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The Sheriff Wyler Scott Series To wrap up in 2019.

The original series is going to wrap up on the 12th novel “Homebound” by late 2019. This will leave the following novels in the original Wyler Scott Series.

1978 – “Contact of the Forestry Kin” – Bigfoot!

1983 – “Idyllwild” – Indian Witchman framed for a murder he didn’t commit.

1990 – “The Trail To East Mohave” pursued from the other world.

1995 – “Broken Canyon” – Range War in Northern Arizona.

2005  – “The Chocolate Mountain Murders” – Evil is coming.

2014  – “Tahquitz” – The evil is here. Superdude to the rescue.

2015  – “The June Lake Incident” – The CIA has been opening new doors.

2016 – “CUFFED” – What happens to bad guys.

2017 – “The Tale of Two Berdoos” – The sun goes supernova. Buh Bye Earth!

2018 – “Ciera” – Yes, we are 58,000 light years away.

2019 – “Cahuilla Country” Mid year (Ancient Indian Village)

2019 – “Homebound” Holiday Season (The end or new beginnings)


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FB Liberal Disowners

So I read where liberal friends and relatives have a new trend called “unfriending” of people that are conservatives when they are liberals. The libs do it something like this, are you ready for it?

“Oh my GOD! I just visited your FaceBook page and you support TRUMP! I can no longer ASSociate with you for supporting that MONSTER! Therefore as much as I regret (like) it, I must part with you.

All of you know what my response is right! GO “F” YOURSELVES!!! did I scream that loud enough to the liberal scumbags? Honestly though and sadly, I really hate this, ain’t right and not what families are about. Families are about sticking together, relatives the same deal.

I know, because at this Christmas season two of my Jewish cousins whom I had not seen for almost half a century did just that. They “LOVE” me they are my blood relatives and slapped me at the same time. These two girls from California, the state that seriously needs a political enema.

So I told them I love them too, and that they were wrong. Because that blood line relative is just that, can’t change it. They and I are who we are. But based on a current and very temporary political feeling, they severed this family relationship and did it at one of the most traditionally warmest times of the year.

How did I feel that I had again lost people from 1964? Well, surprised but I realized something here and this is greatly very important to all of you who are treated like this by communized scum. It is not your loss as this was not my loss. I shall reflect on 1964 in a positive light and I will leave these two sisters to their very evil decision. They will take this to their grave and remain stuck in a sort of frozen 1964 in my mind.  Meanwhile I am in 2016 heading smack dab into 2017 and I am living life while they are internally dead. They are miserable, not because of me, but rather themselves, while I am happy, grateful to GOD for everything and look at a brighter future.

While the decrepit viles of failed misery sit upon them, squashing both of these girls in the darkness of a once bright past, my future is free, light, loving, much like traditional Christmas is at this top of the year apex. Warmth, love, giving, the current grand times I shall enjoy. Because I am alive, living and most of all have a clear conscious and soul. I have GOD, love and brightness and for that I have been given a gift that this once pure family of the past has so darkened by their evil, that I was spared the opportunity they could have saddled me with their misery.

Thank you God and to those of you unfriended by family and friends of the past. THE HELL WITH EM!

A quick addendum to my Jewish cousins. Did you hear what your political party said to the U.N. today through ambASSador John Kerry aka. LURCH! Here, go listen to what he said about you, my JEWISH cousins. Listen to his comments. You are either a Democrat or a Jew but you cannot be both. Here is the American Democrat in the words of the party you belong to, that you destroyed a family member over. You were born a Jew!

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McDonald’s Is Your Kind Of Place…

or how about the adults singing…

and what are teens singing about?

and what was this great fast food burger chain once like, what was it like in say, 1967 when I visited the Reseda McDonald’s in that year after just getting my toy “Hot Wheels” Barracuda as a kid? And what did McDonald’s become?

Here is what America really made back then, but first my toy Hot Wheels from that faithful summer 1967 eve.

