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The Jetson’s…need I say more?

Ah the 1960’s when we all had the freedom to think, free speech, to be inventive and bring dreams toward a brighter future. it seems a century away, so long ago, (it really is a century away) when the 21st Century was a bright beacon. Cartoon’s like The Jetson’s and Johnny Quest highlighted such grand ideas. Well, it can be stated that didn’t quite turn out the way many of us thought it would, not with the terrorists now in America being welcomed by the Democratic Party per say. That said, a few days ago I touched on one 21st Century technology essentially realistic women and men sexdolls and now sexbots aka. sex robots. Shades of the mid 70’s sci-fi “West World” and a robot hooker in a saloon, it seems this has come to pass.

Another thing that is actually happening are personal flying vehicles, shades of the cartoon Jetson’s and other flicks of the past. Flying cars, flying bikes all becoming a reality as the 21st Century is truly taking hold. I wanted to touch on this because like the first “X” rated technology, this will also influence and change society and is deserving of a major blog post here. So first and foremost let us watch some of these flying vehicles in action.

While American car companies are selling the latest road machines, look what the Chinese are getting ready to sell.

and these.

and not to be forgotten are motorcycle riders or dare I say fliers.

You watched em, they all fly you to where you want to go, and now here comes the cans of fresh worms. First and foremost these types of vehicles will greatly reduce traffic congestion. Sadly, there will be flying accidents and depending on what the victims were flying in and what it was equipped with, this will certainly determine who walks away and who gets 6 feet of dirt on em. Then there is the job market. Eventually all these flying vehicles will drop substantially in price and batteries will extend range beyond anything anyone had ever imagined. So who gets hurt? Well before we get you to the who let us take a look at a long traditional gasoline powered industry.

So now let us talk about this. Because airplanes and helicopters are going to become much more rare as the giant drones for a lack of a better description, whisk people away. So jobs in traditional aircraft as well especially ground based motorcycles and cars are going to either switch to this new flight technology or rapidly go the way of the horse and buggy.

Further, governments will find relief in that they will not have to maintain roads like they used to, because most people will be up top going from place to place. Supposedly the FAA has been working on plans for all of this in the USA, like they got a border wall nailed to protect the country’s border, and thus is another headache for them. These drones as they develop big ones to carry passengers will easily hop a border wall, not that I’m against building one and fixing immigration, but that is another hot blog topic for another time. So the new form of transportation will definitely present new challenges, industries while killing off older industries. It will certainly be quite interesting indeed to see the sky chases rather then on the ground. One thing that will become safe are animals. With so many animals and pedestrians killed by cars, with reduced road traffic, these statistics will show more people and animals alive. However, drunken fliers will certainly pose a brand new danger and then there is the criminal element.

For example terrorists. Let’s say they load a full sized remote controlled ehang with explosives and send it to visit floor 55 with guests watching from the tall windy terrace as it hovers nearby and then goes BOOM! Worse yet a mini-nuke. Football stadium game. Yes, the future is both grand and dark, much like today’s politics.


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The Sexdoll Market is exploding!!!

When is selling sexdolls, you know this is no longer a big closet secret. And Sexbots or Sex Robots are here too. Sexdoll for sale

With the technological arrival of TPE Thermo Plastic Elastomer, the older much more expensive $8000.00 solid sexdolls are going to be history fast. That’s because the skin material feels human and is much more flexible. Also a tear can quickly and easily be repaired with TPE glue now readily available. But here is what is driving the market. PRICE!

TPE Solid sexdolls have a steel skeleton, even the cheap ones and the quality of the cheaper one’s rivals what used to cost $8000.00 or more. For example, these dolls are priced now between $500.00 to $2,000.00 and on the women sexdolls you can not only order height, but also the bra cup size you want. Another thing I was very surprised to learn about was the weight. It seems that today’s steel skeleton sexdolls weigh a lot. In fact they weigh the same as most human’s do. For example a sexdoll made of tpe with a steel skeleton a “C” Cup body type female at 5’4″ weighs out at around 90lbs and it can vary too. The taller the model with bigger bust, the more the weight. Sexdolls also more on the woman side than the guy side vary from teens to a full fledged woman. There is also a dark side to the dolls of younger models but that is discussion for another topic as this will yield several blogs.

