What lies ahead for GOP voters and the GOP?

Well it is a mixed bag and the GOP may or may not have the chance to fix it.

First off, what the GOP did for 2 years was waste time, valuable time. A super duper very high priority was to fix the voting so it was a fair and free election. They did not do that. Build a wall to keep terrorists and criminals out. They did not do that. Cut the deficit, they raised it by a lot. Repeal entirely Obamacare, didn’t happen, still there. Secure power to fix the country, nope they just gave 1/3 of government away and this was done on purpose.

For the last two years the GOP hated Trump, worked against him, ran a clown show and circus, voted like dufuses and allowed a sham to continue with an inept AG at best if not a traitor in Sessions.

They did very little with only a few in the Senate and Congress helping Trump to really get it done. Paul Ryan, a clear backstabbing traitor was at the top pulling the strings, and when the 2018 midterms came, well, he showed his true knife-in-the-back actions.

Now let us talk about those 2018 Midterms:

Get the red vote out, vote red and many in the country did. Republican candidates were poised to win even if by narrow marginal vote numbers in many states so what changed.

First how did we get here? It was a setup by RINOS and Never Trumpers within the Republican Party to try and trash the party, Trump and its loyal voters nationwide. 45 Congress people retired in mass. Why, because by leaving that many seats open left a grand opportunity to hand congress back to the Democrats by the RINOS and its leader Paul Ryan.

Second the Democrat vote stealing machine enhanced by the Soros Klan Power devised a way to outright steal votes in mass coast-to-coast and here is the kicker. Except Florida and Georgia, without Trump’s help, those would be completely gone too. So the voting system is a rigged and dirty game and it gets worse. The GOP didn’t even stand behind the candidates that won only to see their hard work stolen. The GOP also by not contesting every election and staying silent also showed they don’t stand behind their loyal voting base, instead staying quiet and allowing the theft of those seats by the dems and Soros. I don’t think there is a bigger backstabbing by the RINO controlled Republicans to the voters, candidates and the president, as well as the constitution and freedom in this country.

By the Democrats coming into power several things will happen and here they are. The Democratic stolen congress will nullify any chance of fixing the voter system. Remember the Soviet saying about those who count votes? You ain’t seen nothing yet.

Without the voting system fixed for fair elections, with the corrupt media biased against the Republican Party, in many cases inciting mass violence to injur or kill conservatives including members of the GOP. The intent for 2020 will be a repeat of the 2018 elections and here is what will happen.

Congress will strengthen to almost all democrats. The Senate will be stolen and controlled by democrats. POTUS will be stolen and go to democrats.

Once the democrats have full control of the federal and most states governments here is what happens next. Between 2020 and 2022 it will be too late to ever get a fair government again.


Younger communized politicians will come in and strip Americans of their constitution top to bottom and those that resist will be killed or enslaved to forced labor camps by a newer high tech military. Every citizen will be chipped aka ‘Mark of the Beast’ and those who refuse will be terminated. You will see this within 4 years mark my prediction as bad as it sounds and it may get even worse. People may end up being killed and processed for food. Remember ‘Soylent Green’ think it cannot happen, it already is.

There are places that sell cannibalized human parts for food and people are already buying and eating human steaks. Would you have believed that many are practicing witchcraft openly including convention center meetings for devil worshipers and the trashing of Christianity and Churches, the rise of NAZI style anti-antisemitism calling for the destruction of Jews, Israel, White Christians in mass and online and in the news. See, that is the point, so how to fix this?

Now let’s see how to fix this, okay.

Okay, first and foremost Senate passes investigations into election fraud. They find votes were stolen, they with president declare that winner null and void upon presenting them. Senat and President open investigations into the election fraud winners like for example Maxine Waters and find her guilty of a crime through AG. Like for example this…


That’s right and she is only one of them. So start removing those who got to power fraudulently.

Next start arresting the baddies and here is a very small start.

George Soros and family – freeze all assets send in the military and or air force and arrest on site. Ship them to GITMO asap.

Arrest the heads of the Soros organizations all of them and seize all books. Arrest followers and paid sources. To GITMO at the Rock Quarry.

Arrest the Clinton’s and their crime network including Bill for banging the young ones while raping the older ones. Time to make him a limp one, send him to jail with Bubba and a bar of Dial soap. Maybe he will meet Michael Obama in there.

Arrest the Obama and the Obama Administration officials.

Arrest Michael Bloomberg for Treason trying to shoot down the 2nd Amendment, this guy is a big tyrant.

Arrest Tom Steyer for treason against the country and threats against POTUS.

Arrest most of the news media on charges of treason.

Arrest most of Hollywood for treason.

Arrest most of the academic professors and administrations who have brainwashed youth to hate the country and HANG them all for mass treason.

Impeach all Clinton and Obama appointed judges including the two on the supreme court since Obama’s presidency was illegal.

A lot to do in two years, but Trump better beware. Make nice nice with Dems and risk losing everything including his country, perhaps family and maybe under a Soros ruled AmeriKa his life.

Start at the very top and stop the Soro’s and everything begins to get fixed. Fail to do so, and kiss it all goodbye. And that’s my two cents for 2020 and beyond.


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