FB Liberal Disowners

So I read where liberal friends and relatives have a new trend called “unfriending” of people that are conservatives when they are liberals. The libs do it something like this, are you ready for it?

“Oh my GOD! I just visited your FaceBook page and you support TRUMP! I can no longer ASSociate with you for supporting that MONSTER! Therefore as much as I regret (like) it, I must part with you.

All of you know what my response is right! GO “F” YOURSELVES!!! did I scream that loud enough to the liberal scumbags? Honestly though and sadly, I really hate this, ain’t right and not what families are about. Families are about sticking together, relatives the same deal.

I know, because at this Christmas season two of my Jewish cousins whom I had not seen for almost half a century did just that. They “LOVE” me they are my blood relatives and slapped me at the same time. These two girls from California, the state that seriously needs a political enema.

So I told them I love them too, and that they were wrong. Because that blood line relative is just that, can’t change it. They and I are who we are. But based on a current and very temporary political feeling, they severed this family relationship and did it at one of the most traditionally warmest times of the year.

How did I feel that I had again lost people from 1964? Well, surprised but I realized something here and this is greatly very important to all of you who are treated like this by communized scum. It is not your loss as this was not my loss. I shall reflect on 1964 in a positive light and I will leave these two sisters to their very evil decision. They will take this to their grave and remain stuck in a sort of frozen 1964 in my mind.  Meanwhile I am in 2016 heading smack dab into 2017 and I am living life while they are internally dead. They are miserable, not because of me, but rather themselves, while I am happy, grateful to GOD for everything and look at a brighter future.

While the decrepit viles of failed misery sit upon them, squashing both of these girls in the darkness of a once bright past, my future is free, light, loving, much like traditional Christmas is at this top of the year apex. Warmth, love, giving, the current grand times I shall enjoy. Because I am alive, living and most of all have a clear conscious and soul. I have GOD, love and brightness and for that I have been given a gift that this once pure family of the past has so darkened by their evil, that I was spared the opportunity they could have saddled me with their misery.

Thank you God and to those of you unfriended by family and friends of the past. THE HELL WITH EM!

A quick addendum to my Jewish cousins. Did you hear what your political party said to the U.N. today through ambASSador John Kerry aka. LURCH! Here, go listen to what he said about you, my JEWISH cousins. Listen to his comments. You are either a Democrat or a Jew but you cannot be both. Here is the American Democrat in the words of the party you belong to, that you destroyed a family member over. You were born a Jew!


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