming for the viewer. Now who can change channels and turn off who? Great question illustrating my exact point in educating the crack smoking execs. Can an advertiser turn off KTTV and stop watching? No, they depend on the station to advertise their products. Who, for the TV hosts, the production crew, the execs? Nope, they want me. They want me to watch and why is that? After all, I can do something they do not want me to do. They want me to watch their shows because when I see their shows, I see their advertisers products which I might buy. So it would seem that I am who they require to exist. yes advertiser revenues, but without my watching their shows and commercials, both KTTV and its advertisers both lose. Now doesn’t that seem to indicate that I am the customers and here is further proof. “CLICK” I have a controller for the TV set and I just turned the TV off. Now who is watching a show or commercial to buy a product? Certainly not me. Who really is the customer here for KTTV and FOX? It is the viewer. Who is the commodity? The advertiser because the viewer has the ultimate control and the TV studio requires like the advertiser, the viewer to watch both of their products. I am the CUSTOMER. You make products for me, keep that in mind folks.

So what exactly is wrong besides a skeleton production crew at KTTV? Problem number 3.

Viewer Demographics. I have discussed this before in these blogs, search for it and you will find it. Essentially who are your viewers, when do they watch, why do they watch, for how long do they watch? Answer these basic questions and you can fix problem number four, particularly in the morning lineup where the KTTV problems pervade.

The morning lineup. First, stop trying to be KTLA, instead be KTTV. Right now, GDLA is more or less a mess mixed into a news extension. It should be an entertainment venue, chopped to 2 hours. News should be extended an hour. First 5 minutes of GDLA news & weather, rest of the show entertainment and just that. I am sick and tired of a guy flailing his arms and everyone yells “SPORTS” I don’t care a rats ass about sports, honestly. I have blogged about the GDLA reformat and also news realignment in these blogs, but I’ll make everything easy for all of you to find, okay. These are all fixable problems and require serious attention. Changing hosts, cohosts, eliminating production resources doesn’t make KTTV more streamlined for the better. It is a quick path to get rid of your customers. No business has ever survived by getting rid of their customers. Want a prime example.

ABC for decades had a locked in dominating of midday audience of tens of millions. They threw that away because of another Broccolihead at their station. They killed off their soap operas and what do they dominate midday now every wee for saving money? They dominate crap ratings at best, and at worst alienated tens of millions of viewers, struggle to get their commodity aka. (advertisers) so KTTV can learn an invaluable lesson from this.

Take care of me, give me “THE CUSTOMER” the very best, fix the show formats, viewing times, rehire more production so I don’t have to watch a reporter picking their nose in front of millions. Do this and I’ll watch, I’ll consider buying your advertisers products. Ignore this and I have the ultimate power, the Customer and I’ll go CLICK with my controller and KTTV goes bye-bye!

One last note of importance. I have heard word of mean execs. Please mean execs, listen to your CUSTOMER, fix what is broken. Read this blog, check out my links and then re-read them again, and then think. You have a chance to becomeĀ  heroes instead of by labeled as tyrants. Fix what is broken for me, your CUSTOMER and not by firing talents both in production or before the camera, rather the viewing times and show formats. It is time to stop crapping on your CUSTOMERS, because we ultimately can crap back and ours is much bigger. The public always wins and no business ever won an argument with its customer, a good note to keep in mind execs.

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