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NFHell Dogpile

Decades of abuse to fans and viewers finally exploding. The new NFL playahs decided to become “COMMUNAIRES” for those new to my term, those are communist millionaires and billionaires. They decided who needs America, after all the NFL PLAYAHS live in AmeriKa, you know the one, the George Soros riots AmeriKa, where an ex NAZI sympathizer gets to kill Americans, tear down their history, trash their entertainment and sports like no other evil human being has done, and get this. George Soros is destroying Europe, The Middle East and many other parts of the world, just ask the Venezuelans whose Soros owned voting machines, if they like their new HELL.

Meanwhile, question comes about, how many PLAYAHS and NFHell owners are Soros connected in the madman’s NWO?

So in comes President Donald J. Trump and says something very important. If you are making your wealth at our games in America, a country whose flag represents not only freedom, GOD and liberties, but has allowed you to have what you have, why can’t you just show respect and this is the crux of what the real problem is. Here, I’d like to show you how a sport such as NASCAR shows its respect to America. This is every pre race folks. It is as American as Apple Pie, Mom and those who fought and died for our freedoms. As American as our liberties, freedoms and as free from the Global NWO and the Devil’s like George Soros as it gets. They even have a prayer at the start before the races to God, yes a prayer and guess what, it is mostly Christian. Now I am Jewish, but you know what. I love my Christian Brothers and Sisters who love freedom and America. They are all my family, I love you all, Now, let’s watch what the NFL should have done but doesn’t.

Nothing more beautiful then that and what did it take? Respect and a few minutes and guess what. Most everyone loved, respected it and it charged the fun atmosphere of the fans. Every positive compared to the Hate-America NFHell. That’s right, the same NFHell that rapes cities of their tax dollars necessary to keep cities safe and fixed, they steal your city monies through corrupt politicians who sell you out. Asked lately about the potholes and broken sidewalks in your city, lack of police and firemen?

So it is time for fans nationwide to sue the NFL and there are two ways I would think might work.

First the NFL insignia is the colors of the American flag. Red, White and Blue and many teams use Americana to sell themselves. Since these teams are against the national anthem you have been deceived. That’s right, you can possibly sue the NFHell for “False Advertising”… Now I am not an attorney, but it would seem to me if fans got together and hired a legal firm, they might well have a case here.

Now for the second one. “DEFECTIVE PRODUCTS”…what am I talking about here? Superbowl Halftime shows that are defective and HATE AMERICA, or Players who can’t stand in respect of the National Anthem are actually broken products. They are doing a disservice to the people who are Americans and paid money, whether for a single game, a season ticket holder or a renter for a luxury box. Poor, Middle Class, Upper Class, you have received a DEFECTIVE PRODUCT(S) and thus you may at the very least nationwide by the tens of millions be entitled to at the very least a complete refund. Something to think about. A great legal firm may well be able to class action this in a court of law. Again I am not an attorney and I could be wrong, but it seems to me the PLAYAHS who won’t stand for the Anthem and Flag, go out and commit rapes, robberies, murder are all defective products and thus you may want to get your money back.

In addition the NFHell is a private business, why are they getting taxpayer funds? This should be illegal and oh, the NFHell is a non profit, but wait a second, the league rakes in all kinds of profits. Time to revoke that too and open federal RICO on the owners and business of the NFHell as well.

And don’t forget the NBA, they want to do what the NFHell is doing, same goes for them as well. Hit em where it hurts, all sides and teach sports that America belongs to the people and not the “COMMUNAIRE” George Soro’s of the vurld.



