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Calling it on NASCAR

NFHell Dogpile

Decades of abuse to fans and viewers finally exploding. The new NFL playahs decided to become “COMMUNAIRES” for those new to my term, those are communist millionaires and billionaires. They decided who needs America, after all the NFL PLAYAHS live in AmeriKa, you know the one, the George Soros riots AmeriKa, where an ex NAZI sympathizer gets to kill Americans, tear down their history, trash their entertainment and sports like no other evil human being has done, and get this. George Soros is destroying Europe, The Middle East and many other parts of the world, just ask the Venezuelans whose Soros owned voting machines, if they like their new HELL.

Meanwhile, question comes about, how many PLAYAHS and NFHell owners are Soros connected in the madman’s NWO?

So in comes President Donald J. Trump and says something very important. If you are making your wealth at our games in America, a country whose flag represents not only freedom, GOD and liberties, but has allowed you to have what you have, why can’t you just show respect and this is the crux of what the real problem is. Here, I’d like to show you how a sport such as NASCAR shows its respect to America. This is every pre race folks. It is as American as Apple Pie, Mom and those who fought and died for our freedoms. As American as our liberties, freedoms and as free from the Global NWO and the Devil’s like George Soros as it gets. They even have a prayer at the start before the races to God, yes a prayer and guess what, it is mostly Christian. Now I am Jewish, but you know what. I love my Christian Brothers and Sisters who love freedom and America. They are all my family, I love you all, Now, let’s watch what the NFL should have done but doesn’t.

Nothing more beautiful then that and what did it take? Respect and a few minutes and guess what. Most everyone loved, respected it and it charged the fun atmosphere of the fans. Every positive compared to the Hate-America NFHell. That’s right, the same NFHell that rapes cities of their tax dollars necessary to keep cities safe and fixed, they steal your city monies through corrupt politicians who sell you out. Asked lately about the potholes and broken sidewalks in your city, lack of police and firemen?

So it is time for fans nationwide to sue the NFL and there are two ways I would think might work.

First the NFL insignia is the colors of the American flag. Red, White and Blue and many teams use Americana to sell themselves. Since these teams are against the national anthem you have been deceived. That’s right, you can possibly sue the NFHell for “False Advertising”… Now I am not an attorney, but it would seem to me if fans got together and hired a legal firm, they might well have a case here.

Now for the second one. “DEFECTIVE PRODUCTS”…what am I talking about here? Superbowl Halftime shows that are defective and HATE AMERICA, or Players who can’t stand in respect of the National Anthem are actually broken products. They are doing a disservice to the people who are Americans and paid money, whether for a single game, a season ticket holder or a renter for a luxury box. Poor, Middle Class, Upper Class, you have received a DEFECTIVE PRODUCT(S) and thus you may at the very least nationwide by the tens of millions be entitled to at the very least a complete refund. Something to think about. A great legal firm may well be able to class action this in a court of law. Again I am not an attorney and I could be wrong, but it seems to me the PLAYAHS who won’t stand for the Anthem and Flag, go out and commit rapes, robberies, murder are all defective products and thus you may want to get your money back.

In addition the NFHell is a private business, why are they getting taxpayer funds? This should be illegal and oh, the NFHell is a non profit, but wait a second, the league rakes in all kinds of profits. Time to revoke that too and open federal RICO on the owners and business of the NFHell as well.

And don’t forget the NBA, they want to do what the NFHell is doing, same goes for them as well. Hit em where it hurts, all sides and teach sports that America belongs to the people and not the “COMMUNAIRE” George Soro’s of the vurld.



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The BF Racing Factor.

Matt Kenseth said it best last week, “This isn’t racing” and guess what? I’ve been screaming this for several years now and the BF goes back on the CEO himself, Brian France.

Matt Kenseth

Weeks before, Joey Logano made a controversial but legal move and I might add for the sport, typical but (barely legal) move that wrecked Matt Kenseth and took him out of the cup chase. They reviewed it and Kenseth remained out as Joey Logano went on. Well, at Martinsville today, Kenseth wrecked Logano and what is Joey’s reply? “Matt Kenseth will have his” and so this goes on and who is really to blame here? Try FATASS Brian France who continues with ludicrous rules and the one-man suppression of a sport to make it worse and worse and worse for racing fans. So let us explore the definition of a Race and Racing, not ethnic race mind you, but rather going fast and first…the sport!

