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Liberal Vape Employee Attacks Customer. Who’s to blame.

Here, before you read on, watch this first and be aware it has violence and strong language, not suitable for younger persons.

Okay so who is to blame for this? Let’s start at the top. Let’s start with the head of the NWO Globalists and I am not talking the Rothchilds, nope. This has been done by one family organizing the NWO violently to kill off the world’s population in mass genocide starting with Western countries first, and particularly targeted against Caucasians or whites, particularly males and either Christians or secondarily Jews. So who has organized funded and set this in motion?

Well, today I must squarely lay blame at the Soros Family as a whole. It actually has been going on for a long time, but never this bad. Once the Soros’s got involved, things kicked into fast high gear for the brainwashing of college hate against the country, mainly turning college kids particularly white kids against the country. If you watch the protests, who is participating they are mainly white people. Yes there are others such as the caravans and Illegal Aliens mainly Latinos, and there are elevated black commentators and politicians who are liberal and fan the flames. But the Soros Crime Family has gained ownership of the media (Broadcast News, TV Networks, Print News, Hollywood, Internet Companies, Banking Establishments, about half or more of the federal government) in just the USA. Then there are foreign countries that they own as well, same roadmap, different place. France, Germany, Sweden, England and the list goes on and on and on. In fact while not the wealthiest person on Earth, the Soros have more control and accountability for the world’s collapse into evil and darkness, mass genocide than anyone else. You can say I am way out there, but they have attacked Alex Jones and the Infowar gang, Dr. Michael Savage, helped Blaze to kill CRTV, have killed all MSM and currently have control of most of FOX thanks to the Murdoch sons. Our economy up and down, Soros has had a big hand in this too. Oh and if you blame Soros, you are anti Semitic, that’s right, he is Jewish, even though he turned Hungarian Jews in to the Nazis during WWII at the young tender age of 13 years old. Claimed on CBS the best times of his life was with the Nazis there in Hungary. So on one hand uses Judaism to hide behind when attacked, then turned and killed Jews. Can you love a better devil than this guy and his kids are even worse from what talk around the net has stated. Like for example.

Oldest son Alexander Soros runs “Antifa” and the Soro’s are behind election fraud reinstalling the Dems to Congress. George Soros told Donald Trump he will be removed. Why aren’t the Soros’s arrested already and the dismantling of the Globalist NWO under these devils started? I keep asking, meanwhile, what to expect as things go forward. Okay, let us take a look.

The Dems pushed by the Soros’s are going to attempt to impeach and remove President Trump, as well as pick off his cabinet members. This will cause POTUS to either fold or fight which I suspect he will do and rather harshly. In America the possibility will increase greatly towards a shooting civil war with what you see in the video above. It will be mean, vicious and bloody and rest assured the communists will lose. If China interferes they will find a WW3 on their hands, and I don’t think they want that because everything Chinese would be wiped out. In that case, the Russians might side with Trump over China. They are a Christian white mostly nation and they practice capitalism. It has been the Soros pushed NWO Dems and Media trying to get the USA, Russia and China into a global war to kill off humanity while the head elite globalists hide out in their New Zealand Bunkers. Guess what, one Russian Satan nuke or USA nuke can remove New Zealand faster than a ground gnat buried in cow puckee. It just needs be dropped and the NWO Globalists will die in those bunkers as their resources run out and they are forced topside into radiation. Best advice to President Trump. Start by using the military to get mass round ups of these elite going starting with the Soros’s, followed by the Clinton’s, Rothchilds, Obamas and their handlers and others like Steyer, Bloomberg and the rest of these COMMUNAIRES, hang every one of these murderers which is what they all are, and then go after the mentally insane like the store clerk above and arrest them to for the next 50 years. That should do it.


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GOP Do Nothing allows Destruction of Public Allies.

I remember when the Soros group, the most evil group of human’s on God’s great Earth attacked Infowars and Alex Jones to destroy Infowars. God Bless him, Mr. Alex Jones is still alive and kicking along with the great and very honest Infowars crew.

Then they had Mueller go after Dr. Jerome Corsi and Roger Stone, two prominent conservatives. Meanwhile the Soros censors in the guise of many these days especially the SPLC have gotten their hooks into the internet social sites such as FaceBook, YouTube, Google search engine, Twitter, Snopes, Instagram, Linked In and others and have systematically been removing conservative sites and patrons or silencing their free speech and rather viciously at that.

