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How To Fix Hollywood!

Someone asked me this very question. My first inclination would have been to respond FIRE!!! all the “TINSELTURDS” of course that is a no-brainer, right? But there are other underlying things that go with this. For example what are the media ARTs?

Well, they are the ARTs. That’s right, movies used to be artwork and entertainment. But ever since George Soros and company got involved as well as the CHICOMS as stated recently in times by one mister Alex Jones and Infowars (thank you Mr. Jones for the TRUTH), what Hollywood politically correct material has actually become is rather, brainwashing materials for communists. So who do you blame for this? I blame former congresses and sellout presidents as of late. They could have had hearings on the difference between sedition materials and art and entertainment, so the big question is how do you fix this?

Well, it isn’t as easy as one would like to think. There are a number of things, the first being as mentioned, to get rid of those who use this to jumpstart communism and socialism and politics in general. There is a big difference between entertainment and brainwashing. What Hollywood as an industry needs to do is go from making people hate each other to making audiences have a fun escape of their choosing (comedy,drama,action,sci-fi,romance,mystery,gothic,horror) for a couple of hours and then leave knowing they were and here is the key word. “ENTERTAINED” for their money’s worth, speaking of which.

Acting talents (the majority) have become nothing but communist loving hate-America mouthpieces while Communist China has been allowed to buy up or into controlling the major Hollywood studios. These acting talents are the very lowest of the low. Not all of them, but a great many of them and this is why Americans have abandoned traditional television and especially the movies, most of which are bombing. So, the very first thing that will have to be done is that acting talents and production execs that hate America need to GET THE HELL OUT of the United States and go live in a communist country of their choosing. That’s for starters.

A system needs to be put in place that because of the elevated status of celebrities and the entertainment industries qualifies if the person qualifies to being able to have a job in that business. America hating, communist craphead TINSELTURDS like Joy Begghar, AlySSa Milano, Robert DeNoro and others should be doing other things but no where near mass public broadcasting or involved with products of that nature, and I could go on citing many other examples like Jane Fonda who should have hanged for treason back in the late 1960’s for taking propaganda shots on enemy aircraft guns that killed American service men and women. TRAITORS!

Once these TINSELTURDS are all disqualified from any show biz or news, then we need systems in place that indoctrinate new stories, talents. These do not exist right now. Like a database of literary materials for studios to instantly find. Better contracts, online services with faces of new or existing acting talents. Right now, getting work in Hollywood unless you are well known or high up on the favorable lists of communists or satanic groups is next to impossible.

Next move China and all foreign ownership out of Hollywood’s businesses and I mean all foreign ownership including multinational corporations. Not American, GO “F” YOURSELVES you cannot own our news, or entertainment businesses, got it!

Any mob money, get that out too, and satanic or pedo groups, forget getting them out, just arrest all these dummies. Stick em in prison and throw away the keys.

Finally, qualify that new movies and entertainment include the American way of life and show us a positive side. Stop bashing all races including whites. Stop bashing all genders including men. Stop bashing most religions especially Christianity while promoting the Devil. Time to make entertainment, entertainment and nothing less. Do this and the public will once again support enjoying the temporary escape that movies and TV shows ought to be rather than promoting political agendas and correctness. That is how to fix HOLLYWOOD. Agree, weigh in.


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