According to the Merriam Webster Dictionary which I consider to be pretty complete, here is what a race is. ‘A Contest of speed’

And what is ‘Racing?’ ‘The sport or profession of racing a vehicle’ and what is the final outcome of racing? Simple, be the first to cross a finish line at the end of the race. And how do you be the first? Be the fastest!

So why is fatso…

Making it so cars are so restricted they can no longer be fast! That is the problem here folks, remove restrictor plate racing, allow below the line cuts, allow slam as well as bump drafting. In other words, let these drivers go ‘Balls-out’ as fast as they can, bring back the wing, and finally, change the points system back to what it was. The current points system is a big pile of oil gump!


Origin of RACE

Middle English ras, from Old Norse rās; akin to Old English ̄s rush

First Known Use: 14th century.


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The Nascar BF Curse.

Okay, so Nascar has a superman and his name is Jimmie Johnson. Ol’ #48 the Kobalt Lowes car usually in silver and blue among other colors has a megastar behind the wheel. So as of late, the great driver Jimmie Johnson has been plagued by the BF Curse and what is that you ask?

It’s when a fat dickhead…

…gets in charge of an entire sport coast-to-coast in the United States of America, doesn’t know what the crap he is doing and there becomes a curse upon one of the greatest athletes in the sport. So what happens you ask? Great question.

Tire changer guy who goes to college to learn how to change tires on a modified stock car in Nascar instead of bolting on 5 lug nuts to the wheel bolts on 4. BF Curse. Especially when the driver is in first place.

Rain causes the race to be delayed and what did the BF curse by fatso do? They froze the race on national TV, did the general public that has no cable or dish network get to see it? Nope, instead the loyal national fans got BF’d again, bent over and told it was to restart on FS1 that is FOX cable franchise a pay franchise. The BF curse struck again.

Greg Biffle causes a 14 car wreck, blamed it on someone else but he caused the wreck and on purpose. Nothing happened to buckteeth.

Jeff Gordon’s one guy was on a pit wall and what happened to Jeff Gordon? The BF curse strikes again, Jeff put at the end of the pack.

You see folks, it is stupid rules and horrible treatment of a nation sports fan base that shows why in many races half the stands or more are typically empty, because people are tired of the big bent over BF they keep getting from BF himself. You can only get sports reamed so many times when you throw your arms up and lose interest in the race. I mean when the races first start, they usually have near Superbowl hype. Performers, fly-bys of military craft, a reverend or two, all kinds of “Hollywood Hotel” hype, pre shows. Suddenly when we get to the sport and some rain occurs? You lose the entire race and that is no B.S.

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Dipwad On The Track

So this weekend, one of my fav driver’s Mr. Tony Stewart (though #48 Jimmie Johnson remains my tops) a very talented guy hit a pedestrian which was a very disgruntled rookie in track racing. Now I know what you are all going to say. “Blame It On Brian France” after all if one is used to dropping turds in the Nascar toilet, then why not another turd? Good question, because this was the young driver’s fault. A race track has race cars and you do not get out onto a race track with race cars. Sorry for his family, but this is  clearly a violation of common sense here. He got spun into the wall by Tony, got pissed off and decided to step out to Tony’s Sprint Car (not to be confused with the Sprint Cup) and he stepped into the car as it slid slightly. Tony Stewart said he didn’t try to hit the guy even though morons on youtube claim otherwise. These are sports morons who don’t really watch racing.

Sprint cars are small winged cars that race mainly on dirt tracks and with that being the case, there is a bit of slide. Dirt is not like solid pavement, it gives. So what happened here is the young angry guy stepped too close to the car and he got na9iled big time. In fact, he got deep-sixed right there on the track. Now while a tragedy, I am not gonna blame Mr. Stewart as a very long time Stock car racing fan. He is a professional that had an incident.

One of the things I have always loved about stockcar racing is that while the networks may polish it up for national viewer consumption, I remember the fist fights at the small former Saugus Speedway on those Saturday nights in the pits. Drivers duking it out after the race. It put a lasting impression of the real human side to this sport, things many who watch races on TV forget in today’s sanitized TV sporting events. Tempers do flare when driver’s get wrecked. This was an accident of the lack of experience for the young lad and while nobody wants anyone to get hurt, it happens. Nascar and racing in general are very dangerous sports, people do get maimed and they do lose their lives. In the absence of common sense, this occurred to an angry driver on a dirt track. The real victim’s in this are the young lad’s family and believe it or not, Mr. Tony Stewart. The police reviewed films of the live event and concluded what common sense concludes here. Never ever, ever get out on a racetrack and confront thousands of pounds of vehicles.