The mainstream media outlets also controlled by Soros installed communized hacks when not attacking President Trump and his administration, are attacking American citizens who dare to stand up for liberty, namingly theirs which is being allowed by those elites in power, to be destroyed mainly by the Soros crime clan. The very same Soros’s who installed Obama, and financed much of Hillary Clinton. This MSM is busy attacking citizens, free speech, the constitution (openly) I might add, and if that isn’t bad enough.

Soros was mainly behind the rally of Illegal Caravans of foreign thugs mainly to infiltrate the borders. Helped steal national elections to reinstall the Dems to power and these are not Democrats, there is nothing democratic about them. They are leftist communists of worst totalitarian order, make no mistake about that.

Alexander Soros (who we can call Junior) runs the domestic terrorist group ANTIFA, today’s brown shirt NAZI thugs who have caused the deaths of others and they are not just in the USA. They along with BLM and other Soros funded terrorist groups are trying to cause a civil war pitting one group of people against another. Then there are the actions of destroying American cultural historic symbols of the past and while we are at it, Soros is trying to get Israel destroyed. A guy born Jewish who hates Jews and Christians.

Speaking of which a so-called Democrat aka Communist congress person in California called for the abolition of the first amendment this past week. They have already been as mentioned censoring free speech online to Americans and the GOP continues to ignore this and laugh. Also, the senator from Florida mocked Alex Jones, called him names instead of listening to what is happening to the American citizens.

Doesn’t stop there. What has been destroyed in the last year? The Boyscouts were. It happened from within the organization and now corporations are refusing to sponsor Conservatives across the spectrum. Soros even has a group called “Conservative Watch” guaranteed to all you sniping Liberals who are not communists, they will have a moderate liberal watch for you after they get done with conservatives.

Next on the attack list is Christmas. Dig this. Communists don’t want Christmas, and on their bad list are the following. Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer, Santa Claus, Gingerbread men, Candy Canes, Jesus, Christmas Lights. Now for all the Jews who vote for the left let me throw in that the left has recently installed sharia lawmakers into the national congress and they hate Israel and Jews. Don’t believe me, the latest comes from Michigan and she is against Israel, swears a right hand on the Quran, not the Bible. By the way, if someone doesn’t like what I am saying about Jews, The Soros or Latinos here…tada, I’m Jewish and of Latin blood. Stick that under your blue communist hats. So now back to free speech and more recent casualties while the GOP showboat-do-nothing-backstabbing party watches and mocks you instead of saving the country which Trump has almost single-highhandedly tried to do, while being attacked by the likes of GOP TRAITORS like Paul Ryan.

Paid Globalist operatives like Glen Beck and Ben Shapiro are being installed to help silence talk radio conservatives. Beck has tried in the past to silence Infowars, but recently silenced CRTV and a group of conservatives including working on Mark Levine. The GOP and Trump do nothing so far. Dr. Michael Savage is under severe attack right now and being replaced by Ben Shapiro while corporate sponsors pull advertising to silence Savage’s voice. The great Dr. Savage and Teddy used to have a 3 hour show and were expanding, now down to an hour and disappearing fast from coast to coast. They are after (as always) Rush Limbaugh, a major Soros target. The youngest Murdoch son is close friends with the left and FOX news is under pressure to go left. Witness once conservative Judge Napolitano, attacking Trump and the right these days. Bet the Soros criminal gang are behind this too. Then there is Tucker Carlson, misquoted as of late and being attacked consistently for every little thing he says, because he’s big enough to stand against the globalist Soros tyranny. And now that they got rid of O’Reilly and conservative L.A. show host Steve Edwards through the #metoo movement the same ones that attacked Judge Kavanaugh and other men, they are after the rest, after all when you’re on a commie roll, you’re on a commie roll. So Hannity and the rest of talk radio along with the American people are being attacked and it stems from one major point and here that person is.

When you stop this person and their global crime network, most problems will crumble and the remaining rats will scurry.

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The Media Sedition Act

Miriam Webster dictionary defines sedition as incitement of resistance to or insurrection against lawful authority. Now if this doesn’t define clearly what the current national news media in the USA is doing, I don’t know what does. 24 hours a day the news media in this country including part of the time, FOX news is committing sedition and on the part of other news media, outright treason.

