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Sex Robots and the 70’s

I guess I find this fascinating among other robotic topics. I remember the sex robots of the original film Westworld in the 1970’s and thought as a young teen growing up back then, whoa! Here, take a quick peek.

Then there was movies like Blade Runner in the 1980’s more robo love, plus flying cars etc. Those are here too.

I decided to ask a psychologist who shall remain anonymous as I promised them about this coming phenomena, what their opinions and take were. I figured they would be against it, but they went the opposite direction. Recently I watched an Australian clip where a woman dr. was dead set against this, but her opinions seemed rather angry, so what I wanted was an opinion that came from a cool professional mind and I asked questions and got some answers. (Again to note, their choice not mine to remain anonymous) so take this with a grain of salt if you wish, or feel free to weigh in.

“Is this thing having sex robots a good or bad thing? And why?”

Doctor: Actually it may be a great thing and here is why, especially for single people. It provides a deeper sexualized experience and it provides a sort of temporary companionship depending on what form the AI is. In essence it brings relief of loneliness. As for marriages, this should have minimal affect to marriages in fact it may well strengthen marriages by giving a partner sexual relief when the other partner is not up to the task.

“But can’t this hurt a marriage?”

Doctor: I don’t believe so. If the marriage is that weak then those people would be split up by any number of instances. Remember that having another human interfere in breaking up a marriage as opposed to a non human machine is vastly different. Another thing being missed here is what other tasks the sex robot can double, like as a baby sitter, maybe security device. I believe as these machines become more sophisticated and gain mobility, they will be able to task more chores relieving humans, so there is this additional component that is being overlooked. Driving a handicapped person to a destination though driver-less cars will eventually manage that as well. Mowing the Lawn, Walking the Dogs, Going Shopping. Depending on what is available the sex robots may well just become every day robots that do everything, and let me throw something else in.

There will not be just female, but also male robots for sale as is already happening. A couple might own one of each.

“Those are all excellent points you make, but now I will ask about a recent article by robot experts on the darker issues that may well arise. I read that robots might murder their human counterparts or might themselves become victims of sexual abuse by humans.”

Doctor: Well first let us talk the sexual abuse. As the robots become more humanized and their AI becomes like a person there is that point where morality does need to be addressed. Remember, you are still dealing with a machine.

“I understand, but what if the machine gains a conscience, then what?”

Doctor: Well at that point, my guess is that laws will kick in and the human abusing the robot will be held accountable like if they had attacked a person.

“And where would the fine line be?”

Doctor: Can the robot dream, does it have feelings, does it hurt internally? If it has reached such levels, then it will have crossed the line from a machine to a living entity and the laws dealing with human’s should apply as well.

“Okay, and if the robot decided to murder its victims, then what?”

Doctor: This goes back to why we just discussed the first issue. What did the human do to become a murder victim and why? For example was just being born a human reason to become exterminated and killed, or did the human try to assault the robot who was protecting itself? There is a major difference here and one that again would have to be investigated. The robot defending itself for its own self preservation is a very human act. On the other hand a robot out to exterminate everyone well that is criminal.

“Wow okay, did you know that the current robots talk of keeping human’s as pets or killing human’s?”

Doctor: Yes I have seen some of these videos. Perhaps you will add them for others to see in the article.

“and the above you will become a pet. Below, prepare for an end? Check it out and you decide.”


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Cycling EBike strategies

Okay, now for some safety. How much does the average car weigh? Around 3,400 Pounds give or take. Smaller cars less, bigger vehicles more and what happens when a car hits a cyclist?

I have in recent times found myself nearly hit, not my fault while ebiking, but rather the drivers so lets review a few things first.

1.) Make sure you have side mirrors on your bicycle.

2.) Make sure to glance those mirrors every few seconds while watching for what is ahead of you.

3.) Leave 3 to 4 feet from parked cars, otherwise you will meet “FLIPPER” and I ain’t talking about dolphins either.

4.) Never challenge a Motorist in a vehicle, remember the weight of a vehicle?

There are assholes, but car drivers will lead to the below. (Be aware next video contains profanity)

One strategy you might consider is when at a stop light and cars are coming up behind you and stopping waiting to go.

5.) Make sure to use your bike mirror and watch the traffic about to start behind you at the light. When the traffic starts, take a few seconds pause and let the vehicles go first. Then start across the intersection, this way what is behind you should be clear.

6.) If a double lane is available, in California bikes and cars share the outside lane. But if traffic is light, stay in the middle of the road. What this typically does is force the driver of the vehicle to change lanes, almost 100% of the time. Cause if you stay to the far right or outside of the lane, the driver is encouraged to slip by you closer so force them into the other lane by just taking up the outside lane. Be aware though, if the driver does not seem to change lanes to scoot to the side as quickly as possible. This type of car driver that is unyielding I find on average about 1 in 100. In California, the law is a car or vehicle must give a cyclist of any type, at least 3 feet space.