Here are a few examples of what I mean about racing and human emotions you never see on the big networks.

On the track anger and what results off track. Happens all the time.

and then it just disintegrates into this 😀 which makes for great TV entertainment but poor sportsmanship…

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What A Perfect Day Yesterday.

Have you ever awakened to a near perfect day, I’ll get to the “near” in a few lines or two.

Now I have like everyone, my good days and bad days and every now and then a near perfect day. Sunday was one of them. Early in the morning, typing away and nailed the first draft of my next new novel to be published. It felt awesome. Then had Eggs Benedict at home, yes I am sort of an expert at making this dish. Then came NASCAR and Jimmie Johnson. Got 6th place, not bad. The weather was nearly perfect for riding E-Bikes around circles of those guys in their tights on their 9,000 dollar bicycles with a 98 dollar converted Walmart bicycle.

So after the race, we decided to hook up and go for a long ride up the coast to Ventura County. It couldn’t have been more perfect. So we take Malibu Canyon up to the 1 and then hang a right and there is the big mighty Pacific Ocean, all 13,000 miles of it greeting us. There were people parked car to car you had no parking, however traffic was sparse. North across the distant Pacific we could see the Northern California storm clouds. We drove along and I mentioned that Dorothy Looooossssseeeee  😀  lives out this way and says she always goes to the beach. She even twittered she was unemployed 😮 Imagine that!

So the other person said well she did it to herself, and I countered, “yes to a point, but her CaRear was still salvageable if the management had seriously wanted it to be.” I went on to further explain that both Dorothy and Jillian could have still been there and it was fixable. All the Broccoliheads had to do at KTTV was sit down and have that heart felt talk.  It didn’t happen quite like that. In Dorothy’s case, the morning and constant sex-sex-sex-sexual innuendos continued, in fact most twitter posts are something to do with sex on her twitter. It is almost always posted. The other person commented well, then maybe she is hung up on it…Boy oh boy I’ll say from those twitter posts. I further explained it that when the main host and a true gentleman Steve Edwards turned to her and asked one morning while she had just flailed her arms about sex, Steve asked politely as a reminder, “Uh, aren’t you a church mom?” That was not scripted, I can tell you that. Now as for Jillian Reynolds, as hookerish as she dressed and acted at times, there was real hope there. I realized that in Jillian’s case, she wasn’t actually the catalyst on GDLA for sex talk, it was Dorothy. Dorothy would start and then like to hens chirping back and forth with poor Steve caught in the middle, it was a nightmare. Was it all fixable, yes, but there was a terrible alternative for the immediate CaRears of both women co-hosts and FOX KTTV Management took it. “Wipe the slate clean.” Time has born out the vast differences between both former co-hosts. In Jillian’s case she moved on, works very hard (Jillian I always was on your side between you and hubby that if you worked for it, then by whatever you want) and Jillian has proven that. Is her personality hyper? On camera yes, but I have heard personally she is quite the opposite. Her current escalation beyond what was shows that she had the wherewithal to change and grow and good for her, I applaud that for what it is worth.

In Dorothy’s case during our ride, I pointed out that it has not improved and won’t until Dorothy truly changes. Let me say a few positives here about Dorothy as well, yes positives in all of this. I highly respect all those early morning hours being at work for us the many mornings when she wasn’t pitching sex-sex-sex-sexual innuendos. I applaud all the hard charity work she has done to help others. She is a pretty lady and she seems to have a nice personality from what I have seen when she wasn’t so wacky. In a sense I felt that being fired for a Raspy voice was wrong. If she should have been fired, it would have had to be for the raunch and use that for the ratings drop, however, KTTV execs couldn’t use that directly for the GDLA ratings drop because the ratings drop which continues to this day is based on something far more sinister that neither show co-hostess was really directly responsible and that is show “STRUCTURE” and Viewing length. These are serious flaws that no matters whom you bring on the show, it won’t be fixed properly until these are addressed. They said enough on these two already and I agreed. We passed Neptune’s on the side with hundreds of parked Harley’s and people having a wild fun time. Then up to the big rock at the sea.

