So lets now talk about the Communaires Party

After all, they are having a field day spending their billions to screw the rest of us out of freedom. In the past I have called for a law that outlaws billionaires or extreme millionaires who use their wealth and power like tyrants. This would prevent one piece of crap from depriving the masses out of their freedoms and God given rights. But more important, a few examples, let us see what kinds of parties these Communaires would have.

The POP You Party

That fat little rotund piece of crap Michael the (I am depriving you of big sodas) Bloomberg In order to join this party…

This guy is a real piece of crap, no wonder why people hate wealthy Jews.

To join, you must never own any soda bigger than 12 ounces. You also have to be a bit deranged and tell others how to live. Once you act like an asshole, and do these things with an inflated ego, you can join this party and party on.

The Microcrap Party


In this communaire’s party you have to sneakily spy on others through hacked software. The main thing is to alert the communists in political power of how sneaky you are. You also have to try and win at everything including fixing business markets to your favor as well as wanting everyone you are trying to enslave to like you while you donate money to charities, even though you really hate your fellow citizens and sell them crap that crashes and wrecks their very lives.

The Goulash Nazi Party

Trial this bastard for crimes against humanity!

In order to be in this party you must screw and back-stab everyone. The more carnage the better and then smile politely and try to pretend you are innocent. If you are brazen about it, you get instant membership.

The Blow Jobs Work Party.

This official Job czar, Brings Bad Things To Life like no jobs!

Originally created to bring good things to life like new jobs for Americans. This backstabber has a party you can join. You have to pretend to create new jobs while throwing people out of work. If you can un-employ a million Americans and build crappy products that don’t work or break a day after warranty, you may join this party.

The Losers Party

Chit Romney. This is a party based on fraud and failure mixed with delusions and ego.

Total loser with delusions. Not even sad, just plain out and out disgusting. This party requires you to be a smiling back-stabbing traitor and inflict as much political carnage on your fellow citizens as you can. It is all a matter of timing.


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