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Speaking out for the city’s citizens who the council and Mayor brutalize.

Get well soon Jillian Barberie.

While in my GDLA Blogs I was quite critical of Jillian Reynolds performance and erhhhm, Dorothy Luuuuuucey’s, that was basically addressing a product that were both defective and I did so as a customer. Much worse was posted online elsewhere by an unrelenting public. That said, please let me explain my criticisms.

Celebrities are a product. Yes personally they are people too, have feelings and many are hurt by the negativity, some may even contemplate suicide. This is just a sad fact. But celebrities are living on a much higher order than the average citizen of a country and thus are also held to a different standard in just about everything they do or lack thereof.

Celebrities are also a commercial marketing product and this is where my criticisms came in. Jillian Barberie for all intents and purposes in front of the camera is a product. Thus as a viewer, I am a customer. If I am being given a defective product, as a customer I have every right to complain or comment. I will cite an example.

Let’s say Jillian buys a new pair of shoes and the heel fell off, causing a nail to drive into the bottom of her foot, you know the nails, they sometimes use to pound a custom heel onto the bottom sole of the shoe. She as a customer would have every right to complain about the product.

Likewise if a celebrity performer is performing wrong, then as a customer a viewer has the right to complain. It’s nothing really personal especially since in my case I have never met Jillian, though I used to pass close by on Wells Drive in Tarzana on my errands for a friend living in Tarzana Hills. That said, I am sure she is the very quiet, sweet, nice mom taking care of her family she has been said to be. Completely wild on the media (many usually are), but also very opposite at the home life (as it has been rumored online) and I can jive with that, honestly. Raising a family and doing what she has, leaves very little for one to slow down and make the most out of life. And let me tell all of you, as you grow older, life moves much faster. You hear this all the time. Trust me, it’s real.

I cannot imagine the panic, fear and depression that she must have been experiencing, or experienced; as Breast Cancer is a horrible disease and like any life-threatening illness, nobody and I mean nobody should suffer it.

So now that I have had a chance to explain things better, here is what I want to say to Mrs. Jillian Barberie – personally. Besides my prayer for her to get well, I honestly think she will bounce back and be a bigger and better celebrity and especially mom and stronger person for it. God Bless her comeback and well being. May she find the right venue to go completely wild in the media once more.

American Author and Poet “Mark Paul” Sebar


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L.A. City’s Incredible Shrinking Cans

Ya gotta love the Los Angeles Department of sanitation, you know the one’s, the clowns in those trucks that make your neighbor’s dogs go ballistic. The guys who love those trucks causing trash debris to flying over the top and land on traffic as it passes by. Horrible. So, every month the city has fees, fees and many more fees which in this case is trash pickup. Every month you are billed for those trash cans, you know the ones. Black, Green & Blue. When the program initially started out, everyone got a 90 gallon trash can, then Mayor Tony Villar, that crappy little creep, you know who, this ahole… the one who cheated on his wife with a news reporter.

Yeah that loser who now wants to be governor of the state of this once great land…

Anyhow Tony VILLAR!!! came into office as Mayor of Los Angeles and one of the first things he did was triple the trash can rates, that low life rotten, no good BASTURD!

So, lo and behold, not to be outdone, the current “I LOVE ILLEGAL ALIENS and I HATE YOU AMERICAN CITIZENS” Mayor Eric Garcetti has a new trash can gimmick. Here, let’s watch it in action.

Their latest gimmick is taking your 90 gallon cans and forcing you into a 60 gallon can unless you pay them more money and how do they do this? Well, the trash truck operator adds extra rough treatment like in the video above, they can actually apply more pressure then necessary and why, because this is their new ploy/policy. The city saves money hauling a smaller can, because they save trash dump space too. Want your old 90 gallon back. I got a hostile female black woman on the line, as nasty as can be, “either you pay up mo money or you is getting the smaller can!” Well, I’m not from South Central and I am pissed! That’s why this blog is up, to give you all a heads up on what Los Angeles is doing. Yeah they will give you the new smaller 60 gallon can and someone mentioned to me they want to halve that to a newer, smaller 30 gallon can, all at the same rate you pay today. Less is more, or more for less. Take your pick, it comes out the same way. So here is what your government gave you.

So you can get an idea of what you will eventually have after this awful city council and Mayor get their way, right to left 90 gallon, 60 gallon and finally your new 30 gallon and who knows where this trash can scam goes from there.

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KTLA, KTTV Bread and Circuses.