We took time to sit at the rock and watch the Pacific, with the waves crashing below the bluff, seagulls floating in the ocean, plenty of kelp beds and a distant freighter way out near Santa Barbara Island. It was just to say the words Godly and it brings to perspective against such a vast ocean how very small we truly are. We got back in the car and headed toward Camarillo. I had wanted to stop by the turnoff for the very longtime haunted Scary Dairy in Camarillo set against the hills, but decided not to. It was past 5PM and I had to get back home to feed the dog and salvage what little riding time I might have. Just for fun at night, watch these people at Scary Dairy okay.

So we headed back and when we got home, fed the dog, he was as always delighted to see us, always looking for my affection.


Then I had a hour left of this incredible day and so went out EBiking and it was great! Filet Mignon and Rice for dinner and that wrapped up a perfect day. Then FOX’s new space show and finally time to hit the sack.

I hope all of you had a great day too!

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How Brian and the gang continue to BF Racing Fans.

That’s right Brian France (initials: BF) keeping bending fans over and giving it to us. I think most stock car racing fans have your number and it’s a losing one. You know something folks. Is this guy and the gang under his thumb really that stupid or what? First they try and kill off winners and winning teams. These people went to a rear spoiler on cars just to take the winning wing away from one driver namingly Jimmie Johnson. Then they maintain restrictor plate racing to cut the speed and power of the cars. What part about the word ‘racing’ does these assholes not understand?

1.) Racing is being as fast as you can be.

2.) Racing is being the first to cross the finish line with a checkered flag. Nothing else counts.

As sure as I am posting this folks, NASCAR and what Brian France does not get. “Outta sight, outta mind” or “how to kill a national sport faster than a pigeon turd on a pedestrian at rush hour.” Here, I am not the only one speaking out, view what other longtime fans have to show and say.

And while we are at it with “BF” f’ing up Nascar there is “BS” whom I must say is just as accountable. That would be Bruton Smith and here is why. He has a Nascar MONOPOLY. Here are the known race tracks he owns. Ready?

“BS” owns Texas Motor Speedway, Bristol, Las Vegas, New Hampshire, Charlotte, Atlanta, and Sonoma tracks. What would be said if a NFL owner owned these many teams? I think this speaks volumes of what is broken with the sport and why. Ultimately this falls back to “BF’s” shoulders. Weigh in if you need to comment. Between BF and BS the fans are getting stiffed bigtime and it ain’t pleasurable either.

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NASCAR Schmucks 2014

So one more year of Crapcar Racing from those who don’t understand they should broadcast every race from coast to coast if they want to grow a national sport. But then again, who ever said someone with the initials “BF” who inherited a national sport was smart? I didn’t. Instead, to this very very longtime racing fan, this guy is a dumb moron who sells out for a fast buck and here is why. If he just went and negotiated the 2014 contract like the 2015, race fans wouldn’t be “SHUT OUT!” got it moron? How many times can this stupid idiot and his board understand that to grow a sport it must be known and for the sport to be known people have to see it and if they cannot see it, then what happens? “OUT OF SIGHT, OUT OF MIND!”

What part of this does the heads of a national sport called NASCAR not get. 2015 is well over a year away. How about 2014? How about you idiots fixing 2014 so fans don’t get stiffed again by a fast buck artist who has helped trample a national sport and oh, let us talk about something else that irks me while I am at it, namingly the greatest stock car driver in history, Mr. Jimmie Johnson. It seems to me that NASCAR has gone out of its way to make sure Jimmie doesn’t win cups. Why? Are you folks really that stupid, I mean honestly, you have one of the greatest marketing tools here in this driver and his team and you do everything to make sure he doesn’t win. Every chance you thugs get, you trounce this driver. Why do you give Greg Biffle a pass when he causes accidents and mayhem? Can’t answer it can ya when you have a rigged game. To screw Jimmie, you did away with the wing on cars, penalize his team every opportunity sometimes as far as I am concerned with trumped up charges. He gets in an accident and here comes the Nascar officials, Biffle does it and he gets a pass. Why? And that folks is another point I stress. On top of that the sports media press in part attacks Jimmie Johnson for every little thing. How about some leeway guys. You truly have a very gifted and talented athlete and it is time to treat him with the very respect that Jimmie, Chad and the rest of that team deserve.

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