I cannot stress enough to be aware at all times and again, use your mirror to constantly monitor what is behind you as well as of course ahead of you. Riding can be simple, fun, decent exercise and mind cleansing, but it can also be very dangerous, so vigilance is key and one very last piece of advice.

7.) Make sure to wear bright color tops and that your riding lights are all charged up. Visibility to drivers will mean they see you and avoid a mishap or worse.

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They call him flipper, faster than lightening…

Here, watch this first video.

I am an EBiker aka. motorized/non motorized cyclist thanks to morons like Governor Jerry Brown of California aka. known as Governor Medfly.

So in California, Flipper is alive and well and here are a few shining examples of what happens when Flipper is free, especially for cyclists…

Think that was funny, huh? Let’s look at this to real people instead of a crash test dummy or governor, another type of dummy.

and lets take a look at a few more for drivers of automobiles to consider before they decide to imitate a dolphin or moron governor with no brains who keeps unsafe Bicycle Lanes…

and while I am at it going to bat for fellow cyclists, how about all of those assholes who have decided to use bicycle lanes to park in? A few examples of these shining motorists…I even encountered some today in Chatsworth on my ebike.

You really have to watch out guys when cycling. A car weighs over 3,000 pounds on average. You and you bicycle under 300, that is a major reason to consider distance from cars and many, many, many stupid morons driving them. They don’t give a rats ass about you and some even delight in crashing you for their own enjoyment.

Flipper…faster than lightening!

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Pizzied Pissed Pissed Away!

That’s what the bald headed jerk known as Governor (if it looks like a thug, walks like a thug, signs bad bills like a thug, it’s a thug) Jerry Brown or as older folks know him as Governor Medfly from a different century. This old fart that calls for greenhouse gas reduction signed a bill banning “Zero Polluting” throttle electric bikes. He did this for a guy who inserted himself onto a state bicycle board and what does this guy do? He is the CEO of an ebike company that in my humble opinion makes overpriced ebikes that you have to pedal. Forget throttle ebikes, doesn’t pedaling create carbon MORON GOVERNOR BROWN POOP? Why yes it does.

The CEO of this ebike company inserted himself on a state bike board then wrote up with others a bill funded by his ebike company…

Warning, warning, flashing alert for corrupt state bill!

and the bill funded by this ebike company fixed a free consumer marketplace so that competing products and technologies were banned by the state. Talk about a captive marketplace huh. I wish I could buy entire free markets and fix them like AB1096 did when Governor BrownPoop signed it banning pollution free green transportation. Talk about being a major hypocrite huh. So California wants you on polluting gas bikes thanks to a Pizzi or two. This is because you are not entitled to free choice, free markets, instead you are being made into a communist slave, well there is an answer to all of this.

Buy a pedal bike for a fraction of the cost of the pedelec ebikes.

Buy a motorcycle if you want to really show them up, probably a used one with insurance and a new class M2 license for the same or less than high end pedelecs,

or get a used car.Stick this up your tailpipes California!

That’ll really show em. It will do all of the things this phony governor and the state of California’s corrupt assembly and senators signed away. Republican, Democrat they all signed on to AB1096 for no free choice, no innovation and no free marketplace. Welcome to California, the green state. GREEN = MONEY!


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The Cycle-Go-Round

So now that a pedelec ebike manufacturer showed us all that California’s legislature is so bad, that you can buy the politicians like cheap HOARS!!!! as if we didn’t know that and no, I spelled the word the way I wanted too. BOLDLY. So what exactly did happen?

Cops generally leave ebikes alone and in fact have become so used to Gbikes (Those are gasoline powered bicycles) they leave those alone too, and while I am at it, has anyone noticed the great lack of police squad cars in your neighborhoods these days? Is it me or just that the cops are sort of a rarity these days. No thanks to the Islamunist’s Regime in the Blackhouse, but that’s a different horror story topic for a different day.

So getting back on topic, our ASSHOLE of a governor you know the one (if it looks like a thug, speaks like a thug and moves like a thug…it’s a thug) yeah Governor Baldy below.


Gov. Brown Poop

So this idiot who goes around screaming “Green Energy Green Energy” signed a bill that supposedly killed Electric zero polluting throttle bikes AB1096 and what has happened since?

