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The more she has matured, the better she has gotten.

One actress I really like of the today generation is believe it or not, Miss Lindsay Lohan.

It takes a lot for me to state this, considering a dark past of problems, but she has come a very long way, even having worked in a morgue by court order, with real actual dead bodies. I say this because she honestly has made a posting she got heat for on Twitter on the Syria Bombing ordered by President Trump. Now as an ardent conservative you’d think Lindsay and equate her to today’s Tinselturd Hollyslut, yet that she is not, at least not as I have watched her grow and change.

Now, here is something else I know and this is actually insider information. Ready?????

She is fantastic at reading her lines as a professional actress, almost flawlessly I have heard on numerous occasions which is if I am ever able to get funding going for my Sci-Fi “Titan One” I will seriously recommend they look at her in casting for one of the main characters.

But I am also quite proud of Lindsay on speaking up on Syria and taking massive public heat from it on actually (and rarely) all side politically. Boy oh boy, she really got it bad yet on Twitter I liked her post and support her. In the case of the Syria bombing by the USA, we were clearly in the wrong. Even as of this posting, inspectors are being denied access to the original site of the gas attacks and that sets a mega-tone on red bells and flags off in my sight. It did in Lindsay’s too and she displayed her mature wisdom in that respect. Besides beauty, she has brains and again she can nail the script lines like few other performing arts talents can and so my hat’s off to her. There is certainly no substitution for common sense and Lindsay has shown us this through her growth.


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