Talk about a meaningless week. First there is Henry DiCarlo, not one of my fav weather forecasters, I know Vera’s gonna be peeved when she reads this, but instead of giving a weather report, he blew it complaining about his kid complaining about the internet being down. Who gives a rat’s ass, really. Instead of critical weather we are spending our time listening to you about your kid’s internet. Then there is KTTV FOX, can it get any worse?

We get a less than skeleton crew this week. Araksya had a baby (CONGRATULATIONS) !!! And GDLA goes further to hell then it already has gone.

First things first. I was never a big fan of Maria Sansone and I really was never a big fan of Julie Chang either. My feelings have always been “PROMOTE FROM WITHIN” did you execs at KTTV understand the very underlying importance of rewarding your talents? Nope. I have stated this from day one. Miss Gina Silva should have been on Sansone’s seat, period! As for the entertainment reporter Misses Lisa Breckenridge was a perfect natural to report on Hollywood. Her husband is one of the biggest talent agents in the biz, yet Newscorp shifts Julie Chang there…shades of a Dorothy Lucey only a little smarter, but just as animated less the sex-sex-sex comments.

Then there is Christine Devine, the fruit lover. Did you know it is rumored she is 19 feet and 2 inches tall. Talk about getting my ass stomped out for saying the wrong thing.  dunno

Yes, KTTV has to shift their veteran night anchor in to assist Mr. Steve Edwards because there is nobody else or is there? Oh yeah, Miss Gina Silva who has past anchor experience. Then Christine wonders how people got on top of a Malibu Mountain Peak? Ever hear of hiking Christine??? Then they run news of a useless safety ad about trains. REALLY! Here is what you don’t do and it is common sense. Unless a moron has a death wish, you do not, I repeat, you DO NOT go in front of a moving train otherwise this is what can happen to you.

Here’s one for the Hollywood Tinselturds…

and in case it didn’t register here are more deathwish morons trying to thrill themselves with a train which takes about a mile or more to stop.

Then did you notice the new Broccolihead doing the POV that was abandoned by Hale. The new guy looks like he is almost ready to shoot diarrhea on TV.

Imodium, Kaopectate and Depends!

I swear, I was searching for the Imodium tablets to offer this guy, he looked that bad. I hope he didn’t make in his pants. Perhaps he had a men’s “depends” on.


I mean they even had on a Hollyslut this morning. That’s right, they could have put on how many millions of fine women citizen examples and they have on a young woman who has an x rated nude sex tape of herself floating around the world internet. Just type her name and you’ll find it. That’s even worse than a Certain former GDLA anchor going on a shock jock’s show and telling everyone her boobs and vaginal size and shapes. That is of course, just one reason why she is long gone too. But then again, this is Good Day L.A. where anything can happen and usually does and not for the station, nor the show’s betterment.

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The old Los Angeles I grew up in and miss!

You know, I am a native of this city and Southern California, my long time home. I have seen over half a century of change, decades that have gone by. In an odd sense, while everything over time has changed, I must say, I miss an older yet younger Los Angeles. The cars, cultures, music, tv shows, many long gone family members and many friends too, all wonderful people in their own ways.

At one time, Southern California was one of the best places to be and at the center of much of the world’s universe too. Hollywood was almost all here, no runaway productions. Weather was always what it was, a sort of Mediterranean mix and medley of great sunshine on tap. There was something so very special about Southern California so I found this, thought I might show you much of what I grew up in, the feel and flavor of a Los Angeles era long gone, yet it feels so like home.


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Sig Hale!!!

19189474_BG2Kevin T. Hale

Well I have certainly been outspoken especially on the big cheese, but can you really blame his customer for complaining about his product? After all, one FOX KTTV personality asked if I would be verbally attacking their on the tube boss? Truthfully, I think KTTV could be tops especially in the morning hours which is where it is weakest, and no, I am not going to blame erhmmm, Kevin T. Hale for all woes. That goes to the Broccoliheads at Newscorp for making cheap and stupid decisions.

First just who are the KTTV viewers and viewers of TV in general, according to several insiders in the industry? You, me and the viewers, we are considered a commodity, that’s right, does that piss you off? Then who are the customers?

They think the customers are the paying advertisers. Does this begin to show all of you how very screwed up FOX and KTTV truly are? It does to me and I’ll be I am not the only viewer aka. real ‘Customer’ who notices this. The problem is that they have their theory all backwards. You, me, all of the viewers are actually the real ‘CUSTOMERS’ and the commodity is actually the advertisers who sponsor the shows and programming and I’ll again reiterate what I posted a while back in these blogs.

