Despicable Quiban Return

I watched with horror the other morning as a sweet young woman who lost her significant other did a special on it. Again my point why the BROCCOLIHEADS at KTTV can Go “F” themselves where viewers are concerned and this seriously struck a note with me as a “CUSTOMER!”

A woman lost her husband. He died holding her hand. He suffered from brain tumors, something I am sure Misses Julie Chang aka. “KACHANG” can attest to.

This was a tragedy pure and simple and it was a “PRIVATE” tragedy at that, yet what did KTTV Execs and FOX execs do? They glamorized a guy’s death with his significant other explaining in detail the personal loss. And I am not throwing this on Maria Quiban either for her tremendous loss at that. I love her dearly as a person, instead I am taking apart the assholes who had enough nerve to foist this on her, the viewers who are KTTV ASSISTANT as you are completely off of it and wrong per our personal conversation. (VIEWERS ARE CUSTOMERS) got that!

This poor lady’s personal loss was a show segment…SCREW THAT! This should have been left personal, and of all things PRIVATE and this speaks volumes as to how very low KTTV’S idiots at management have sunk. Where is a Rupert Murdoch when you need him, to fix this and fix it fast.

I love Maria Quiban, not her fault and not the fault of Steve Edwards, Araksya, this is the fault of station management and I am FUMING that this personal loss of a Human Being’s very life becomes a show segment for entertainment purposes.

The entire morning lineup needs an overhaul, I have said this for over half a decade, are you listening NEWSCORP execs. KTTV’s management doesn’t know what it is doing, GDLA entertainment venue, nope! Just a long new extension at best and not even that, again, don’t blames the hosts nor the tech crew, blame execs for being clueless in L.A. and that is my segment for tonight as a “CUSTOMER!”



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3 responses to “Despicable Quiban Return

  1. myfoxmystere

    Another thought…maybe she can have some fun going out to greet people at a coffeee house takeover. That might be fun.

  2. myfoxmystere

    Despite what the management did, she handled it with class, didn’t she?

  3. I stand by this posting vehemently. I adore Maria Quiban and all the production and personalities at KTTV that go before the camera, no issues there. But her loss should have remained for the most part private, not a tv show segment to score ratings points. This was a very grave and personal loss for Maria and I feel that a welcome back would have been doing the weather and a quick acknowledgement at most for the loss. Then let the poor lady move forward without making the loss into an entertainment venue. A man died for God sakes, people around him suffered the loss, it is a very sad, sad, sad situation losing a loved one and there was nothing that should have been foisted on anyone else but to leave Maria her peace and her family too. I didn’t need to see little white brain tumors.

    There comes a point where a human factor here needs to be understood for this type of loss. KTTV making it a part of their GDLA show segment was clearly wrong especially for a ‘Welcome Back’ segment. There is a thing called privacy and and another thing called dignity and respect and the producers who aired this segment were greatly wrong.

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