1967 Mattel Hot Wheels Barracuda

and now here is what McDonald’s used to be, before the big clown and Happy Meals and all the other crap that has destroyed them.

Okay back to basics. Make fries like Burger King. I think they have the best fries.

Chocolate Shakes, Vanilla and Strawberry, that’s it. Coca Cola Classic or Pepsi. Fanta Orange and Dr. Pepper and or water free with ice.

Now let us talk sandwiches. Burger patties that are not thin like paper, but rather, plump. Yeah, that’s right, bigger burger patties. Use Sandwich sized buns too.

Offer a basic Chicken Club Sandwich and finally a Filet o’ Fish Sandwich with a larger filet.

One last irk while I’m at it on the burgers. Make Pickles optional. Most people hate pickles on their burgers, so make it a request option. Also stop mixing both mustard and ketchup, offer one or the other and last but not least.

Offer the complete meal bagged in under 60 seconds like you did in 1967 at the cheapest prices. So again, let’s go over it.

A Big Mac is a real “BIG” Mac not 2 paper thin patties on a standard hamburger bun.

Forget the Quarter Pounder, offer a one pounder like this burger for about 3 bucks.

a 1 pound burger at $3.00

Fries that look like these.

Not Oily, they stand straight, they are not wimpy, they taste great too.

Basic drinks served over counter. I see too many little MF’s at the drink bar refilling and their straws touch the dispenser. The public in general can be filthy bastards so clean it up. Want a refill have an employee get it. I don’t want to touch something a filthy bum who dug through a dumpster is filling his trash can cup with. Got it!!!

Finally, get rid of the playgrounds, get rid of the Happy Meals and send the redhead guy packing bigtime.

Keeps the menu simple so here goes.


Hamburger 1/4 lb. $1.00

Cheeseburger 1/4 lb. $1.50

Big Mac 2 # 1/4 pound patties. $2.85

Pounder Burger 1 lb beef patty $3.00

All burgers served on sandwich sized buns. Not the smaller burger buns. Make pickles optional, offer one sauce, let customers request additional sauces for longer wait times.

Have the basic burgers, fries and a single sized drink ready to go. Ring them up, take their money or credit card swipe and bag their food, done! Less than 60 seconds in the restaurant.

Never argue with a customer, if their is an issue with their food, be polite and replace it asap. Or give them a refund.

Drinks, all one medium cup size. Here is what to offer.

Water with ice free small cup. All the remaining drinks in medium cups with free refills offered.


Chocolate, Vanilla or Strawberry $1.00


Coca Cola Classic .75

Pepsi .75

Fanta (Orange) .75

Mountain Dew .75

Dr. Pepper .75

Forget dessert, forget Happy Meals, expand the eating area and remove the playgrounds. Add more tables, get people in there to eat and accommodate them for EATING, not having some little brat screaming while swinging on the Monkey bars. Make it a restaurant, offer a high chair for toddlers to accommodate new parents.

That is it, offer the very basics, a small menu good food proportions, low prices, fast service, an eating area, kept constantly clean so people can purchase food and EAT! Do the very basics, and forget the clown and the toys and you will do well. Because you are being beaten by competition who has been getting back to the roots of just serving food again.

and today’s small mac.

and an inventive idea…



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Crashskies For the new year 2015

If the USA has got one thing right, it is safer highways then most other countries. Here is what the Russians are doing for the new year…

and a day before… feel free to comment folks!

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The season of Spiders!

That’s right, we are gearing up to get an Eyerly Spider into RCT3 and there are questions about the history of the ride. Now what is an Eyerly Spider you ask? Well, why don’t I show you as I am most expert on this particular ride.

How this ride works is quite simple. Before I start thought, let me inform you it can rotate both directions.

The main chassis of the ride is called the Clutch and sits atop the base and motor. The main chassis usually rotates counter clockwise. There are arms and at the end of the arms are tubs on what we call a dual finger. The tubs have on more modern spiders a brake for passengers to cut the spinning of the tub they are in down. The arms are attached to connecting rods that anchor to a round plate called a “Collar” and this has bearings on the inside and rests on what is called the crank. As the ride rotates one way, the operator engages the secondary clutch which releases the crank which rotates in the opposite direction, this case ‘clockwise’… As the crank goes around, it pulls the collar and the connecting rod stays with the collar pulling the main arm up.