Now I can just hear all the ladies screaming at me, but scream not ladies. You can get your own cabal of guy sexdolls too and erhmm, order whatever sizes fits best. Oye vey, am I going wild here with this article. The quality seems to vary based on several factors. The hands and particularly the fingers are where you can have quality issues. Also the more expensive $2,000.00 dolls have heads attached to the neck. Cheaper ones under $1,200.00 tend to require you to screw on the head to the neck.

These facts said, the blow up doll market of the $10.00 inflatable are long gone or not far from becoming extinct. This also kills the expensive torso only (no legs, no arms) models, but sexdolls and sexbots are going to do away with other things as well.

Handwriting on the wall

BROTHELS and Hookers. Yes, the world’s oldest profession may well easily be killed by these adult toys. Instead of a lonely guy or gal hiring a Hooker man or woman to do the dirty, they have the sexdoll 24/7 and the initial investment will go a very long way with the TPE dolls and or Sexbots. Another thing this business will start to kill rather fast is PORN.

Think about this for a moment or two. If you have the person of your dreams sitting on your bed or couch or wherever, why are you going to waste time or even money watching a video? Sexdolls like these are going to or have begun killing the time used to watch flicks or buy them.

I mean, sexdolls and sexbots are going to kill:

Prostitution with humans

Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Pornography as we know it

and cheaper and more expensive sexdoll markets and this is just really the start with the new TPE sexdolls and Sexbots with their new found AI. Great! So the baddies get banged out of existence, but what about the family and marriage?

Great point! I had a chance to read comments recently after a friend into all of this wild and wacky 21st Tech pointed me to where a discussion was taking place. It seemed the spouses were okay with it, in fact almost all comments made claims this brought marriage relief to partners not up to the task. Others said it helped their relationship a lot. Very few comments were negative from what I read. A very few preached religion and hell, but those seemed shunned rather quickly.

Depending on how you look at it, this could easily relieve RAPES, a horrendous crime perpetrated mostly on women, but in more rare cases against men too. It also could aid in Birth Control. Yes potentially in a negative reduce families, but many families are unplanned these days and occur by malice mixed with an ooops, I forgot the…and there goes the next 20 plus years of life for the two consenting adults, with a kid victim later on. So are there positives, yes and some negatives as well.

From how I see this, the positives outweigh the negatives though everyone will have an opinion on this and those opinions will vary greatly. The future with TPE walking, warm skinned, AI robots that can do more then sex is about here and with them come new changes to the worldwide human population just like flying transportation, space travel, it’s all coming. Pills that cure cancer and just about everything else. So, the big question becomes what is next, and where does it all go?

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It seems that over the last year UFO’s…

Have increased visits to Earth and our solar system and many raw video feeds are now yielding this from around the globe. Heck, even the US Government has the Astra TR-3B flying black triangles which are said to be built from extra terrestrial technology. Now me, I ain’t ever seen a real flying saucer this or flying saucer that aside from the internet and particularly YouTube. And while videos can have special FX added these days that are pretty damned convincing, even from a portable computer to boot! You must say, the videos being shown at a site on YouTube called Secureteam10 are now filtering into news shows world wide, even FOX picked up on it lately. And while many could be explained away, there are many that might not be so easily explained away, something to consider, so let’s watch a few of these. As an author of Sci-Fi materials I find great wealth in potential stories here daily.

Crafts sucking hot plasma from the Sun directly and refueling, some exiting the sun, one craft bigger than Jupiter (a mothership?)

and then what about Pluto, have you seen the cities on Pluto, yes the planet 3 billion miles away. Check it out.

and what about Earth. Strange sea creatures?

and yeah, giant things at the bottom of our ocean floor. Affecting our global weather?

