Maria Quiban

A moment of prayer for Maria, and her husband’s spirit…

So to show you I am a bit late on things, the lovely Maria Quiban the weather gal at KTTV has lost her husband. It happened perhaps during the worst time of year for any such loss especially losing a significant other. I don’t think words can describe what this poor lady has been put through, so on that note, my heart goes out to her that she finds peace and understands it can be partially healed over time. That said, I have to commend Mr. Rick Dickert on standing in. He actually has shown himself to be very professional as weather anchor and in fact I have to say, I thought he was fantastic, even if he remains a…erhmmm, donutphobe of sorts.

Donut Phobe

Donut Phobe

Okay, enough of my antics. One day Rick will come to his sensus and have a ‘Sticky Fingers’ cronut.

My previous blog complaint on the KTTV weather took no offense with Maria Quiban nor Rick Dickert. Instead it illustrated there is a serious small, but important flaw on the weather format which isn’t the fault of the performer, but rather a weather map. KTTV has chosen not to fix this. But in doing so, it provides an inferior product to every other weathercast on local news. You will find my former blog on this post here…

This is small but I illustrated what the main problem was. So it has nothing to do with the presenter and everything to do with the weather producer at KTTV. Burbank to Thousand Oaks California is a 35 mile gap with almost 3 million people being disenfranchised by that gap on the big temperature map. What it should show is the Van Nuys Civic Center temps, which it does not. Think I am wrong, check out my old topic and again, please hold a prayer for Misses Quiban and her lost loved one. It is with hopes she makes a speedy recovering from this great loss in her life and that of course, comes from the heart!


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