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Sex Robots and the 70’s

I guess I find this fascinating among other robotic topics. I remember the sex robots of the original film Westworld in the 1970’s and thought as a young teen growing up back then, whoa! Here, take a quick peek.

Then there was movies like Blade Runner in the 1980’s more robo love, plus flying cars etc. Those are here too.

I decided to ask a psychologist who shall remain anonymous as I promised them about this coming phenomena, what their opinions and take were. I figured they would be against it, but they went the opposite direction. Recently I watched an Australian clip where a woman dr. was dead set against this, but her opinions seemed rather angry, so what I wanted was an opinion that came from a cool professional mind and I asked questions and got some answers. (Again to note, their choice not mine to remain anonymous) so take this with a grain of salt if you wish, or feel free to weigh in.

“Is this thing having sex robots a good or bad thing? And why?”

Doctor: Actually it may be a great thing and here is why, especially for single people. It provides a deeper sexualized experience and it provides a sort of temporary companionship depending on what form the AI is. In essence it brings relief of loneliness. As for marriages, this should have minimal affect to marriages in fact it may well strengthen marriages by giving a partner sexual relief when the other partner is not up to the task.

“But can’t this hurt a marriage?”

Doctor: I don’t believe so. If the marriage is that weak then those people would be split up by any number of instances. Remember that having another human interfere in breaking up a marriage as opposed to a non human machine is vastly different. Another thing being missed here is what other tasks the sex robot can double, like as a baby sitter, maybe security device. I believe as these machines become more sophisticated and gain mobility, they will be able to task more chores relieving humans, so there is this additional component that is being overlooked. Driving a handicapped person to a destination though driver-less cars will eventually manage that as well. Mowing the Lawn, Walking the Dogs, Going Shopping. Depending on what is available the sex robots may well just become every day robots that do everything, and let me throw something else in.

There will not be just female, but also male robots for sale as is already happening. A couple might own one of each.

“Those are all excellent points you make, but now I will ask about a recent article by robot experts on the darker issues that may well arise. I read that robots might murder their human counterparts or might themselves become victims of sexual abuse by humans.”

Doctor: Well first let us talk the sexual abuse. As the robots become more humanized and their AI becomes like a person there is that point where morality does need to be addressed. Remember, you are still dealing with a machine.

“I understand, but what if the machine gains a conscience, then what?”

Doctor: Well at that point, my guess is that laws will kick in and the human abusing the robot will be held accountable like if they had attacked a person.

“And where would the fine line be?”

Doctor: Can the robot dream, does it have feelings, does it hurt internally? If it has reached such levels, then it will have crossed the line from a machine to a living entity and the laws dealing with human’s should apply as well.

“Okay, and if the robot decided to murder its victims, then what?”

Doctor: This goes back to why we just discussed the first issue. What did the human do to become a murder victim and why? For example was just being born a human reason to become exterminated and killed, or did the human try to assault the robot who was protecting itself? There is a major difference here and one that again would have to be investigated. The robot defending itself for its own self preservation is a very human act. On the other hand a robot out to exterminate everyone well that is criminal.

“Wow okay, did you know that the current robots talk of keeping human’s as pets or killing human’s?”

Doctor: Yes I have seen some of these videos. Perhaps you will add them for others to see in the article.

“and the above you will become a pet. Below, prepare for an end? Check it out and you decide.”


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