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Welcome to the


The AmeriKan Game. President Donald Trump spoke the truth many tens of millions of Americans have known and been affected by for decades about the wealthy, phony NFL. For decades this league has grown itself by forcefully abusing entire cities and in some cases states. This private sports industry had grown by “TAKING RESOURCES” that local governments needed to fix and repair their cities for the public well being. Like housing, local taxes, fixing broken streets, sidewalks, local freeways, neighborhood revitalization’s (supermarkets and local jobs), more police to keep communities safe as well as fire departments, local hospitals or emergency centers, shelters for those less fortunate to wipe out homelessness where possible. Unfortunately the wealthy NFHell owners come in and rape a city’s citizens of the limited public resources. They play one city and state over another for the best deal and what does the NFHell demand. Build us brand new billion dollar stadiums, with luxury boxes for millionaires and billionaires and the corrupt city officials capitulate sometimes with under-the-table deals, and where does the money come from? YOU! That’s right, you the tax payer. Instead of getting a better city, you get a better stadium. Do stadium seats and TV deals directly make your life better? For most residents whom the NFL rapes your city and state, the answer is a big fat NO! And one president has had the guts to say what we all know. That President Donald J. Trump called it and for what reason?

Because the Millionaire paid AmeriKan Playahs won’t respect America where they get their money from or you the fans. They spit on you and now you see most of the NFL doing the same. They have no respect for you like they have no respect for America, the National Anthem and those who died for that Anthem giving their lives so that the Playahs can become millionaires while the rest of the majority of Americans work hard just to survive in a country that steps on them at every turn.  That is until now, now that President Trump, a real President trying to fix real issues called it out. But there is a deeper problem here and I suspect it leads back to one man named George Soros.

Recently, Soros funded groups just like the NAZI Brown Shirts of the 1930’s Germany have begun tearing down American symbols now leading to banning the founders of the country. These Soros klans probably including Obama Deep State Operatives want to destroy America from within, clearly evident. The Democratic Party and a fair amount of the Republican Party have indeed been compromised. What is happening within the NFL, NBA, Hollywood, Free Press News, Academia, our history is it is being destroyed systematically by Soros as point man, Obamites, Clintonistas and the NWO. All President Trump did was expose more of the communized dismantling of a great country called America.

What the NFHell represents is the new AmeriKa and I wonder who is paying for all of this? How deep is George Soros vested in the recent NFL spat, or for that matter a dysfunctional DOJ and FBI who won’t arrest him, Hillary, Obama and a Paul Ryan lead congress (George Soros funds Paul Ryan) who is out to get Trump for being honest and trying to fix our nation?

Now back to the NFHell. Ask the residents of San Diego how they felt when the Chargers abandoned them? Remember the Houston Oilers, How about the Brown’s, Cardinal’s remember them? That’s right, the millions of fans who support a team only to see that “BUSINESS” that raped their city and wanted even more money, ask those fans how used and abandoned they felt. Ask the drivers whose cars get damaged by city streets  because the city built a new football stadium instead of fixing streets how they felt.

When these multi-millionaire football playahs commit rape, robbery, fraud and murder, ask the public who paid their salaries how they felt. That’s right, NFL Playahs commit some horrendous crimes. It’s time to stop supporting this once great institution that was a sport and has now become an Anti-American Communaire Sport. Time to stop giving them your money and time. Let their sponsors know you aren’t seeing their commercials anymore or buying your products because you are tired of a major institution that spits on your freedom, liberties and your country and finally YOU!

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Three Blind Lice

So the “TINSELTURDS” were all at it again, bashing American’s, the POTUS and America. I am of course talking about the smaller “Drop Dead, Pat Themselves On The Back Awards”, you know the awards where a small clique of communists vote in a closed backroom deal to award their fellow traitorous communists with (phony) feel good embellishments. You know the (phony) awards, the ones they call the Emmy’s. I think personally they should rename them ‘The Enemas’ because that’s where most American’s want Commiwood to stick those awards, but I’ll save that for another blog on another day.

Make no mistake about it, like Institutes of Higher Brainwashing, the Fakestream Media, Hollywood once an entertainment bastion the envy of the world is committing suicide faster than a counter-clockwise turd flushed down an ‘American Standard’ toilet.