Better question is, ebike riding enforceable in any respect? FAT ANSWER to AB1096 is a big fat bald “NO” and why is that do you think? Perhaps it has something to do with taxing the POLICE with having to id motor sizes, voltages, battery types, do cops really have time for this crap while everything else is going to hell? I don’t think so, in fact if they were worried about outlawing 1,000 watt ebikes, better look again, cause right now the new norms are 5,000 watt ebikes and the 15,000 watt ebikes are now starting to filter in, so how, just how do you fix this giant mess that the stupid governor of California signed into law in his typical delusional state of mind? Simple, post maximum speed limits on bike paths, then open the paths to all bikes. Mandate all cycles that use a bike path/lane must have a bicycle speedometer about a $20.00 item. Then enforce speeders with tickets for speeding, problem solved.

Otherwise have fun California enforcing a law that has already created a blackmarket underground of cyclists intent on bypassing yet another bad California law. After all, does anyone really want to just ride in legal circles on a cycle-go-round?

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The First Step for CalBike Org Should Be

“The Bike Path/Lane Safety Act” that’s right, let us make bike paths/lanes safer for all. I’ll site you examples of why we should make Bike Paths/Lanes safer.

Let us start with the fat woman who made a run for the border about 7 years ago. Her name is Elena Garcia and what did Elena do? She banged the first cabalerro she could find and got a first son, now he is 5 years old. She banged another guy and had another son and he is two years old. Then she banged this macho man and had triplets ding-ding-ding she hit the lottery and she gets welfare benefits for all her AmeriKan kids. So what does this have to do with bicycle paths and lanes? Great question.

A Bike path or lane is only two lanes wide, one coming and one going, that’s it. Elena Garcia has her family out for the weekend jaunt at a park where bicycle paths exist. Oh, the guys split from her long ago, but not to worry. She got additional aid from the moron politicians, now has a big home, a Lincoln Navigator, a Pitbull and a Rottweiler and oh, she is on the bike path.

Elena is pushing a triple baby stroller right down the middle of the bike path. Her two year old has a pitbull on a leash, the kid is on one side the pitbull on the other side of the bike path taking up the whole width and the five year old is chasing the family Rottweiler off leash while Elena is all smiles. Oh and what about the cyclists? The hell with those two-wheeled bastards!

That was example number one. Let us talk about example number two: Mr. and Misses Johnson, they are a very old couple, love to hold hands when they walk side by side, they are always with a pleasant smile and oh, they walk on the bicycle path each one taking an entire lane hand-in-hand. Unfortunately they are too old to get out of the way, so you have to go around them on the dirt or if you are lucky, grass. If the dirt had a recent rain you might go sliding in the mud. Can’t happen, guess again, I seen it with my own eyes and here’s the kicker. The Johnson’s gave the cyclist a dirty look and kept going.

Now let us talk about Roger. Another bikehole on the bike path and he uses a polycarbon while riding in tights, yeah it is faster than a person walking but this little bikehole likes to play a game international marathon and what does he do? He rides at high pedal speeds in excess of twenty-five mph and he likes to come within inches of other cyclists and especially pedestrians and he just shakes his head with a smile. Imagine if he accidentally hit Mr and Misses Johnson, wouldn’t that be a real shame..

But worst of all is Luscious Linda. Cute tall blonde and with a headset and mp3 player on. She’s jogging to that music. She has it cranked up so loud, she can’t hear a damned thing at all, and where is she jogging? Right smack dab down the middle of the bike path. Go to her left or right you might startle her. She cannot hear your bike horn or bell dinging away, she might step to the side just as you are about to pass and then it gets messy. I can guarantee you it will be worse than a Victoria’s Secret model falling off-stage during a show.

Okay CalBike do you understand now? Okay so how do we fix things.

The Bicycle Path/Lane Safety Act‘ and here is what’s in it.

A. NO PEDESTRIANS ON ANY Bike Paths/Lanes except to safely cross them.

B. Require all cyclists with a wheel size of 16 inches or larger to have a working calibrated bicycle speedometer. Costs start at $15.00 on up.

C. Post a Maximum Speed Limit on the bike path or lane.

D. Open the bike path to all forms of bicycling. Pedal, Gas or Electric. Forget about top speed, forget about motor size or weight. If someone goes past the speed limit, ticket them. Use the revenues to hire bike police and make it a ticket they’ll never forget.

That is it, done, finished and over. No need to require special manufacturers stickers, no need for what motor size, what weight of a bike what top speeds. Ride safely at a posted speed limit with a speedometer and it’s all fine. Move pedestrians back onto a sidewalk. No more multi path usage. It is either a bike path or it is not.

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WHY AB1096 is so bad!

