The Real Problem For Hollywood Talents.

I argued with an old friend who at one time was the head of an entertainment guild in Hollywood. What I told him was there was no real mechanism for bringing talents together with productions. No way to really search what is out there, either by veterans or new talents or old talents seeking to enter as new talents 😉 again!

The main problem like in the case of writers is there is just nothing there. You have a dwindling group of agents with whom it’s nearly impossible to get in with if you are established in some form or another and if you aren’t, next to no chance at all. You could have the greatest story in the world but the barriers are enormous. Now to play devil’s advocate here, let me say they are constantly flooded by both legitimate people as well as a great many people who turn from nice-nice into assholes! That’s when tempers can flare, bad things get said, people’s blood pressure skyrockets and I can only say if someone didn’t get a heart attack – Praise the Lord!

But the problems still persist. I told the head of this guild aka. union I had a way to fix this. Use their repository database to make it available to assist production execs in locating the exact story materials they really wanted. Do it online, register them so you know who looked at what and then go from there. See, here is the problem. You can lead a cat in the hat to green eggs and ham, but you can’t make him eat.

Here is what I am saying. They hate being solicited even when there is a great story or acting or directing talent before them and worse, there is no real mechanism other than whispering word of mouth to get the talents and what they offered recognized. Of course once someone hits it big, then the age old story that the whole world laughs with you becomes a reality.

The key to success is be at the right place in front of the right people all at the right time. It is rare but it can happen and never, never give up, regardless of what your talent is. A winner never quits and a quitter never wins.


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