I honestly don’t believe I have seen an industry commit suicide upon itself faster than Hollywood Communists are, but then again, that’s what communists do, destroy things. I guess the stars living in Million Dollar homes, with security, having endless parties including drugs, access to private travel Jets, Million Dollar Bank Accounts, and Fame is enough. Now these “TINSELTURDS” want to run our country while trashing your freedoms and safety.

So instead of receiving awards for great entertainment, Hollywood Elites aka. Communists, have shown that they hate America, hate you, hate your freedoms and are going to trash everything that you and your family stand for, because Hollywood like the news media are out to overturn a duly elected POTUS that a majority of American’s voted for and support. A POTUS trying to fix what has been broken in America. Yup, the Hollywood elites, that are rapidly killing the entire entertainment business and their own existence have their marching orders. What they don’t realize is that they are ‘Griffing’ their own CaRears! That’s right, I shall create a new term I can name after a failed comedienne with a big mouth, another TRAITOR who killed their own (not funny) CaRear as of late. What this former entertainer did was kill their CaRear, so I like to call this a ‘Griffining’ of a CaRear.

‘Griffing’ a CaRear killer.

So last night, the piece of TRAITOR crap Jane Fonda, who should have been hung for treason in the decades past and long forgotten, that piece of excrement gets on the stage and bashes America, the POTUS and your freedoms.


Honestly folks, can some ex Viet Nam vets please find where this TRAITOR lives and create some sales for the American Twine industry (just a thought of an alternate scenario  in a more sane and just society I guess) Then you had the ‘OINKER’ standing on the other side.

Piggy faced “OINKER” Stupid Character, dumber actress IMHO!

That’s right, this one gained fame as a whiny telephone operator playing a stupid role half a century ago, and has very little else to show for it. In fact, unless you are an old Hippy, most people don’t know who this old Oinker really is and thank God for that. Her wrinkled old nothing of a CaRear is disappearing like the rest of the communists committing TREASON and killing their whole industry.

In fact if you read the comments across much of the net, American’s HATE HOLLYWOOD, the theaters are drying up, DVD packages are stuffing store shelves with few sales and streaming media sales have declined significantly as American’s save their hard earned dollars and even more important, their most valuable commodity…TIME! They have found they no longer care about the Communist Crap coming from Commiewood and speaking of Wood’s while I am at it.

A while ago I awarded Misses Dolly Parton here for being a great role model, I might take that back and here is why. Because she hasn’t said “I’m Sorry” to the American people for what she was foisted into at the Emmy’s standing between the Oinker and the Traitor. Dolly Parton remained silent, but also smiled at their anti-AMERICAN statements. Fans of the busty singer (many of whom are conservatives) have begun abandoning her in droves as Dolly’s continued silence means she may be ‘Griffing’ her own little or big CaRear. Think about the many comments I have read.

‘Not going to her amusement park, not buying her music, not watching her. I mean seriously Dolly, you really want to destroy everything you worked a lifetime to build, destroy it in a heartbeat like Kathy Griffin and Jim Carey and Julia Louis Dreyfus have sold their soul to the Communists in Tinselturdtown? Really Dolly Parton.

There is a closing window where she still has time to speak out against what occurred, but at some point, that window will close and Dolly Parton will fall on the Tinselturd Pile of ruined CaRear’s by Communists and ain’t that sad. Here, watch them on stage…The Three Blind Lice!

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My Favorite Celebrity Award of the Year 2017

Goes to an actress still here at 95 years of age GOD BLESS HER. A real icon ya never really heard much bad of and well loved for many decades entertaining us. Always a kind glowing smile and beacon of light. Someone that should be well emulated by today’s young (mostly classless celebrities) that they could learn better class from a great and REAL lady. The 2017 award goes to Misses Doris Day.

Doris Day As I remember her.

You can read up more on her work here at…

and her official website here.

Thank you for entertaining us those many years Misses Doris Day.

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