At first glance, California Assembly Bill AB1096 appears a great and grand thing. It legally opens the bicycle paths to ebikes. Where it goes wrong is in many ways. Now before I start, let me state for the record that there was zero opposition to this bill from government. Every Republican and Democrat alike in California voted YES on this to my knowledge in the end and the governor of the state of California signed this bill with eager glee. That stated, let us really look at what happened.

First of all, the governor of California who appears fanatical about everything to do with the environment and green energy and global warming is nothing more than an old fart who is full of crap! The guy even looks like a criminal who fell out of jail, and oh, please don’t get me started on this crook. Like I say, if it looks like a thug, robs you like a thug, babbles like a thug – it’s a crooked politician and Jerry Brown is one of the biggest there is. Now why would someone say that about such a nice guy, try prick instead! That sums this dirtbag up in a better context.

As for AB1096, let us dissect this. It creates essentially 3 categories of electric bikes that are legal and it was written mostly with the help of a CEO of an ebike company whose company FINANCED this state bill. I think that says a lot but let us delve into this further.

Class 1 EBike pedal assist only, can only go max speed of 20 MPH

Class 2 EBike throttle bike can only go max speed of 20 MPH.

Now here is the big klinker on these pedals of mine and I take issue with it. Almost all throttle ebikes have a pedal assist option of some sort so why 2 categories? I mean why not just ebike, then there is class 3. Ready for this take?

Class 3 Pedal Assist but can go 29 MPH. Why? I mean why not just have one category so far called EBike and let them ride at a speed limit? You don’t punish Tesla Owners and you don’t classify electric car types this way, so why punish those on the least polluting ebike types which are throttle based? Why can a performance pedal assist ebike be the only one to legally 28MPH but your throttle ebike can go no more than 20 MPH? I’ll tell you why, because this bill, financed by a company, whose CEO was involved tailored an assembly bill to its product line and what it envisions. Forget the free market.

What AB1096 did was for several companies whose product type was dying off or ill selling in the free market as compared to kit bikes which were cheaper, faster, better performing with longer range and less maintenance, these greedy companies bought an entire state legislature and what did the corrupt legislature do for the greedy companies?

Killed a Free Market.

Killed Consumer Choice.

Forced an entire market to be defined by companies who sell a specific ill selling product line.

Stiffled innovation for without a free and competitive marketplace where the buyers can buy from many differing products this has been killed.

Killed of the competition of these manufacturers who mainly sell Pedal Assist EBike products that for the most part don’t sell well.

In essence the manufacturers bought an entire state free market to close it to what they want the public to buy. No free choice, no innovation, no competition, just the expensive low performance crap they deem appropriate and does this remind you of the Obamacare health insurance market no longer free choice for many consumers? Well, guess what. AB1096 with a corporate twist was based along Obama’s national EBike guidelines and this is another way you have just lost your free choice. The entire senate and assembly voted YES to all of these points I have above in this article. Remember that when it comes voting time and oh, speaking of voting.

Now a final note of my own: They should have just based bike path riding on a posted simple maximum speed limit. A normal speed limit and a slower one when pedestrians were present and that is it. Nothing else was required here. Making classes out of a company’s ebike product line which benefits the company at the expense of everything else was just plain wrong. As for the 750WATT motor size, even if you pair a 24volt batter with a 750 watt motor it will exceed 20MPH on throttle. It would top out at around 26MPH, add a 36 volt batter and the 750 WATT motor goes 29MPH add a 48 volt battery and it passes 30MPH so what about a 500 watt motor? Great question. Lets see here.

A 500Watt motor with a 24 volt batter gets to about 17MPH, with a 36 volt battery gets to 21MPH, with a 48 volt battery gets to 29MPH, with a 60 volt battery gets to 38MPH, with a 72volt battery gets to 46MPH and that is a legal motor size here. Will easily get a Class 2 sticker. I just wanted to show all of you that motor size is not the main factor here, there are many other variables, battery voltage, and the controller amp output determine just how fast an ebike can go. In theory a 350 watt geared motor and 36 volt battery can with the proper control easily hit over 20MPH so why is motor size a factor? Because the company and its CEO who were behind AB1096 say so, Sig Heil!

That’s Jerry Brown On Stage talking about AB1096 criminalizing zero polluting EBike owners in California.

Jerry Brown just gave millions of ILLEGAL ALIENS the right to vote now through the Department of Mexican Voters the DMV. AB1096 and its corrupt fixed tyranny is just the start, expect worst bills from these people to further strip you of your freedoms and rights, because California’s communist totalitarian, freedom of choice and free market hatting thugs in power

no longer represent free choice and free markets as witnessed by their current bill.

Hasta La Vista Freedom to choose, buy and ride EBikes…baby!

Note in California, green zero polluting ebikes for transportation are now ILLEGAL!!!

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