Broccolihead Early On That Morning.

So to illustrate how bad it was at KTTV. It was early morning and I swear I was half asleep. Picked up the controller for the TV, hit the power button and it came on. Got the news, with Tony and the new skinny one. It seemed everything was working out until lo and behold, Broccolihead with a microphone. Now this is the bigshot (so-called – still in doubt Veep) of Fox, or so they claim. Probably the Veep of KTTV not the entire FOX network. I know the guy is reading this so I’ll just throw out the hypothetical to dipshine that I 😉 got it right. More like a General Manager (dreaming of-) V.P. wannabe.

So the guy has the microphone and I am wondering why isn’t the erhmm (so-called) Veep running his station, not creating work by having a field reporter do the job. Must have been fun, aye Broccolihead getting your 15 minutes of fame??? So I said to myself “Oh God, this can’t be happening,” with one eye open, my head on a nice pillow. But it got worse. Here, let’s get the jest of what I thought I heard in a fictional sense.



B: You sir, what do you think about water?

R: It’s wet

B: You ma`am what do you think about California’s drought?

R: It’s Dry

B: You old timer, what do you think of Governor Jerry Brown?

R: Medfly

B: You young man, what do you think of rain?

R: Toilets

B: And there you have it folks. Governor Brown, build desalination plants, stop building railroads to nowhere. Your General (cough) Manager at KTTV.

Honestly people, I about had a heart attack. I was saying to myself. “No, no, no I can’t take this crap in the morning. Why doesn’t he just run the God Damned station?” Well, time bore out the problem here. He was on his way out and eventually left, because he wasn’t managing the station properly. which brings me to my next point about KTTV especially where mornings are concerned.

It still is not managed right. Employee strikes they even have a webpage, then there is the morning lineup, not to mention the worst weather format of any local stations. Then we get to GDLA, several viewers said it is unwatchable, they usually stop watching after a few gimmicks have run their course. Like for example the right or wrong important not important where a question or two is asked in a mockup FAKE den. Happens so fast you wonder why such a big deal was made of it. Then there is the guests. Honestly, most people find celebs talking about themselves boring and in fact many viewers actually resent it. A greater percentage of the American viewers hate the ‘pat-themselves-on-the-back’ segments especially if the celebrity has made any type of political statement. The entire show remains undefined, what is it? News, entertainment, educational or a general mish-mash and a wild morning party sort of thrown in?

I hate to be the bearer of bad views here, but it’s not just me, it is many people. LET ME BE VERY CLEAR here. It is not the performers on camera nor the production crew (what’s left of their skeleton status) but rather the format and this goes right back to the top brass both at KTTV and beyond that right to Newscorp at the very executive level.

What amazes me is that they are aware of the numerous issues and continue to ignore them. What is Good Day L.A.? Who are the viewers? Why is everything quick, cheap and gimmicky? Ultimately it’s that finger on the clicker and viewers see that, this is what happens…


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