They commit this by constantly attacking American values and well being, as a political hit-piece run by the world’s most dangerous family, the Soros’s on behalf of global tyrannical enslavement to communism with a handful of select individuals exempt because they control the world.

Here are the company news media and entertainment committing Sedition either with fake stories to manipulate the population against the government duly elected or treason. First the sedition company’s.

ABC, CBS, NBC, AP, Chicago Tribune, Florida Sentinel, And there are others.

Committing treason is even more serious here is what Miriam Webster defines as treason. 1.) the offense of attempting by overt acts to overthrow the government of the state to which the offender owes allegiance or to kill or personally injure the sovereign or the sovereign’s family 2.) Treachery – the betrayal of a trust. And here are the top rated company’s doing this very thing.

CNN, MSNBC, L.A. Times, New York Times, Washington Post and the worst of the worst “HOLLYWOOD” also known now as “COMMIEWOOD” so what does the U.S. Government do to handle this by law? Excellent question, it’s called 18 U.S. Code Chapter 115 Treason, Sedition and Subvertive Activities. So my next thing is why isn’t this being enforced upon what ceased being honest news reporting and now are treasonous propaganda outlets for the enemies of the USA? Here is further on what the law states and there is a lot here. Read on and get educated. Here is the government’s own link on what the news media has been committing.

Then contact President Trump, the VP and the Whitehouse demanding the treason propaganda outlets be held accountable by law, all those involved, Journalists, new producers and the executives top to bottom who have committed treason and sedition against the people, constitution and well being of the USA. Contact the FCC chairman demanding these outlets be decertified and in the case of Hollywood, life in prison for bad celebrities. Let them break rocks for the rest of their miserable lives on the chain gang with Bubba or Bubbette.

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What lies ahead for GOP voters and the GOP?

Well it is a mixed bag and the GOP may or may not have the chance to fix it.

First off, what the GOP did for 2 years was waste time, valuable time. A super duper very high priority was to fix the voting so it was a fair and free election. They did not do that. Build a wall to keep terrorists and criminals out. They did not do that. Cut the deficit, they raised it by a lot. Repeal entirely Obamacare, didn’t happen, still there. Secure power to fix the country, nope they just gave 1/3 of government away and this was done on purpose.

For the last two years the GOP hated Trump, worked against him, ran a clown show and circus, voted like dufuses and allowed a sham to continue with an inept AG at best if not a traitor in Sessions.

They did very little with only a few in the Senate and Congress helping Trump to really get it done. Paul Ryan, a clear backstabbing traitor was at the top pulling the strings, and when the 2018 midterms came, well, he showed his true knife-in-the-back actions.

Now let us talk about those 2018 Midterms:

Get the red vote out, vote red and many in the country did. Republican candidates were poised to win even if by narrow marginal vote numbers in many states so what changed.

First how did we get here? It was a setup by RINOS and Never Trumpers within the Republican Party to try and trash the party, Trump and its loyal voters nationwide. 45 Congress people retired in mass. Why, because by leaving that many seats open left a grand opportunity to hand congress back to the Democrats by the RINOS and its leader Paul Ryan.

Second the Democrat vote stealing machine enhanced by the Soros Klan Power devised a way to outright steal votes in mass coast-to-coast and here is the kicker. Except Florida and Georgia, without Trump’s help, those would be completely gone too. So the voting system is a rigged and dirty game and it gets worse. The GOP didn’t even stand behind the candidates that won only to see their hard work stolen. The GOP also by not contesting every election and staying silent also showed they don’t stand behind their loyal voting base, instead staying quiet and allowing the theft of those seats by the dems and Soros. I don’t think there is a bigger backstabbing by the RINO controlled Republicans to the voters, candidates and the president, as well as the constitution and freedom in this country.

By the Democrats coming into power several things will happen and here they are. The Democratic stolen congress will nullify any chance of fixing the voter system. Remember the Soviet saying about those who count votes? You ain’t seen nothing yet.

Without the voting system fixed for fair elections, with the corrupt media biased against the Republican Party, in many cases inciting mass violence to injur or kill conservatives including members of the GOP. The intent for 2020 will be a repeat of the 2018 elections and here is what will happen.

