How to honor communist Face Book.

Consider its founder. We all know the American English “F” word. Why use an “F” when you can use a “Z” and honor the Face Book founder at the same time. Like for instance and you can substitute other letters as well. “There’s a Sucker Born Every Minute” … nope, “There’s a Zucker Born Every Minute” that works.

Then there are ways to express yourself when angry, sexy amazed and happy. Here are a few more examples for the founder of a mass media that fosters suppression of free speech in America.

ZUCK you!

ZUCK off!

Go ZUCK yourself

They are real mother ZUCKers

ZUCKing idiots


Would you like to ZUCK me?

Let’s ZUCK

You’re so ZUCKing sexy!

You are the best ZUCK I’ve ever done

You ZUCK great!

This is the best ZUCKin stuff I’ve ever had


Beats the ZUCK outta me

I am ZUCKing happy

I am so ZUCKing angry

you get the idea. Just a letter or two and life doesn’t have to ZUCK anymore.


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