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Planting fruit trees and bushes the right way.

The rise of America’s gun

In one of those delicious historical ironies, America’s weirdly mysterious anti-gun president is making gun manufacturers rich. When candidate Barack Obama said in 2008 that real Americans “cling to their guns and religion,” he doubtless didn’t really know what he was talking about. After all, the Chicago community organizer had probably never hung out with gun… Continue reading


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Araksya here is the problem.

It was nice seeing Steve’s office. I met and helped him and his wife, they are super sweet folks. Personally, I would love to see GDLA flying high and let me state for the record, that I honestly don’t want anyone losing their job or jobs in these very stringent times. But here is the real crux of the problem.

GDLA has turned to you to plan and help the show along with others. This is all fine and good and you are a dear sweet lady, as are the other folks behind and in front of the cameras. But viewership will continue to slide because the real problem was never fixed. It is a two-pronged problem as well that goes a bit beyond just GDLA.

First is the morning alignment and this is due if you check my previous archive posts to “Viewer Demographics” and I am not talking race here, but rather to qualify who your viewers aka. “THE REAL CUSTOMERS” really are, not advertisers who are your commodities.

Your viewers are your customers, so why do you not give them what they want? And once you can really sit back and analyze these questions, you begin thinking and here is what is broken.

The viewing times for news and the definition and STRUCTURE of GDLA as not a news, but rather, an entertainment venue. Unless you can fix these issues, it will always be a struggle and gimmick approach at best as opposed to a GIANT and a true DYNAMO and it may take someone like myself with this VISION to point this out, but it is indeed honest, not what you may want to hear, but I am telling you the truth and your dwindling viewers are too, every time they change the channel. Go back, read my archives on the GDLA structure as an entertainment venue, no a Gobbledygook mixture of chaos.

Fix the shows structure and format, re-align the news and show times for viewers and it is smooth sailing for a very long time with small tweaks here and there. Ignore this and you will have to visit Steve’s office many more times.

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Broccoli Goes Out With The Garbage

Retiring in the vegetable bag, quitting being an edible vegetable, got fired on the grill, rumors abound!!! Anyhow, like old vegetables, this one may soon be gone and the sooner the better. Will anyone remember this old vegetable, I mean really? Maybe some historian looking for something old to talk about. Honestly I couldn’t care a crap what happens to this vegetable. Served us well, naw, just left a bad taste in my mouth, definitely harmed the eyes when watching it. I cannot tell you how badly my eyes watered and the thought that vegetables could be anything but what they are, boggles the human mind.

Waking up in the morning seeing a vegetable trying to have a brain which it does not was very hard. Like asking people on the street about water. Can you believe that, a vegetable begging for comments on water? I guess it fits to some extent after all, produce requires water, even when it is half way gone. I should know, I grow vegetables and fruit on my spare time, just ask a former KTTV employee about 4 bags of jumbo figs and she can attest to this.


See, here is the big problem reflecting on this sad case of a vegetable in this consumer’s eyes. The station morning schedule could have been fixed, GDLA reformatted, the news teams for afternoon and early evening fixed, the weather reporting on the morning news in particular beefed up properly. More production people rehired so we don’t see all the small miscues every morning. It could have been so much better instead of getting on the TV tube in front of millions of viewers and asking a member of the public about the water drought…IT’S DRY!

Or the Bullet Train to nowhere? IT’S STOPPED!

on and on the vegetable went, bashing Governor Brown while not fixing their own station problems and like a bad vegetable contaminated with Salmonella, hoping someone will eat it, that didn’t happen. Problems and morale at KTTV sank further and further, people suffered and while I am not blaming Broccoli for everything, as a consumer of its product I was treated to CRAP and that is why this blog exists today, not because I have ever met or known the guy personally (at the time of this posting) but because as someone trusted to enhance my viewing experience, he did not. I am a consumer of broccoli complaining about the rotten vegetable’s quality of taste which I am entitled to do when it went on TV and became a public entity that did little or nothing to improve the viewing product it wanted me to digest as a loyal customer.


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Thursday’s Bug Segment #3

So today we have this poor orphaned bug…

The reason he’s lost so many homes is quite evident. Notice where he sticks his ass. He is too gassy for most homes so this special bug requires a special home. If you or someone you know can take him in, you would be helping to save the life of a young bug instead of this, the fast way to the wild blue yonder.

Maybe this woman could help this poor orphaned bug.

Helping mis-fortunate bugs, one at a time! Of course if she eats him, she absorbs stinky proteins.

And that’s this weeks segment of Thursday’s Bug!

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The Pat Themselves On The Back, Drop Dead Awards 2015

So how did the commies open their ceremonies for the “Pat Themselves On The Back, Drop Dead Awards” for 2015? With a racist insult against white people. And it wasn’t the only one. Then they showed us Type 5 Racist Oprah Winfrey, you know who I am talking about right. The FAT Black woman who said publicly that all older white people should die, die! Her words, not mine.

Then there were the lewd acts like Hollysluts and a bare chested host. I am quite sure that those guys who smoke the balogie stogies were happy. After all, where would Hollywood be without stogie smokers on the balogies, huh?

Made fun of Clint Eastwood, there ya go commies, feels good in front of a hundred million real Americans many of who choose not to watch your self aggrandizement.

Then to make it really something, they drag out Black Communist hate-America Harry “Day-O” Belafonte. I was just amazed they didn’t bring on Jane Fonda and you wonder why Americans loath Hollywood and are honestly not buying their products. You wonder when you gaze, jaw dropped at the Hollysluts dressed like that, and the gays pushing an on screen agenda of brainwashing, why Islam is on the move and where would we be without the only officially accepted religion of the Blackhouse in Washington DC?

If anything, what Hollywood did tonight was not entertain many, rather it showed us and reminds us of why many absolutely LOATH and hate this very industry. It showed us communism, anti-family filth, the embracing of head choppers and everything that is going wrong in the destruction before our very eyes of the United States of America and the vicious evil communists doing everything in their power to destroy this place as fast as possible.

And that my friends is what this ceremony reminds people of. It is not for entertainment. Rather, it stands for population control and everything that is against America and the sooner a major rain storm washes the Tinselturds and the Hollysluts off the red carpet and out to sea where they can drowned and be gone, the better. It can’t happen soon enough and America will recover.

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Thursday’s Bug…aka. FLUTTER!

Thursday’s bug is Flutter because this is what he does. He’s actually a real worm at heart but who knew. Anyhow, Flutter has been in need of a new home. I was gonna ask Miss Christine Devine of FOX news but she has been tied up with Ernie and his friends lately (sic)

Ernie’s Portrait

so I decided to look around and I think I found Flutter a new home. Now, this place is what you would call a hot place, anyone who loves warm surroundings would love this place. The lighting is fantastic oh and let me show you a photo of Flutter before we found him a new home.

Flutter – Thursday’s Bug

So we helped Flutter to his new home, he said it looks like a real snap!


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Thursday’s Bug Segment # 3

Now we all feel bad for widowed ladies and this bug really is a sweeheart. I know that Christine would probably welcome her to the BH place {wink-wink} and so Christine how about helping Thursday’s Bug to a new garden home. Why should anyone starve to death, I mean this lady wants to kiss and make up and she’ll even have her guests for dinner. What better way to spend the evening. So in honor of Thursday’s Bug we have her video for you to enjoy.

and so on to that property in BH for a new garden home. And that is Thursday’s Bug. Oh and when you are ready to send them to the new home, don’t forget this…


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