Why California Requires and Enema!

Because the politicians are like political constipation and the smelliest crap to ever be seated on big fat political asses that they are in legislature. How’s that for openers?

Jerry BrownPoop you know the one…

Jerry Brown Poop

Yeah that one right above. The old saying, ‘If it looks like a thug, talks like a thug and moves like a thug, it’s a Jerry Brown Poop’ that old saying. What this piece of crap has done to the once Golden State, now a Fools Gold State, is nothing less than totalitarian in nature and hostile to freedom of the people. This guy is the very worst and should actually be impeached on charges of mass treason. That goes for the rest of the State Senate and ASSembly too. Every God Damned one of them are traitors to the constitution, the people, liberty, freedom and God. They force every bad controlling bill after bill after bill making it near impossible for anyone to survive as they are utterly without regard to the people, destroying this once magnificent state.

Here is how they run California, are you ready? Just watch these guys go to work, and imagine they are the State Legislatures and the Chimney is California which case incidentally this video was shot in an earlier California when the quality of freedom was much higher and the state was truly golden.


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