The ADVERTISERS=COMMODITY, TV VIEWER=CUSTOMER, do you think they realize this is true and here is why. The advertiser requires you to watch their product spot or commercial. FOX relies on you to watch their sponsored TV show hoping you won’t mute the commercial advertisement and that is clue number one to just what is wrong there. You have a TV controller and you can mute them. You can also change the channel or turn the TV off and even worse for them, forget they even exist, so in essence you are fully in control and it is you the viewer who is the most IMPORTANT CUSTOMER OF ALL!

Now that we got the theory end of it corrected lets go over what remains BROKEN in the morning at KTTV. If you  don’t know your viewer demographics, then you do not know who is watching, why they are watching, what time they are watching, what show they are watching. KTTV doesn’t understand this and so their programs remain broken and how do they fix it all? They blame it on their resource talents before the camera and also production as well. This fixes nothing! All it ensures is that things are still broken and that gets me to my dirty laundry list of the KTTV morning.

Let’s start with the weather. I recently pointed out that the KTTV weather is the worst, the very worst when it comes to morning weather and I am not blaming this on Maria Quiban either, not her fault. It falls to the weather producers. The map jumps from Burbank to Thousand Oaks, skipping a population center of 2.3 million plus and 35 miles distance. Every other station shows the heart of the San Fernando Valley at the Van Nuys civic center but not FOX. Every other station shows this.

Viewing times. I have been over this before. KTTV gives you 5 1/2 hours of mainly news every morning. Who watches news all morning long? GDLA is an extension of that, supposed to be an entertainment venue, instead its mostly news, sports mixed in (trust me, most viewers don’t care about sports) and then a few couch meetings and the rest a big mish-mash and again, I am not blaming the host and cohosts of the show. I blame the format and the viewing times which also tie in to the earlier news. None of it fixed, some things changed around, some major guests booked, but honestly the show is flat at best. It is a KTLA wannabe and it hurts me to make that statement but KTTV could be a lot better yet when someone honestly speaks up about what is going on, not only does it fall on deaf ears, but they botch it up even more in a desperate bid to raise the viewing numbers.

Yes, I realize that they get likes on Face Book or Twitter follows, but this does not a ratings sweep make. Care to see what I would have done? Search my blog archives about formatting GDLA and also realigning the news times for the morning lineup.

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Someone asked me if I could be anywhere, where would it be?

That is really a good question, because my life spans two centuries and I have had a taste of both. Psychologically, I realize when we were kids, we wanted to be grown ups and yet as grown ups we want to be kids again. I realize there are pros and cons with both, but the other day, I was talking with close friends and family and so I decided to answer their question. The years I was at my best is both now and also as a kid. If I could live anywhere and their question also included time, it would have to be in 1966. Let me give you a flavor of that world away in another century when America was a real America, when jobs were so plentiful, employers fought to attract you and if you had a college degree…well then!

The real America that stood for freedom. Not this COMMUNIST piece of crap takeover with the morons in colleges being brainwashed and all of it paid by more liberal morons sending their kids not to college, but rather to communism 101.

and was music about raping women and killing cops? NO! It sounded much like this in 1966.

and what did the world look like as I remembered it growing up?

and what did kids look like in 1966 as I remember?

Yeah, the cars were it and the king of the road was Cadillac when the quality was made by American hands and the very envy of every car manufacturer on the globe bar none.

Yeah, 1966 was tops man, the very best back then. I sometimes look back and wonder if the USA was at the very peak of society back then? We didn’t have communist and greedy traitors in government selling us out. Politicians back then for the most part while screwing around sometimes cared about keeping it safe, at least many did.

Life was for the most part carefree and you felt secure, so much so, that in Los Angeles as general, you didn’t require a big fence around your home as you do today.

Americans around the globe walked with respect and dignity. There was no Islam here and black on white crime was minimal. Christmas, Easter, The 4th of July, Thanksgiving, Washington’s Birthday, Lincoln’s Birthday, Labor Day, Memorial Day, New Years and Valentine’s Day were our holidays. There was pride here and America was a Christian Nation founded on Jude o-Christian principals. Every government building had God’s word and law carried the Ten Commandments. In School, kids said the pledge of allegiance to God and country.

Colleges taught real educations, not how to give someone a sexual blow-job for a degree. It was real. You were trained in reading, writing, math and other business interests or sciences and arts. Not how to fling a hand full of feces at someone across the class. They taught real American history, not how bad America has been or communist hate-America garbage.

TV shows were about the American family and life. Leave It To Beaver, The Brady Bunch and the Partridge Family reflected real life, I know, because I lived through it folks.

