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Why Tinseltown is crumbling.

Yeah I know, another Hollywood bashing posting, why not.

Have you noticed the politically correct communism being spewed lately from Hollywood? Never mind the colleges on down communist indoctrination in our public system. Never mind the communist controlled news outlets many but not all yet, the FCC is working on them though. Never mind the communism controlling the Whitehouse, Supreme Court, Congress and the Senate. Never mind the communist controlled policies from almost all cities at least the major ones and the throwing of elections.

Hollywood used to be about America, Americans, our history (real history), our culture of a real America. Our food places were a burger joint with fries and a shake, not Jalapenos in everything. English was spoken just about everywhere. Raising a family was noble and the jobs were plentiful, oh boy were they ever and I remember that. I grew up in the 1960’s where our cars were for the most point high quality. The proof is that so many 50’s and 60’s cars that were made in America are still around, half a century or more.

Buying a bungalow home was a true American dream reality for many. But back to jobs for a moment. Almost everything was made by American hands and most of it was quality too. It lasted and could be serviced right in the good ol’ USA. People were employed. Medical insurance was cheap too. Doctor’s visits were not that bad even if you had to pay for them. The jobs were so plentiful that you can go anywhere and they needed you to work for them, that because there were more jobs than people to fill them. Had a highschool diploma, they wanted you. College degree with a “REAL AMERICAN” education (rather than communist indoctrination) and you could name your ticket with most companies. They fought for you, they needed you, could you start work Monday morning they always asked? The 70’s were busy too and so were the 80’s. But then it all began changing especially with George H.W. Bush and everyone after that. It was the “New World Order” and then it really started getting bad.

So why is Hollywood with all of its communist actors and actresses who love living big and flaunting it, and want you to live like crap, why are they failing? Why did Star Wars and James Bond need transvestites in the movie franchise and advertise it at that with in your face attitude. Black entertainers who make millions of dollars that millions of white people will never see, demand they be awarded for black films just because they are black while hosting the “Black Entertainment Awards”…Movies about home, mom that are BORING. Clint Eastwood directing great, but where is Dirty Harry? Did you know that hero Arnold Schwarzenegger got pregnant in a movie. He gave birth. Women cops can karate kick guys, all judges are black or a woman and all white guys are stupid and criminal and you think this reversed racism is by accident or reflective of societies. Nope, it is all communism playing one group of people against another, tearing down our history of a once great country that could achieve most anything, a proud people who had jobs, homes, families to live life with. Secured borders too. Mexico was a far off country that you might visit to buy souvenirs at from Tijuana where you could see how people lived in shanties. The Mexican government couldn’t give a crap less about them with its corruption. Islam was half a world away. America was mainly a Christian nation and on Sundays Americans attended church.

Do you know that in many parts of Los Angeles in the 1960’s you didn’t need a fenced yard. The LAPD were the best police department in the world, responded to calls in less than 5 minutes. The beaches were clean. You could watch John Wayne westerns, Born Free, Fantastic Voyage. On TV there was Batman, the Green Hornet, Let’s Make A Deal, Green Acres, The Smothers Brothers, Ed Sullivan and people were talking about this. The Beach Boys and the Beatles had a new song it seemed like every week for a while. Hollywood supplied us with some grand entertainment. It wasn’t until the communists started infiltrating Hollywood like Norman Lear for example with Archie Bunker. Back then Archie was a bigot to be laughed at while our returning troops from Nam were spat upon by the communists. Yet today, we see that we could have won and ended Viet Nam and that Archie Bunker was in hindsight actually very very very right especially when dealing with Meathead.

The Hollywood of today is a crumbling business with cheap special fx that come a dime-a-dozen, actors that read scripts like nice little robots with constipation and stories rewritten so many times by the Director’s aunt, uncle and everyone else and you wonder why the movies are anything but crap. Then throw in the Washington DC communist propaganda and political correctness (communist brainwashing) by big fat handlers and it all starts to speak for itself why viewers and their families must contend with brainwashing materials which they know most of them what it really is, on top of the other problems facing this country.


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Despicable Quiban Return

I watched with horror the other morning as a sweet young woman who lost her significant other did a special on it. Again my point why the BROCCOLIHEADS at KTTV can Go “F” themselves where viewers are concerned and this seriously struck a note with me as a “CUSTOMER!”

A woman lost her husband. He died holding her hand. He suffered from brain tumors, something I am sure Misses Julie Chang aka. “KACHANG” can attest to.

This was a tragedy pure and simple and it was a “PRIVATE” tragedy at that, yet what did KTTV Execs and FOX execs do? They glamorized a guy’s death with his significant other explaining in detail the personal loss. And I am not throwing this on Maria Quiban either for her tremendous loss at that. I love her dearly as a person, instead I am taking apart the assholes who had enough nerve to foist this on her, the viewers who are KTTV ASSISTANT as you are completely off of it and wrong per our personal conversation. (VIEWERS ARE CUSTOMERS) got that!

This poor lady’s personal loss was a show segment…SCREW THAT! This should have been left personal, and of all things PRIVATE and this speaks volumes as to how very low KTTV’S idiots at management have sunk. Where is a Rupert Murdoch when you need him, to fix this and fix it fast.

I love Maria Quiban, not her fault and not the fault of Steve Edwards, Araksya, this is the fault of station management and I am FUMING that this personal loss of a Human Being’s very life becomes a show segment for entertainment purposes.

The entire morning lineup needs an overhaul, I have said this for over half a decade, are you listening NEWSCORP execs. KTTV’s management doesn’t know what it is doing, GDLA entertainment venue, nope! Just a long new extension at best and not even that, again, don’t blames the hosts nor the tech crew, blame execs for being clueless in L.A. and that is my segment for tonight as a “CUSTOMER!”


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