Now normally, the connecting rod would break from the weight of the main arm. But it gets help from hydraulic shocks on the ride and this reduces the stress on the connecting rod. This mechanical application also applies to the original Eyerly Octopus and also the Eyerly Monster ride. Wanna see those in action? Okay hang on… I’ll explain more as I go along here. Fun huh, making a short escape from the horrors of communized life here being able to enjoy a bit of good ol’ fashioned American ingenuity when these were Made in a real American.

The original Eyerly ‘Octopus’ ride.

and they released the Monster ride in 1963. Here is an Eyerly Monster ride below.

and if you would like to experience a ride on the Eyerly Monster, watch this one.

And so you have seen what are essentially the spider series of rides. By the way, Eyerly is now owned by ‘Oregon Rides’ and Bill and the gang over there. Now for the big mystery, are you ready?

Lets get the armature count down first. An Octopus ride ride has 8 arms, a Spider ride 6 arms and an Eyerly Monster has 6 main arms with a small cross section containing 4 tubs each. With me so far? Great and here is where historically it gets mucky!

The tubs on the Octopus were different then those used on the Monster and later Spider series of rides. Now take a look at this rare ride in the photo, count the arms, note the themed curved arms and more modern tubs and what is this?


The spider on the right.

Now if you look at that Spider ride, how many arms and tubs are there? 8 right? Octopus have 8 arms, spiders have 6. Before the release of the 1967 Eyerly Spider, the Eyerly Aircraft company made some hybrid Octopus rides. Those rides used Spider arms and tubs, thus making it not a traditional octopus, but also not the forthcoming spider. A hybrid and it is quite rare to even locate a photo of this, but there it is. I dickered a bit with Bill at Oregon rides so we could get this nailed.

And so, you have learned a lot about the disappearing spider rides and their season of fun.

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Someone asked me what semi-fame is like.

Here we go again and again and again. I would tell younger folks today, just do your art work. If you get famous try and deal with it. If you keep your privacy, relish it. Because once your privacy is gone, it’s gone and never comes back. In my case I am lucky to be sort of stuck in a nether world. On one hand I have some fame, on the other I have privacy. Eventually this will probably change. Then I’ll have to deal with Harv and the gang at TMZ among others, something I don’t yet have to deal with.

But we can see examples all over the place. The celebrity being chased on Santa Monica Boulevard then cut off in her car only to have a bunch of guys with cameras snapping away, blocking her exit. Court expenses suing people and security expenses protecting you at home. Ever hear of kidnappers, extortionists? They’re out there. Even news reporters aren’t safe, just ask Gina Silva at FOX about death threats but to name a few. This happens much more often to reporters and news people than you might think.

Stalkers! Yes stalkers and then they break into your home to visit you or perhaps steal a souvenir for bragging rights. This has also happened to famous people, their homes targeted.

For these and many other reasons, my preference is to try and have the best of both worlds as my life and work makes a transformation. I realize that one day, I will lose one standing for another, but for now, having both worlds works and it works quite well.

Being of a celebrity status does have benefits though, but it also can be a nightmare. Just ask many yesteryear celebrities who are struggling today and yet also have no privacy. Everyone knows their faces, who they are, their history and where they have been, what they have done. Whoa to them if they did something bad, then they become infamous, another type of fame. So if you have not achieved fame in your life, consider yourself blessed in a sense. You have something called privacy more or less, and it is one of those things that when it’s gone, it’s gone for good!

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Middle October CRASHKIES!

So you think driver’s here under the anointed one’s tyranny have it bad, try Vlad’s missing traffic lights half way around the world. Here, have a gander.

I think we got it pretty good as a country when it comes to our road safety. While government here gets it wrong these days bigtime, the road system is much safer than this crap!

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