Congress will strengthen to almost all democrats. The Senate will be stolen and controlled by democrats. POTUS will be stolen and go to democrats.

Once the democrats have full control of the federal and most states governments here is what happens next. Between 2020 and 2022 it will be too late to ever get a fair government again.


Younger communized politicians will come in and strip Americans of their constitution top to bottom and those that resist will be killed or enslaved to forced labor camps by a newer high tech military. Every citizen will be chipped aka ‘Mark of the Beast’ and those who refuse will be terminated. You will see this within 4 years mark my prediction as bad as it sounds and it may get even worse. People may end up being killed and processed for food. Remember ‘Soylent Green’ think it cannot happen, it already is.

There are places that sell cannibalized human parts for food and people are already buying and eating human steaks. Would you have believed that many are practicing witchcraft openly including convention center meetings for devil worshipers and the trashing of Christianity and Churches, the rise of NAZI style anti-antisemitism calling for the destruction of Jews, Israel, White Christians in mass and online and in the news. See, that is the point, so how to fix this?

Now let’s see how to fix this, okay.

Okay, first and foremost Senate passes investigations into election fraud. They find votes were stolen, they with president declare that winner null and void upon presenting them. Senat and President open investigations into the election fraud winners like for example Maxine Waters and find her guilty of a crime through AG. Like for example this…

That’s right and she is only one of them. So start removing those who got to power fraudulently.

Next start arresting the baddies and here is a very small start.

George Soros and family – freeze all assets send in the military and or air force and arrest on site. Ship them to GITMO asap.

Arrest the heads of the Soros organizations all of them and seize all books. Arrest followers and paid sources. To GITMO at the Rock Quarry.

Arrest the Clinton’s and their crime network including Bill for banging the young ones while raping the older ones. Time to make him a limp one, send him to jail with Bubba and a bar of Dial soap. Maybe he will meet Michael Obama in there.

Arrest the Obama and the Obama Administration officials.

Arrest Michael Bloomberg for Treason trying to shoot down the 2nd Amendment, this guy is a big tyrant.

Arrest Tom Steyer for treason against the country and threats against POTUS.

Arrest most of the news media on charges of treason.

Arrest most of Hollywood for treason.

Arrest most of the academic professors and administrations who have brainwashed youth to hate the country and HANG them all for mass treason.

Impeach all Clinton and Obama appointed judges including the two on the supreme court since Obama’s presidency was illegal.

A lot to do in two years, but Trump better beware. Make nice nice with Dems and risk losing everything including his country, perhaps family and maybe under a Soros ruled AmeriKa his life.

Start at the very top and stop the Soro’s and everything begins to get fixed. Fail to do so, and kiss it all goodbye. And that’s my two cents for 2020 and beyond.

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Go ZUCK Yourself!

So FaceBook bans Alex Jones, Google buries Infowars, YouTube bans Infowars and Alex Jones channels and sub-channels. Twitter Black Bans even Trump himself. A Pick Axe destroys Trump’s Star while mobs attack anyone wearing pro Trump shirts or caps. Groups of censorship are owned by Mr. George Soros whose son Alexander Soros has been said to be behind a lot of Antifa lately. Yes, the ones who commit domestic terrorism. The AG is no where to be found and the word seems to indicate with the media there is a mass effort to have massive election fraud to install Democratic (aka. Communists) back into power to remove the current administration and destroy the United States. Almost every major new outlet is behind this as well as Hollywood and Academia brainwashed zombie students if you can even call them real students.

The American citizen be damned, and who is behind most of this? Mr. George Soros and sons, coordinated with others like New York tyrant (the soda pop 32 oz king) Michael Bloomberg, perhaps a very wealthy Jeff Bezos. How about the Rockefeller’s. The list goes on and on and it comes back to several entities here. “Communaires” like Soros and his clan of thugs and make no mistake about it, that is all they are, wealthy installed thugs, the worst of the very worst. Then you have “Corpunists” Like Gates and Bezos, all intent on ruling the world starting with a worldwide communist government that has Sharia as a religion and wants all countries, their history, culture destroyed. They are also implementing the Mark of the Beast as originally predicted in the Bible. That’s right, to control you ‘Lock, stock, and Bottom’ and if you think that is it, no it isn’t. These bastards have plans for your existence and that is to extinguish it like your history.