Well anyhow, relieve your mind from the horrible news these days and enjoy these new mysteries. Lost more videos at Tyler’s Secureteam10, why wait to watch it on your news when you can go there and see it first.

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How to honor communist Face Book.

Consider its founder. We all know the American English “F” word. Why use an “F” when you can use a “Z” and honor the Face Book founder at the same time. Like for instance and you can substitute other letters as well. “There’s a Sucker Born Every Minute” … nope, “There’s a Zucker Born Every Minute” that works.

Then there are ways to express yourself when angry, sexy amazed and happy. Here are a few more examples for the founder of a mass media that fosters suppression of free speech in America.

ZUCK you!

ZUCK off!

Go ZUCK yourself

They are real mother ZUCKers

ZUCKing idiots


Would you like to ZUCK me?

Let’s ZUCK

You’re so ZUCKing sexy!

You are the best ZUCK I’ve ever done

You ZUCK great!

This is the best ZUCKin stuff I’ve ever had


Beats the ZUCK outta me

I am ZUCKing happy

I am so ZUCKing angry

you get the idea. Just a letter or two and life doesn’t have to ZUCK anymore.

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Pizzied Pissed Pissed Away!

That’s what the bald headed jerk known as Governor (if it looks like a thug, walks like a thug, signs bad bills like a thug, it’s a thug) Jerry Brown or as older folks know him as Governor Medfly from a different century. This old fart that calls for greenhouse gas reduction signed a bill banning “Zero Polluting” throttle electric bikes. He did this for a guy who inserted himself onto a state bicycle board and what does this guy do? He is the CEO of an ebike company that in my humble opinion makes overpriced ebikes that you have to pedal. Forget throttle ebikes, doesn’t pedaling create carbon MORON GOVERNOR BROWN POOP? Why yes it does.

The CEO of this ebike company inserted himself on a state bike board then wrote up with others a bill funded by his ebike company…

Warning, warning, flashing alert for corrupt state bill!

and the bill funded by this ebike company fixed a free consumer marketplace so that competing products and technologies were banned by the state. Talk about a captive marketplace huh. I wish I could buy entire free markets and fix them like AB1096 did when Governor BrownPoop signed it banning pollution free green transportation. Talk about being a major hypocrite huh. So California wants you on polluting gas bikes thanks to a Pizzi or two. This is because you are not entitled to free choice, free markets, instead you are being made into a communist slave, well there is an answer to all of this.

Buy a pedal bike for a fraction of the cost of the pedelec ebikes.

Buy a motorcycle if you want to really show them up, probably a used one with insurance and a new class M2 license for the same or less than high end pedelecs,

or get a used car.Stick this up your tailpipes California!

That’ll really show em. It will do all of the things this phony governor and the state of California’s corrupt assembly and senators signed away. Republican, Democrat they all signed on to AB1096 for no free choice, no innovation and no free marketplace. Welcome to California, the green state. GREEN = MONEY!


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Why Does Ford Motor Company Support

Black Lives Matter?

Great question and it comes from the CEO of the company a Harvard Graduate MBA named Mark Fields and trickles down through the company from there. Mr. Fields has made political donations that mainly lean left, which is not surprising for someone who graduated from a ‘comunized’ Ivy League College.

This thus, then explains why The Ford Motor Company donated money to the same group setup by George Soros ‘Black Lives Matter’ which begs consumers who are American citizens regardless of what color, ethnicity, creed they are, why should they ever purchase another Ford Product again?

In fact Mark Fields hostile reply to Donald Trump and then doubling car capacity in Mexico explains more about what is wrong with American companies such as Ford but to name a few or say a certain company that claims they bring good things to life when quite the opposite is true.

Here is the problem. While Ford is donating money to political causes that range on the fringe to domestic terrorism groups pressuring the public towards George Soros communism, instead of using those funds to create new American jobs, it continues to fester. Again, one must go back to the communists running the American education and news media systems in the country only to see why someone like Donal Trump with ‘Make America Great Again’ has most of a country’s population behind him and why people like Mark Fields do not.