And so if you ask me, I’ll take 1966 thank you, and you can have what is a dying, being-destroyed by greedy bastards, country.


and here…

and this one…


and what did we watch?

You should never do this, no matter what century.


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The Old L.A.

Someone of today’s younger set asked me what Los Angeles was really like half a century ago. Well, from what I remember, the early 1960’s Los Angeles as a kid growing up were great actually. Now I realize that history counts on mainly the negatives of the past, but they were actually all outweighed by the more positives I lived and I’ll share some with you. My family was typical lower middle class back then and we resided in the Baldwin Hills area. Every morning, a milk truck would deliver fresh cold glass milk bottles to many apartment doors. Weekends were cool. I was lucky enough to have a father who took me to the NuPike almost every Saturday during the spring season and summer and fall. My favorite ride was the bumper cars called ‘Skooters.’ I got into so much trouble on those for riding against traffic, I got myself banned three weekends in a row until a new ride attendant came online.

Los Angeles had a big population of men wearing turbans and they were Hindu and from India. The city also had a very large British population too, especially towards the end of the 1960’s.

The beaches were clean and the life guards drove these Dodge A100 Pickup Trucks on them. Reminded me of a giant bug of sorts.

There were no earwigs in the sand and the bay was clean as well. There was the Santa Monica Pier which had only the Merry-Go-Round and went out further over the water. South was the long parking lot and Pacific Ocean Park, (the Disneyland by the Sea) a mystical fun place I got to visit three times only.

Cars of the early sixties were almost all built and rock solid. Mechanics ordered parts, tuned them and they all worked. Gasoline below a buck…WOW, hard to believe and no major gasoline taxes by the commies. The gas station had paid attendants that came out and serviced your car while you bought fuel. They kept your car road safe and running. Today, forget about it!

Remember One Adam 12 the TV series? The LAPD were fast, efficient, friendly and crime happened…but was nowhere as horrendous as today. Homes didn’t need a fence around most of the L.A. Basin because crime was that low and the police department responded in just a few minutes.

No fence needed. The city was for the most part pretty damned safe.

On the weekends we had all sorts of TV cartoons for kids like Bugs Bunny. The Road Runner would start around 1966/1967 seasons. For TV shows we had The Munsters, Gilligan’s Island, Mission Impossible, Bewitched, Father Knows Best and who could forget Mr. Ed and Wilbur 😉

Schools were great, they taught us stuff and school bullies were handled after class by real school administrators. Yes, kids had it sometimes rough but they weren’t facing guns and knives in classes. Instead coming out of school a communist brainwashed idiot, you came out of the public school system for most, knowing how to read and write. There was a pride and a serious value in those older diplomas. Kids that cheated got it big time from the teacher and kids that misbehaved in class got to be known as the class clown and a free visit to the vice principals office.

There were tons of jobs for adults. I mean, so many jobs that the companies and businesses fought over you to work for them and if you had any kind of college degree, you were solid gold. You had an in at any company big or small and you were offered just about anything. That was the old America at work, the one where you were highly valued.

And the city was a cool place too, especially in the L.A. area. There was life on the streets back then. Here is a small glimpse of what I remember Los Angeles to be like.

and how about here.

and here…

and lets not forget the beaches too.

Surfing was very big in the 1960’s and only grew from there. We had the Beach Boys!!!

and people at the beach loved it.

and then there was LAX, yes the airport. Today, getting there is tricky and you are treated to gestapo agents who give a flying pass to Arabs but pat down infants and granny, go figure huh. But in the 1960’s in Los Angeles things like this didn’t exist. You could drive and park at the terminal entrance, greet loved ones right in the main lobby as they were departing. Today, that is impossible. Back then airlines like the Boeing 707 were rock stable and a tremendously great experience. You felt special and safe on them, well treated by smiling and sweet airline hostesses.

When there was freedom for Americans at their airport, not a bunch of Nazi gestapo thugs!!!

and the jets were safe, new, well kept.

Hollywood, I always ended up at the Graumen Chinese Theater for some reason.

and for music on the brand new transistor radio I got in 1966 with the funny new square battery, listening was really all about The Real Don Steel and 93-KHJ. If you wanted to hear the newest greatest tunes, this was it. Here, before I get to the end, take a listen to The Real Don Steel on 93 KHJ.

Finally, there was something very special about Los Angeles as the day set to night. As with most kids, it would soon be time to get to sleep for a new day as each new day was fun, exciting and a new experience growing up with friends and family, cause there is nothing better than that!

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