They are tied some of them to world wide pedo rings. Mr. Alex Jones and Infowars have been taking it on the chin for Pizza Gate, but it seems that Lolita Island really exists and Bill Clinton visited it like others from Hollywood and politics for a long time. Then there is the Devil Worshiping they are teaching in your Colleges and Universities, in fact downtown Oklahoma recently held a convention for Devil Worshipers, not Church Goers mind you, but those who worship the Devil instead.

And at the center of this is mostly one man who hides behind Judaism who turned in Jews during WWII to the NAZIS to be slaughtered by his own pleasurable admission on CBS 60 Minutes. That man is George Soros.

And so my simple question is why doesn’t President Donald Trump have the military round up these individuals, the Air Force seize their planes, navy take their yachts and seize all their assets and arrest them for a trial of ‘Crimes Against Humanity?’

For the same reason the President has not fired Mueller, Rosenstein, Sessions, Wray, had arrested these people plus Hillary, Comey, Podesta, Rice, Obama and others and that question of why President Donald Trump allows it all to continue just now pulling security clearances of the bad guys a year and a half later.

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Star Wars headed to Galactic Hyperspace Dustheap of Entertainment

That’s right, the farce is with them as Disney communists try to brainwash American moviegoers out of their hard earned cash with “George (communist) Soros” approved propaganda that only a Hollywood Tinselturd NAZI would love. And who is the latest institution victim of Hollywood’s HATE AMERICA products that Americans love not to watch? Well let’s say the Emperor is proud, or at least while they think you are stupid enough to fall for their TINSELTURD crap products. That’s right, the one time giant “STAR WARS” is the latest American icon to be destroyed by the most vicious communists to ever try their hand at mass propaganda, and now that Disney is tied to the interests of a NAZI COLLABORATOR who turned his own fellow Jews over to the NAZIS to be slaughtered for his very own profits, George Soros is again involved with helping to further take American interests and destroy them as fast as he intends to destroy you, that Piece of filth criminal.

And so Mickey Rat strikes again in doing up Star Wars. And how did they get here? Great question. They went to the original Empire episode with space fights and tons of CGI, replaced a white main character with a black main character since both Disney and especially Soros want “WHITE GENOCIDE” everywhere they can help the globalists get it established, then had to make Princess Leia into a Lesbian and finally required that Darth Vader be a Transsexual. Forget that most of American’s sexually are heterosexual in orientation and forget that most Americans frown on Hillary Clinton’s “Political Correctness” didn’t matter, just that they brainwashed you and killed your freedom to be entertained rather then be told what you can and cannot do in life. And so Disney whose exec is married to former Obama official Rice, killed 2 shows at ABC owned by Disney on behalf of Soros SPLC people who censor patriotic American shows since the thug (and make no mistake about it, Soros is a criminal thug) doesn’t want you to have a country. “Last Man Standing” and the “Roseanne Barr” show. Now the Star Wars franchise with more crap tried to exploit a character loved by America and killed off in a previous Star Wars entitled “SOLO” about the well loved character originally established by George Lucas and actor Harrison Ford. However the damage has been done.

Americans have come to hate Disney and its products as they recognize that the brand works against their interests and well being, trying to wreck their lives, so anything Disney puts out may well be heading for failure and you can lay this right at the footstep of CEO Igor. Disney’s policy against Roseanne was the last stick for a majority of Americans and they have had it and it is not only Disney. Americans have shunned Hollywood altogether for their anti Trump, anti freedom pro communism stance. The result is that SOLO is the dying direction of Star Wars for no amount of what Disney does will re-attract people to their entertainment products including their theme parks too. Disney is in essence as much a victim as Netflix is becoming and it all ties into the man at the center of most of the world’s problems. GEORGE SOROS!

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Communized Anti American Companies against YOU!

Kellogs. The Kellogs foundation send money to Soros groups. Taco Bell, the owner of Taco Bell supports you losing your freedoms. Two more companies for you to tell them to go FUCK themselves for trying to strip you of your freedoms.

Here is how you can FUCK over these communist bastards. Stop buying their products and spread the word that these evil bastards want you to become a communist global slave under NAZI Mass Murderer George Soros.

For Mexican style food try Del Taco and for cereals go to the 99 cent stores and get a box of hot cereal. Put Kellogs and Taco Bell outta business for supporting the destruction of your freedoms.

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