See, much to his credit, Mark Fields and Ford have done some remarkable things, let me show you a difference between positive and negative…

Look at that Ford product from the genius of Mark Fields and the board members at Ford, all I can say as a lover of Mustangs and Ford products is wow.

But that isn’t the only things Ford has put money into. Here is another product of theirs.

Black Lives Matter, funded in part through monetary donations channeled by the Ford Motor Company, its CEO and board members had to approve this. What about all lives matter, take a look at this Ford Product and what it has done for Americans like the Mustang video at top. How about this below Mark???

and how about this below Mark, something you should be creating.

Creating jobs instead of getting people hurt or killed through a George Soros funded group of pure hatred.

That is right, Make Americans Great Again like Donald Trump has preached during his bid for the WhiteHouse. And give Americans something to be proud of.

Built By Ford

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What Governor Brown Killed!

In less than a week from this posting, free choice for consumers will be dead. Something that was zero polluting, relieved traffic congestion, saved on the destruction of roads costing taxpayers big buck, and spawned a culture of sorts will be dead. And why did this happen you ask? Because the legislature and governor of California do not represent the public, do not grow free markets, they are completely corrupted, Democrats, Republicans and Independents. Everyone in the California ASSembly and Senate and the governor killed free markets and they did it for the CEO of a small company whose products were not selling well.

See, here’s the real issues at hand. The marketplace and consumers didn’t like what the CEO and his company and similar companies were offering and their competition was eating them alive! So, they went to a corrupt government who gladly sold them an entire state free marketplace to have for themselves. The CEO inserted himself on a state board, they crafted a law benefiting his company’s specific products, criminalized users of competing products and used government to make the products in a free market that were outselling theirs illegal to sell and manufacturer. And here is the kicker. These bad companies formed a consortium and are doing this state-by-state so the consumers throughout America can only by their products. Hence California’s AB1096 did all of this. Now let us first look at what this company is selling for over 3 grand. Hint, you must pedal it, no throttles…


Now, let’s see what you could have for half that price or less.

$1,200.00 and this is why the other manufacturers above bought an entire state marketplace. Oh yeah, I mentioned culture. Let’s look at what Governor Brown and the entire California (GREEN ENERGY SHOUTING POLITICIANS) just killed, why not.

AB1096 you can’t do this on Jan. 1st 2016

and on Jan. 1st 2016 you can’t do this.

Forget riding offroad on trails, it’s illegal in California!

and the culture killed by AB1096 that was just starting to grow.

and let’s see, what about commuting to work or the store on a street? Yup, you guessed it, on a zero polluting throttle ebike you won’t be able to do that either unless you own a ebike that goes under 20mph. A pedal bike can hit 50MPH and legally are allowed to. What if you are physically handicapped? AB1096 criminalizes handicapped people on faster than 20MPH throttle ebikes. Talk about discrimination. Maybe someone will sue the CEO and his company for writing and financing a bill through the corrupt state legislature and while we are talking of this get-rich-quick method, sue California as well. And now for the commute to work you won’t be able to do anymore.

Legal in Moscow and Beijing, just not in California and soon the rest of America.

and in Columbia where it is legal, they have more freedoms than in corrupt communist America.

What you could have ridden to work will never be because a company CEO and his company bought an entire state marketplace. But let’s see what technologies were extinguished by a closed market with no competition.

and now for a word from someone knowledgeable about AB1096.

he forgot to mention how you can buy a free marketplace and criminalize consumers of competing products, nice one! What you just heard was the candy coating on nothing short of B.S.! And while I am at it, let’s listen to Mr. Governor Zero Polluting Energy himself. Just bear in mind he just criminalized “ZERO POLLUTING” transportation, relegated ebikes to an expensive hobby in a communized marketplace to benefit a few small companies.

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