Republican Death Party

Welcome to a mainstream political party infected with mentally disturbed people whose motto has become, we don’t need voters and indeed they are doing just that. Disenfranchising voters by the tens of millions state-by-state and get this. Many of these call themselves conservative constitutionals. They believe in the constitution right? Wrong. They could be further disconnected in losing everything and I do mean the bathroom sink in the library of congress too.

It’s a three way death spiral as the Republican Party when it could be on top, could have everything and could finally win a major election has chosen to lose everything, including their country, constitution and freedom. And what little weasel is behind a part of this push? It’s a guy named Mark Levin whom I used to highly respect but don’t anymore. Sometimes described (thank you Dr. Michael Savage) as Groucho Marx Mother Having a Hysterectomy, this sounds about right. See, here is the problem folks. The problem is a stealth candidate named Ted Cruz whose wife worked for Goldman Sachs, and it doesn’t stop there. He also worked for the Bush’s too, that’s right, George W. Bush who kept the borders wide opened with terrorists coming here to kill you. George W. Bush who sent trillions of treasury dollars to FOREIGN BANKS while our cities are crumbling. George W. Bush who was going to give full control to our ports to Arabs. George W. Bush who did nothing to save our American companies like Budweiser and Winchester amongst many, now foreign owned along with a mass exodus of our jobs and finally… George W. Bush who helped us get Obama and every other problem. Then there are the RINOS, bought and paid for, selling us out in a heartbeat as fast as possible.

And what are the results of all of this as we learn that George W. Bush’s eternal friends the Saudi’s who helped kill our citizens in New York, what are today’s results?

The Destruction of Christianity

Shredding of the Constitution

Destruction of the Republican Party

Importing of mass terrorists to every part of the country

More loss of jobs and importation of ILLEGAL ALIENS by the tens of millions

and the Republican Party puts up Ted Cruz and who is he tied to? Goldman Sachs (big money RINOS) The Bush’s, they are tied to the Clinton’s and the Clinton’s are tied to George Soros.

So with hope fading as it appears Hillary Rodham Clinton will be fully installed as the new Dictator even though most Americans hate her, in steps Donald J. Trump and a glimmer of a hope to “Make America Great Again.” Trump mirrors most Americans wants and ignored needs and security. Self financed, the guy is trying to do what really needs to be done to fix it all, but the very dark forces of “Communaires” have lined up against Trump like Soros, Gates, Bloomberg, Zuckerberg etc. They are funding essentially the destruction of the Republican Party and here is why.

Let us say Ted Cruz gets elected. He gets Republican votes, some independents very few Democrats and Hillary wins or even worse. The Republicans at a convention elect Jeb Bush or Kasich. Those guys lose to Hillary bigtime, not only will they get almost any Dem votes, but aside from a few Independent voters most of the Republican Base will feel so betrayed they won’t vote and stay home, Hillary wins, but it doesn’t stop there, oh no, that is just the start.

Republican Death Spiral

The Republicans I predict will lose the Lower House, definitely the Senate, the Supreme Court and most of the states, voters will remember they were sold out lock, stock and barrel and they will hasten the death of the GOP forever.

With Trump as the nominee there is a major chance here for the GOP that TRAITOR Reince Preibus (a former NAACP attorney) is trying to stop. Did you also know that Preibus supported full eminent domain over your private property rights. That’s right, like communists he wants your property. Check it all out who heads the GOP.

If Trump wins, he carries about 75% of base Republican voters, a good chunk of angry Dem voters especially Bernie voters and many independents. He beats Hillary with ease hands down. The Republicans can go from there and the Dems crumble as it marches on. Problems get fixed and rather briskly. Unfortunately the TRAITORS of America Reince Preibus, Paul Ryan, John Roberts, Mitch “The Bitch” McConnell, John Boehner and many others including (and I hate to state this) Mark Levin (blinded by conservatism that will not be allowed to take hold) as far as I am concerned are about to sink America into a horror of Godless suffering perhaps forever, because this is what they want to do.

Below the face of the TRAITOR selling you into slavery and destroying America.

Reince Preibus … Not A Toyota as they are better quality!


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