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The Cycle-Go-Round

So now that a pedelec ebike manufacturer showed us all that California’s legislature is so bad, that you can buy the politicians like cheap HOARS!!!! as if we didn’t know that and no, I spelled the word the way I wanted too. BOLDLY. So what exactly did happen?

Cops generally leave ebikes alone and in fact have become so used to Gbikes (Those are gasoline powered bicycles) they leave those alone too, and while I am at it, has anyone noticed the great lack of police squad cars in your neighborhoods these days? Is it me or just that the cops are sort of a rarity these days. No thanks to the Islamunist’s Regime in the Blackhouse, but that’s a different horror story topic for a different day.

So getting back on topic, our ASSHOLE of a governor you know the one (if it looks like a thug, speaks like a thug and moves like a thug…it’s a thug) yeah Governor Baldy below.


Gov. Brown Poop

So this idiot who goes around screaming “Green Energy Green Energy” signed a bill that supposedly killed Electric zero polluting throttle bikes AB1096 and what has happened since?

Better question is, ebike riding enforceable in any respect? FAT ANSWER to AB1096 is a big fat bald “NO” and why is that do you think? Perhaps it has something to do with taxing the POLICE with having to id motor sizes, voltages, battery types, do cops really have time for this crap while everything else is going to hell? I don’t think so, in fact if they were worried about outlawing 1,000 watt ebikes, better look again, cause right now the new norms are 5,000 watt ebikes and the 15,000 watt ebikes are now starting to filter in, so how, just how do you fix this giant mess that the stupid governor of California signed into law in his typical delusional state of mind? Simple, post maximum speed limits on bike paths, then open the paths to all bikes. Mandate all cycles that use a bike path/lane must have a bicycle speedometer about a $20.00 item. Then enforce speeders with tickets for speeding, problem solved.

Otherwise have fun California enforcing a law that has already created a blackmarket underground of cyclists intent on bypassing yet another bad California law. After all, does anyone really want to just ride in legal circles on a cycle-go-round?


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