Instructions for the Biz Producers.

In recent times friends in movie and TV production have complained about just how tough things are. “Oh yes they are!”

That’s because the movie business while glamorous is one of the hardest businesses to make it in. Yeah there are the big movie hits like Star Wars, but most if lucky ever break even. It can be chalked up to any number of reasons but here are the biggest ones.

First you must know that Hollywood has more or less become political overall. Not in every case, but a helluva lot of them and it goes against fans as well, the very fans they require to maintain profits. This is because it pushes an anti-American agenda politically charged of special interests most Americans resist. To make matters worse, most actors act like communists in the public or thugs, happens all the time. Say one thing wrong politically and you have alienated half the national marketplace or more.

Then there are the endless remakes of remakes of remakes and people burn out. Movie seat tickets average around $9.00 in 2016 and that is for the less costly flicks. Throw in Imax, THX and other stuff or a big name movie flick and it can easily zoom up from there. That’s just the ticket to get in.

Popcorn, Raisinets, a chocolate bar etc, big drink and we can easily start talking $30.00 per person. Most people in today’s economy don’t have the funds with things in the real world becoming dire, so theater sales for most flicks less something like Star Wars are usually slim for theaters.

And because of the costs of theaters people rent or get streaming videos online such as Netflix, even HBO Films now is streaming content away from the cable companies who are losing viewers in droves, again a bad economy factors in. If that ain’t bad enough, there is always piracy and it comes in many forms and is so vast that anyone with an hour of searching can easily locate and watch films, sometimes before they are even in theaters.

Pirate sites, streaming servers located in who-knows-where endlessly make movies and even tv series entire series available. Shut one site down and ten more take their place with angry pirate viewers and get this… They even rate the movies they watch for free like bigtime critics…what chutzpah. So with a more bleak picture what’s a poor movie producer to do? That is of course the multi-million dollar question and the clues are there. Let us discuss them.

Shutting down pirate sites just won’t work. If anything, Napster and music showed us this, they will always find a way. Spending money on a single flick especially with an unpopular actor also is becoming a rare event these days, but there is an answer, and that answer is “FRANCHISE!”

What is a FRANCHISE in Hollywood or entertainment? Great question, it actually is a series, let me cite a few examples. Dirty Harry, James Bond, Harry Potter, Star Wars, Star Trek, X-Men, Iron Man, Billy Jack, Rambo, The Expendables, Sheriff Wyler Scott Series, CalHouse Series

CalHouse Trilogy(Shameless Plug)

…all these are a franchise. They are essentially a series and they have a built-in growing audience each time they are out. All one has to do is market a brand new movie within the series and boom off you go, and what is even better, a stand alone movie that leads to the next movie, smart, very smart. See, this is what it is that movie goers, theaters and fans want oh and smart acting talents that don’t shoot off their big muths killing the entertainment product with half a country. Leave politics out, get back to real entertainment, end flicks on a happy ending and give them a FRANCHISE and watch what happens. Just put out great quality great stories and memorable likeable characters and the overall marketplace will follow.

Remember, Cry and you cry alone.

Laugh and the whole world laughs with you!


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